Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts

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Dylan Ayres

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• Eri-Chan •
• Eri-Chan • 7 minutter siden
I know one that actually will work, pour boiling water over then dents and then pull them out with a plunger, I’m pretty sure it works.
みちみやゆういち 11 minutter siden
Stop car abuse
VINNN 30 minutter siden
Patigasin mo kasi ahh ungas
volcomXdiamond 59 minutter siden
You’re pulling too slow, and also not giving the glue any time to dry
Star Bearden
Star Bearden Time siden
Cuz you have to hold it for a long time like 20s or 15s try one
Robmoney 4life
Robmoney 4life Time siden
Umm im no rocket scientist but I do think you're supposed to let it cool down
Tarantula 2 timer siden
1. You didnt let it cool down 2. Hot glue not needed at all. Use a plunger.
Emilio DiNardo
Emilio DiNardo 3 timer siden
You have to let it dry and then try
Sean B
Sean B 4 timer siden
Not saying the retards at 5 minute crafts are right but maybe if you'd actually let the glue harden it'd have a chance of working
Mr Vla
Mr Vla 4 timer siden
This guy literally tell the plants to grow right now
Destructo 7979
Destructo 7979 4 timer siden
Wow 5 minute crafts lied to us, so shocking
•MossFrog• 4 timer siden
Get boiling hot water poor it on then grab a plunger do what you did with the glue sticks but with a plunger
Matthew King
Matthew King 4 timer siden
Guess you can’t Fix stupid .... or is he genuinely doing it to frustrate and annoy for views ......
Lorena Zarate
Lorena Zarate 5 timer siden
Ngl I would be that stupid to try it as well 😂
soinu foig
soinu foig 5 timer siden
Beyond the multitude of other problems, the first and most glaring was believing that anything out of 5 Minute Crafts actually works as shown
Slowsilver Se
Slowsilver Se 5 timer siden
You can see the jump cut in the video to indicate that the glue dried onto the paint before pulling
Danar Evan
Danar Evan 6 timer siden
You must hold the glue so long
Fox Xof
Fox Xof 6 timer siden
What ypu you think is the reason you have no girlfriend?
dann1r3x 6 timer siden
U suppose to wait till it dries
Lonnie Hibbitt
Lonnie Hibbitt 7 timer siden
Daily dose of ebternet
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97 7 timer siden
Can’t believe how sad this is. Glue gun sticks are extremely terrible and for plastic and crafts only. This was just plain sad to watch
100 7 timer siden
Amjaao_12 7 timer siden
Epic i am the 6969th comment
Amjaao_12 7 timer siden
Bryan 7 timer siden
Dude didn't even let the glue cool down
Marbl 43
Marbl 43 8 timer siden
5 minute craft's car could have been plastic, was this one metal?
Neil 8 timer siden
That’s why 5 minutes crafts is more like 5 minutes hot trash.
TheHappyFriar 9 timer siden
That was a scam don't listen to jerks.
Teex Millz
Teex Millz 9 timer siden
Not completely debunk yet Try Industrial glue sticks much more strength then crafting glue sticks. DeWalt glue gun
Aleray 9 timer siden
Imagine being more stupid than 5 minute crafts.
Samir Kairoo
Samir Kairoo 9 timer siden
Put boiling water on the dent and use a plunger
Kosmic-Gamer 9 timer siden
The reason it did not work is because the car 5 minute crafts used was aluminum unlike the car you used which was steel
MR Cornholio
MR Cornholio 9 timer siden
you didnt use the good hotglue sticks and you didnt let it cure.... also 5 minute hacks stole the idea from Russian Garage 56
Money Marucci
Money Marucci 10 timer siden
He didn’t even do it right
Limuel Alagaban
Limuel Alagaban 10 timer siden
Hockey Clipz
Hockey Clipz 10 timer siden
The people who made the car be like👁👄👁
Lorne Polk
Lorne Polk 10 timer siden
Maybe he should have waited longer
Hakeem Hamilton
Hakeem Hamilton 10 timer siden
Let it cool down first maybe
Mark Choopani
Mark Choopani 11 timer siden
You need to let the cool cool down onto the metal
Quinn Sams
Quinn Sams 11 timer siden
Bruh let it cool tf down
NazaChats 11 timer siden
Its an actual technique repairmen use, the let the glue cool and pull the dent
X-BIT_ Studios
X-BIT_ Studios 11 timer siden
It may be cap but just to make sure let the glue dry
4RCH13 11 timer siden
Midi Music Forever
Midi Music Forever 11 timer siden
If you'd make a 10 min youtube video, the glue would have time to dry.
Amazing Shorts
Amazing Shorts 11 timer siden
The Omega Male
The Omega Male 12 timer siden
You are supposed to let the glue cool all the way genius.
Ramil Aquino
Ramil Aquino 12 timer siden
Idiot tryin hard
Austin B
Austin B 12 timer siden
First of all good luck with older steel body cars you have to do the welding rod trick for that. Old Tahoes and Suburbans are literal tanks.
Haven Birbヘブン
Haven Birbヘブン 12 timer siden
Him: *Watching 5 Minute Crafts* Me: You know, I think I see the problem.
