Geoengineering: A Horrible Idea We Might Have to Do

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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By the end of the 21st century, humanity is becoming desperate. Decades of heatwaves and droughts have led to unusually poor harvests, while the warming oceans yield fewer fish each year. In the tropical zones, millions suffer from famine and resource wars have made millions more flee to the north. As things quickly get worse, in an act of desperation, the world's governments decide to enact an emergency plan...
It is far from certain that a grim scenario like this will play out. But the failure of world leaders to effectively address climate change, makes it far from impossible.
So in the near future it might become necessary to try something radical to slow down rapid climate change: Geoengineering. Interventions so massive in scale that they might undo centuries of human behavior. Or make everything much worse.
What is geoengineering, is it really an option and what if it goes wrong?

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell Måned siden
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Jin Yang
Jin Yang 2 dager siden
Butterkix ii
Jin Yang
Jin Yang 2 dager siden
Butterkix i
Jin Yang
Jin Yang 2 dager siden
Butterkix i
Jin Yang
Jin Yang 2 dager siden
manicmachinist69 3 dager siden
Omg!! 😂😂😂
Greg Warner
Greg Warner 26 minutter siden
We do not have to worry about these climatic changes. More than likely a large volcano will inject the dust required to chill the climate. There is the possibility it will chill the globe a bit too much and we will be selling snow shovels in Arabia. Maybe we just accept the heating and work on ways to mitigate the adverse effects.
Zionist World Order
Zionist World Order 5 timer siden
Try it over Turkey or Russia and see how that goes.
GaryOak 6 timer siden
But warmer means wetter, not drier.
Neo Smith
Neo Smith 11 timer siden
Isn't meddling with nature what got us in so much mess in the first place?
MR. MooseTache
MR. MooseTache 11 timer siden
Le Transperceneige....
Damiel Nheel Arthur Domingo
Damiel Nheel Arthur Domingo 11 timer siden
can kursegagt be trusted
Damiel Nheel Arthur Domingo
Damiel Nheel Arthur Domingo 11 timer siden
can kusegagt be trutsted?
If Only We could
If Only We could 12 timer siden
Airplane spraying chemicals. Conspiracy theorists: .....O_0
Gods Eye View
Gods Eye View 12 timer siden
And not a mention of Chemtrails in the whole video!?!? How can you talk about something and not mention it at all? Diabolically fascinating world we have created with our stories.
Ad-Dhuha Poetri
Ad-Dhuha Poetri 13 timer siden
Every time I watch Kurzgesagt video that related to science, I can't help from feeling useless knowing I contribute nothing to the society to prevent any possible earth damages. Let me just vanish into thin air....
taetae 14 timer siden
even if the whole thing worked and we lived out the acid rain,, the effects from whats above the acid would just kill us
taetae 14 timer siden
i dont want to live on a train😭
Daron W
Daron W 14 timer siden
Maybe we could Geoengineer naturally with those crazy brown & green CO2 scrubbers. I think they are called trees or plants.
Ar Fumo
Ar Fumo 16 timer siden
looks like we already done it wrong. from safe weather 20 yrs ago to a city get destroyed everytime it rains now...
OGASI 17 timer siden
errrrr, have already been doing for decades - it is no secret
endimious 18 timer siden
warming oceans have nothing to do with less fish.... it is the over fishing, geoengineering is great idea, but just using the planet not killing is sufficient for us to survive, but who cares planet does not need us for anything ...
Kathrin Csome
Kathrin Csome 19 timer siden
by the way, the writing on the bottom or whatever is about random stuff 6:53
Max Held
Max Held 19 timer siden
horribly dangerous ideas that encourage the continuation of our destructive system. . yep these are gonna happen.
If Only We could
If Only We could 8 timer siden
@TheAdvertisement "Destructive system" shows me that he cares not for society nor having a normal life. These shut-offs only bitch and whine and have no life.
TheAdvertisement 8 timer siden
@If Only We could Lmao how is he a crybaby.
If Only We could
If Only We could 12 timer siden
Do you need a diaper change crybaby?
Cassia Chloe
Cassia Chloe 19 timer siden
Perhaps they're already doing it.. the conspiracy theorists were right. No more delaying the inevitable switch for profit... Carbon tax now. Fusion now. Renewables now. Easy. Also carbon capture is shit. Plant trees, save the plankton, save our nature reserves, rewild, cut out animal agriculture.
jenna 20 timer siden
am i the only one who thinks that the house at beginning looks like coopers house from interstellar
The corgis crew
The corgis crew 20 timer siden
I love this video🥰
Nori Yuki
Nori Yuki 20 timer siden
After reading the latest comments, I have concluded that humanity won't survive for much longer.
