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The ULTIMATE top 10 list of the best Hermitcraft bases. This project took me well over 50 hours to plan, record and edit so let me know what you think! How would you arrange this list?
A HUGE thanks to CrispyRS for allowing me to use his music:
0:00- Intro, Disclaimer (LET'S GET THIS TO 2K LIKES)
0:57- 10th
2:27- 9th
4:00- 8th
5:50- 7th
8:19- 6th
9:54- 5th
11:30- 4th
12:45- 3rd
14:51- 2nd
17:10- Honourable Mentions
17:20- 1st!
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Hussar & Hyde Gaming
Hussar & Hyde Gaming 4 mÄneder siden
*Can we get this to 15K Likes* ?!? I think so! TIMESTAMPS FOR PLACINGS: How would you arrange this list? 10th- 0:57 9th- 2:27 8th- 4:00 7th- 5:50 6th- 8:19 5th- 9:54 4th- 11:30 3rd- 12:45 2nd- 14:51 Honourable Mentions- 17:10 1st- 17:20 EXTRA NOTES: When I revisit this list or make any video like this, I'm going to definitely make a script. I tried to wing it so there's a lot of uhm's, ah's, incoherent points & mistakes lol which made it nearly impossible to edit. Hopefully, y'all can get past all that and enjoy it for what it is!
blue penguin
blue penguin 20 dager siden
@eddog6666 with all due respect, demonic creature
blue penguin
blue penguin 20 dager siden
@eddog6666 Well your name does include 666
ralis groffen
ralis groffen MĂ„ned siden
Already 15k
Fearless's fortress
Fearless's fortress MĂ„ned siden
No we cant
Mohammad Azad
Mohammad Azad MĂ„ned siden
My list: 1- Grain's mansion: it's just magnificent , the only think I wish it has is real interior and that will be the best building in HC ever 2- Scar's magical village : it's just wonderful , a peace of art , if only he built more it would have been #1 3- False' city : I don't watch her videos but I can imagine her base as a futuristic city and that will be awesome 4- Keralis's city : it's amazing , a modern version of Scar's village 5- X' numerous towers : they look amazing however his base lacks life and motion 6- Mumbo's moustache : as he said it's one of those builds that look cool once they are completed and I think it has potential 7- Bubble's cliff : it's amazing but it is small in scale and slow in progress 8- Cub' pyramid : it's gigantic and has potential tho the exterior will be always boring 9- Etho's mess : It's such a cool build if only it's not floating... 10- Iskall's tree : OMEGA! well the problem here is how difficult it is to build otherwise I have so many ideas on how to make it look gorgeous 😉 as for the rest I think they are average (not that I'm better but compared to other hermits) and not worth mentioning , though those hermits might have some interesting things that are not bases like Decked Out
Emmanuel Joel S. Andaya
Emmanuel Joel S. Andaya 8 dager siden
who looks at the back right? right?????
Tellonic 8 dager siden
Your list is very good....But you are also uncomfortably handsome
phrog_ 7
phrog_ 7 10 dager siden
hyGreen 18 dager siden
looking at mumbos base makes me feel old. its changed so much
Becky Hicks
Becky Hicks 19 dager siden
r u in hermit craft XD
Justin Priest
Justin Priest 19 dager siden
5:50 Is that the soundtrack from The Merchant RPG? Nice
General Ramos
General Ramos 21 dag siden
X's season 5 base was something
Gamers 1836
Gamers 1836 21 dag siden
Mumbo is the best by far in my opinion
Donut Hole
Donut Hole 23 dager siden
Their bases are all trully amazing i cant really rate them tbh
Cesar Timmermans
Cesar Timmermans 24 dager siden
i think that grian and scar need to switsh from place
John Cris Sidayon
John Cris Sidayon 25 dager siden
( Hermitcraft season 7 ) i already theorist that this season will be long
Farah 27 dager siden
wow first off Im purely amazed by all of the builds. wow! but the 4th one caught my eye, it doesnt even look like it was built in minecraft its so futuristic and sick!
