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2 måneder siden

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Ned caught up with Chris Froome before the second rest day to get his thoughts on the final week at the Tour, his progress at Tirreno Adriatico and more.
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Edgar Alfredo Mora
Edgar Alfredo Mora 26 dager siden
Pinocho Bernal ya no vuelve a ganarse nada grande.
David Coomber
David Coomber 2 måneder siden
The tour needs Froome
Peter Toft
Peter Toft 2 måneder siden
Hopefully the asthma won't effect him next your.
Paul Burger
Paul Burger 2 måneder siden
Spot on Froome!
The Red Devil
The Red Devil 2 måneder siden
Chris, the one and only one. What a champion, what a nice simple and humble guy. He got all the podium in the right order about that??? Brilliant.
Tom 2 måneder siden
This guy seems to know alot about cycling, maybe he could become a professional
Joan Gregg
Joan Gregg 2 måneder siden
Seems strange that Froome isn't in Tour du France
Chopos 180
Chopos 180 2 måneder siden
Nailed the top 3
Mikkel Svendsen
Mikkel Svendsen 2 måneder siden
Can someone please ask Chris for the lottery numbers for me?
Vince Bernardino
Vince Bernardino 2 måneder siden
Came back here after stage 20
River Lungay
River Lungay 2 måneder siden
He's prediction was right
Sui Sing Horace Ho
Sui Sing Horace Ho 2 måneder siden
Chris predicted everything. Rog crack, Pog win and Porte on the podium. He was right about the podium and the order.
ABC ABC Måned siden
Sui Sing Horace Ho You write nonsense ! Roglič crack ??? Roglič also drove the chronometer solidly (I think he had 5 time). Pogačar just drove the chronometer phenomenally.
31763660 2 måneder siden
Nice podium calls! Froome nailed it on the 2nd rest day.
souljabatz 2 måneder siden
He called it
Chase Watkins
Chase Watkins 2 måneder siden
So he just called the tdf podium... to the T.
Stephanie Saczawa
Stephanie Saczawa 2 måneder siden
Froomey the Psychic!
Kyle Mandy
Kyle Mandy 2 måneder siden
Good prediction Chris!
Mike Kleinsteuber
Mike Kleinsteuber 2 måneder siden
Hasn't Froooome been outed yet for his drug taking ?
David Armstrong
David Armstrong 2 måneder siden
3:48 Pogacar wins, Porte on the podium. Froome totally called it!!!
Laetitia Jugernauth
Laetitia Jugernauth 2 måneder siden
He predicted the podium ❤🔥
Sergio Cristancho
Sergio Cristancho 2 måneder siden
Jumbo dominance is undeniable but their 'style' is a carbon copy of Ineos Sky and I see weakness to the end. a team winning like that on a streak wont last long is about the numbers the massively put. Indeed impressive but at what cost? Even Froomey and G on board couldn't stop them, Ineos have no power to backup Egan 7 w per kg and then is the average train power of Jumbo. ... Is nothing to do about the Burden of #1 ... There's 3 big factors that made Ineos 'blow' 1. Egan was or still over trained 2. The team cant develop level chemistry on a preseason 3. Lack of wattage power and excess of politics/ leadership inside the riders. But for sure is not easy to acknowledge that last one.
Dishan Mudhoo
Dishan Mudhoo 2 måneder siden
Zika Peric
Zika Peric 2 måneder siden
he is obviously very happy that Bernal cracked.
jul tjtyyj
jul tjtyyj 2 måneder siden
This man is better to speak about battery and electric motor not bike 👊
Brian Keith
Brian Keith 2 måneder siden
Chris made TDF exciting unlike this years without him
Kartikeya Panwar
Kartikeya Panwar 2 måneder siden
Spook Turki
Spook Turki 2 måneder siden
take these words back
Jason Dakin
Jason Dakin 2 måneder siden
When is gcn signing froome?
murusa 2 måneder siden
ფრუმის უკანასკნელი გედის ცეკვას ველით მომავალ წელს. ერთადერთი ვინც სამ გრანდტურს ერთად ფლობდა. ესთეტიკაც რომ გააჩნდეს
Hans Koot
Hans Koot 2 måneder siden
I almost hear Clarkson saying: it's difficult not to be smug right now..
