Why You Should Play Silent Hill 2

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Track List
Wishful Thinking- Silent Hill 2 OST
Heavens Night- Silent Hill 2 OST
Breeze in Monochrome Midnight- Silent Hill 3 OST
Float up from a Dream- Silent Hill 3 OST
Alone in Town- Silent Hill 2 OST
The Forest Trail- Silent Hill 2 OST
Prisonic Fairtail - Silent Hill 2 OST
A Stray Chile- Silent Hill 3 OST
Pianoissimo epilogue- Silent Hill 2 OST
Them of Laura- Silent Hill 2 OST
Silent Hill 2 Monster symbolism vid (MAJOR SPOILERS):

NewWaveGoth 8 timer siden
I know I’ll get hate for this but I don’t really care about the HD Remaster, I played with the og voices and got little bugs. I didn’t really play Silent Hill 2 & 3 for the graphics or combat, I played it for the story and I felt that I had to get my ticket to Silent Hill by any means necessary. If anything though I would suggest a Re-Remaster on Next Gen consoles and PC/Steam (fr valve, get on it) where it has better graphics and little bugs with both voices as options like in the remaster so those who liked the new voices can have the new voices and those who prefer the og can have the og. The fog could also be edited in settings for those who want the fog just right for them. This is just my opinion, don’t throw pyramid heads giant knife at me please.
ReviewPepeUSA Dag siden
I used to do opiates. I'd forget to do em while playing Silent Hill 2
Gummy 5 dager siden
That scene with Lisa always tugs at my heart. The song gets me emotional every time.
James Sunderland
James Sunderland 6 dager siden
3:31 harry Townshend u mean mason right?
Fairydance Creations
Fairydance Creations 7 dager siden
I think the idea that games should not always be fun comes full circle if yiu have ayed pathologic and pathologic 2. Amazing games that purposely play like crap.
Jack Chipps
Jack Chipps 8 dager siden
I never knew jacksepticeye loved silent hill so much
Wrath Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster
Wrath Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster 14 dager siden
Ive been playing it and honestly my only major complaint is the combat. Idk if maybe im not supposed to even be trying to use melee so much or what but melee is just the most awkward shit ive ever seen in a game. Sometimes I'll be tapping the attack button and the character just does nothing for a solid 2-3 seconds with seemingly no obvious indication that he is even restricted in any way from attacking. In something like resident evil they make it completely obvious that the knife is pointless but in this game i really cant tell at all if its even intended to be a functional system or if its something you are supposed to only use as a last resort when ammo is gone because it feels like both. Aside from that one thing ive been loving it but jesus i dont get how more people dont talk about how confusingly god awful the melee is. It seems like a system that should be much less awkward than it actually is.
Mauricio Marquez
Mauricio Marquez 15 dager siden
Harry townsend?
Genya Arikado
Genya Arikado 15 dager siden
The music in these games are amazing. I have been listening to the soundtracks for over 15 years but i think SH1, 2 and 3 are overrated overall. I prefer Resident Evil 1,2 and 3 by a milestone.
motifcycle 18 dager siden
I still think people overall give the stilted voice acting too much of a pass, and ascribe nonexistent meaning to the amateur moments. There's too much dissonance between scenes for it to be fully intentional.
Zachary Goldberg
Zachary Goldberg 19 dager siden
I've long believed Silent Hill was a trial that the afflicted put themselves through. The various horrors and sights they experience is the town either punishing them or making them atone for some sin they have committed or help them through their grief/depression.
Chuky Uniqul
Chuky Uniqul 20 dager siden
harry townsend from silent hill 1? and no one is mentioning it? oof :(
BCJ1985 21 dag siden
Why oh why use footage from the HD remaster? It's also called Woodside Apartments, not Hillside Apartments.
the heartless gentleman
the heartless gentleman 21 dag siden
VAHAMANTLY, tf is that
Kaiser Nvtron
Kaiser Nvtron 23 dager siden
i love this game. but i got stuck in the prison... i couldn't figure out where to go
Yoshizora Rimi
Yoshizora Rimi 24 dager siden
Who is the white haired guy at 3:44 ?