Spycrab ,
Spycrab , 28 dager siden
imagine grain building his base ad it wasnt centered
Gavriel Shemesh
Gavriel Shemesh 28 dager siden
B dubs's castle looks like the temple of time from zelda
Tanzerite Nye
Tanzerite Nye 29 dager siden
12:35 Cyberpunk but good.
Joey Riedig
Joey Riedig MĂ„ned siden
Fuccin ads man ;(
AnxiousMessBugg Âż?Âż
AnxiousMessBugg Âż?Âż MĂ„ned siden
Grian had always been my favorite builder, scar is definitely a close second, but like his mansion that's still expanding and it terrifies me
Epic Gamer Daniel
Epic Gamer Daniel MĂ„ned siden
I think the list of best builders is 1 grian 2 goodtimeswithscar 3 me
Sam Vattman
Sam Vattman MĂ„ned siden
no grian is the best
SYØCutey99_ Gaming
SYØCutey99_ Gaming MÄned siden
John Matthew Muyano
John Matthew Muyano MĂ„ned siden
I vote all of them
Ice Spike
Ice Spike MĂ„ned siden
anyone gonna talk about his face ? :/
Kim Pineda
Kim Pineda MĂ„ned siden
Actually grian and pearlescent moon are freind and on same server maye
dddevil suck
dddevil suck MĂ„ned siden
If I was having a building contest with Brian this would happen Grain:I’m don’t buulding my mansion Me:WHAT!i haven’t even placed a block
Clodagh Kelly
Clodagh Kelly MĂ„ned siden
I personally think Mumbo should be 9 and Tango should be 10, but still subbed, your video seem cool
henk jansen
henk jansen MĂ„ned siden
I miss cubfan his piramide
G Brown
G Brown MĂ„ned siden
I completely agree with all of these picks
L. S.
L. S. MĂ„ned siden
Now that bdubs has finished the back of his castle, I think he should definitely be first place. But you guys should ask yourself what you would like to build if you had an incredible building skill. For me it's bdubs castle
RoseVenom 08
RoseVenom 08 MĂ„ned siden
this was a very good list and analysis but i can't be the only one that thought keralis deserved better
Airidas Pelakauskas
Airidas Pelakauskas MĂ„ned siden
That runescape music tho
Boris Kusinikov
Boris Kusinikov MĂ„ned siden
I agree! Grian 100% deservs 1rst place.
Berzan Kartal
Berzan Kartal MĂ„ned siden
Crash Dummy
Crash Dummy MĂ„ned siden
When you said hey hello um I already Liked hahaha
Teun vanderLugt
Teun vanderLugt MĂ„ned siden
Top 10 best builders in Hermitcraft(I haven’t seen every Hermit building so if you disagree let me know) 1. Goodtimeswihscar 2. BdoubleO100 3. Ethoslab 4. Grian(in my opinion he is the most overrated builder in hermitcraft) 5. Keralis 6. Falsesymmetry 7. Xisumavoid 8. Tango Tek 9. Welsknight 10. Iskall85
Eden Skye
Eden Skye MĂ„ned siden
Mumbo said in his vid that he borrowed it from vesko
magicarp2018 MĂ„ned siden
finally someone that loves diorite
False has a absolutely crazy base! I love it so much!
alfie roblox
alfie roblox MĂ„ned siden
Funny Biscuit
Funny Biscuit MĂ„ned siden
To be a good base it has to be big and pretty and pretty on the hermitcraft server is aaannaayyything
Kevin Totar
Kevin Totar MĂ„ned siden
Great vid! Live the positive vibes!
kevin MĂ„ned siden
Bdubs’ base deserves number one after he finished the mountain
Henry Horan
Henry Horan MĂ„ned siden
Khento pollio
Khento pollio MĂ„ned siden
I think KERALIS deserves to be 1st because he’s one of the hermits that still acctually put effort on his base some hermits isn’t even finishing theyre bases and KERALIS has so many buildings his base is surely the best in the server
Phuong Nguyen
Phuong Nguyen MĂ„ned siden
I think bdubs or grian
Bread - Bit
Bread - Bit MĂ„ned siden
Storming MĂ„ned siden
I agree that grians base is number one but I do think that if bdoubleO100 did more on his it would be close
Chyler Rapp
Chyler Rapp MĂ„ned siden
I agree with you on Grian but, for Tango I think you should of changed it to Rendog's base instead.
