Call of Duty Warzone Zombies is WAY Better than anyone expected!

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COD Warzone Zombies is so much fun. It has no right to be this good, and could have been a gimmick. In reality, it's a great game mode that maybe should stick around! Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Playing with @Stodeh and @Westie Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

Braxton Grimes
Braxton Grimes 5 dager siden
Melvi Vanilly
Melvi Vanilly 10 dager siden
Electric bullets yeah really close to realism there.
Rekt Scrub
Rekt Scrub 18 dager siden
" and I packed the sniper because 420 blaze it"
sS BoneZ
sS BoneZ 22 dager siden
i dont even see no zombies so wack and fast paced no startling moments watsoever
Travis Wirth
Travis Wirth 22 dager siden
Dude who else agrees zombie royale is one of the most adrenaline rushing/fun gamemodes out their like it gets intense with friends LMAO
Flavius M.T.F
Flavius M.T.F 23 dager siden
Des 23 dager siden
Ramon Iglesias Diaz
Ramon Iglesias Diaz 23 dager siden
wayyy better then normal mode
nz/x 24 dager siden
i was disappointed, its not a good zombie mode
L S 25 dager siden
Once they remove this I will uninstall warzone again lol
Ismael Bouissef
Ismael Bouissef 18 dager siden
Will It comeback ?
ツZinner 23 dager siden
They removed it today pain 😢
John P
John P 25 dager siden
I usually pass on the Zombies modes included in the COD games - but I actually had a LOT of fun with this mode. I really hope it sticks around.
Big Lacheese
Big Lacheese 25 dager siden
Fr tho can we have the night time version of the map be an all the time option
Vykintas Grikietis
Vykintas Grikietis 26 dager siden
Am I the only one who thins this game is shit? Because there's no balance I downloaded the game and I don't even understand how am I dying constantly and never killing anyone. Always other players gonna spot me first and usually from behind and at rare times they come from up front I don't even see them. It's Iike fighting super soldiers. Good players should play with equals so should the newbie with newbies. Zombies always kills me, but when I open fire on zombie it's like he's invincible. Maybe it's because of concole not pc idk.
Ismael Bouissef
Ismael Bouissef 18 dager siden
Experience Bro.. that's all i can tell you .. i'm a newbie also , and the more i play , the more i improve... that's It..
Koala Man
Koala Man 28 dager siden
“That zombies dead” Me: Er, they all are.....
INC Eagle
INC Eagle 29 dager siden
The guy in 19:14 was Hunk from RE change my mind
Zak Jackson
Zak Jackson Måned siden
They need to keep this mode. It's so damn fun!
Philip P
Philip P Måned siden
How does the code work I put it in and idk what to do now
Igluman Måned siden
Zombies deserve insane weapons
Dragon Breath1833
Dragon Breath1833 Måned siden
I hope they keep it
Leonard Graf
Leonard Graf Måned siden
And then there is me who just plays plunder all the Time ;D
Rando Stuff
Rando Stuff Måned siden
Streamer bullshit.. end circle 0 zombies.
DFKnightmare Måned siden
NOpost compression has this looking like xbox 360 gameplay
Brian Mills
Brian Mills Måned siden
This mode is a time limited mode, but it's not the last time it's going to be used in a similar format. For Christmas they are going to make it snow, decorate certain areas of map with Christmas decorations (including lights) and make fallen players respawn as grinches requiring two presents to respawn as original load out.
Clark Lewis
Clark Lewis Måned siden
fuck theese dev's if they remove this one... best game mode ever...
Ryan Chacon
Ryan Chacon Måned siden
Why does everyone say " leetsss goooooo !!"
Leckteck Måned siden
The guy in your 2nd match its a legend caus he played solos! Against you guys xD
Leckteck Måned siden
What you instantly sad "down" at the same moment he was actually downed either yor reaction time is insane or your video has a little bit of delay😆
Rezz Måned siden
So it’s come full circle. All the way from the ARMA 2 DayZ Mod through all the evolved versions of Battle Royale type games from the ARMA 3 Battle Royale Mod and there on, and all the way back to what started it all... DayZ.
Bagzdad Niga
Bagzdad Niga Måned siden
Elaine Cury
Elaine Cury Måned siden
God Vídeo.
Jekabs Ojārs Uļskis
Jekabs Ojārs Uļskis Måned siden
,, Say helo to my little friend!" Jack, you did it perfectly that I can't get it enough and can't stop laughing!
J Harju
J Harju Måned siden
Warzone is miles above Blackout, but Zombie Royale is somehow even more boring than Blackout.