Kris Bowditch
Kris Bowditch 2 måneder siden
Froomedog is class
nobukus 2 måneder siden
The beauty of Chris on interviews is that at any moment we can feel his love and respect for the race and the cycling. I adore him.
Dave Mellor
Dave Mellor 2 måneder siden
Bernal is a boy compared to Chris Froome,he has more experience in his little finger than young Bernal has in his cycling life.As Chris said,when your wearing number 1 you are under so much pressure,Maybe Froome was not 100% fit but he would have had all his troops working for him and there is no way he would have pulled out.Basically Ineos has shit on there best men,and Jumbo Visma will slaughter them in every department.
cliff cox
cliff cox 2 måneder siden
So, Chris is STILL in the team? But not in the TDF??
jopageri1964 2 måneder siden
Chris Froome? I thought that was Ed Harris!
Christopher Washington
Christopher Washington 2 måneder siden
Love you Chrissy
Zhang Lingfu
Zhang Lingfu 2 måneder siden
Unbelievable Game Endings in Sports
Siaran Ulangan
Siaran Ulangan 2 måneder siden
The day with team Sky is over.. Ineos is a brand new name with a fresh riders, they don't mind, ineos is rebuilding a new chapter..
Hassan Zougagh
Hassan Zougagh 2 måneder siden
Le manque de Chris Froome et de Gerain Thomas dans l'équipe INEOS s' est fait sentir au cours de ce TDF 2020 .
The Communist
The Communist 2 måneder siden
Froome n thomas must be relishing with satisfaction at the way the grenadiers tour has ended up at.
Patrick Mclaughlin
Patrick Mclaughlin 2 måneder siden
The team were told stay off some newly discovered nutrition supplements.
Laurens 2 måneder siden
Mechanical doping guy!! Ignore this fraud.
ThreeSixMoto 2 måneder siden
Chris Froome should have been on the tour, and G. The team is missing the vast expertise of these two TDF winners... G or CF may not have won but but the team would have benefited from their experience and given the only experienced rider Luke Rowe some back up.... that’s all.
SuperCbode 2 måneder siden
How happy I am! Chris Froome did all the speaking without coughing, did drink a hole bottle of cough juice, before? *cough* *cough* *cough*
Beverley Lumb
Beverley Lumb 2 måneder siden
I bet froome is sticking his tongue out at his bosses behind the camera
Hilde from The Netherlands!
Hilde from The Netherlands! 2 måneder siden
Tom dumolin 3rd in Paris after roglics and pocacar mark my worlds. Komaan Nederland jullie kunnen het!
Nice Doppy
Nice Doppy 2 måneder siden
dumolin yeah... that doping gay racer....
Hilde from The Netherlands!
Hilde from The Netherlands! 2 måneder siden
Yes Egan Bernal loses. Former sky team lost now Ineos finally loses in 8 years. Go go go Tom Dumolin! Kom op jumbo visma win die Tour de France. I’m proud I’m Dutch. Hup hup Holland! Holland team the best! Lovely Dutch!
Night Power
Night Power 2 måneder siden
Froome 1 week ago "Roglic will fade away and break in week 3" Bernal "hold my wine ! "
Night Power
Night Power 2 måneder siden
@Tristan Wenzel pogacar is the only one who broke him...the 3th and 4 th were slower zhan Roglic so i would not say he broke...Pogacar was jsut from another world.-..
Tristan Wenzel
Tristan Wenzel 2 måneder siden
Well roglic did break suddenly tbf
Daniel Alanine
Daniel Alanine 2 måneder siden
Froome looks about 60 years old
B Blutarsky
B Blutarsky 2 måneder siden
Ineos is done. Jumbo Visma is unmatched. All Chris could talk about in the last interview was how Roglic cracked in the late stages in these grand tour events. How's that looking now? The only one to crack was Bernal, and it's because of the pace set by Van Aert, Kuss, Tom Dom et al. They are the new Team Sky. Loaded with all the best riders and not going away anytime soon. The only man with a chance at Roglic is Pogacar, and unfortunately for him, he just doesn't have the team to get him there. Tomorrow should lock up the podium positions.
