Honda's plan to win the 2021 F1 title with a 2022 engine

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Honda is pulling out of F1 at the end of this season, but since the decision was taken in the middle of last year it hasn't taken its foot off the pedal. As well as developing a new spec for when Red Bull takes over next year, it has also brought forward its originally-planned 2022 engine for one final push at Mercedes in its final campaign.
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Kevin Wallace
Kevin Wallace 3 dager siden
I really love what Mercedes and Lewis have done but I truly hope Honda win. They are a great company who always produce well built products. Their foray into F1 has been a huge upward slope and I hope they bow out with the championship. They have the right team, the right driver and on evidence of Bahrain it will be a very close season where strategy involving both team drivers will play out a game of chess for points this year. It is strange they left F1 and the Braun Race team won the championship in a very very easy year. They are leaving again they have produced what appears to be the fastest car before they leave this time.
rex6713 6 dager siden
They can do it, but it comes down to F1 politics in rules
Shiva Verduyn Lunel
Shiva Verduyn Lunel 15 dager siden
Its.unfolding to be a huge successtory
David Winter
David Winter 16 dager siden
It would be nice if we can have races where we don't actually know who is going to win before the end of the race.
joseph humphrey
joseph humphrey 16 dager siden
So far it's been looking good, but again multiple factors at work. Red Bulls high rake chassis may be more amenable to the changes in aero at the rear than the low rake Merc. Part of what makes F1 the epitome of motorsport.The car being the sum of a number of staggeringly complex systems.
Juan Canales
Juan Canales 17 dager siden
Hopefully they do well for the good of F1 fans
reon barrett
reon barrett 18 dager siden
only honda can make it happen if any one can
Darren Finnerty
Darren Finnerty 20 dager siden
Increase the vtec... Problem solved
Dream Bim
Dream Bim 21 dag siden
You mentioned that corona PoS and I turned off the video.
Lucky Apple
Lucky Apple 21 dag siden
Honda is a formidable producer.
4D4M H4RT 21 dag siden
I hope they get it this year
MadOne 22 dager siden
While I like watching racing, the days of people buying cars based on racing success are over. ICE will go away and so will the drivers in the next decade or two.
Morries 05
Morries 05 22 dager siden
I dont care who wins, as long as it's not Hamilton.
Twinbee 22 dager siden
Max Verstappen everytime on the straight : Puuuuuuuu..... WAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!! VTEC kicking in
adnoHis1 22 dager siden
Honda will Win the championship on their last season!!! Best Engine on the grid. Mark my words.
Ken Wensley
Ken Wensley 23 dager siden
I think this engine might be a contender?
onlineo 23 dager siden
I like Lewis, and think Max is a great driver but an absolute douchebag of a human, but god I hope someone other than Mercedes & Lewis wins the championship this year. I expect Lewis will win and Mercedes will be too quick, but we can dream to have 2 teams fighting it out at the top... 3 or 4 teams would be even better!
edmund zed
edmund zed 25 dager siden
Well that japanese company failed big time and burned billions in their hopeless attempts. Since they gave up and admitted they don't have the technical or intellectual know how to compete they hired outside technical support, that helped a lot! That and copying the Merc PU that is. Now throwing in a couple more billions in a desperate attempt in the hope people forget their laughable performance so far maybe they will succeed with the help of idiotic regulations that prevent other teams from developing.
edmund zed
edmund zed 5 dager siden
@N M Honda admitted a few years ago they hired help to solve their Turbo problems, no honda commercial will change that. Besides that they did what they do best and that is copying the Merc, and they now have a imitation Merc PU which is a huge step forward. I don't know the details of the idiotic regulations but that helped Honda too, teams are or aren't allowed to "change" / develop their PU. I am pretty sure Honda hold the championship in wasting money on F1.
N M 5 dager siden
Honda is not getting the tech support from outside but from the Honda family aka Honda Jet Japanese engineers. Yes I watched the documentaries behind the Honda engines these years in Japan. Honda racing is working with ALL Honda.
