Film Theory: Doctor Strange Magic DEBUNKED by Science

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4 år siden

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Everything can be explained by science, including the "magics" of Dr Strange. Thor himself stated that they live in a place where magic and science are one in the same, and Dr Strange continues that statement. Today, I'm proving to you that the magics of Dr. Strange can all be explained with science.
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Aaron Miller
Aaron Miller 19 timer siden
What I wonder is how Thanos was able to use the time stone like Dr. Strange did to fight dormamu
moun tanga
moun tanga Dag siden
really love ur theory's but idare you to make onwards theory or you will know whats comming for you in 12 by the way
Snack Pack
Snack Pack Dag siden
Someone please explain how Cris slid down the building without help?
Angel Taniya
Angel Taniya 2 dager siden
Dr.strange: teach me. The ancient one: do you know your abcs? Strange: uh.. yea? The ancient one: the multiplication table? Strange: actually no.
Meme Maker
Meme Maker 2 dager siden
im german but i cant do a good german english accent i just can speak good english lol
The Faceless Enigma
The Faceless Enigma 3 dager siden
Hey Matpat here's a theory challenge for you involving Magic and Mister Doctor. The Sorcerers Apprentice and Doctor Strange are in the same universe.
DANIEL OLATUNJI 3 dager siden
What about His cape
laura lee
laura lee 3 dager siden
umm but he can make ppl teleport how is that not magic
Sergios Darlasis
Sergios Darlasis 3 dager siden
14:47 I haven't seen any marvel movie... anyway
Beebardhan Gogoi
Beebardhan Gogoi 4 dager siden
Well we know how the things the Ancient One did were real, the only thing left is how to find out how it was done. Great job MatPat. Ur brain is truly awesome.
Matthew Bryant
Matthew Bryant 4 dager siden
Matpat:Dr Strange’s Magic Is Real! Me:TEACH ME NOW! (He’s my fav hero)
Quax Productions
Quax Productions 4 dager siden
Science debunked by magic and magic debunked by science
HappyCreeperlol 4 dager siden
Okay, but this doesn’t explain how exactly they’re able to change the perception of reality with their mere hands and wills. You can say things like the Sling Ring are simply extremely complicated scientific devices but this doesn’t explain the other stuff they can do without any technological assistance. Sure, the light crystals can be explained by science, but HOW does he make the light crystals and how do you explain this?
olivetheman is great
olivetheman is great 4 dager siden
I think you forgot something.... THE FACT THAT THIS DR. STRANGE CAN CONTROL THE LIGHT. don't think you can explain THAT! coincidence? I THINK NOT
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great 5 dager siden
8:54 the crystal gems are possible
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great 5 dager siden
He did what tony stark. Tried to do
Angharad Owens
Angharad Owens 5 dager siden
Theme song of the year goes toooooooo..... Mathew Patricks
LetDeathDraco 5 dager siden
0:12 Matpat looks like he just ate the entirety of the magic dust supply
Fiqz 6 dager siden
10:08 so is it the same As what happen when you're high? We didn't change anything.. Just halucinating/shape our reality..
Bob lemon
Bob lemon 6 dager siden
U should do a power rangers episode
Maddie Collins
Maddie Collins 7 dager siden
I love that MatPat did a video on this. A lot of my... What people would call "spirituality" is actually based in quantum physics (quantum entanglement and stuff like that), and from the moment I discovered Doctor Strange, I loved his story and powers so much because it fits with my world view so well. And it's so great to see someone acknowledge the science aspect of it.
Raj Ramnani
Raj Ramnani 7 dager siden
Oii! Tutor me science!
Vincent Eleazar Uykieng
Vincent Eleazar Uykieng 7 dager siden
The intro was totaly like dr stone when chrome wants senku to teach him
Шон Gontcharov
Шон Gontcharov 8 dager siden
Phase conjugate optics, phase conjugate magnetics, (Dan winter) (fractal field . Com) the physics and real science or all of this but hw it really works
I’m bored, So I play subway surfers
I’m bored, So I play subway surfers 9 dager siden
I swear every time i watch this channel it’s trippy because you not only sound like my cousin but look like him... lol
King Doom Gaming
King Doom Gaming 9 dager siden
I wonder what Matt is gonna think when doctor strange into the multiverse of madness comes out?