Brent Perez
Brent Perez 2 måneder siden
Froome has a future in broadcasting.
Iztok Golob
Iztok Golob 2 måneder siden
I have a feeling Froome doesn't like Roglic that much.
Edwin Jansen
Edwin Jansen 2 måneder siden
No kidding. :p :-)
John Ratcliffe
John Ratcliffe 2 måneder siden
Ineos are having a shocker of a TdF 😞
LegoAnimations100 2 måneder siden
a big bunch of babies.
tristank1 2 måneder siden
He has been a great Cyclist and has deserved all his titles, so unfortunate he's leaving Ineos, as a Colombian I wouldn't have cared for Egan helping him to win another tour the France as Froome would've done it for Egan. Wish him the best!!!
Mohammad salh
Mohammad salh 2 måneder siden
Pourquoi Christo Fromm n'a-t-il pas participé cette année ?
sandydenny lives
sandydenny lives 2 måneder siden
@Mohammad salh Pas de forme apres la grande chute dernier annee.
Mohammad salh
Mohammad salh 2 måneder siden
My question is why Vroom did not participate in the Tawaf this year
Hilde from The Netherlands!
Hilde from The Netherlands! 2 måneder siden
Mohammad salh speak English please
eugenecod 2 måneder siden
egan bernal is not suppose to win tdf 2019 he was send to wear out the competitors ... competitors let him go hoping they'll catch him on dowhill but weather intervened so as next day weather intervened again and made the stage shorter... that would be his last major victory with the appearance of more powerful youngster, his age level.i wish i am damn wrong.
susan hill
susan hill 2 måneder siden
@Javor Georgiev some good points there. His performance today was even more surprising. Something definitely not right. Got a hunch he may not even finish the TDF.
Javor Georgiev
Javor Georgiev 2 måneder siden
​@susan hill I doubt that mountain flop was purely due to youth. He has the strength on paper to do it and he didn't make big enough mistakes in his effort to get dropped that hard. Something in his preparation must have gone very wrong, because he was bluffing how he felt and nobody was buying it. He wasn't ready to defend from day 1 and whatever was wrong with him only kept getting worse. I don't know what happens at Ineos and what they can make the riders do. Maybe if Froome was there to give his experience it would have been slightly better, but nothing could fix his lack of power. He's not new to climbing. I don't think it was due to something done by anyone during the tour that he was lacking power. All he had to do was spin harder than everyone else. Pogacar did exactly that without a team built around him and he's not very old either. I didn't think he was sure to win the tour again, but to lose the way he did given what he's done is completely out of expectations.
susan hill
susan hill 2 måneder siden
@Javor Georgiev I understand what you're saying but even if he was preparing for the Giro and not TDF his performance was very poor, and you don't expect this from a supposedly world class cyclist. For example Quintana has had his best years but he gives everything he's got. Richie Porte after horrific accident is making a good show. I respect your opinion but to me at the moment I feel he's over rated and he's just not up to the job. Inios must take some blame for possibly expecting to much of him. Maybe Over the next couple of years he will prove otherwise. He certainly has youth on his side.
andrew7taylor 2 måneder siden
Yeah, yeah. Riders who win multiple world championship medals as a junior, get signed by one the best Pro Conti teams at 19, win Tour l'Avenir at 20, podium at Romandie, win California and act as last domestique for the TdF winner at 21, and win Paris-Nice, Tour de Suisse and Tour de France at 22 are a dime a dozen. I too wish he was properly rated, because he's shit. He's only done all that by pure luck.
Javor Georgiev
Javor Georgiev 2 måneder siden
​@susan hill I don't know how he would have done if those two big climbing stages weren't shortened. That attack sealed the victory for Ineos one way or another. Simon was more than willing to work with Bernal, both were feeling great and they'd be at it full gas till the finish with no turn skipped. Meanwhile, Geraint would only have to sit and wait as he gets pulled to the finish, if those two were ever caught at all, attack and put even more time into everyone else. It was a win-win scenario. For what he was, Bernal wasn't the least bit overrated. Remember, he wasn't even going to attend the tour. He was preparing for the Giro.
