GREATEST GAME EVER MADE? | The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Part 1)

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3 år siden

Thanks to Nintendo for Providing us with Zelda: Breath of the Wild
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The Legend of Zelda: BREATH OF THE WILD has been out for a day and is already being called the Best Game Ever Made. I don't know about you guys, but I wanna dive in and find out for myself! Join us for a Switch Games Friday where we'll be among the First to Play what promises to be an Incredible Zelda Game!
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MontgomeryPlayz 16 dager siden
thank you recodmations, for bringing me this holy grail
C. Matt
C. Matt 20 dager siden
Idiotic Bisexual
Idiotic Bisexual 23 dager siden
Cant wait for them to figure out the cooking mechanism.
Liah Uribe
Liah Uribe 27 dager siden
I wanna play breath of the wild, but I really just wanna walk around and explore...instead of, you know, following the story
A Dubash
A Dubash Måned siden
I was just watching this gtlive and this part always gets me: 1:26:08
Cole725 X
Cole725 X Måned siden
The first time I played breath of the wild I thought that the 100 year time jump happened when the tower lifted. I wasn’t good at paying attention
Cybermore Måned siden
32:35 I feel like the comment steph read was some dude trying to spoil the game for them instead of actually making a theory. Unless the dude actually guessed it correctly lol
Lily Dogkid
Lily Dogkid Måned siden
It begins 8:42
Not Shadow
Not Shadow Måned siden
Anytime I see the eye, all I can think is “YU GI OH!”
littledeku anime
littledeku anime Måned siden
Matpat: I will beat him Me: no you won't Also me: I do the same thing
Bongo Bongo
Bongo Bongo Måned siden
1:02:36 What about Majora's Mask, that's technically open world.
Bongo Bongo
Bongo Bongo Måned siden
also, NEVER seen a Zelda game with fast travel? Have you ever played Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask!?
Natalie Poliquin
Natalie Poliquin Måned siden
2:13 T R U T H
Reticulum Inferma
Reticulum Inferma 2 måneder siden
Slav pat is wearing an adidas sweater...
Trysten Lundy
Trysten Lundy 2 måneder siden
Matt pet fights next level enemy thinking it’s normal
Trysten Lundy
Trysten Lundy 2 måneder siden
That pet walks past the latter twice he’s like where is the latter
Trysten Lundy
Trysten Lundy 2 måneder siden
Matt Pat doesn’t even realize that he’s gotten hit the ball with the best bow on the plateau before he supposed to
Trysten Lundy
Trysten Lundy 2 måneder siden
Sorry me
Trysten Lundy
Trysten Lundy 2 måneder siden
He finished the first fine Matt Pat still in Schriever Resurrection
CoolAri 1999
CoolAri 1999 2 måneder siden
link is the best and so are you
Big Lion
Big Lion 2 måneder siden
7:56 There you have it ladies and gentlemen, Steph predicted BLM
Andreas Cox
Andreas Cox 2 måneder siden
EJ ThunderMaster
EJ ThunderMaster 2 måneder siden
what about majoras mask
Jackson Killips
Jackson Killips 3 måneder siden
Next time place wood and then light it with your torch so you are closer
NoxWyvern 3 måneder siden
I wonder if "Curiosity killed the Cat" applies to Mat? Especially him standing in the campfire...
Imutan 3 måneder siden
I was a subscriber of film theory back in the "whos jon snow parents" days. SO I GOT THE SEINFELD REFERENCE, HA!
Andrew Klein
Andrew Klein 4 måneder siden
Ik the main part of this stream is commentary but mat is being super annoying and barely even paying attention to the game
Nadja Kostek
Nadja Kostek 4 måneder siden
I started playing Zelda with Breath of the Wild, and obviously it was very hard to get used to not jumping. There were so many times I wanted to jump in A Link to the Past. It even enraged me once.
