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After a year of heartbreak, we FINALLY get to share this amazing moment with you guys and my family and friends. A very special thanks to:
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smilin lay
smilin lay 2 timer siden
sunny fresita
sunny fresita 7 timer siden
You have a passion for cars and this one shows it this is just amazing cool, this is a video to really enjoy 💯👋😎😎😎😎
SAVAGE KING 17 timer siden
Honestly the emotions that ran through me when Evan started crying Goddd I couldn’t help but cry I’m soo happy for you guys congrats ❤️
Devious 20 timer siden
Richard Rice
Richard Rice Dag siden
happy for you guys congrats
Max Neumann
Max Neumann 2 dager siden
Just Beautiful 🤩🙌
Satoshi Film
Satoshi Film 3 dager siden
So much emotion in the revs.
Certified_David 3 dager siden
I'm a bit late but congratulations buddy🥺❤. Totally dont have tears kinda building up in my eyes rn🥺. Wifey should've done a burny to🥺
Besam Idrizi
Besam Idrizi 3 dager siden
Ooff emotionale 😭 i was about to cry when you two cried 🥺🥺
cantbeobtain916 4 dager siden
Wow this is amazing from this point on this is what life is all about congrats again my girl is now 1y5m
Durukhshan Khoshiwal
Durukhshan Khoshiwal 8 dager siden
My guess was a boy because I am a boy after all
Ramone Glasgow
Ramone Glasgow 9 dager siden
I’m not crying it’s the smoke in my eyes
aye sauhh dude
aye sauhh dude 12 dager siden
Bin watching since whenn lol moving on to bigger things. I see wish y’all the best
callum anderssen
callum anderssen 12 dager siden
DIOGO FERREIRA 12 dager siden
! it brought a tear to my eyes. seeing the supra on the red line an incredible sensation bro. CONGRATS
Caleb McLean
Caleb McLean 13 dager siden
congrats now its like ur making history
Frank Hofman
Frank Hofman 13 dager siden
what is that red stuff that you put on the diff?? also concratsss!
chris g
chris g 14 dager siden
I know im late watching this video but man having a little girl will change your changed mine in almost every way . #girldad
Pancake 16 dager siden
why aren't you setting things on fire
Game Montager Tomsovec
Game Montager Tomsovec 17 dager siden
Everybody gangsta until stututu reveals a gender
isiah earp
isiah earp 19 dager siden
somehow i knew it was going to be a girl, meant to be. congrats!!!
Caleb Prchal
Caleb Prchal 19 dager siden
For people who didn’t watch it yet, don’t spoil it in the comments.
X gang
X gang 20 dager siden
I thought is was gonna be a boy.........GIRLS: CONGRATULATIONS ON THE GIRL!!!! me: BRUHHHHH!
eric jones
eric jones 20 dager siden
Congrats I hope you guys have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby! God bless bro
xX[Gamebase]Xx 20 dager siden
This was released on my birthday, best birthday gift ever
HondaBoi Doogie
HondaBoi Doogie 21 dag siden
i seen first on instagram i was so happy but hey evan you know shes gonna steal the supra when she gets older lool
Jose Medina
Jose Medina 21 dag siden
I'm crying 😭❤❤
Jose Medina
Jose Medina 21 dag siden
I'm crying, look how time passes by I remember when you lived out of texas 😭😭❤
Varshan Manikam
Varshan Manikam 21 dag siden
Happy u did it with a supra to💯🔥
Alpha Gamer
Alpha Gamer 21 dag siden
What car don't you have also congrats 💥💥❤️
Lanu Vdw
Lanu Vdw 22 dager siden
Billy Clague
Billy Clague 22 dager siden
congratulations dude u know I m only 19 but I just found out that im having a girl also its amazing congrats again
فاء بن ألف'
فاء بن ألف' 22 dager siden
May I ask where you got the alien guy from? Also, congratulations!
Sayf Garia
Sayf Garia 22 dager siden
Really nice bro 😍congratulation and all good wish for you and your familly bro ❤
DANY PLAYZ 23 dager siden
He is not selling the supra
MoreZinc 24 dager siden
Who's Cutting The Onions ?