Leona Bastet
Leona Bastet 2 måneder siden
Great, polite, tactful gentleman - yet a savage during a race. Not a loudmouth or boaster like so many. A team is about its players not just a name. Without the experience of Froome and Thomas, Ineos has struggled. Of course they should have been there. I think he would make a wonderful commentator after his racing days are over. Hopefully he can achieve a few more glorious wins before that.
Edwin Jansen
Edwin Jansen 2 måneder siden
I think the correct description is politically correct. Saying he did not see the break down of Bernal coming is typical of that. And yes he is a nice guy. Just a bit 'infected' with the Ineos PR talk.
Ian Lyons
Ian Lyons 2 måneder siden
Always a pleasure to listen to Chris Froome, such a nice guy.
pato0114 2 måneder siden
I bet froome is laughing his ass off in his mind.
ion 2 måneder siden
Everyone can say. Chris is done after his crash but this make you see how good chris really is to win 4 tdf and other grand tours and be able to defend and know your the mark man and still win is awesome
Edwin Jansen
Edwin Jansen 2 måneder siden
"I did not see that coming". Ok....
Secret Agent
Secret Agent 2 måneder siden
Froome is a class act
Phil Del Giudice
Phil Del Giudice 2 måneder siden
Always a gentlemen. Humble and gracious dude who’s enjoyed so much success.
Mrs Miguu
Mrs Miguu 2 måneder siden
Absolute legend on and off the bike.
Ken Besford
Ken Besford 2 måneder siden
I bet Froome and Thomas were watching his demise at home and thinking fuck you Brailsford
Chris Willman
Chris Willman 2 måneder siden
Shame Chris isn't there this time, what a rider. Can't wait for the Vuelta.
Seak Wurdeng
Seak Wurdeng 2 måneder siden
Yeah, GT won cuz of Chris, and EB won cuz of GT. Now egan can't do it by his own.
BERTOSLAV DEBELI 2 måneder siden
Vuelta is going to be the battle of wounded lions.
Spencer Kissack
Spencer Kissack 2 måneder siden
1 way or another, Lance will definitely end up on the podium
DB 613
DB 613 2 måneder siden
"One last question Rog vs. Pog" 😂
The Batman
The Batman 2 måneder siden
Chris is rolling on the floor laughing.
A. Campos
A. Campos 2 måneder siden
If Chris hadn't had that terrible crash last year, he would be kicking a.... in this Tour de France.
The.French.Lobster Colin Raufaste
The.French.Lobster Colin Raufaste 2 måneder siden
He would have already kicked last year's edition, considering what thé GC level was
MartinPrivat 2 måneder siden
Well, I am going for the underdog and say Roglic ;)
Hilde from The Netherlands!
Hilde from The Netherlands! 2 måneder siden
MartinPrivat no Tom dumolin underdog. I’m a dutchie
fdgfgdf 2 måneder siden
crni_tekac 2 måneder siden
Never liked froome much but i have to give it to the guy, he seems a nice and genuine person.
David Finn
David Finn 2 måneder siden
Chris is going to have a grest career in broadcasting when he is finished cycling , great call with richie to be on the podium
Ryon Beachner
Ryon Beachner 2 måneder siden
The Communist Something tells me Gianni Moscon wouldn’t have a very “great” career in broadcasting. 😂
The Communist
The Communist 2 måneder siden
Anyone can have a career on broadcasting as long as they arent a mute. Its not rocket science.
Stu Wood
Stu Wood 2 måneder siden
Can't get behind ineos anymore Chris leaving and no real GB stars left. Sure they will get the cheque book out and try and buy another future star. All the best Chris next year at your new team.
