Final Fantasy Retrospective GameTrailers COMPLETE

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Chris Leathco

5 år siden

ramza813 11 timer siden
Final Fantasy Tactics = Best FF game of all time. The end.
Reypure207 DR
Reypure207 DR 3 dager siden
This is bullshit he left out tactics
Marcus S.
Marcus S. 4 dager siden
I miss GT. ...I'm old.
Kris Heffernan
Kris Heffernan 6 dager siden
Awful audio
Imre 10 dager siden
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Simant2020 SM
Simant2020 SM 13 dager siden
This is one of the best videos I have ever seen. I am about 50 minutes in and have had some very found memories and discovered a lot I have missed out on. I am curious, I plan to research after I finish watching the entire video, is there a location where you can access all of the series from 1-6 (in English)? Getting 7 onward doesn't seem to be a problem, but I think there could be a site or subsite from Square there could be just dedicated to the entire series of Final Fantasy. Maybe 1 even exists, any insight would be appreciated before I start doing my own searching :).
Castiel 14 dager siden
This video is very long someone please help em who is the character from the thumbnail?
Nicolas Robul
Nicolas Robul 15 dager siden
Where is this from?, it looks like a tv show?
PeggyHill12 19 dager siden
I sure miss game trailers.
Andrew Charron
Andrew Charron 20 dager siden
This guys voice makes me sleep like a behemoth.
Nelson Pun
Nelson Pun 22 dager siden
This restrospective started the trend of making high quality web videos looking back on games and all the video essays we see today about video games.
tony fernandes
tony fernandes 18 dager siden
They were ahead of their time. Even the popfiction and level series were awesome. Great memories.
Ha I ruined dbl !!
Ha I ruined dbl !! 23 dager siden
If it will ever get a remake Welp that aged like a pop tart
CwapPlatinum 26 dager siden
GT's masterpiece, right here. 3:11:52 Still trying to find that version of the FF8 prelude lol
cyrender cyrender
cyrender cyrender 28 dager siden
Remember that these guys now exist as Easy Allies, and they have a patreon! :D Go check em out :)
TexasTom Boe
TexasTom Boe 28 dager siden
5 morbol at 10-13 min.. wow... ' i hate morbols ;)
Gary Nemeth
Gary Nemeth Måned siden
All of the music throughout this video, everytime I watch it my eyes well up. This series defined important points in my life. In love till the day I die 😁😭
Thomas White
Thomas White Måned siden
flash back to 10 year old me.
Udalix Måned siden
Chocobo's and Moogles, the two things that define final fantasy.
leonard Måned siden
what a vid
dalan wanbdiska
dalan wanbdiska Måned siden
I just downloaded 8 for xbox 1s. Very awsome game.
Muhd N. Haffizzul Bakri
Muhd N. Haffizzul Bakri Måned siden
GT: "then it came to the PSP last month" me: wait what year am I now ??
KrazyK 4 dager siden
@Lee Anderson what happened to then?
Lee Anderson
Lee Anderson 29 dager siden
We're at now now
Ron Fiasco
Ron Fiasco Måned siden
Who knows anymore?
Raveras Geritoko
Raveras Geritoko Måned siden
This does make a good traveling video to listen to if you have a 2 to 3 hour drive to make. Love the accuracy to detail for each entry.
Brometheus Guitar n' Gamin
Brometheus Guitar n' Gamin Måned siden
speaking of retrospect. gametrailers is a such a nostalgic gem thinking now about when i was growing up watching it. never fully appreciated til just now watching this thank you for this upload
shenloken2 Måned siden
“At GDC in 2004 Steven Spielberg said: “I think the real indicator that games have become a story-telling artform will be when somebody confesses that they cried at level 17”.....He never played Final Fantasy VII.” Well said!! Very well said!!
Ron Fiasco
Ron Fiasco Måned siden
Was this on G4 at one time? I swear I saw it on TV. It's interesting that we are closing in on 16 and it has an Ivalice vibe, no?
Snake's Life - Uroboro Djinn
Snake's Life - Uroboro Djinn Dag siden
FF 16 could make the series return to medieval fantasy. The soul of that game is like a mix between Tactics and FF XIV.
Slyzoid Måned siden
I will always loathe final fantasy 14 ARR for my own reasons, I want to revisit it, but sadly I can't stand some of the community.
Patricia Hamilton
Patricia Hamilton Måned siden
from the bottom of my hearth, THX for uploading this man.