Sqwdink 28 dager siden
I miss silent hill and I just found your videos and they help me fall for the games all over again! Thanks 🙏
Sam Kirk
Sam Kirk Måned siden
SPOILERS As somebody who deeply loves this game in particular, I have a real problem with people saying "avoid the HD rerelease." One of those reasons being that the bugs you mentioned were only present in the PS3 version, where as I can attest that the Xbox 360 version looks and plays almost one to one with the original release. However I did download it almost three years after launch so it may have been patched. Second I don't see how recasting the characters is in any way disrespectful. I never found the arguments about the awful voice acting to be particularly convincing. There is a part where the two pyramid heads impale Maria, and I swear James voice sounds so comical in the original casting, that it actually made me laugh out loud when I first heard it. At no point did it seem to convey any sort of emotion, and the original voices actually lessened the experience for me. I've also never seen anybody give a single source for the whole "they were trying to enter the uncanny valley" argument. The "problem" of the recast seems to only be a "problem" in that it injured fans nostalgia. Having said that people liking the original cast is no problem for me if it weren't for the toxic community shit talking pretty much anybody who chooses to play with the new ones. The new cast is by no means stellar, or even all that good, but they defiantly do not deserve all the hate they get. Lastly, nobody who doesn't own a PS2 is going to go on ebay and buy one just to play this game (Though it is damn near worth doing so). Telling them not to buy the only really readily available copy increases the chances that they will just pirate it. And SH2 doesn't deserve that. I agree that Konami is completely to blame for any and all problems with the release and that it does need a rerelease. One with the full code intact, on both platforms. But unfortunately Konami doesn't seem to be in the habit of making games anymore.
Walter Parker
Walter Parker Måned siden
So basically after watching for 26 minutes on this fantastic video game I've never played, but very mucho want to, I HAVE to play it on the original PS2 or Xbox. Smh bruh
Awesome juni
Awesome juni Måned siden
I always hate the "the gameplay is bad, and that's the point" nah you can make a character helpless while still having your game not laggy and crap in combat lol.
Already Dead
Already Dead Måned siden
Most of the biggest problem with the game is definitely the fact that it's older. The game benefits from some of this but a remaster that is well done would be so good. Music and story absolutely do not need changes. But some of the boss fights would also benefit from being more interesting and fun. More direction on where to go and puzzle fixes would be important too.
Happy SpaceInvader
Happy SpaceInvader Måned siden
I personally preferred the original Silent Hill; I enjoyed SH2, but it had a lesser impact on me than the first game.
Percy WONG
Percy WONG Måned siden
if I play silent hill 2 ima need some benzodiazepine (a drug that relaxes the muscles of a body)
Abdulrahman ِAlnahdi
Abdulrahman ِAlnahdi Måned siden
yeah there's a new silent hill... hope we can call it "the come back game".
Hunter Bless
Hunter Bless Måned siden
Harry Mason? 3:35
Rap Bot
Rap Bot Måned siden
Dillon Schieno
Dillon Schieno Måned siden
Damn good job!!!!
DJmelancholy Måned siden
Hey guys I have a deep passion for Silent Hill ever since I first played SH2 when I was in 9th grade. I love how the music is like no other music ever heard in video games. The atmosphere that it creates is un matched in survival horror games. If your a fan of Silent Hill music and atmosphere I create Silent Hill inspired background music for potential Silent Hill games in the future. I would really love for you guys to check my channel out and support myself and other artists who keep this style of music alive.
Koharu Måned siden
ThatVanceGuy Måned siden
The last act of this game is so mind blowingly good. The long hallways with James hearing Mary yell at him to go away then beg him to come back, followed by the silent (well, theres the sound of rain) ascending of the grated staircase towards your final confrontation of the demonic Maria. That whole segment is so powerful and its all because of timing and how whole game built up to this point. All was clear and we knew the truth and it was time for James to face the end. As the player, my heart was racing and the thick atmosphere at this point was almost overwhelming.