Neil Berry
Neil Berry 2 måneder siden
Geraint Thomas and Adam Yates will be there next year
Beverley Lumb
Beverley Lumb 2 måneder siden
Yes I agree it was much better when it was English riders
andrew7taylor 2 måneder siden
Geraint Thomas?
Byron G
Byron G 2 måneder siden
You have to wonder whether Ineos screwed up their lock down training plans when such an all conquering team look so underwhelming at the Tour.
Gustav Cruz
Gustav Cruz 2 måneder siden
Tour de France 2020, with a Jumbo team with sprinters rising with better numbers than the best climbers, something that did not happen from the US POSTAL
Hilde from The Netherlands!
Hilde from The Netherlands! 2 måneder siden
Gustav Cruz Tom dumolin better then the loser Armstrong
Morgan Brown
Morgan Brown 2 måneder siden
Ummm, he didn’t say anything about “his progress”. Or am I missing something?
Leona Bastet
Leona Bastet 2 måneder siden
It wasn't about him. Jealousy is a curse isnt it?
David Clark
David Clark 2 måneder siden
A TDF without Froome isn’t worth watching. What a good sport, cheers from Canada Chris.
Hilde from The Netherlands!
Hilde from The Netherlands! 2 måneder siden
David Clark bullshit finally after 8 years win a another team. O yeah my country Holland. Go go go jumbo visma. Jullie kunnen het. Tom dumolin the best
Kaushik Aditya Das
Kaushik Aditya Das 2 måneder siden
Carrying forwards Ned's idea..... Would love to see Froome in a commentary or pundit role after his retirement.
waaw laos
waaw laos 2 måneder siden
Hilde from The Netherlands!
Hilde from The Netherlands! 2 måneder siden
FONZ V/D WAUB go go go jumbo visma! Dutch the best
sabugdalantx 2 måneder siden
Is Chris going to race at the Giro d'Italia and is he the favorite?
sabugdalantx 2 måneder siden
@okantichrist ah
okantichrist 2 måneder siden
sabugdalantx GThomas for the Giro and Froome at the vuelta
notorio 2 måneder siden
They couldn't get the transfusions through quarantine. That's why Froome wasn't picked.
MrBJPitt 2 måneder siden
This is so much better than that hack Lanterne Rouge.
Lanterne Rouge
Lanterne Rouge 2 måneder siden
@Sui Sing Horace Ho The numbers disagree with you. Audience retention and click through is fantastic on the videos. ITV couldn't be happier.
Sui Sing Horace Ho
Sui Sing Horace Ho 2 måneder siden
Lanterne Rouge Man, watched quite a lot of your videos. Have to say your videos were much more fun before you landed the big contract from ITV. Speaking about cracking under pressure. I think your best is when you do retrospective analysis of old races. You really weave an interesting narrative and make some really good points. Probably because you’d have more time to prepare them. I really don’t think respond to current event is your strength ( haven’t watched live with you so won’t comment on that). In a way, that is not down to your talent as a pundit, but rather the support you’ve got and experience. Usually standup guys got a room full of support writers and Ned here horned his skill over the decades.
Antonio Rossi
Antonio Rossi 2 måneder siden
MrBJPitt no, Froome would have been much worse off. I think it was a mistake for them to drop Carapaz so early in the race as today he proved that he has pace
MrBJPitt 2 måneder siden
@Lanterne Rouge he's looking far better than the Ineos team they took to the tdf....
Lanterne Rouge
Lanterne Rouge 2 måneder siden
@MrBJPitt No problem, each to their own. Just checking though, how is your "Froome is looking good" take pre tour de france looking buddy hahahaha
YuukiRbrn LeClavier
YuukiRbrn LeClavier 2 måneder siden
Ineos is bleeding hard without a recovered Froome
Luka Oblak
Luka Oblak 2 måneder siden
As a Slovenian, who loves cycling, these discussions about who of the Slovenians will win the race of all races, seems like a very good dream. We were joking, that we will watch Slovenian national championship on Tour, and now it is reality.
HARDSTYLEy 2 måneder siden
@Felix RG that was absolutely outstanding performance from Pogacar, sick :O didnt expect this at all... I feel really sorry for Roglic today but still, 2nd on GC and 5th on TT! Not exactly a shit performance tho...