xxssjlegend MĂ„ned siden
love the runescape music
stsddsod MĂ„ned siden
I watch these videos just to see Grian's mansion at #1
Amanda O'Donnell
Amanda O'Donnell MĂ„ned siden
the big tree base must have been sooooo difficult to make cos trees are hard to make anyway in survival but getting so many logs like does he have a tree farm or something
Ellie Searle
Ellie Searle MĂ„ned siden
Honestly I think Mumbos basce should have been higher up the chart
Overgamer MĂ„ned siden
I don't think scar is the best builder on hermitcraft i think it's grian
Angel Cartago
Angel Cartago MĂ„ned siden
Who else started watvhing hermitcraft since season 5 then just knew xisuma owns the server?
Michael Sibrava
Michael Sibrava MĂ„ned siden
Grian is the best builder
Lazy beans
Lazy beans MĂ„ned siden
The fact that grian said it's a mansion... But when u look at it's more like castle and Bdubs Castle is like 2x smaller than grians 😂😅
DaMlgMasta2995 MĂ„ned siden
-Tynx -
-Tynx - MĂ„ned siden
Soo ghopod lol go to my x
Pablo _
Pablo _ MĂ„ned siden
mumbo did borrow that design, he said it when he said what he wanted to make for his maga base
Benjamin Miller
Benjamin Miller MĂ„ned siden
You did miss zombie cleo
Damiën van Dijk
Damiën van Dijk MÄned siden
Thumbs up for the Old school Runescape songs!
Chicked _
Chicked _ MĂ„ned siden
LDN Perera
LDN Perera MĂ„ned siden
Grian is the best
Kyle Liang
Kyle Liang MĂ„ned siden
RuneScape music pog
Neil Kennish
Neil Kennish MĂ„ned siden
It would take me a 1000 yerys
Rosa *_*
Rosa *_* MĂ„ned siden
I think my favourite base this season was bdubs dollhouse on his half it looked epic and I loved bdubs pink doc room (intentionally gaudy) on docs side (kinda wished that doc didnt leave and bdubs completed the whole side of the other house) just to see how it would have turned out
Sebastian Stewart
Sebastian Stewart MĂ„ned siden
Grians base is not a base. It's a background. I find it quite boring aswell
oliver MĂ„ned siden
Start the dispute on the on the planet
Grassblock622 MĂ„ned siden
X doesn’t own hermitcraft. He is just the mod. There is no owner.
Grassblock622 MĂ„ned siden
@no u yea I guess
Mr_H MĂ„ned siden
Yeah I can't do big builds like that, I don't have the attention span or the time. You know i have about a dozen and a half unfinished projects? At least half of those in minecraft alone? XD I can do some pretty good detail oriented building, for short lengths of time. After that? Noooooope. My best work is actually on a streamer's fan server. The idea of someone being able to see my builds certainly helped me keep going. I played perhaps the most on that server. In fact i got full diamond, i never and i mean, NEVER, get that far in minecraft. Good people on that server.
Mr_H MĂ„ned siden
Grian's base was a great number 1 pick, it looks like a fricking disney castle. xD
N16HTW1NG MĂ„ned siden
Sea Shanty???? I didn't open up....o wait! :) !!
Ominous Wish
Ominous Wish MĂ„ned siden
You're persona makes me incredibly uncomfortable
Kevin Johnston
Kevin Johnston MĂ„ned siden
Bdubs interior master Scar teriforming master Grian bulding master Mambo redstone master Put them together and you get the hermetcraft Base of the season
Lentwolf MĂ„ned siden
I think grians is still on top
Paul Salas
Paul Salas MĂ„ned siden
Bdub got cheated
wolfieplayz7 MĂ„ned siden
I think grian and scar share first place for best builder
42stinger MĂ„ned siden
Your list is bad... but your skin is also uncomfortably handsome
Nivaan Patel
Nivaan Patel MĂ„ned siden
Grian is the best of all oF ALL of course!!!😘
SomeWhitePerson !