Calvin Ware
Calvin Ware Måned siden
While silent Hill homecoming makes it apparent the decision to improve combat came first, it makes sense the protagonist would be better since he thought he was a soldier.
raspymorten Måned siden
Super Old Patch Wolf
Tommy Mitchell
Tommy Mitchell Måned siden
I'm playing silent hill 2 on my 1st time I think I'm near the end now because I'm at the Lakeview hotel.... can safely say it's one of the best horror game experiences I've had ... very impressive for it's time also the fact it has 6 endings keeps it fresh
Outlaw 451
Outlaw 451 2 måneder siden
I do think this game is a master piece, and especially amazing for its time. But I feel like there isnt much about what happened with james and mary. I plaed this game when i was 12 or 13, and the first thing i guess alwss right. It doesnt take any time to figure out the what, and onece you get the the second major area it takes no time to figure out why.
Average Awesome
Average Awesome 2 måneder siden
that Lisa scene just messes with me something deep, its the sad string music, its the fact that its happening to Lisa arguably the only ray of sunshine in the foggy nightmare of Silent Hill, it how scared she is, its how even though she is almost falling apart but sort of struggles forward, its how here eyes look straight into you silently screaming for help, and its how she never reaches James, he backs away and she is ultimately alone in that horrifying moment
farson1612 2 måneder siden
Ah, the elevator scene. After all these years, thinking about it still gives me the creeps. Absolutely great analysis of the game, so glad I found this channel.
Jolfgard 2 måneder siden
Horror protagonists are written to carry us from scare to scare? If that statement is true, the only Stephen King book I've read is rather unusual.
Robin Klipple
Robin Klipple 2 måneder siden
For all the monsters and madness in Silent Hill 2, Eddie is the character AND madness that scares me the most!
Daniel Simas
Daniel Simas 2 måneder siden
I think i was 5 when I played this and even though I didnt speak English at the time and wasn't really aware of what the story was or what was happening, it's always stuck with me for some strange reason
Nolan Shrestha
Nolan Shrestha 2 måneder siden
its almost 2021 and I still think there should be a silent hill 2 remake
PotatoWeaver 2 måneder siden
Nice try, I know who Laurie is.
Rusti Fowler
Rusti Fowler 2 måneder siden
I’ve always thought of the additional characters as archetypes, each representing a different portion of James’s psyche.
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf 2 måneder siden
Your shemnue vids bought me here. Youre a fantastic youtuber. Subscribed
Jayfire129 2 måneder siden
We need a silent hill 2 remake
Dane 2 måneder siden
I know one reason why someone would want to play this game - because armin van buuren took the melody from this OST called Magdalene and made a tune called Intense.
Canis Lupus35
Canis Lupus35 2 måneder siden
4:53 ngl they all looked the same
Canis Lupus35
Canis Lupus35 2 måneder siden
Konami: *gives up and leaves the Silent Hill team alone* Silent Hill team: *creates a legendary game series* Konami: *visible confusion*
Keily S
Keily S 2 måneder siden
There are so many NOpostrs I admire so so much who produce super fun videos (Jack Septic Eye, Clleen Ballinger, The Try Guys, Good Mythical Morning, etc.) but it's not often that you come across one that makes really amazing quality work. And as someone who's studied animation, I love how you bring attention to what an incredible art form it is!
R-dogg XL
R-dogg XL 2 måneder siden
Why where you playing the hd collection version
paco ramon
paco ramon 2 måneder siden
4:52 They like them hlondes.
Happy SpaceInvader
Happy SpaceInvader 2 måneder siden
I preferred the original; better music (that often changed contextually), the more prevalent shifts between dark and light versions of building interiors. Silent Hill 2 felt a bit lacklustre in comparison. Also, some of the dialogue and voice acting in SH2 is truly cringeworthy. I suspect the people championing SH2 tend to be those too young to have played the original before the PS2 was launched, and are too harshly judging it on technical merits.
Davie Donna
Davie Donna 2 måneder siden
TRUMP 2020!!