Alex Miller
Alex Miller 4 måneder siden
MatPat: I'm gonna play the game the way it's meant to be played for now Also MatPat, 2 minutes later: (death by companion cube)
imbicthboi 4 måneder siden
I fought the lynex in the coliseum Literally for hours until I killed him. MY GOD did i almost faint when he died
neptune 4 måneder siden
Im a huge fan of zelda and I can confirm.. that this game is the absolute best like i have fookin 600 hours in it and both dlcs with literally every foking quest
Grace LeVeque
Grace LeVeque 4 måneder siden
Mat loosing his mind over the uncentered triforce is the highlight of my day
Grace LeVeque
Grace LeVeque 4 måneder siden
I have dropped those cubes on my head more times than I can count
Maliha 5 måneder siden
...i was better when I played legends of Zelda for the first time
raphael_1254 5 måneder siden
1:04:34 matpat: HYRULE IS FINE Everyone: *no it’s not*
bacon Slayer
bacon Slayer 5 måneder siden
Man the graphics on this game are just ... stunning
Bob 5 måneder siden
Zelda : open your eyes, wake up link Matpat: falls asleep
Strike Boy
Strike Boy 5 måneder siden
42:30 no it isn’t I just threw the tnt in it everywhere and killed myself cuz of it
Masterbuilder - 904
Masterbuilder - 904 6 måneder siden
I will not beat this game unless I accomplish all the quests and complete the game 100%.
Todoroki Shoto
Todoroki Shoto 6 måneder siden
Todoroki Shoto
Todoroki Shoto 6 måneder siden
i dont have a switch or the game but im raising money for both and in between the time required to save up i have over spoiled my self with spoilers from all sorts of stuff from dis game #IKINDAMAYBESCREWEDUPLOL
Todoroki Shoto
Todoroki Shoto 6 måneder siden
DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT EN-- use the axe too much it will brake like every other item in dis game (exept master sword which is crap btw)
Todoroki Shoto
Todoroki Shoto 6 måneder siden
SPOILER ::: ONE WORD lynells you may actually know them lol
Todoroki Shoto
Todoroki Shoto 6 måneder siden
Todoroki Shoto
Todoroki Shoto 6 måneder siden
WhyDOI FeelPain
WhyDOI FeelPain 6 måneder siden
45 minutes in and he hasn’t even completed the first objective
Samuel Cecil
Samuel Cecil 7 måneder siden
Link is a god
Riley Linder
Riley Linder 7 måneder siden
This video makes me feel smarter than matpat and that's saying something
OwO-tism 6 måneder siden
Can relate ^^ He is overcomplicating things
0.obsessiv.0 7 måneder siden
I feel for Chris and Jason, chalk boards and chalk are hard to work with 😫
somethingimsure 7 måneder siden
1:02:42 really steph not even majoras mask a fellow zelda game showing that the game makers are not afraid to do that and making it likely that they would do it again?
Petra Dunnington
Petra Dunnington 7 måneder siden
It's 3:00 am and by now I've thrown sleep out the window.
Petra Dunnington
Petra Dunnington 7 måneder siden
I remember the envelope glue video!
Neel4312 7 måneder siden
Am I a maniac for buying this game in 2020
J.A.M •
J.A.M • 6 måneder siden
I did too lol
Wrathful Cucumber
Wrathful Cucumber 7 måneder siden
dimitri dionissiou
dimitri dionissiou 8 måneder siden
I started replaying this game for the first time in a long while while watching and I was at the fourth divine beast by the time he was at magnesis
dimitri dionissiou
dimitri dionissiou 8 måneder siden
When MatPat actually thinks STRATPAT
dimitri dionissiou
dimitri dionissiou 8 måneder siden
Breath of the Wild 2 The Wilds Asthma Attack
Rew Rose
Rew Rose 7 måneder siden
Maybe they'll explain why Zelda didn't age in the 100 years even though everyone else did
dimitri dionissiou
dimitri dionissiou 8 måneder siden
I just wanted him to accidentally discover whistle sprinting or moonjump or wind bombs
Houndoom of SSF2
Houndoom of SSF2 8 måneder siden
Steph: No game that I've played to date has consequences for running around instead of doing what you're supposed to Me: Ummm... Majora's Mask?