Nori Yuki
Nori Yuki 3 timer siden
@MineBlown nice, but I was talking about the people who think climate change is fake, or maybe you are those people.
Alex Wallex
Alex Wallex 20 timer siden
I think you need to look at different political parts of climate change and not just say if awful and we’re gonna die in 50 years
billybobjohn roane
billybobjohn roane Dag siden
Caroline Hall
Caroline Hall Dag siden
7:40 When the crew mates have ejected only other crew mates and there’s 4 crew mates and 2 imposters “We screwed up it’s time to call emergency meeting“ “Green was not an imposter”
Zarfario Rayden
Zarfario Rayden Dag siden
Outro: *quack*
Knarf Jolas
Knarf Jolas Dag siden
Devoye Folkes
Devoye Folkes Dag siden
Funny thing because this is happening in the reverse
Vitor Dalla Vecchia
Vitor Dalla Vecchia Dag siden
For those who still don't have the subtitles in their language. You can select a subtitle from another language, leave the transcription open (by clicking "..." next to the save option) and then apply Google Translate 😉
Jadan Velasquez Mejia
Jadan Velasquez Mejia Dag siden
Geo-engineering is the main plot point of Geostorm, where humankind successfully controls climate all around the world, using a special Satellite network, until something goes wrong, threatening to start a Geostorm. You should watch it.
James Dag siden
Climate change isn’t real lmao
If Only We could
If Only We could 12 timer siden
You could say that in 2003-2005 and get away with it, because there was hardly any concrete evidence. Ice melts all the time they said, but in the last 10 years lakes have been receding and ice stayed melted.
who 's idea is dis
Red Mini Crewmate
Red Mini Crewmate Dag siden
I always watched you and my family calls me "big brain" lol
Ryan Lima
Ryan Lima Dag siden
Carinho pelos fãs brasileiros por favor ;-;
Art Aeden Babiano
Art Aeden Babiano Dag siden
Greg Hamilton
Greg Hamilton Dag siden
Basing videos on false assumptions is a good way to lose subscribers. Allow me to demonstrate by unsubscribing...
Nori Yuki
Nori Yuki 20 timer siden
at least the percentage of idiots out of the total people subscribed had lowered.
specUVdust Dag siden
Pretty despicable video here. Wow. We better fix the “hole in the ozone layer” first. Wow
bigredwolf6 Dag siden
Maybe politicians could effectively address climate change if they weren’t politicians. Politicians suck.
Yuri Nadyarny
Yuri Nadyarny Dag siden
Русский перевод пожалуйста!!
Lesno Dag siden
there's a movie called "snowpiercer" and in the movie people did the exact same thing in this video and it went wrong then the whole planet froze to death
Spartan War118
Spartan War118 Dag siden
Windmills and solar panels aren't gonna be all that great and that may be why switching away is so hard Especially if we're trying to _block_ the sun, the effort into getting any solar energy would get much higher If you want an alternate source of energy that is both relatively eco-friendly and is incredibly effective I would advise nuclear energy, we already have weapons made of nuclear materials And once we start getting into fusion reactors and thorium all our power problems will be but a fever dream And there will be no more giant fields of windmills and solar panels taking up the land that could've been used for farming or left to the wildlife (thus more eco-friendly) When all you need is one comparatively small facility
Nom Nom
Nom Nom Dag siden
They recently did a video talking about nuclear energy on their german channel, I can send you the link if you want
Leandro Parmejani
Leandro Parmejani Dag siden
No legends
TIA Dag siden
Sounds like a terrible idea
Evan Orizam
Evan Orizam 2 dager siden
7:24 The music is so good, it is calm and soothing but has a certain tension
Bashar 2 dager siden
First, can we appreciate the beauty of the volcanic eruption animation? Second, can we please test this in Kuwait first! It's passing 50 degrees celcius in summer!
John Smith
John Smith 2 dager siden
Anything is better than nothing, why are we not doing anything big already
turkey pult
turkey pult 2 dager siden
Mt Pinatubo was from Philippines
Shu Meister
Shu Meister 2 dager siden
It sounds like another disaster to be created by short sighted leaders.... Why can we just do things properly, and stop trying to cut corners so much. No amount of technology is enough to counter human stupidity.
