Minecraft - HermitCraft S7#21: Etho Be Slabbin'

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5 måneder siden

Minecraft Server. Slab here, slab there... everywhere a slab slab. The nether mobs have no where to hide, so it is time for a Wither Skeleton farm.
Later we meet up with Beef to share music profits. We check out the Gaming District to see the progress we have been making with Tango. Then we test out a new concrete maker at base and creeperfy our mob system.
Beef: nopost.info
Tango: nopost.info
Joe: nopost.info
Note Block Music:
Avenged Sevenfold - Afterlife
RuneScape - Sea Shanty 2
The Office - Intro
HermitCraft Website: www.hermitcraft.com
HermitCraft Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/HermitCraft/
HermitCraft Season 7 Seed: WLLBYUG
Twitter: EthoLP
TwitchTV: www.twitch.tv/ethotv/
#hermitcraft #etho #minecraft

Polina Lavrova
Polina Lavrova 2 dager siden
I am the kid who can handle slabing all day.
bernard dame
bernard dame 4 dager siden
Promising Young Woman
Apersononthe1nternet 9 dager siden
BlλckMesa 10 dager siden
when i saw the thumbnail for a second i thought "FVDisco?"
A Pony
A Pony 13 dager siden
etho: gets 4 shulkers of tnt. "ok time to build a creeper farm" you madman ahaha
A Pony
A Pony 13 dager siden
omg the additions to the game area look super good. but why does the color pattern of the pillars remind me of the diamondback from tf2??
Epic Face
Epic Face 15 dager siden
etho s lab
JCO Måned siden
Slowly learning that Etho and I have similar note block music tastes... I THOUGHT I heard A7X at the beginnning!
hubberducky Måned siden
Just came back to this video only to realize that at 0:31 he turned the slabs he was holidng into TnT half-slabs. How beautiful
Jesse Hallett
Jesse Hallett Måned siden
My son (age 6) suggests you can move the blazes up a staircase that goes in loop-de-loops using pistons to push them. A piston pushes up, and another pushes to the side over and over again until they get to the top. Then when they get to the top push them with lava.
Witchmitch Måned siden
#snitchesgetriches lol
ToPPuV MoRNinG 2 måneder siden
Am I the only one who when they see the stone slabs on the netherrack for a split second think it's snow?
William Alexander
William Alexander 2 måneder siden
Holy wither farm bat man
no name
no name 2 måneder siden
Etho: is getting shot at by hundreds of blazes and ghasts Also Etho: This is fine
Hiznogood 2 måneder siden
Etho be slabbing, eh?
Antonio Vercetti
Antonio Vercetti 2 måneder siden
Loving the sea shanty and the donkey Kong and stuff hahahahaha
Jaydan Edwards
Jaydan Edwards 2 måneder siden
Mishka 2 måneder siden
I love how Etho made The Office theme for when he meets with Beef
MF Walter
MF Walter 3 måneder siden
It is a strange world Etho lives in that he can return to chopping down trees because he has gun powder again.
Miwa29 3 måneder siden
"You snitched! So you get riched!" i lost it
D Brown
D Brown 3 måneder siden
You don't like the game playing itself, but are ok with it playing itself as long as you are playing nearby too?
Tammi 1902
Tammi 1902 14 dager siden
like he doesn't like to afk at a place just to get resources. he prefers to be doing something else while obtaining stuff instead of just standing and waiting.
Carlitos Salazar
Carlitos Salazar 3 måneder siden
Is it really Etho’s Lab? Or Etho Slab?
Blip 3 måneder siden
Why is the EthoSlabber a half slab of TNT?
Max Quagliotto
Max Quagliotto 3 måneder siden
Hey Etho, I have regen on my beacon as well but the wither roses do more DPS than the regen heals... what's your secret?
Viventem Et Insaniam
Viventem Et Insaniam 3 måneder siden
Vintagebeef if like a real mob boss
William Remington
William Remington 3 måneder siden
Does anyone pay attention to the office theme whenever he walks into beefs base?