Sergeant Matt Damo
Sergeant Matt Damo 24 dager siden
so whens the baby due sorry this is my very first video ive seen of you?
Cesar Mencia
Cesar Mencia 24 dager siden
*it’s a girl in 2jz” @ 9:03
T Unit
T Unit 24 dager siden
If you didn't cry at're not human...Holy smokes Congrats!
Louie Williams
Louie Williams 25 dager siden
Damn I’ve been watching your videos from my freshman year of high school to my freshman year of college and look at you go bro good job and best of luck
tyler hendricks
tyler hendricks 26 dager siden
I can watch this 1000 times congrats brother
Dean Cockrell
Dean Cockrell 26 dager siden
Congratulations guy's hope she will bring use loads of joy
Sean K
Sean K 26 dager siden
As a father of two I am so happy for you buddy. I've been following you since the first miata and and lexus. And I have loved your content ever since. Congratulations to you and Victoria on all your successes and life achievements. Parenthood is amazing and you'll love every second.
Jere Syvänne
Jere Syvänne 26 dager siden
Congrats from finland
Austin Vielhauer
Austin Vielhauer 27 dager siden
Watching this video and seeing your reaction reminded me of myself on when I found out I was becoming a parent! The emotions instantly hit me all over again and couldn't help myself but tear up. Bless you and your family!
Maxamillion Kasper
Maxamillion Kasper 27 dager siden
When this is really what car guys want
Alex Herrera
Alex Herrera 27 dager siden
I cried
Osi H
Osi H 27 dager siden
Congratulations Evan I’m really happy for both of you.
Rudy Rivera
Rudy Rivera 27 dager siden
*Congratulations!* The Wife and I have a 16 month old boy. We had the baby months before everything shut down in 2020. Everyone always told me having a baby is a feeling that you can't describe. It's absolutely the best feeling you could ever experience. Being a Father is by far the greatest thing. You'll do absolutely anything to make sure your little one is well. I won't sugarcoat it. It's also one of the hardest challenges I have ever had. It's not easy. It takes a toll on you and your significant other BUT at the end of the day. It's so damn worth it.
OliSPTV 28 dager siden
im so happy for you and your wife bro congrats
1savge 2V
1savge 2V 28 dager siden
Where did you order the reveal smoke ? I want the smoke cloud to be big , congratulations by the way
Naithan Sischo
Naithan Sischo 28 dager siden
Congratulations man
Lemon 28 dager siden
Er33 gonna be useful in future i guess, Congrats Evan!!
tyron edred narain
tyron edred narain 29 dager siden
How can 95 people dislike this video I cant deal If there was anyone more deserving .Its you my man CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!
Ada.mp4 Måned siden
StopItTrexsh -
StopItTrexsh - Måned siden
Congrats man i just started watching u recently and can tell ur humble keep up the work
veprezy Måned siden
Congratulations so happy for you guys can’t wait until she is born and for the family videos
John Hardin
John Hardin Måned siden
i dont care about anything other than the IS do an update on the is! but in all honesty congrats
Cam_PlayZ_GTA Måned siden
Your gonna be the coolest dad ever
matt witt
matt witt Måned siden
im so happy to for both of you, i know yall been waiting for this for a really long time!
Khareem Pope
Khareem Pope Måned siden
Yay it's a girl
Connor Kuhlman
Connor Kuhlman Måned siden
My little girl changed my life. I can only imagine that feeling of seeing pink and then bouncing the limiter and crying. Congratulations Evan, you’re going to be a great father.
Bogie Vilaivong
Bogie Vilaivong Måned siden
Christian Morrow
Christian Morrow Måned siden
Can’t wait to see the little shanks
Liina Hannust
Liina Hannust Måned siden
Am gring
Astr0 Måned siden
Kidd Dior23
Kidd Dior23 Måned siden
6:04 listen to her 😍 ..btw I’m late to this video but congrats bro
NotERlC Måned siden
im supra happy for you
DirtyG35 Måned siden
I just saw the clip of the smoke on instagram. Congratulations Evan and Victoria. I didnt think anything of it until I saw it was posted by you. It honestly made me cry.