Felix RG
Felix RG 2 måneder siden
@HARDSTYLEy XD Roglic cracked XD!!
HARDSTYLEy 2 måneder siden
@Felix RG of course, but slovenian riders looked like they have the same level of fatigue after todays race as all the other GC contenders... And Roglic is considered one of the best TT riders, if not the best right next to Domoulain
Felix RG
Felix RG 2 måneder siden
@HARDSTYLEy careful. Things are different after 19 days of racing
HARDSTYLEy 2 måneder siden
@Felix RG aahhhhh your comment sure aged nicely.... It's just TT left, and they are both great at it :D
Allison Isibor
Allison Isibor 2 måneder siden
What a fine gentleman: Chris Froome. Greatly missed at this tour de France. His presence alone will strike the fear of God into anyone. Such a shame Ineos is missing that leadership at the moment.. let's blame poor preparations on Covid-19 ?
Nice Doppy
Nice Doppy 2 måneder siden
@dennis devasia what pretends Ineos with a line up team without enough experience....
sandydenny lives
sandydenny lives 2 måneder siden
Exercise bikes in lock down
dennis devasia
dennis devasia 2 måneder siden
Most English people behave very nice and they polish their words with respect and politeness. But you will never know what is running in their head. Most of them are not straight forward. Its quite difficult to believe 2 tdf winners Thomas & Froome are not participating at the same time and Ineos went to tdf with their less experienced riders since many many years. We can see the aftermath in the GC now. Well I don't mean you if are English, you are a fine gentleman :)
manofconstantsorrow 2 måneder siden
You should have given him your drugs.
Tobit Narag
Tobit Narag 2 måneder siden
Ineos SHOULD WORK as a TEAM! and make their PLAY up to Paris.
Big Time
Big Time 2 måneder siden
all "experts" : Bernal third week
Nice Doppy
Nice Doppy 2 måneder siden
@Big Time UAE is a team that arrives in good shape but INEOS doesnt on this time.......and tadeo is in good health .... not poor excuse, Bernal has talking openly about it and thats great of him, but more than excuse its basically just an opinion, for sure has been other to made the tour a great rider needs not only health naturally well but a team with more competitive xperience....
Big Time
Big Time 2 måneder siden
@Wargey Bernal has been afraid of Roglič for a month. So he froze.
Big Time
Big Time 2 måneder siden
@Nice Doppy Poor excuse. Pogačar has a worse team.
Nice Doppy
Nice Doppy 2 måneder siden
Bernal needs a team with more experience......
Hilde from The Netherlands!
Hilde from The Netherlands! 2 måneder siden
Tom Dumolin YES
Verne Fits
Verne Fits 2 måneder siden
Chris is Pure class! I hope to see him again in TF.
Gianluca ShowStopper
Gianluca ShowStopper 2 måneder siden
He is excellent on TV! Nice froome....but it's natural, after so many years of Sky... 👏👏👏😂😂😂😎😎😎
Gareth Harvey
Gareth Harvey 2 måneder siden
Good guy Froome
Venkat Gurram
Venkat Gurram 2 måneder siden
This is the first time I am watching Chris Froome talk, and he got a nice personality. I can sense his professionalism, and composure.
Jose Rubero
Jose Rubero 2 måneder siden
Froome got that from his mom ❤️🙏
Si Bullock
Si Bullock 2 måneder siden
John Ratcliffe That unnecessarily rudely expressed opinion says more about you than it does about Froomey, John...
John Ratcliffe
John Ratcliffe 2 måneder siden
@Dumbleduke I've read it. I used to work with his brother, Jonathan, who is a very nice guy. I just can't warm to Chris; but hey ho. That's life.