Justin Marsh
Justin Marsh Måned siden
People need to spot spreading the falsehood that they (Square) named the game Final fantasy because they thought it would be the last game. The devs debunked this. The name was coincidental.
Kevin Frost
Kevin Frost Måned siden
Great retrospective. Horrible compilation. Did you really have to include every intro and ending to each part?
Rosemarie Watkins
Rosemarie Watkins Måned siden
FFX - getting the feels everytime I hear "to zanarkand"
Blade Galewind
Blade Galewind Måned siden
Man, I wish they'd do a followup. There's so much I missed.
Blake Walker
Blake Walker Måned siden
Even when playing the original FF7, I was never once convinced that Aerith had feelings for Cloud and you would know exactly why if you looked into the complete lore of the game. Context is important in this case. Very important.
C L W Måned siden
In recent years I came across an interesting tidbit....the first Final Fantasy had a team a a lesser known game called Squares Tom Sawyer used team b
J Heck
J Heck Måned siden
FF10 blew my God dang 11 yr old mind.. the way it starts with all the battles down the road, and taking it that cgi city during cutscenes. Couldn't get enough of that art style, funny cuz I rented kinetica at same time lol. Wish I could do it all again for first time. Saving up my quarters and taking them up to blockbuster for my weekly rental haha I'm sure the workers loved me using change everytime 🙃
Fe Simco
Fe Simco Måned siden
Played 4hrs of FF2 only to get petrified, one-by-one and wasn't carrying the cure; fuck me, right?
AkaiAzul Måned siden
Old ole NES times.
LaserDroid 2 måneder siden
Watching in 2020 and I just realized with the PS5, the conclusion of the FF7 Remake is going to look INSANE!
J.A.V 2 måneder siden
Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .
CNN Blackmail Support
CNN Blackmail Support 2 måneder siden
I still remember my shock at seeing the earth elemental rip the ground up in FF7. It was so awesome I spent weeks inviting friends over.
Jace2pointO 2 måneder siden
How was the fan reaction to X-2.... we'll not even bring that up. 🤣
James G
James G 2 måneder siden
Struggling hard to find the version of the very first song in this video. Please help if you can.
Clint Junior
Clint Junior 2 måneder siden
Very well done... I am on chapter 2
Alejandro Fernandez
Alejandro Fernandez 2 måneder siden
🔴NEW VIDEO🔴 My *not* Second Channel just uploaded a video about the obscure French Sonic comic nobody remembers, check it out!
Muzi Kako
Muzi Kako 2 måneder siden
It is sad to see GT go. I loved these retrospectives (it was my favorite show out of all of them) and throughout all these years it was the website for me to go for videos. RIP GameTrailers. You will always be a part of my childhood.
Nathan Williams
Nathan Williams 2 måneder siden
If anyone feels sad about Gametrailers shutting down, be sure to check out Easy Allies! It's Brandon (the voice) and some of the others from GT all together having fun!
Dennis Zonneveld
Dennis Zonneveld Måned siden
Yeah I love that group!
PhiLLie Stuntz
PhiLLie Stuntz 2 måneder siden
All i can say is great job “Kupo” !!
Nora Ariq
Nora Ariq 2 måneder siden
Thank you my kids like this watching from Philippines
Chris Leathco
Chris Leathco 2 måneder siden
My best friend's wife is from the Philippines. Glad you enjoyed it
Anthony Mrozewski
Anthony Mrozewski 2 måneder siden
Chris RJ
Chris RJ 2 måneder siden
I love how they play the dramatic music when introducing the next game. What songs from 13-15 would you use if they were to make a FF13-15 retrospective? And which ones would have been just as good or better for the older games? And if this comment still exists by the time FF16 comes out and has established itself... what song would you choose for its retrospective?
SE Dream
SE Dream 2 måneder siden
I woke up this morning to Zanarkand's Theme....thank you, I didn't even know I needed that.
Daniel McLean
Daniel McLean 2 måneder siden
Shadows story is completely revealed.
Bruno Silvestre
Bruno Silvestre 2 måneder siden
8:07 "Final Fantasy has been repurposed for other consoles at least 7 times, more than any other Role-Playing game" *Looks at Skyrim, "Are you sure about that?"
Erics real Dad
Erics real Dad 27 dager siden
I read your comment at the exact same time it was being said in the video.
Jarjarfunk 2 måneder siden
if you don't count skyrim vr then it's only been on 6 platforms.