Sushil Shrestha
Sushil Shrestha Måned siden
i am privileged enough. i am watching this at 1080 60 fps.
hadidida2 Måned siden
U have proved to me that warzone is pay to get advantage lmao
Terrence Smart
Terrence Smart Måned siden
Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 up up
MK Byrne
MK Byrne Måned siden
Yeah it's awesome how if you get gassed you cant move but if you gas someone else they just shoot you
BILL DOUGLAS Måned siden
3:33 what was that with lasers dot
Igotbirdspigeons Måned siden
They could’ve still thrown in the cheap zombies too... and made every five regular zombie kills give you auto dead silence or something like that.
Brett Adams
Brett Adams Måned siden
How do we get this to be a permanent mode??
svenexplay Måned siden
i always love when i hear "USING NON META WEAPONS"
cozi 2
cozi 2 Måned siden
More battlefield. Enough of these lame games
Nenskoo Alert
Nenskoo Alert Måned siden
I need some support I post a brand new COD Montage ❤️🙏🏼
סּ_סּ Måned siden
This gamemode imo could be enjoyable if you could at least respawn as many times as possible as long as at least 1 player on your team is still alive, and if I can stop getting killed so much.
Isaac Hawksmoor
Isaac Hawksmoor Måned siden
Negative. Game play is more suited to werewolves. Give players slightly faster average running speed, let em aim that jump a bit more, and make headshots damage irrelevant, and it's all fixed up. Obviously reskin for werewolves.
Elijah Baksh
Elijah Baksh Måned siden
This loadout is the most American thing wver
TheGameKeeper94 Måned siden
Wait, its still players against each other like normal in this mode? Its not players VS armies of zombies, while the only survival part is just by avoiding zombies & not getting bitten and turned into one, then go after others as a zombie?(seriously, *that* would be fun). No thanks. Idk how this is fun for others if its just the same luck-based, sniper & assault rifle/SMG favoring, armor cowaring Battle Royale bullshit, but with zombies sprinkled around.
Hey You
Hey You Måned siden
huh, they brought back the Volk from Infinite Warfare.
Planet Gank TV
Planet Gank TV Måned siden
I would like to see you stream shooter games Sir.
Mcbam 100
Mcbam 100 Måned siden
Title: exists** Me: Yes
SteveoMagician Måned siden
It looks shite. All zombies on cod since World at war was shite
UnamedCat 420
UnamedCat 420 Måned siden
ok so yeah it’s fun but the zombies at the end just your just getting bodied by like 50 zombies eating you and it’s terrible
mr. meowgi
mr. meowgi Måned siden
That finn lmg with the adverse barrels is how you win by hallway camipng the rof is too fast to react to
Niek Dekker
Niek Dekker Måned siden
No its not good, its sucks, it didnt had put much thought on, and no, u cant run any weapon in this game, sorry but i disiagree with your arguments, kinda bullshit imo
Clayton Lamoureux
Clayton Lamoureux Måned siden
I use that ground burst all the time
Ryan Leung
Ryan Leung Måned siden
thats literally the AK from elysium that matt damon used on the droids
Flexabust bergson
Flexabust bergson Måned siden
i wish i was the fourth player in this game ^^
Masdargames Måned siden
Oh not another battle royal..
8LARAIDER4 Måned siden
Sucks you only get one life as a zombie
General Grievous
General Grievous Måned siden
Or not
crosses101 Måned siden
Fresh Mamba
Fresh Mamba Måned siden
really? a weed barrett?
FranksWarzone Måned siden
I think they could’ve done away with the zombies having lethals , speed and jumping I think would have been fine 🤷🏻‍♂️
K Måned siden
Yes. This is the best, absolute Best cod experience I’ve ever had. Please let us keep it. PLEASE!!🙏🏻
Rhys Maher
Rhys Maher Måned siden
The lightning AK looks exactly like the Volk from Infinite warfare
Lewis Fink
Lewis Fink Måned siden
It would be nice if I could actually get on the mode without the game crashing
N54 power
N54 power Måned siden
I can see everything on your screen I can't see sh*t on my screen when I play
Up Syndrome
Up Syndrome Måned siden
TL DW so its just BR with AI zombies thrown in?