AX100G 2 måneder siden you should watch this then great interview
Dumbleduke 2 måneder siden
John Ratcliffe Give his book a read it might change your mind he’s had a fairly colourful life and you might end up changing your mind about him
jj love
jj love 2 måneder siden
i will tell u what cracked bernal.i knew he was overrated.the tour was riding at high pace even on flat stages everyday almost was tough racing.bernal doesnt have time trial legs.and thats his biggest downfall..while it might seem that flatter stages dont hurt very much thats the furthest thing from the truth! when u dont have time trial legs u feel it no matter how much ur protected and i noticed it since the flat stages! riding at 60+ k/h almost everyday especially when going up to mountain stages is what destroyed his legs and make him feel empty and without power.and jumbo visma knew that! thats why they always wanted to control the races and set the tempo! having climbing legs + time trial legs is a guarantee for a strong lone leader and chance to win the tour! nairo quinatana is an example of why he wont ever win the tour! same with bernal! he won the tour last year because of luck! and is overrated!
Nice Doppy
Nice Doppy 2 måneder siden
@Jonathan Wallis yeah....sir firstable thanks for your answer and for share here your knowledege about it.....your comments made me think u actually are some kind of profesionnal analist inside any grand tour team, idk but maybe is that of even you was part in a corporation or group of sport analisys at some point of your labor life....u really schooled the other guy here in a hugee way!!.... On the other hand, yeah to me u r right, consider this out of normal season its possible some kind of personal (moral) situation and over training in Egan schedule this year, he begins so incredible again (his numbers really impressive), he is a real 3 weeks combative rider a serious great professional athlete but all of this was strange so ineos got the real responsability to fix the things specially if he got any phisiycal injury......u saw the pace of ienos team in this tour? was out their usual dominant power ability and control... u believe the track of this tour was a little away to the incredible style of Egan and ineos team decision could had be better to race giro instead of tour de france?...i said this, bcause of what happen the stage today, the only one in the style of mountain to Egan favour, the giro 2020 got this style of climbs .....thinking if ineos take egan to oompete in vuelta around 6 weeks im happy for Miguel Lopez too!! u know he's a humble warrior rider and here begins so strong this third week, all the best to him! Thank U Sir! Greetings!!
Jonathan Wallis
Jonathan Wallis 2 måneder siden
@Nice Doppy That's interesting, It was made clear that Portal's passing had had a big, enduring impact on the team, but I presumed that it would have been more of an issue with the longer-standing members who had spent more time working with him. But yes, there must have been some sort of factor like this at play, something psychological because his collapse in performance was just brutal. I mean Yates in the Giro blew up spectacularly, but he had been gunning it, in the Maglia Rosa, gleefully striking all his matches and the bill for all that extravagant use of energy came to the table and had to be paid. But Egan? It looked like he was keeping his powder dry for the third week, and he was far less flamboyant than Yates. Hope Bernal comes back the wiser and the stronger for all this and meanwhile, I'm celebrating SuperMan's stage victory!!
Nice Doppy
Nice Doppy 2 måneder siden
@Jonathan Wallis ... I was considering a comment that other users made to me in another video, in this regard that Egan has been doing a kind of silent duel after the surprising death of his friend and coach of the ineos team Nicolas portal, I don't know but it seems that this loss It affected him morally and perhaps due to the fact that Nicolas was no longer present as the team's technical director, since this natural change could also alter the training controls and race analyzes as well as his personal spirit at a competitive level without ignoring how combative Egan its like runner. ...... on the other hand, they commented that egan is not exactly a TT rider but Egan beat Roglic himself in a chrono stage on a tour de romandie that was defined only by small seconds bonuses only two years ago when egan had very little time of being professional .... interestings your comments!