Anthony Quigley
Anthony Quigley 2 måneder siden
Trying to make it sound all noble "As it was their last chance, it was aptly named Finaly Fantasy by Hironobu Sakauchi" er no, he wanted to name it FIghting Fantasy, and it had that name for most of it's life while being developed until they couldn't licence it for some reason, someone else had it. So ner. What else did you get wrong if you get the basics wrong? i mean look at the title at 2:22 they only barely changed the fighting writen ontop to final, and didn't bother changing the font size to make it look correct right near the end. if you added the extra letters of the word fighting instead of final, you'd see the 2 words would be the exact same length oin that title screen.
EHH246 2 måneder siden
1:54 My introduction to Yoshitaka Amano. I was blown away by his concept art in the retrospective. It was so different from other Japanese artists I had known about.
Sinister Cr03 Gaming
Sinister Cr03 Gaming 2 måneder siden
FF II, you have no idea the thrill of finding mithrill mine, forge it, and wield the mithrill sword for the first time....
Otherworld Television
Otherworld Television 2 måneder siden
>many mistook it for a rebirth of the playstation classic And they did release it but a full generation later. Many people seem very pleased with it thankfully. Makes me wonder if people would like a remake of other really popular Final Fantasy games like 6.
asherael 2 måneder siden
The "worldwide web" isn't just another word for "the internet" The "worldwide web" is browser-based websites, URLs, and their hypertext system and network.
วุฒ Channel
วุฒ Channel 2 måneder siden
Steward of Consciousness
Steward of Consciousness 2 måneder siden
I always found thid voice in Gametrailers videos very nice to listen to.
HCSR2 2 måneder siden
3:30:50 Oh how things change in just five years.
Kxritoo 2 måneder siden
The Rant
The Rant 2 måneder siden
I really like Final Fantasy 1-9, but X and X-2..... it was very anti-God, and antigovernmental as well. Although I thought in my atheist days this was a cool concept, as I've gotten older it's pretty scary to look back on those two games now.
Joncliff McKinley
Joncliff McKinley Måned siden
jesse spence
jesse spence 2 måneder siden
in an awkward time before mana ( 5:00 ) you mean based on Dungeons and dragons the main table top game which most fantasy is based on.
Kenneth Shaw
Kenneth Shaw 2 måneder siden
Wow! Talk about a blast from the past!
cleft turnip
cleft turnip 2 måneder siden
I thought this was going to be a video of trailers
Ebefren Revo
Ebefren Revo 2 måneder siden
Easy Allies, is that you ??
j johnson
j johnson 2 måneder siden
I never payed any before 7..5 and 6 look epic
AkaiAzul Måned siden
If you want a fun and silly game, go for FF5, it'll also have LOTS of customization and farming for skills. If you want a more dire and character heavy game, go for FF6. Both are excellent games for different reasons.
Wolfie Girl Sheena
Wolfie Girl Sheena 3 måneder siden
I sometimes wonder how much time goes into research with these things. The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures required additional GBAs and GC to GBA cables to play multiplayer. It wasn't just for extra content
Racbir Singh
Racbir Singh 3 måneder siden
Fantastic and no spoilers. Thank you. Superb information and History i had no idea of. ) A work of Art
Andy Bell
Andy Bell 3 måneder siden
alayaph 3 måneder siden
Man, I've been playing Final Fantasy games for most of my life, first time I played a Final Fantasy was in 1999. I remember downloading and saving each of these retrospectives as they came out (theyre somewhere in one of my external harddrives...) and now I've been playing FFXIV since beta 2013. I'm optimistic for XVI, I can't wait to see where it goes.
golbezhatred 3 måneder siden
hate to be a really really late critic but look at the release date for the ultima games.... by 83 you had a visible party and many opponents. even by 1987 there was the nes release. FF is a great series but it was far from revolutionary, it was well designed though.
AkaiAzul Måned siden
Ultima is truly underappreciated.
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher 3 måneder siden
Damnit Sakaguchi come save final fantasy
Jill Hopkins
Jill Hopkins 3 måneder siden
Feels like watching a G4 special programming.
j johnson
j johnson 2 måneder siden
Def has laten2000s feel lol
The Gloves Made
The Gloves Made 3 måneder siden
Greetings from Finland!
Mike Gess
Mike Gess 3 måneder siden
Blue Dragon, Enchanted Arms, Folklore, Shadow Hearts, and White Knight Chronicles
ForOdinAndAsgard 3 måneder siden
Drawing magic in 8? You did not understand something for certain.