Coreh Martinushkevich
Coreh Martinushkevich 2 måneder siden
Are you suggesting I replay this again soon? I should definitely do that... got so much going on- I will definitely play through 2 and 3 again. I always start for a chronological play but I played so much of 1 (getting the secrets and best ending) that I just get halfway and end up erasing over it the next time I play again. Idk. I'll get around to it I'm sure 👍 got some loose ends to tie up. Edit: Oh, and I never played through 4... I hate the extra clunky first person aspect that flips to third person. It... was sloppy :( it's just the facts. I can only barely get by watching my buddy play it. Even the enemies in SH4 were extra super cheesy. Like the ghosts in 360 Black Ops 3 when it launched... which is just a crack on Blops... but SH4 just can't hold my interest. Which sucks, I wanna know the story played out myself. One day. Maybe. Double Edit: Silent Hill 4 is the only game in the series that should be "remade" in my opinion. Actually. Some will disagree- but I think they could just smooth it out a bit better rather than just make some "HD Remaster" complete with an a**load of bugs... Don't touch the story at all. Just smooth out the experience and textures etc. Triple Edit: Really well done breakdown 👏 👍
Gappy 2 måneder siden
I really hope we get a remaster of this game that completely shows the horror of this game
Tibor Magyar
Tibor Magyar 2 måneder siden
IM really appreciate your work here, but maybe you should say in the beginning you may be spoiled something from other games. Like the third one.
Darkblueghosts universefire739
Darkblueghosts universefire739 2 måneder siden
Who else wishes that there was a CG cutscene with pyramid head only
พงษ์พันธุ์ โปรณะ
พงษ์พันธุ์ โปรณะ 3 måneder siden
Rethal = Building in dream
Jakub Bungingi
Jakub Bungingi 3 måneder siden
you sound like Chills
MonsterKyle 3 måneder siden
I think you give reason to bad gameplay and bad voice acting as intentional. Which is just not true what so ever and saying it's cause it's silent hill people are broken so there voices are broken too 😅 no dev had that idea in their head at any point whatsoever. Just cause you love something doesn't mean you have to try and make their flaws seem like plusses.
Voitto Lehti
Voitto Lehti 3 måneder siden
tbh silent hill 3 moment you mention I was pretty sure it's gonna shit me up so I was just running back up... u know cause fuck dogs :D
thelaughingrouge 3 måneder siden
The best psychological game ever made and one of the best games ever made period. Here's just a taste, you find the flashlight on a dress dummy dressed up like your dead wife. The light is pointed at you, it isn't until you take the light, pointing it elsewhere that the monsters appear. There's a TON of symbolism there.
Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus 3 måneder siden
Got the Restless Dreams version for Xbox, and my god I fell in love. This game brought me more indescribable feelings of happiness than the energy I could consume from a planet
Marie 3 måneder siden
I love this game ♥️
Spin 3 måneder siden
Although I have never played Silent hill, I believe this is one of your greatest videos. Its a shame that it doesn't have enough views.
Evilknightz 3 måneder siden
The problem with Silent Hill 2 is there are so many interpretations that the game pretty clearly doesn't mean...anything.
LAVATORR 3 måneder siden
For some reason, around the 25 minute mark the video keeps automatically looping back to 19:45, and I'm starting to wonder if Silent Hill has a much milder form that just annoys you on NOpost to punish you for minor sins.
TheSinisterProdigy 3 måneder siden
Hey guys if you have an iso of the ps2 silent hill backup you can now burn it onto a disc and patch it and play it like an original
TheSinisterProdigy 3 måneder siden
Good video until You dissing the re-release the way you did really shows how you dont understand anything about what happened behind the scenes or back then how ps2 code was deleted to save memory and teams had no choice but to work with that. The voice casting had to do with the og voice actors fighting against it.
Docni 3 måneder siden
After randomly watching your video because it got recommended to me out of nowhere, I couldn't stop thinking of Silent Hill 2 even though I hadn't even played it yet. The way you present this game as a phenomenal art piece stayed engraved in my mind and for some reason I just couldn't stop wondering why this game meant so much for so many people. I ended up caving in, got a ps2 emulator and played it and I never looked back. While the game really shows its age through outdated graphics, gameplay and voice acting, the pure idea of Silent Hill 2 touched me like no other game did. The themes, imagery and storylines all fit perfectly with one another to create a master class of storytelling unique to this game. It's now been six months since I've played Silent Hill 2 and yet I keep thinking about the flaming staircase scene, about the videotape scene. Angela, Eddie, Laura, Maria and especially James all live in my head rent free because of the lesson you can learn from their stories of trauma and guilt. I have to thank you for this video, for convincing me to give this game a try. Now I just wish I can find people to talk about this game with.