Amna THE ULTIMATE NERD 11 dager siden
shamsher dhillon
shamsher dhillon 12 dager siden
How do you explain teleporting spirt leaving your body
Philip Hart
Philip Hart 13 dager siden
MatPat: Marvel did their homework! This is possible! Marvel: Um, yeah, we totally did that on purpose...
Iksaihj Kaur
Iksaihj Kaur 13 dager siden
Iksaihj Kaur
Iksaihj Kaur 13 dager siden
Me after reading the title: no duh. Magic is just science we don't understand
Glitched Out
Glitched Out 13 dager siden
7:33 Is that a Jojo reference?
Danial Davletyarov
Danial Davletyarov 13 dager siden
I learned so many things today
Annette Bell
Annette Bell 14 dager siden
0:53 Love this moment
A.Y Gaurav VI A
A.Y Gaurav VI A 15 dager siden
This is just physics class but enjoyable 😀😀
Baby Yoshi
Baby Yoshi 15 dager siden
Can we get a remake of this video now that the movie has been out for 4 years
Neverland 15 dager siden
this is an Adam Frank fan account
Man From Mars
Man From Mars 16 dager siden
I told my science teacher what MattPatt said in the video and she told me to speak English please
Edu PE
Edu PE 16 dager siden
Hours spend in the movie: 2 Hours spend in the theories: 10
Shy Guy
Shy Guy 17 dager siden
So he can have powers
Shy Guy
Shy Guy 17 dager siden
Asgard is a Greek place
8M107% DARKLIGHT 17 dager siden
Well you wanna know who made every marvel character? Stanly
Jefferson Handberry
Jefferson Handberry 17 dager siden
This explains nothing
RACHEL DAH QUEEN YAS 17 dager siden
khaled hasan
khaled hasan 17 dager siden
I'm not sure about the multiple reflections of one city it seems like they were too lazy to add more cities
Benji Red
Benji Red 18 dager siden
Thanks Matpat now ik who to find if i need help in science
iiCraze _
iiCraze _ 18 dager siden
Mining Gold
Mining Gold 19 dager siden
Matpat: Explaining away the “crystal stuff”. The Mirror dimension: allow me to introduce myself.
Stevo Lution
Stevo Lution 19 dager siden
What If told ya there is No Science... I debunked it can not debunk anything it can only prove itself right. Even debunks every one of its own theories wrong eventually and uses it proof it was always right, shifting its own goalposts.
Rick Does stuff
Rick Does stuff 20 dager siden
he should really start watching the movies before making the theories
Sportgames l
Sportgames l 20 dager siden
its funny how he only reveals magic tricks that are explained on youtube
Pizza Applepie
Pizza Applepie 20 dager siden
8:45 Steven Universe fans: WHAT
Markus Karden
Markus Karden 21 dag siden
How Do you explain time stone
VSN Crusty
VSN Crusty 21 dag siden
Comic strange 🥱
alizamin x 2 zamin
alizamin x 2 zamin 21 dag siden
matpat swaered
Tony Kruy
Tony Kruy 21 dag siden
1:32 MatPat’s first swear word Awww
alizamin x 2 zamin
alizamin x 2 zamin 21 dag siden
James Courtemarsh
James Courtemarsh 21 dag siden
This does not explain how they can do this with their hands
Hansel Finn
Hansel Finn 22 dager siden
Sometimes you have to turn of your brain and enjoy to appreciate magic
Rafi Kastner
Rafi Kastner 22 dager siden
alizamin x 2 zamin
alizamin x 2 zamin 21 dag siden
Ya he swaered
Aadil Shah
Aadil Shah 22 dager siden
Meh. None of my "friends " could be impressed by science.
i Rvc
i Rvc 23 dager siden
Soo using this "light pushing particles" can you travel at the speed of light if light is focused in one point?
Dippy Zippy
Dippy Zippy 23 dager siden
when you keep on watching its like “dude did the really just reference that”
Travis Bissell
Travis Bissell 23 dager siden
Me watching this in 2020 YAY lightsabers exactly what we need right now
Sammy Monaghan
Sammy Monaghan 23 dager siden
u should make a channel where u look at reddit memes or something
Quantum four
Quantum four 23 dager siden
Can we just give props to the people who made the storyline of Docter Strange? Cuz this is really impressive
Madeleine Marois
Madeleine Marois 23 dager siden
roblox together
roblox together 24 dager siden
''everything can describe with science,If it not then because the science isn't avanced enough" -matt pat
Federico Iaschi
Federico Iaschi 24 dager siden
THAT WAS THE WORST BRITISH ACCENT EVAH Oh yeah...and the German one too
Ryan Russell
Ryan Russell 25 dager siden
Sure sure sure. Just take a dump on Louis de Broglie.