Scared Folks
Scared Folks 3 måneder siden
Comparing this to other content on NOpost is light and day lol. GT tells the facts, not their overly egotistical opinion of the story.
Nova Perez
Nova Perez 3 måneder siden
thanks ilove final fantasy saga
Phillip Hill
Phillip Hill 3 måneder siden
In FINAL FANTASY 12 I wish we could've explored Rozaria
SCP 049
SCP 049 3 måneder siden
Really curious where Mystic Quest was...
Witness Protection
Witness Protection 3 måneder siden
Japanese people touch me in my I feel violated.
Little diddle
Little diddle 3 måneder siden
I've watched this whole thing about 4 times
Irony Rules
Irony Rules 3 måneder siden
Why do i get this recommended now? If google is so Smart why does it take 15 years for them to recognize that i am a jrpg fan...fuck it, this Video is an absolute bomb and a nostalgic time travel that brought back so many nearly forgotten memories...just Thank you, this Made my day
Francisco Butte
Francisco Butte 3 måneder siden
This content is priceless.
Charbomber 4 måneder siden
Unpopular(ish?) opinion: FF 6 was the pinnacle of the series, FF 7 was the slow decline into "oh boy more giant sword anime fighters and edgy stories" EDIT: Oh man, imagine if FF 7 was remade for the Playstation. That would be crazy, huh? Imagine if they redid the ENTIRE battle system or something!
Quasimodo 4 måneder siden
I like how some of the songs from FF6 inspired songs from FF7 (remixed boss battle, opera opening = aerith them) and a couple others.
ultris07 4 måneder siden
Wait what, 10 came out before 9?
Y2KAM 4 måneder siden
I remember watching this on game trailers back in the day
Mark Furlotte
Mark Furlotte 4 måneder siden
In ff1 theres more then 30 combinations. He's wrong
Kalinho_PL 4 måneder siden
FF XI was the end for the franchise. X was the last good FF. XII was boring, XIII was just stupid and very linear, XIV - I don't like online FF, I don't care. And then XV... Oh boy XV. FFVIIR brought back some glory to FF but it's just a "Remake" so it doesn't count. I hope things go back on track with XVI and I have even higher hopes for FFVIIR2 or whatever they gonna call it.
Martin Rößner
Martin Rößner 4 måneder siden
And it did return 😊
Роман Жолобов
Роман Жолобов 4 måneder siden
This is amazing! Such a remarkable job these people have done!
fuzzy static
fuzzy static 4 måneder siden
I love these games so much I always called him gobbels.... like a turkey. Irk why. I was very young
Prince Groove
Prince Groove 4 måneder siden
Man, this has made me feel so nostalgic.
toh ping Tiang
toh ping Tiang 4 måneder siden
Some of japan's anime are influenced by movies of the time. haha rubricant... he's a slippery fellow. 7 is popular maybe because 8 is just weird. FFX weird laugh incident. Alexander... when your castle ran off with some adventurers...
Kalinho_PL 4 måneder siden
I luv how much this franchise connects generations of gammers. Everyone has it favourite FF and different opinions about every entry but they all agree that it's one of the greatest franchise ever made.
Erekai 4 måneder siden
Had no idea that this retrospective pre-dated FF13. Wow.
The Reaper Death
The Reaper Death 4 måneder siden
aww final fantasy a series (main series mind you) that has a lot of ups and downs imo with everything up until and including V was amazing and rpg goat contenders while everything afterwords outside VIII IX and XIII where trash tier games ever since they started to venture away form the fantasy setting with VI the games have been less and less interesting and fun and the only reason i love VIII is the same reason i love II and thats because of how easy and how early you can break the game and the only reason i love XIII is because unlike VII X and XII theres no extreme levels of annoying bs in it like there was in those games in my eyes its really the spin offs that have been amazing since V like tactics (the original and its remake) dissidia (the two psp ones) dimensions and yes mystic quest
Nathan Bauman
Nathan Bauman 4 måneder siden
Galuf was the first PC to die before Aries... yeah so what's Tellah chop liver?
AkaiAzul Måned siden
He said first long term PC to die. Tellah was temporary and in the party for a short while, as were Joseph, Minwu, and Ricard.
Brandon G.
Brandon G. 4 måneder siden
4:52: Intellivision's Tower Of Doom actually pioneered this 3rd person side based combat graphic.
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