SpAcE bOsS
SpAcE bOsS 3 måneder siden
Also I have'nt seen a wolf since Hermitcraft Season 6 when the Civil War broke out And now I have seen a wolf now
XempireX18 3 måneder siden
beef is greedy. etho is doing all the building work and he does nothing. he gets a box of mending books and gives etho the overpriced gunpowder.
Jacob Rios
Jacob Rios 3 måneder siden
nether shroom any boty philza
Game Master Adrian OMG
Game Master Adrian OMG 3 måneder siden
Etho Axes does more damage if you wait
Game Master Adrian OMG
Game Master Adrian OMG 3 måneder siden
But Etho love the music man
Game Master Adrian OMG
Game Master Adrian OMG 3 måneder siden
Come get me the piglin
akusking 4 måneder siden
The Office
Noob Plays
Noob Plays 4 måneder siden
Wyatt Sullivan
Wyatt Sullivan 4 måneder siden
ChronosIsLateAGAIN 4 måneder siden
he do be slabbin' doe
4sent4 4 måneder siden
slabbed nether looks like it's been snowy here
cl0ckw0rx 4 måneder siden
Was not ready for Sea shanty 2
Closed Door
Closed Door 4 måneder siden
Etho be slappin'
Marcus Jones
Marcus Jones 4 måneder siden
Marcus Jones
Marcus Jones 4 måneder siden
Etho Slab
Mäx Wonderland
Mäx Wonderland 4 måneder siden
loved it!
FlamingEagle 4 måneder siden
Did anyone notice a tnt slab in his inventory
Crayoluh 4 måneder siden
isnt that avenged sevenfold's afterlife in noteblocks in the intro?
Blue Donkey
Blue Donkey 4 måneder siden
Why is beef dressed like a mob boss?
cyberthechild 4 måneder siden
Nate CA
Nate CA 4 måneder siden
Tylon 4 måneder siden
Snitches get riches is 69
Ethan 4 måneder siden
Wait Etho is playing Sea Shanty 2?? This is the best collab
ThePhoenixHasRisen 4 måneder siden
11:25 the Office!
Jarvey Berenguel
Jarvey Berenguel 4 måneder siden
Etho make it tnt duplicator if you don't know how ask mumbo or iskall
S 4 måneder siden
Etho slabs his base vs Etho slaps his bass
4302018 4 måneder siden
19:35 "come with me joe i'll show ya" this made me smile
4302018 4 måneder siden
catching up hope youre doin well eazy E for real sending prayers man
Richard Risner
Richard Risner 4 måneder siden
"Can I buy these from you?" "What's your offer?" "40 diamonds for all of these" "Deal." *Puts money on desk* "Thanks! That was smooth--right on the desk" *punches in the face*
Ideki 4 måneder siden
@Ethoslab did you do a tutorial on that mob farm @24:37? I cannot figure out the water streams just from watching this video.
Andrews' Adventure
Andrews' Adventure 4 måneder siden
Runescape music sneaking in there... Lol
f0tos 4 måneder siden
25:10 You are just afraid that Bdubs is gonna come at you with a sword, bow and with all hells blazes including Generikb and take your gunpowder like they did in the good ol' times ;-)
No Smack Andy
No Smack Andy 4 måneder siden
Noeleen Pisani
Noeleen Pisani 4 måneder siden
omg Etho you are incredible
Packed ice is the best minecraft block
Packed ice is the best minecraft block 4 måneder siden
"I think it's kind of wierd for the game to play itself" The game of life: "Are you challenging me?"
zander wight
zander wight 4 måneder siden
You’ve been my favorite you tuber throughout my entire life. Avenged Sevenfold has been my favorite band throughout my entire life. You are the last person I’d expect to ever listen to, nevermind be influenced enough by.to make their own note block version of any of their songs. It feels like my whole life is coming full circle. I’m mentally shattered.