CrystallizeAirTebu 14 timer siden
After u melt it u need to let it glue harden 1st so it will stick... This guy don't know shit
Teegan Brenizer
Teegan Brenizer 14 timer siden
It actually not cap they make special glue stick for dent pulling
infinity m0tt1 YT
infinity m0tt1 YT 14 timer siden
The wamart part:🤣
Sad Music Creations
Sad Music Creations 14 timer siden
Your supposed to wait a few mins
LORD 999xd
LORD 999xd 15 timer siden
U have to w8 util it dries
AZMI ID 15 timer siden
You should use glue by *FLEX* lol
ZAxaratos 15 timer siden
Bro let it dry before pulling, you dont need to have 1000 iq to understand that
Ivano Bodrusic
Ivano Bodrusic 16 timer siden
these comments are violations
worldfarmer hallway
worldfarmer hallway 16 timer siden
He was supposed to wait for the clue to get a little harder so it would work
Deathwish-the-awesome :-
Deathwish-the-awesome :- 17 timer siden
Use a hot tea kettle get a plunger to pour the hot water on the dent and use the plunger to suck it back so it’s not a dent try it
Muffin 17 timer siden
Sir Theirs no such thing as *STICK INSTANT GLUE STICK* but theirs something called *COOLING DOWN YOUR GLUE*
Francisco BW
Francisco BW 17 timer siden
You stupid,let the glue dry wtf
Deano 17 timer siden
This guy is useless.
nowonmetube 17 timer siden
5 minute crafts is misleading and fake scam!
WeChallenge 18 timer siden
99.9% of info on 5 minute crafts videos are blatant lies, and anyone who would try anything the channel purports to be real, are wasting their time energy and money trying to repeat the tasks in their videos, with actual positive results. NOpost will allow these usually obvious blatant lies to be hosted, and never call them out for not being factual. Where are the fact checkers You Tube? You were paying for them to fact check every Republican comment during the US 2020 election. Why don't you have them fact check blatant liars like 5 minure crafts? I'll tell you why,, NOpost make money off the lies these hacks tell as if they were true, and are not interested in fact checking them because they are not political rivals with the 5 minute crafts channel.
Five minute crafts is fake all of it
Alejandro Panes
Alejandro Panes 18 timer siden
JohnPaul Avillanoza
JohnPaul Avillanoza 18 timer siden
And this is why u need common sense
BeefyIsHere-Brawl Stars
BeefyIsHere-Brawl Stars 18 timer siden
Bro these comments are fucking gold, the only reason why videos like this are good because of the comments😂😂
Dinith Dias
Dinith Dias 19 timer siden
Bruh let the freaking silicon sticks to cool down....jeez u idiot 😂
anthony cruz
anthony cruz 19 timer siden
Use your head boy.. follow instructions
Maxwell Notar
Maxwell Notar 19 timer siden
Did you wait for the glue to dry?
Hens1i 19 timer siden
My guy pulled it off and the glue was still dripping🤦🏻
Hens1i 19 timer siden
Bro really put the glue stick on there while it was still melted and wondered why it didn’t pull the dent out, like bro you’re still using jello at that point, let it sit for a more than 30 seconds
Bloop 19 timer siden
Well even if it did work youde have to scrape it off your car and scratch it😃👏
KEY RIGHT 19 timer siden
Подождал бы
Jacy Zuleeka Derene M. Hapay
Jacy Zuleeka Derene M. Hapay 20 timer siden
I think u have to get hot water and pour it into the dent
ΞXISTΞNCΞ 20 timer siden
Man what a poopy bun. Could have done that bat thing earlier !! Before giving a bigger dent
TheFatManZ 20 timer siden
Wow stoopid Wait Until It Getting Cool You Imbisle
Clash The Reaper
Clash The Reaper 20 timer siden
This is the type of guy to only brush his teeth once a week and wonder why his breath smells so bad
Radja campus
Radja campus 20 timer siden
Wc weapon work it
Weeb 20 timer siden
U have to heat up the dent first so you can pull it
gecko441 21 time siden
Another aderall addicted kid who cant even wait for the glue to dry. Wow
Nadie 21 time siden
Bro so stupid
Bosman chanel -Bocah senang Mancing-
Bosman chanel -Bocah senang Mancing- 21 time siden
Wait dry and cool
Universal Taxi
Universal Taxi 22 timer siden
Why would anyone believe 5 minute crafts, honestly their attempts at lying is 5 minute craps
Amelia Brittain
Amelia Brittain 22 timer siden
You gotta let the glue cool down bruh? You clearly ripped it off as soon as you put it on, there is no way that would work since it’s still liquidy.
Edz Channel
Edz Channel 22 timer siden
Use your brain a little.. Thats all i had to say
wicked 22 timer siden
Suratmin Suratmin
Suratmin Suratmin 22 timer siden
22 timer siden
U need to wait longer
Zoofs Almighty
Zoofs Almighty 22 timer siden
This is a video that proves five min. Crafts are a hunk of BULLSH*T
Buncappy 22 timer siden
You’re the type of kid why hell exists
Jayden ryce
Jayden ryce 23 timer siden
Wait for it to dry
Yh _Tytus
Yh _Tytus 23 timer siden
I just came to the comics and immediately start dying😂😂
Lana DelMerchPvtos
Lana DelMerchPvtos 23 timer siden
You had to let it dry bro like wtf also looks super fake
Oscar Aparejado
Oscar Aparejado 23 timer siden
Stupid you make dent on the hardest part of the car..
billy Tetengean
billy Tetengean 23 timer siden
Let It Cool..u Stupid
J T 23 timer siden
use a plunger
Shiekh Waleed Mir Al-Protein
Shiekh Waleed Mir Al-Protein 23 timer siden
The real question is, how do u remove the glue? U chip it off, u scratch the paint. U heat it, u damage the paint!
Calvin Quimo
Calvin Quimo 23 timer siden
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