The Luminary
The Luminary 2 dager siden
Really?!! Nothing new here. It is and has been happening for while now. You see it in sky almost daily all around the world and it matches all the patents for it. It is one the largest contributors to climate change.
hey, how are you
hey, how are you 2 dager siden
only 3 reasons i watch this; animation, education, AND HIS DAMN VOICE
Belkicita Baez
Belkicita Baez 2 dager siden
What will happpen to The plants they will die with no sun
chrispony5000 2 dager siden
Dear pinheads, this is all ready happening, for a long time now.
Talha Koç
Talha Koç 2 dager siden
Do a video on nuclear vs solar and wind energy. I’m particularly interested in their environmental impact rather than economic viability.
Jermaine Race
Jermaine Race Dag siden
Nuclear is the best by far in all categories. The waste produced by modern reactors is extremely small in quantity; better than burying millions of turbnine blades and old silicon panels in teh desert. The death toll is far less: especially less than wind power, which kills more utitlity workers per watt than any other.. oh and it works when the sun goes down and the wind is low.
Muhammad 0000
Muhammad 0000 2 dager siden
Good video
Bryant Hernandez
Bryant Hernandez 2 dager siden
What if we use Co2 for energy?
If Only We could
If Only We could 11 timer siden
@Prime Royal So is your mom
Prime Royal
Prime Royal 11 timer siden
@If Only We could The reason to use liquid nitrogen is that it is efficient and cheaper in the industrial scale.
If Only We could
If Only We could 11 timer siden
@Prime Royal Wrong, liquid nitrogen is a lot harder to produce, CO2 becomes a liquid at a very cold temperature and a lot can be obtained into blocks which last for 35 minutes at room temp, whereas liquid nitrogen quickly evaporates and is much harder to condense.
Prime Royal
Prime Royal 12 timer siden
@If Only We could Dry ice making process is energy-intensive. Besides, liwuid nitrogen is much cheaper and efficient than dry ice. Also because of the liquid state, liquid nitrogen can be used in ALL machines, as opposed to solid dry ice.
If Only We could
If Only We could 12 timer siden
@Prime Royal CO2 can just be extracted and turned into dry ice for other futuristic machines to use.
عبد العزيز الشهري
عبد العزيز الشهري 2 dager siden
No Arabic translation 😓
frank yang
frank yang 2 dager siden
I dare you to watch all the Kursgesat videos (trust me, you will have a big brain after)
deepstrasz 2 dager siden
That sky gas thing->Animatrix vibes.
Jon Alben Vasquez
Jon Alben Vasquez 2 dager siden
Some parts from this reminds me of Animatrix, where they blocked off the sun becoz they believed *those robots get energy from the sun" And the line "Thus the man become architect of his own demise" from the film.
Timo Köhler
Timo Köhler 2 dager siden
Am I the only one who is seriously baffled that there are people considering this? I guess the only thing that surpasses human stupidity is it's hubris.
T Dangler
T Dangler 2 dager siden
T Dangler
T Dangler 2 dager siden
T Dangler
T Dangler 2 dager siden
T Dangler
T Dangler 2 dager siden
T Dangler
T Dangler 2 dager siden
x x
x x 2 dager siden
Please turkısh subtitle!!!!!
If Only We could
If Only We could 12 timer siden
Pipes are white supremacy
Pipes are white supremacy 3 dager siden
Stop propagating globo-bolshevik scams.
WS 3 dager siden
Its solar system warming and not exclusively here on earth. If thats the case why do we need to poison the earth and teraform our environment then? Do you homework and stop helping the agenda
P.E.L.E Planar Earth Lovers Everywhere
P.E.L.E Planar Earth Lovers Everywhere 3 dager siden
Geo engineering “we might have to do”? They don’t have to do it and They have been doing it for over 50 years. You dummies are just trying to normalize it for the general, oblivious, willfully ignorant public.
Claudius 3 dager siden
Sub indonya mana gan
WAYV ! 3 dager siden
At least I will be dead by then
Kitty Saya
Kitty Saya 3 dager siden
Imagine, all of humanity, trapped in a spaceship. The engineers and scientists have discovered something drastic: this spaceship is on a direct collision course with a massive planet, albeit in the far future. However, turning the ship is hard: it needs a lot of pilots and captains to do it, and it might take years. But there is time, so they have two options: Either they try to steer the spaceship away from the planet, which will take a lot of effort and money, and will require everyone on the ship to push on one side, but the scientists are confident this will work with less drastic measures and consequences than the second option: blowing up the planet. Sure, everyone might continue their usual life, but the risks are immense: the planet may not blow up, the explosion may even fling a part of it directly to the spaceship, damaging it even further. But it might work. Despite this, a lot of captains and pilots deny the planet approaches. Now, which solution will you choose? Reduce the CO2 in our lives to steer away from danger, or blow up the planet?