SomeWhitePerson ! MĂ„ned siden
I really enjoyed this video. No joke... Good job bro
Isak Hovet Haugenes
Isak Hovet Haugenes MĂ„ned siden
I think grian is the best builder
Professor Lion
Professor Lion MĂ„ned siden
Josh Davis
Josh Davis MĂ„ned siden
I agree on the number one build
bdogslurpin sloan
bdogslurpin sloan MĂ„ned siden
i totaly agree on first place
Shy Guy6266
Shy Guy6266 MĂ„ned siden
Why is is skin not wearing pants đŸ€Ł
Shy Guy6266
Shy Guy6266 MĂ„ned siden
Malaka Desroches
Malaka Desroches MĂ„ned siden
Have you seen BDubs Castle updates? I can't imagine a world where Impulse is higher on the list than BDubs, Scar, and Keralis...Falsey too. But we're entitled to our opinions. BDubs ability to design for the close up and distant views, to transform an entire area into an immersive experience, and to use blocks in such an amazing way (Grian surely was inspired by BDubs with regard to creating texture and gradients to builds) to simulate real world textures is nearly unmatched....Scar is the other terraforming builder that equals. I believe hands down BDubs should be and will be #1, Followed by Scar especially with the addition of Aquatown. Keralis could be 3rd as he continues to develop his area or Grian after Scar helps him finish the backs of his bases Lol!!! There is also much to be said about the builds of the Hermits that I don't follow so often. Cub is very talented and his pyramid base is phenomenal. xB's base and deserted town also is amazing, as well as Ren's. I appreciate this type of content, as it does give me an opportunity to get a take of other Hermits....though it seems our favs are quite similar. When Etho first started his base it hurt my entire heart every time he placed a block seemingly willy nilly. Now it takes my breath away. I look forward to more follow up Hermitcraft vids and will be searching through to see those you've made. best to you.
Henburger MĂ„ned siden
These modern smokestacks... No one: Absolutely no one: *Mumbo: Burnstick?*
Mouse Toons
Mouse Toons MĂ„ned siden
Wow I didn’t ever notice Doofenshmirtz evil inc.
TRIPPLE X3400 MĂ„ned siden
I agree grians mansion is sick
Yaseen Abdelrahman
Yaseen Abdelrahman MĂ„ned siden
I think Grian is the best at buildings and overall, bdubs is the best at interiors, scar is the best at terraforming
Deedee Dead
Deedee Dead MĂ„ned siden
I think Scar is clearly the best at terraforming and above grain in building and bdubs the best at building and interior To pull off grains mansion you just need a lot of time on your hands
3D MĂ„ned siden
The list is great but Mumbo's and scar's base should be top of the list
Subhasish Ghosh
Subhasish Ghosh MĂ„ned siden
i wouldn't agree with mumbo tbh
Cameron Abernathy
Cameron Abernathy MĂ„ned siden
Gotta disagree on the "Scar is the best builder on hermitcraft" thing. It's far and away Bdubs IMO. But maybe I'm biased because I think all the old Mindcrackers on hermitcraft are wayyyyyyy better than any OG hermits.
joel diaz
joel diaz MĂ„ned siden
Anbo Feng
Anbo Feng MĂ„ned siden
grain is the king of building
Anbo Feng
Anbo Feng MĂ„ned siden
as XisumaVoid
Anbo Feng
Anbo Feng MĂ„ned siden
grain? in season 6? what about his base in season six that was using the same technique.
Tanner Wilson
Tanner Wilson MĂ„ned siden
Im an architect major and its very cool to see you break down minecraft houses in such detail
variant MĂ„ned siden
I really would be curious to see an update of this video from you if you still feel the same now or at the end of the season. I disagree with nearly everything but good work on making a video. We're all entitled to our opinions.
mr Shade
mr Shade MĂ„ned siden
This video is amazing and u subscribed
Finlay Manson
Finlay Manson MĂ„ned siden
Mumbos took so much time in this
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