Rcm rocks2
Rcm rocks2 4 måneder siden
if you make then drop through lava it will change your sometimes they die instantly issue. because when they fall through lava it will reset their fall speed. :) hope this helps also less redstone for pushing. cool farm tho
J.ustin Rad
J.ustin Rad 4 måneder siden
The office theme song in note blocks. No way
Zedian Zediessi
Zedian Zediessi 4 måneder siden
Ethos sure making use of his quarantine time
Aitch Pea
Aitch Pea 4 måneder siden
From not getting Etho Slab, to completely owning it, you rock sir!
Lyn Pountney
Lyn Pountney 4 måneder siden
DragonriderTechnologies 4 måneder siden
So how are you getting the microblocks for the block exchange? Are those randomly provided by something, or are you renaming player heads? "...Or chop down trees and stuff, all things you need TNT for." I have this weird feeling that you're over-complicating the wonderful process of mining... I love the gaming district build. That looks amazing, and the downstairs' block palette is really opulent and impressive.
Lancel0t 4 måneder siden
Snitches get riches
mentaljason 4 måneder siden
Was that sea shanty 2 from runescape at 9:00 ?
Daurak 4 måneder siden
I miss seeing vintage beef in your videos!!!!!! You are so entertaining together. Reminds me of when I was much younger years ago from your older series
Zombie X
Zombie X 4 måneder siden
What about grain
Manzi 4 måneder siden
whos farm design is this?
devon hollenbeck
devon hollenbeck 4 måneder siden
Always love coming to watch etho when I have the time his dedication never falters
Dark Fire
Dark Fire 4 måneder siden
T.B O.A 4 måneder siden
0:99 I'm convinced he has the sharingan
Max The Yukoner
Max The Yukoner 4 måneder siden
That thubnail is so good!
jag519 4 måneder siden
That is a lot of etho slabs
Dahlmasen 4 måneder siden
How come that all Hermits seem to have so much blocks compared to a ”normal singleplayer vanilla series”?
Minihazzard 5 måneder siden
I remember your awesome base back at the start of Minecraft when you got so scared by a creeper and your boat machine :D
Ariel Gonzalez
Ariel Gonzalez 5 måneder siden
He do be kinda slabbin' doe
Stefan Fischer
Stefan Fischer 5 måneder siden
Sometimes when i see Etho placing slabs, i can hear BDoubleO singing "youre watching Ethos Lab". Ahh those Mindcrack days...
SHADOWLORD01 5 måneder siden
how come now ones talking about cubfan135 having 1165 PING?
Jussi Raitoniemi
Jussi Raitoniemi 5 måneder siden
Sil G
Sil G 5 måneder siden
Flash backs to iskalls buttons last season.
Jon Ice International
Jon Ice International 5 måneder siden
Slab Like NOW !!!
ReToons 5 måneder siden
Can anyone tell me why his skin is Kakashi
Kapopalis 5 måneder siden
The office theme excellent
Random Vids
Random Vids 5 måneder siden
I am slabbergasted
Joaquin Reid
Joaquin Reid 5 måneder siden
i just realized that ethos skin is from naruto!!! :0
NickMortuus 5 måneder siden
Do you like my sword, sword, sword?
Armaan Ghiwale
Armaan Ghiwale 5 måneder siden
Bro you are oldest minecraft playar
Im Oka
Im Oka 5 måneder siden
Etho should join the road competition at the townhall and make a musical road!
Anay Rohatgi
Anay Rohatgi 5 måneder siden
did anyone notice the tnt slab in 00:31 seconds
iodized milk
iodized milk 5 måneder siden
Thanks Etho!
Superficial Chasm
Superficial Chasm 5 måneder siden
etho's "free refills" joke was so underrated ngl
Branson Standridge
Branson Standridge 5 måneder siden
Why is your skin Kakashi from Naruto?
indxgox 5 måneder siden
Anyone notice the tnt slab on his hotbar at 0:30
AlfonsoGaming MC
AlfonsoGaming MC 5 måneder siden
You re the best
Senthuran Mah
Senthuran Mah 5 måneder siden
Waiting for new vid
Aidan Becker
Aidan Becker 5 måneder siden
2:22 the blazes are stormtroopers in this part
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