Anwar Latip
Anwar Latip 26 dager siden
im been driving HondaCivic EG9..1995 powerful.. i have fun racing on normal highway against BMW.. top speed at the max of 220km..thats was the fastest drive of my life..from malacca ayer Johor baru.malaysia..PLUS hiway!!..proven even honda normal car is very powerful..f1 fan kl malaysia
PJ Ludda
PJ Ludda 26 dager siden
"Honda's plan to win the 2021 F1 title with a 2022 engine" Mercedes: Oh, you mean get 2nd again? Sure!
Quentin 26 dager siden
Sooo lame Honda is quitting.
Nicolas Stone
Nicolas Stone 27 dager siden
LOL they didnt win with MCLAREN how are they going to with without ?
Beau 28 dager siden
My hopes are high after this weekend winter test
Richard Wallinger
Richard Wallinger 28 dager siden
Good to see Honda and red bull racing back in the running . great to see Russel up there Williams were king not so long ago .
i wirt
i wirt 29 dager siden
F1 is catered to european manufacturer ....
Miranda Kiraso
Miranda Kiraso 29 dager siden
Yeah sounds like the engine would probably die out faster as the season goes. seems like the new engine has way more power by miles than they had previously. Things don't change overnight, if you had reliability problems before, you can only reduce it rather than making it disappear.
Factor Mars
Factor Mars 29 dager siden
When they become a good f1 engine they leave the competition, not good for the honda supporters. They support you 5 years and now they enjoy your job, you become good, and you say byebye. Okok
Tim Mantle
Tim Mantle 29 dager siden
History tells us they'll blow up. I remember the BAR days, let alone the most recent iteration of their McLaren partnership. I like Honda though, I just wish they'd do a better job of staying calm and developing at a sensible rate rather than rushing with fingers crossed. Whatever happens, they'll be back within a decade.
Michael Linner
Michael Linner Måned siden
That's a sensible strategy. Build a race winning engine and then promptly withdraw. Who's running things over at Honda anyway?
Aidel Ibrahim
Aidel Ibrahim Måned siden
i think only honda can challaange mercedes
Aidel Ibrahim
Aidel Ibrahim Måned siden
to early to leave the f1, while they now gain their advantage over their rival
Gilles Kaske
Gilles Kaske Måned siden
Honda pulled off a major comeback to walk away 1rst of the loser's. Stick it out and give Newey a shot with 2022 regulations. The people of the world won't be driving Batt power cars in the next 5 years. Most countries grids need upgrades or a complete rebuilding to accommodate demand.
POWER Måned siden
Great info go Honda
Stavros K.
Stavros K. Måned siden
Honda is fantastic.
Light Love
Light Love Måned siden
Just say out loud that it is an engine from the future, the law of attraction will help them to get that coveted title. Meanwhile the world is on fire, cheers!
romeo serban
romeo serban Måned siden
I said it that Red Bull will be nr 1 team this year
APM M Måned siden
Unfortunately No ! Probably another Mercedes snore fest.
Scott Ster
Scott Ster Måned siden
I don't care who does it, or how. Someone needs to challenge the Merc.
First Prototype
First Prototype Måned siden
Funny 😁 The best laf ever
tewrgh Måned siden
It's a shame so many of the world's top automotive engineers are being paid to spend their time developing dying ICE technology.
Michael Shore
Michael Shore Måned siden
No, Honda or rather Red Bull are trying to win by preventing the development of any other engines.
Paul Perkins
Paul Perkins Måned siden
Would make an interesting season if they won, or even came close, but I think it is unlikely that either Honda corporate or the racing team will be as committed to 2021 as would be necessary, given the drastic change coming the next year. I hope I'm wrong, but I think this is just whistling in the dark.
edgar kapp
edgar kapp Måned siden
great video, please slow down a bit Scott. You seem to be in one hell of a hurry.
Purwanto Oke
Purwanto Oke Måned siden
Hope honda win, but with alpha tauri
Fergus Phillips
Fergus Phillips Måned siden
what a fantastical story. You should write for disney
Joshua Hall
Joshua Hall Måned siden
What if Red Bull want to supply another team? For example, Williams needs a new engine for 2023. Will they be known as Williams - Red Bull, or will they re-re-badge it to Honda and make some sort of sponsorship deal with the manufacturer?