Jonathan Wallis
Jonathan Wallis 2 måneder siden
jj love I don’t think we can discard overtraining as a possibility just because he is in Ineos. If they are so impeccable in their training supervision then why did Thomas roll up to the Dauphine undercooked. As for endurance .......endurance is endurance whether the road is flat or going up. A Wat is a watt. Those huge training rides Bernal put in were all about endurance. And last year he walked away with the GC precisely because he is strong in the third week.. When the peloton is steaming along at 60km on the flat nobody gets shelled out the back. They all motorpace around that speed as part of their training. It’s only when the tough gradients set in do they start to get drooped. It’s the TTS that cause problems for some of the climbers because their power to weight ratio provides them no advantage. The rider who weighs 10 or 12 kilos heavier than them will often have the extra power to go with it. It’s not endurance they are lacking but power. So over the years the big champions are the ones that can climb and TT well because many tours have had a lot of time trialing . Froome being the best recent example. Or they TT incredibly well and defend in the mountains eg Indurain. TTS are not Bernal´s strong point nobody will argue with that but this endurance on the flat idea of yours .....nah. In the race of truth yoúre all on your own but speeding along on the flat in the middle of the peloton protected by your domestiques - that’s not going to unsettle anyone.. If he or any rider was unable to endure that Ineos wouldńt even look twice. Killer instinct or lack of? I Dońt know.
jj love
jj love 2 måneder siden
@Jonathan Wallis while i do agree his watts were impressive and i do wish him the best and many more tour to ride and win..but i always noticed certain things in his riding style and one of them he doesnt seem to have the killer mentality to fight through and push through no matter how hard and stacked the odds are against him..and i think that seperates the all time greats from the Great riders..he did say that it wasnt his back so thats off the table.i wouldnt say he overtrained because everything ineos does is to get their rider to peak at just about the late 2nd week going into the third..if u go back and watch the earlier stages u can see what i was talking about...the racing was very hard in this tour and often times starting from the beginning of the stage and especially on the stages farrr out heading into climbs they were riding realllly hard...and when i was looking at this strava and his rides it was moslty focussed on climbing wich is obvious i geuss because thats what this tour is mostly..abd he did alot. Of this in columbia..and i believe he didnt put enough time into his endurance part on the froomey says that while he does focuss on the mountains he puts just as much time or even more into his endurance riding..and i believe bernal oversaw the fact that these race days on the flats wohld be this fast for that long...and trust me it drainsss u if ur not wel prepared enough for that..and if u dont agree..then again yates is the same type of riding style like bernal..quintana too..tibau pinot too..thse riders dont put enough into their endurance and while they are monsters on climbs teams can take advantage of this and they usually alwaaaays crack going into second and 3 weeks..which is exactly what jumbo did..they set blistering pace on the flats and mountains
Thyr 2 måneder siden
Not "our team" instead " a massive blow for Ineaos Grenadier..."
Thyr 2 måneder siden
Secret Agent nah! 😉
Secret Agent
Secret Agent 2 måneder siden
well it could be taken that way, or as a way to mention the team name as advertising
Newtube 2 måneder siden
EB *could not* have won the GC last year had GT not been there. This year they practically gave EB zero support. I mean *zero* . It's pretty trumped up of Ineos to go there saying we're here to win it. The arrogance that they expect winnings to be delivered on a plate. The entitlement culture runs strong in these quarters.
Newtube 2 måneder siden
@simon Simon He didn't have. Just being there was enough. You can't win the tour at 22 based on raw talent alone. It takes more than physical talent to do it.
simon Simon
simon Simon 2 måneder siden
Geraint thomas did nothing for bernal
Glen 2 måneder siden
Let’s hope froomey comes back next year and lights it up
Dropthebeatonit 2 måneder siden
How does he get a chance to watch the stage and comment in such detail when he’s riding his own stage race?
Leona Bastet
Leona Bastet 2 måneder siden
Dont you listen ? He said he able to catch the last half hour - and then there is always the replay.
UrbanJungle 2 måneder siden
Ned, are you going to address the other elephant in the room? Chris is no where near likely to win the Vuelta based off his Tirreno-Adriatico performance. He lost 1.30 in a 10km flat time trial and shed a ton of time over the week as a whole.
James H
James H 2 måneder siden
At this point I think he's using the vuelta to then push on into next season.
jj love
jj love 2 måneder siden
he has enough time going into the vuelta.its not always about his performance.its the watt and the steady consistency and growth hes making.dont forget where this man came from and how much less racing hours he has in his is a daunting task i must admit and hes aware of that but if its anyone that can pull it off to be better than he was after such a crash then its froome the four time tour winner!
Bill 2 måneder siden
Excellent interview 👍🏼
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