Hirogens 3 dager siden
I wonder how many people's presentation were saved by this channel but that sure was the case for me
Música Talvez
Música Talvez 3 dager siden
I'll always say: Biofilters using the photosynthesis to trap the excess of carbon dioxide away of the atmosphere
Jermaine Race
Jermaine Race Dag siden
You mean those newfangled... waht are they called? TREES?
T U N A 3 dager siden
plss vietsub vid
Andrew Godly
Andrew Godly 3 dager siden
Yeah. I'm gonna live in my car in the woods. Not only will I be doing better for the environment, but I can also disconnect myself from the BS that's constantly propagated on media. Besides, having anything more than what you need doesn't do anyone any good, not even you. Consuming a lot of expensive junk will never fulfill you
Ed wawa sicence Michael Booe
Ed wawa sicence Michael Booe 3 dager siden
Jasper Zhang
Jasper Zhang 3 dager siden
Hey could you please make more videos about space/technology like the dyson spear and the stellar engine?
Nebula081 3 dager siden
Who else thought the plane was farting in the thumbnail?
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 3 dager siden
If they can cool the planet, then I can live with more pollution! Yay!
Andrew Lego
Andrew Lego 3 dager siden
Man, Alex Jones was right about everything lol
Romeo Covaci
Romeo Covaci 3 dager siden
is this climate change?
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 3 dager siden
Thumbnail: plane fart
David Laurel
David Laurel 3 dager siden
Nuclear - the savior for our sins.
DOOM_ day-12
DOOM_ day-12 3 dager siden
here comes the chemtrials conspies
manicmachinist69 3 dager siden
OMG!! Absolutely the most ludicrous idea..... Ever. Do people actually believe this drivel?? SMH
Tranquil Observer
Tranquil Observer 3 dager siden
So it's still a "conspiracy theory" - or is it now ok for us to talk about how we have been doing this for over 50 years?
kwame damuah
kwame damuah 3 dager siden
To the 1% of people reading this, Jesus loves you. Take care and be safe.
Soul Warrior
Soul Warrior 3 dager siden
They are already spraying us like bugs! Just look up! It does not take a genius to figure it out! Could, may, might my butt! They have been spraying us for decades!
Matthew Guilbert
Matthew Guilbert 4 dager siden
I swear, if we resort to releasing sun blocking gas, people are gonna be crazy about chem trail theories.
Erwin S
Erwin S 4 dager siden
This is like the backstory of The Matrix.
Jay-An Arevalo
Jay-An Arevalo 4 dager siden
This is like geostorm movie trailer
Zénon1133 4 dager siden
This channel is pure brainwashing
Nori Yuki
Nori Yuki 20 timer siden
nah, you just refuse to get educated.
Chapéu de Palha
Chapéu de Palha 4 dager siden
Ainda não lançaram as legendas em Português 😢
Yin Yang
Yin Yang 4 dager siden
Entendo sua dor.
Vivian Tristesse
Vivian Tristesse 4 dager siden
There is so much marine life that is sensitive to even small amounts of iron!
Vincenzo Morano
Vincenzo Morano 4 dager siden
The future is basically “Interstellar”
Gabriella Linetsky
Gabriella Linetsky 4 dager siden
Thumbnail: plane fart
Alistair Brock
Alistair Brock 4 dager siden
If they can cool the planet, then I can live with more pollution! Yay!
MrBlodhund 4 dager siden
Would you consider to make a video on meditation? The science, not personal Experience (unless you have integrated it to Experience) A lot of the science is based on people’s experience and integrated with neuroscience. I think your (I know you are multiple peaople btw :) ) channel with a great meditation video could help a lot of people and the world. I’ve watched your greatful video Those combined are really strong (according to other people, I haven’t really focused consciously on being grateful. Meditetion need more objektivity and that’s done through science, you guys are in a great position to make a video on it Great day
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 4 dager siden
Now why can't Alegria be this pleasant to look at?
Casper Born
Casper Born 4 dager siden
let's not forget that this acid forming in the atmosphere will come raining back down again
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 4 dager siden
Love this show, wake up early just to watch it ??
RN Music
RN Music 4 dager siden
Türkish suptiters
Grog Boggler
Grog Boggler 4 dager siden
Soooooo we're buggered then😮
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