Jasonsadventures Måned siden
Does anyone know if this is what also happened to Ferraris all new 2020 mega power engine that we seemed to never see? or I hope we never saw it.
Henk&Nel eastwood
Henk&Nel eastwood Måned siden
2021 is the last year Max drives a Red Bull
Carl Smith
Carl Smith Måned siden
A lot of talk and no substance. Since when is F1 a sport in which teams tell everybody what they are doing or planning?
Adam Lindberg
Adam Lindberg Måned siden
Honda engine is shit compered to Mercedes so keep dreaming it won't happen!
WorldTRAVELLER003 Måned siden
Let that Vtec kick in
john jones
john jones Måned siden
What VTEC?
James Cockram
James Cockram Måned siden
Who are these idiots that 'dislike' these videos? I genuinely don't get it!
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Måned siden
would be a fun video!!
Arnoud Jan Schut
Arnoud Jan Schut Måned siden
Thing is, Mercedes is also improving. And for sure Ferrari will come back stronger than ever before.
Oran Gekab
Oran Gekab Måned siden
I hope the 2009 season history repeats itself... Can you imagine Honda's reaction if RB wins in 2022 with it's engine?!
Christo Måned siden
Ferrari plan to win 2021 season with a 2020 engine (without the fuel restricted FIA punishment). Back to the future style
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Måned siden
Mike Leng
Mike Leng Måned siden
Brand new engine, pushing boundaries..........reliability???
HT Måned siden
If anyone can do it, it will be Honda. I have gained much respect for their efforts to give it all they have until the very end. Plus the knowledge they have gained in F1 will be used in many of their products in the future. I'm not a Honda fanboy but you can't deny the quality in their vehicles and their outstanding reliability. Red Bull should have moved to Honda much earlier from that Renault powered lawnmower they had in their cars previously.
mastrdzastr Måned siden
Thank you for sounding good over the years Honda PU
Riley fozz
Riley fozz Måned siden
Time travel confirmed
TRAINing the world
TRAINing the world Måned siden
The problem with Honda was that they don't have a black coloured driver with one of their engines.
Chucky Finster
Chucky Finster Måned siden
They will be a step behind as usual. Might challenge in a few races here and there.
Renell Lope
Renell Lope Måned siden
True to its historical form, it'll probably struggle this year, then the first year of its departure, the team picking up the pieces dominates
Will Mac
Will Mac Måned siden
Red Bull are a great partner and will help Honda engineers evaluate the risks, so it shd be a good engine.. fingers crossed
jan novak
jan novak Måned siden
Honda is world best brand...
Jeff Stenberg
Jeff Stenberg Måned siden
In todays world, your expertice would be to help your people(amazing) live in ageless , respectable, vibranance. Honda totally Rocks. Respect !!!
Nardus Demmers
Nardus Demmers Måned siden
Leave the music when you guy’s tell the story, it’s irritating 😠
Timo Schneider
Timo Schneider Måned siden
I don't get Honda. In, out, in, out, in out, in, out.... Invest all that money and effort to get competitive, then just as fruits start to bear, they are out again! And this isn't the first time either.
Kristijan Vragović
Kristijan Vragović Måned siden
As much i would want it i don't believe that Red Bull can beat Mercedes. They have huge lead, and it's foolish to think they'll trip this year.
missedme0063 Måned siden
Hey Guys, Your transition animation is so jarring, please change it!
R R Måned siden
Hahaha as if
The Alchemist
The Alchemist Måned siden
Wait...are they missing "Get in there lewis" from James??
Dino Čabrijan
Dino Čabrijan Måned siden
By the time they sort out their baby issues, Hammy will have a 100 point lead.
Two Oaks Media
Two Oaks Media Måned siden
If by some act of god, they won, why would they still leave?
M R A Scott
M R A Scott Måned siden
Amazing to think back a decade or more when I used to make time for this now god-forsaken sport, and even watching on teevee would actually get my adrenalin flowing. To hell with it.