Sushila 8 måneder siden
28:25 link is spider man in disguise confirmed
Nick 8 måneder siden
Breath of the Wild is easily my favorite game ever, just saw this vid in 2020 👌🏾
Kurt Brown
Kurt Brown 8 måneder siden
Poor Jason
Jordan doniak
Jordan doniak 8 måneder siden
There is nothing up there get the chest and orb and leave
Omegablue 8 måneder siden
Matpat: *plays a game* Steph: this isn’t how your supposed to play the game
greystripe rules
greystripe rules 9 måneder siden
Get to the video
———— 9 måneder siden
This aged poorly
Deathscyther 9 måneder siden
MatPat sucks at the greatest game ever...
C. Matt
C. Matt 9 måneder siden
Lemon Bread
Lemon Bread 9 måneder siden
I got the paraglide rat the end of this stream (I started with them)
Real Person
Real Person 9 måneder siden
MAT: Oh no, 2 enemies, run! Me who never played a zelda game and did this part without dying: WEAK
Just a Vibing Snek
Just a Vibing Snek 9 måneder siden
Isn’t it amazing that even 3years later people are not only still playing it, but making videos, Merck and new game features of this game. I smell a video game classic
Mychyl Kime
Mychyl Kime 10 måneder siden
"Fast travel in a Zelda game? Never thought I'd see the day..." The bird, LttP: Am I a joke to you, Matpat?
Kodered59 [Original]
Kodered59 [Original] 10 måneder siden
"not quite as exciting as a sword" ... Just be patient past version of Mat
master of disaster
master of disaster 10 måneder siden
Jury duty???
Finley Burch
Finley Burch 10 måneder siden
Spirit orbs give me heartburn
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 11 måneder siden
Everyone tries to get up in the magnesis shrine. I did actually manage to at the end section.
Snowplow Cow
Snowplow Cow 11 måneder siden
The L on luigis hat stands for live
Sam Mcgrath
Sam Mcgrath 9 måneder siden
The b stands for bravery on Luigi’s hat
SquishyMcPickles 11 måneder siden
It’s funny because me, knowing how to play the game and watching them just messing around, is making me trigger.😂😂
Eon Gladiator
Eon Gladiator 11 måneder siden
MatPat: NO! IN ONE HIT?! Jason: That's the boss fight. Me: Just you wait. Just you wait...
RA1N År siden
Watching it late, because spoilers
berkley simons
berkley simons År siden
Casually makes Monty python reference
TheDangerNoodle År siden
Matpat: or.. danger noodle Me: *happiness noises*
Sonny Wilkinson
Sonny Wilkinson År siden
that one guy
that one guy År siden
Have you guys tried borderlands 3? :)
Chris Bacon
Chris Bacon År siden
Omg, Steph's hair looks so cool
Tessa Cornelius
Tessa Cornelius År siden
i have that game on my nintendo switch
OmeglaWaffles101 År siden
Its like red dead redemption but kid friendly
Ash År siden
1:21:14 I was playing along and I got the Master sword
klop422 År siden
So I finally played BotW, so I can finally come back and watch these
Spicy Sauce
Spicy Sauce År siden
My mom said "let's go now!", I made it almost half way through before she finally left the house
rucfj159 År siden
You look funny Zelda breath of the wild videos go to the channel the basement itsfunneh
melainakissgames År siden
I understood the Seinfeld reference.
C Taylor
C Taylor År siden
C Taylor
C Taylor År siden
OH! MatPat is complaining about the old man's bad puns! OH YEAH HE HAS LOTS OF ROOM TO COMPLAIN!
C Taylor
C Taylor År siden
Excuuuuuse ME princess!
Joaquin Banks
Joaquin Banks År siden
The way Matt looks when he says triangles are a doozie for me
Libby Wood
Libby Wood År siden
Hey I dare you to hit the like button you wont do it
Logan Seeley
Logan Seeley År siden
I love Legend of Zelda breath of the Wild and I think it's the end of the series
Logan Seeley
Logan Seeley År siden
Gtlive is my favorite Channel
ronny lee
ronny lee År siden
what timeline is this
Jackson Hassebrock
Jackson Hassebrock År siden
its a shrine and there is 120 of them
Jackson Hassebrock
Jackson Hassebrock År siden
i also beat final boss 7 times so easy
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