Steve Rudzinski
Steve Rudzinski 3 måneder siden
Uh yeah that's Chris Higgins from Friday 3 who dealt with a horrifying experience of sexual assault and possible rape. Something that locks her away from connecting on any true romantic or physical level as seen with her love interest genuine trying his best to be patient with her. This is exactly what drives her to return to Camp Crystal Lake, the area the assault took place, to battle against her inner demons and grow as a person. This becomes more literal when her assailant, Jason Voorhees, is also in the area and her internal battle very much becomes an external one. And it is quite the battle, Jason does not get his ass beat this hard again until he fights a supernatural telekinetic in part 7. And this obviously is because Chris is not only fighting for her life, but essentially her self. Her soul. To hurt the one who hurt her for so many years. Even if she doesn't know it immediately, there is more than one moment where instead of running she hurts Jason more just to hurt him. Unfortunately we are unclear how well this very literal battle to get her life back goes, as she is hysterical at the end of the film. But I like to think and hope that once she returns to relative safety, Chris was able to go on to have a wonderful life after battling her demons both figuratively and literally.
Dan Simpson
Dan Simpson 3 måneder siden
Really surface level takes, I'm sure cause this is and old video he's improved but tryig to tell us protagonists in horror writng are written without traits... and then giving us 4 movies.
Andre Martänz
Andre Martänz 3 måneder siden
oh god... you absolute bastard... the Lisa Garland scene is still so freaking heartbreaking
Omar B
Omar B 3 måneder siden
Take a shot everytime he says "dreaded" in this video
Q X 3 måneder siden
Make me
Phoenix 3 måneder siden
Thank you so much for this video. It was amazing.
Fluffle Nuggit
Fluffle Nuggit 3 måneder siden
Think the xbox disc will work on the Xbox Series X?
Spooky 3 måneder siden
Without Akira Yamaoka, this game would have been empty. I routinely play Res evil 2 and 3 while playing the soundtrack form the first 4 games.
Greenkai3000 3 måneder siden
Best Video Game ever!
Violet 3 måneder siden
I just finished Silent Hill 2 today. Now I am depressed.
Hari V
Hari V 3 måneder siden
You all must be so lucky for having born in this generation and having such a unique taste to love the silent hill franchise... this game is just absolute masterpiece
Soundless Room
Soundless Room 3 måneder siden
I really really wanted to hear how he says the ending and goes deeper into it I am so sad XD
Lola Joestar
Lola Joestar 3 måneder siden
twilight princess link in silent hill 2 would be interesting
DMT Infinity
DMT Infinity 3 måneder siden
Amazing video. But using Lorrie Strode in that example was not a good choice. Lol That's the character that transended the archetype of the "Final Girl". As far as the first Halloween movie goes anyway. Lol
DMT Infinity
DMT Infinity 3 måneder siden
And yes, I'm aware that I'm purposely missing the point. But that's my wifu you're referring to d@mn it..! 😭
Troy B
Troy B 3 måneder siden
Silent hill 2 was literally the masterpiece that set the gold standard for true phycological horror. It was the full fledged realization of a concept that made a spark in the first game. To this day I have yet to play a horror game that can compare. On a side note, I always thought that with the right directors, a film adaption of sh2 would be amazing
lumina 3 måneder siden
15:42 how funny, I'm at the entrance of the forest temple right now
James Grice
James Grice 4 måneder siden
"Remember that time by the lake?" "Ja............nd............its........fo..et....." ".............plea.......fu......chi...k..." James: *sigh* " maybe i do need a nap... ooooh, brown chair.... console crt.... come to pa- *GAABOOOOM*
ExplosiveSlimMan 4 måneder siden
"Never been in a single fight in his entire life." Cough cough dog ending cough shirtless James cough cough
The Mynor
The Mynor 4 måneder siden
The gameplay looks too dated for my taste. However, the story has fascinated me for years and I've watched playthroughs and watch analysis videos all the time. Hopefully we get a great Silent Hill again someday
sniggelbob 4 måneder siden
One of the things I love most about James is how realistic of a character he is. He did a horrific thing and he did it for selfish reasons. But he also did it for good reasons and I'd say that what he did was (ultimately) best for everyone involved, at least consequentially speaking.