A Girl Talks F1
A Girl Talks F1 Måned siden
tbh I definitely think Red Bull is gonna win constructors' this season
ioann geo
ioann geo Måned siden
No Honda, no F1.
Akyute Måned siden
Pushing out an experimental design early? Yeah, this is going to go really well...
kefren13 Måned siden
Bla bla bla, Honda, bla bla bla... ...and Hamilton wins! PS: it`s going to be a Merc domination all over again in 2021, enough with the click baits.
bamboo zooka
bamboo zooka Måned siden
brawn f1 mk2 then
Gold 999
Gold 999 Måned siden
i think honda didn't need hi-performing engines for their technology.
kieran warner
kieran warner Måned siden
Mercedes engine enters the chat......
Sandu Tudose
Sandu Tudose Måned siden
They may do it.
S I Måned siden
with verstappen not..he makes too much mistakes...and he is overrated
Michael Fortier
Michael Fortier Måned siden
They were lacking last year compared to Mercedes and the guys at Brixworth have yet again made the engine more powerful and efficient this year...
Manj Sher
Manj Sher Måned siden
The downfall of Red Bull.
Thomas Anegas-Andreis
Thomas Anegas-Andreis Måned siden
I think that Honda is leaving at the best moment; here me out. The first seasons were terrible but the last 2 seasons were incredible!! The pandemic caused a lot of financial issues to Honda; it wasn’t sustainable to to stay in F1, for now... They leave the sport with a good reputation, and are definitely keeping the door open for a comeback (for the next generation of engines, electric era perhaps?).
fred lacroix
fred lacroix Måned siden
alonso on honda engine GP2! GP2!
michel booltink
michel booltink Måned siden
If Max becomes the world champion next season, I'll buy a new Honda.
michel booltink
michel booltink Måned siden
@Phantom096 If I can afford it, I sure will
Phantom096 Måned siden
And if Checo becomes champion you will buy the new NSX. 👍
Thomas Rutherford
Thomas Rutherford Måned siden
When I heard that Honda were returning to F1 again l was excited to see what they could do. It’s was always going to be hard for a company to play catch-up and plus being hampered with all the rules surrounding engine units it’s wonderful to see how close they got. I can’t see Ferrari doing any better this year so it looks like Honda will have to come up with the goods and help Redbull get the wins. I love Mercedes and used to be mesmerised by the skills of Lewis but since he brought politics into this great sport well the shine has gone of a bit. I am eager to see Honda/Redbull beating Mercedes and winning the championship. GO HONDA 🙏👍🙏
Republika Dugave
Republika Dugave Måned siden
I like Honda...
Jeffrey Lebowski
Jeffrey Lebowski Måned siden
Poop Mooch
Poop Mooch Måned siden
Red Bull will be a 3rd after Ferrari, but only after they get the accountants in to split them from Aston Martin 😂
Rohan Frost
Rohan Frost Måned siden
Speech is way too fast.
Rafiki Måned siden
Sounds promising
Delta 1
Delta 1 Måned siden
but Mercedes are not showing the bottom of there car as that is proving they have something amazing so its going to be tight
Delta 1
Delta 1 Måned siden
i really wanna see them win constructors and max to win the champoinship
M1GHTY MIKE Måned siden
Doubt it
762ndTB Måned siden
If only Honda could use a inline 6 instead of a V6?
Daniel Bellucci
Daniel Bellucci Måned siden
oh Boy.. i remember when Alonso trash Honda engine saying Mclaren have the best chassis now it need a engine....well, the cassis it wasn't that great when Mclaren change for Renault and Honda became winning races with Red Bull. 2021 Alonso es back with Renault and this year 2021 Renault is a manufacturer engine with no costumers on the grid. it will be interested to listen to Alonso after the first race if Honda engine is in the podium and Renault is not.
satyam chauhan
satyam chauhan Måned siden
Instead of saying 2021 and 2022 again and would be better if you just say 21 and 22.. Thanks for the video..
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