WacoCityDevil Måned siden
So it’s basically infected? I’m tryna take calls for Disney+ and watch this at the same time😆
WacoCityDevil Måned siden
I haven’t given a shit about playing mw for weeks now, but this, this here, is what I’m talking about
Rails Kraze
Rails Kraze Måned siden
I cant stand call of duty no more i used to be good now im crap i get own by everyone
Monii Palacios
Monii Palacios Måned siden
Ohhhh i agree it's so much fun...buuuuut the usual, even in this new exciting event people still up and leave as soon as there down, not even giving a chance to become a freaking ZOMBIE...which is half the fun!!! Here I have a tip: PLAY SOLO if all you do is leave once yah go down...don't bother play'n teams...ENJOY!
Ronnie Boyd
Ronnie Boyd Måned siden
This shit was horrible and garbage. I thought it was gonna be regular night time Warzone... with like AI or computer zombies chasing u kinda like left 4 dead while u also have other teams trying to kill u and win. I didn’t expect to be turned into a zombie and have to collect medicine to revive... shit was overhyped asf for no fuckin reason
Juan nsnhxys
Juan nsnhxys Måned siden
Hell is no joke trust Jesus and you will be saved
Maddie Måned siden
Have been playing just warzone because of this mode. I hope they somehow put this mode permanently into warzone because it's the best multiplayer game I've played in a while
snow49032 Måned siden
Dice pls
Sabyasachi Sanyal
Sabyasachi Sanyal Måned siden
Call of Duty Mobile can we please get this it's Halloween for mobile too.
Leo James
Leo James Måned siden
That gun in the beginnign of the video is straight from Infinite Warfare, it's so cool.
Charles Harrington
Charles Harrington Måned siden
IW did an incredible job with this game.
J L Måned siden
Personally I really dislike the temporary game mode with the zombies. The action is too quick for a giant map-setup like this. Verdansk would be the perfect setting for a zombies mode where you and the X amount of Warzone players would have to survive in the same way as in regular Warzone, only then by fighting endless waves of zombies. That would be awesome!
xXSCAR117Xx Gaming
xXSCAR117Xx Gaming Måned siden
I just think the zombies shouldn’t get beaten by the damn Kali Sticks. They can’t match the melee speed and those things are like two hit kill on them. Aside from that I haven’t had any issues with the mode aside from the crashes it was having from server overload.
William LeGod
William LeGod Måned siden
Ps4 1 year exclusive
Jaykillz35 Måned siden
Did this man say gay-k
kings music store
kings music store Måned siden
You like the game but you killing it the same time.
kings music store
kings music store Måned siden
Just create servers for streamers only because regular players cant beat a guy that is 24/7 on pc playing and streaming Warzone. Maybe the best game in BR but still unplayable for regular players because of the amount of streamers and cheaters. Especially when crossplay is on.
DonCarton Måned siden
People sleep on the FAMAS, mainly people used it with the underbarrel shotgun glitch and then again just for the shotgun. But that thing can clap and can be built for firefights.
Sahil Sagwekar VEVO
Sahil Sagwekar VEVO Måned siden
…………because why the hell not.
Yung Cole
Yung Cole Måned siden
L4D vibes as a zombie. Nostalgic:(
Michael Galle
Michael Galle Måned siden
Chris Kunkle
Chris Kunkle Måned siden
That’s exactly what this is 🤣🤣 just a gimmick, bullshit throw away game mode
SchottXBL Måned siden
Lol, it feels like it was made in 20 mins
soldier660 Måned siden
"Where they came..." just dont the same effect was " Where they came from "
Stu Howat
Stu Howat Måned siden
This looks crazy fun it’s a shame I’m garbage at FPS lol
Super Vegeta
Super Vegeta Måned siden
Sadly enough perhaps that you got taken for a ride if you bought these guns because in a few weeks we will be back to daylight only.All that fancy stuff will be hard too notice.
Super Vegeta
Super Vegeta Måned siden
Unless there’s a night mode I’m unaware of in the regular game menu
Super Vegeta
Super Vegeta Måned siden
Yeah it’s time to make an actual zombies with people instead of AI the fun factor is night n day.
Micah West
Micah West Måned siden
It's alright but i was extremely disappointed it wasn't just regular zombies horde mode or zombies running all over the map attacking players during Battle Royale modes
Mishelor Måned siden
Can i see ur loadout? That which u r using in video. Sniper and Ak.
The Squad Zone
The Squad Zone Måned siden
Hey from South Africa 🇿🇦 And a new subscriber 🥳🤞 Great content my dude🔥👌
The Squad Zone
The Squad Zone Måned siden
This is an awesome game mode tbh
Allen Wadenholm
Allen Wadenholm Måned siden
I love the battlefield player in jack instinctively saying "dice pls" in other games 😂
Bereeze Måned siden
They better have a Santa game mode for Christmas
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