Jemel Jordan-Butler
Jemel Jordan-Butler 25 dager siden
When none of these scenes were in the movie...
Weeb Fander1234
Weeb Fander1234 25 dager siden
1:32 I did not know he cussed, I mean I don’t have a problem with it but I’ve never heard him cuss on any vids before
Aniket Aher
Aniket Aher 25 dager siden
Hey can u explain about his floating cloak
Leon brawl stars
Leon brawl stars 25 dager siden
Take out somebody's ghost with lights or crystals i callbullshit
Leon brawl stars
Leon brawl stars 25 dager siden
There is no way you can make a portal to another dimension
UnicornWizard 25 dager siden
Yes but how does he pull light out of nowhere and how does he create portals and what is the science behind the magic cape
mysanityisz3ro 26 dager siden
i also love the fact that even dr. strange himself would argue with this theory heavily lmao (quote from hulk: where the monsters dwell) strange: this is why i deploy working with scientists. everything requires an explanation... bruce banner: you're not gonna give me the old "magic is just science we don't understand yet," are you? strange, jokingly: has it ever occurred to you, dr. banner, that science is just magic we don't understand yet? and then right after that bruce just gives him a look of "r e a l l y"
AnnaMaria Romano
AnnaMaria Romano 27 dager siden
wow for once I'm proud to see Rochester NY mentioned
ZNO BURST GAGE Universe 27 dager siden
At the start he said b*tch
Jonathan Blekhman
Jonathan Blekhman 29 dager siden
This still doesn’t explain the portals
FighterFunk 29 dager siden
Laasya 29 dager siden
#THANKFRANK Guys why is this not a movement?
That Guy
That Guy Måned siden
Magic is real. We are just to niece to embrace the energy around us.
SirNico TheGreat
SirNico TheGreat Måned siden
So when she makes your reality change she’s just drugging you? Cool
J J Måned siden
Even Einstein had problems with certain aspects of quantum mechanics. He famously dismissed quantum entanglement as "spooky action at a distance". The EPR paradox (developed in conjunction with Einstein and two other well known scientists Podolsky and Rosen) was originally used to show what appeared to be wrong/incomplete about entanglement is now used to demonstrate it. Sometimes when science becomes advanced enough replaces what was once seen to be magic :)
Tristan Brown
Tristan Brown Måned siden
Captain America went right. Bruh
c g f2f v Piper
c g f2f v Piper Måned siden
You that in alien covenant the sail
Ryan Hansen
Ryan Hansen Måned siden
I just realized that the whole thing with the "spirit bodies" or "light beings" (if the whole magic thing is really shaped around light manipulation) especially the scene where he is hit with a defibrillator may be able to be explained through quantum entanglement since the two versions of him may have entangled light particles which could cause a change (burst of energy) from one of the other is changed similarly (defibrillator). But I'm just spitballing so yeah.
Rev Wroth
Rev Wroth Måned siden
I don't care where his abilities come from as long as they do the thing where that house tries to eat him.
Kess Måned siden
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith Måned siden
I now know why magic the gathering got rid of banding... it's too science-y. lmao
Inkastar 0312
Inkastar 0312 Måned siden
but how do i use it tho
Polygonal Cheescake
Polygonal Cheescake Måned siden
2016 was just 4 years ago? Wow time
Mr.RagnaFox Måned siden
*Matpat do a Theory with science explaining what seems impossible* The writers of that movies: Huh I never thought about that
Cyxnide Mindset
Cyxnide Mindset Måned siden
So they have genjustus. Nice.
Neko goddess
Neko goddess Måned siden
okay, but what about the time stone
Aditya Chowdhury
Aditya Chowdhury Måned siden
Ok, so all kaecillius had to do was lock him in a room with the lights turned off, smh
Waxxis Måned siden
*reads title/thumbnail* Me: *So you’re telling me there’s a chance?*
*nek0pie* Måned siden
Real life:teachers:so this is quantum science open your textbooks Kids:BORINGGG MatPat:so let me explain... Kids:ahh interesting...
NGNATE 1 Måned siden
FNAF 635
FNAF 635 Måned siden
Um it says in the comics that he does use magic
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