Zander Wolfe
Zander Wolfe 4 måneder siden
Silent Hill I have to little experience with and cant get my hands on the games, at least not yet. I will say though I have researched them, watched gameplay, seen the movies (no matter how bad some say the movies are), and oh GOD have I listened to the music, so much... It will always hold a special place in my heart because I know how utterly perfect it is, but before I ever knew about Silent Hill I was playing Outlast countless times over and over because of it's music and interesting setting. An asylum, almost exclusively indoors and NEVER ONCE do you exit the walls and gates around that asylum. I played it so many times I have it entirely mapped out from memory, along with many other parts of the game I know from heart, it feels like home to me, like I wish Silent Hill did, and I am sure Silent Hill feels like home to some. Overall both games are a masterpiece in my eyes, and both hold a special place in my heart. I would also like to note, and I am not sure if anyone would agree with me on this, but Majora's Mask, the Legend of Zelda game, to some extents in specific moments, gives off a similar ,eerie yet comforting and calming vibe a lot like Silent Hill does at times, including the music. They both have a melancholy, hopeless, purgatory vibe.
ETBH 4 måneder siden
Why does he talk the way he talks?
Q X 3 måneder siden
@ETBH If I see him I'll ask
ETBH 3 måneder siden
@Q X Ask him for me please
Q X 3 måneder siden
How would we know
Tailgate Owlbear
Tailgate Owlbear 4 måneder siden
I’ve always liked the idea of Silent Hill being like a better and more sinister version of Jigsaw. That it draws in people who are being crushed under the weight of their demons and forces the person to literally face them or be torn asunder. Having the town acting like a crucible rather than a grave and the location a dualistic nature of benevolence and malice is what I find so fascinating about the location.
Kyle White
Kyle White 4 måneder siden
I love how the mist was originally used to cover up the terrible draw distance on PS1 & they only went and made it part of the game & part of the atmosphere of silent hill!
Harry Sanders
Harry Sanders 4 måneder siden
Harry Mason! Harry Mason was in SH1 Sir! Not Harry Townshend :)
Skeleton bones
Skeleton bones 4 måneder siden
I bought the game to rediscover my past I plan on going on the journey threw 2 and 3. Its been a while and I want to play it again so I'm gonna do just that
Juan Ibarra
Juan Ibarra 4 måneder siden
The way the lighting is used in cutscenes make the models look eerie I seriously love it they look so life like it adds to the allure to me
yonos007 4 måneder siden
Lucky for you that Kojima and Ito are working together to bring you "Spooky Town" now.
Álvaro Sánchez Leache
Álvaro Sánchez Leache 4 måneder siden
The PC version is not so difficult to fix, the webpage of the mod project lets you download a package with all the mods and a tutorial, it takes maybe twenty minutes to patch it and then it's really good, with wide-screen support and the original 60FPS cutscenes, as well as the dense fog from the PS2 version. Only the soft shadows are missing really.
MrSmileyFaceGames 4 måneder siden
Combo attacks and quicker attacks in silent hill homecoming actually fed back into the narrative of homecoming like James attacks fed back into his narrative. Alex in homecoming is someone who is coming back from fighting in a war to find that his home town is different and filled with monsters. So it actually does make sense for Alex's attacks to be a bit more fluid and easier to execute since he undoubtedly has combat experience. Despite the low points of the game, I did enjoy homecoming, and I was able to see how the fighting style of your character still fed back in to the narrative of the game just like team silent did with silent hill 2. Unrelated: Promise Reprise is still one of my favorite songs of all time. I sometimes still listen to it on loop when I am writing. Also unrelated: I was wondering why I saw that freaky unusual ripple effect on the ocean when I replayed the series in HD. I was confused why that ripple effect was showing up in that version but it was buggier game with beta assets .
JT Markham
JT Markham 4 måneder siden
Henry Townshend is not in Silent Hill 1 that's Harry mason
Harry Sanders
Harry Sanders 4 måneder siden
He even mixed it up: Harry Townshend :D . Simple misspoke, no big deal, but I also felt the urge to clear it up
Kaiser00Wilhelm 4 måneder siden
There was a comment here. It's gone now.
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