Jalen Slater
Jalen Slater Måned siden
Crying Happy tears for the Shanks yall. I can't believe how beautiful this long awaited moment has turned out in such a time as this... thank you for sharing this moment with all of us and allowing us to be able to share in your joy and happiness. CONGRATULATIONS To You Both!!! May the Grace of god be always with you. And the only TRUE Love that is in this world. Be safe fam and keep up the good work, for there is a lot more to be done
Los_cuhs_d3l_2o9 Måned siden
Dis made me cry Bru
R a p i d
R a p i d Måned siden
Congrats man your gonna be a great dad
Abhijeet Darade
Abhijeet Darade Måned siden
Sooo much love😄❤️❤️❤️🔫♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
random naampie
random naampie Måned siden
Imma need to find me a girl like that shes awesome bro dont lose her🤙🤙
Ryu Watanabe
Ryu Watanabe Måned siden
Congratulations to you both!! 🎉🎉
Earl Partain
Earl Partain Måned siden
New sub here congrats bro
trashgamerrr Måned siden
Its great to see how genuinely excited he is
ashok chakravarthy
ashok chakravarthy Måned siden
Happy for you both 💞
jaa aayk
jaa aayk Måned siden
aightttt, who's cutting onions here???
Zach Neher
Zach Neher Måned siden
Not gonna lie. I cried a bit. Miscarriages are tough. God has blessed you guys. Lotta respect to the both of you. I’m praying for y’all.
Daniel Heukeroth
Daniel Heukeroth Måned siden
I love you guys. I had to cry😂 I wish you all the best❤ Greetings from Germany
Alexx Tart
Alexx Tart Måned siden
Pink supra ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ 🥺🥺
Luis Lora
Luis Lora Måned siden
man i wish someday i can do that but CONGRATS BRO!!
LaCarla Marshall
LaCarla Marshall Måned siden
Congrats, that was Awesome.
Jayshree Singh
Jayshree Singh Måned siden
Great car to do gender reveal man Congrats to the baby
Brian Ott
Brian Ott Måned siden
Thought this was finna be a supra caught fire video not gon 🧢 congrats bro
SG JAY Måned siden
I’m not crying, I lied I am 😭
005 Måned siden
You are going to be great parents!!!!!!
Persona Rey
Persona Rey Måned siden
glad to see this a clip of this on instagram, which made me watch the whole video, then watch some of your other videos, and now i'm a fan and subscribed the channel. Congrats Evan & Victoria on your baby girl.
Zodiac 87
Zodiac 87 Måned siden
Congratulations to your lil baby girl ❤ I'm a father of a daughter and I'm make her in to cars just like me
chase the best
chase the best Måned siden
Aye shanks man I'm so happy for you dude ive been through alot in my 19 years and the only thing I want in life is to be a father I don't know what my first kid will be But either way I'm Going to be happy man this video made me cry tbh
M_MAICO Måned siden
I love the fact that when he is doing the burnout you only hear the 2jz 2step
Just stuff
Just stuff Måned siden
Congrats!!!! I cried but im a guy how u can make cry hardly
its me Dewet
its me Dewet Måned siden
Bro she was so excited about the burn out in the start of the video
Nathaniel Lewis
Nathaniel Lewis Måned siden
Me: I’ve only been watching him for 3 years I won’t cry Evan theirs up and hugs Victoria Me: I’m not crying it allergies
Nicholas Ferree
Nicholas Ferree Måned siden
Actually brought a tear to my eye.
koki 9699
koki 9699 Måned siden
I'm colorblind I couldn't tell if that was blue or pink because it looked purple
Connor Dart
Connor Dart Måned siden
I was here on my friends account when he widebodyed his sister car
Kevin Burkhardt
Kevin Burkhardt Måned siden
You already know he's gonna be a GREAT dad
DaftFader Måned siden
Baby shanks do doo do do do doo
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