Food Theory: Never Order McDonald's Medium Fries!

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4 måneder siden

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Fries are one of the best foods, especially fast food fries. From McDonald's and Burger King to Wendy's and Arby's, there are TONS of options to chow down on our favorite fried potato treat. Today, I want to figure out how to get the MOST out of my order of fries. Which restaurant gives me the most fries for my money and are their order sizes a TRICK to make us spend more on less food? I volunteered to eat my way through to the answer!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editor: Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Drew Walls
Drew Walls 4 måneder siden
Theory: MatPat only created Food Theory so he could buy his lunch and file it as a business expense for the tax benefit
Hitler 5 dager siden
Well, it would depend what he would pay for the food for what he gets paid to pay for that food and eat it. So is it really a tax benefit, probably yea
Sela Sleiman
Sela Sleiman 6 dager siden
@Touya Todoroki ikr xD
President Yeet
President Yeet 11 dager siden
@The Food Theorists lol
Arun Salunke
Arun Salunke 11 dager siden
Yes I knew that through my history class
the bombdefuser
the bombdefuser 27 dager siden
Uh yes big word uhhh taxes uhhhhhh calories yes I get this
Luis Roberto Maciel 78610
Luis Roberto Maciel 78610 2 minutter siden
Stop get some help
Ryan Toth
Ryan Toth 8 timer siden
holy crap I have those 2 exact toys(oh wait the full set) , the nostalgia hit hard
RAYANE let's go
RAYANE let's go 8 timer siden
It's fryday from annoying orange
Beowulf Peppers
Beowulf Peppers 13 timer siden
who else likes the floppy fries from mcdonalds???
Damian Thomas
Damian Thomas 15 timer siden
I like steak cut fries
Dakota Schock
Dakota Schock 19 timer siden
Who wants to sign a petition for Diet Coke to sponsor MatPat
Fakwas Dag siden
How bored are you to do something like this?!!??!11?!?!!
Dne1301 Dag siden
The annoying intro was about all I could stand... Thanks but no thanks..
Mason DuBois
Mason DuBois Dag siden
I sympathize with Dan the Editor. I myself don't like fry sauce that much but there's nothing wrong with liking it. (I live in Idaho and the famous joint with fry sauce is Arctic Circle, and it's the third best fast food chain in my opinion below Arby's (second) and In-and-Out Burger (first))
Simon Henhoeffer
Simon Henhoeffer Dag siden
Not large enough sample sizing should have bought multiple of each size from different locations and averaged it out.
Chris Watered Down BBQ
Chris Watered Down BBQ Dag siden
What am I doing with my life?
Amy Michels
Amy Michels Dag siden
Mat pat I meant
Amy Michels
Amy Michels Dag siden
Amy Michels
Amy Michels Dag siden
I meant Mat pat
Autumn Dag siden
So, I know you said local sizes and prices. And this is 4 months late but 5 guys has a sack of fries. They ask you if you're "sure" you want that.
Wesley Hammond
Wesley Hammond Dag siden
14:02 genius. Absolutely genius
Leszczu1483 Dag siden
the prices per gram must be wrong. they might be per 10 or per 100 gram
Jonty Hodgson
Jonty Hodgson Dag siden
Anyone notice Tango Tek’s intro music playing?
Jonty Hodgson
Jonty Hodgson Dag siden
New channel: NOpostr theory, finding out if there are multiple Ryan Georges, what are the best strategies that NOpostrs use, why certain NOpostrs collab.
Jonty Hodgson
Jonty Hodgson Dag siden
gh0st Dag siden
I was in Junior High when I lived in Idaho. This was the FIRST time I ever even heard of "fry sauce." And I didn't think it was just an Idaho thing until nobody else I spoke with understood what I was talking about. Best sauce ever.
Leonardo Necaula
Leonardo Necaula Dag siden
Wait u did not talk about mc donalds
Leonardo Necaula
Leonardo Necaula Dag siden
Why did u not do kfc?
Cardcreature120 2 dager siden
Drew walls. Another theory is that food theory is for matpat to just eat food
scorpioninpink 2 dager siden
Medium Fries is great for Business but really, you add like 5-10 strands of fries there and you pay for more. Why do I know? I used to work there.
Fury 2 dager siden
This new channel is just an excuse for Matpat to eat food for revenue and I dig it
Sara Akume
Sara Akume 2 dager siden
I may be the only one who watches Matpat and Mithzan but I hear Mithzan's end screen music at 7:31
Freddy Fazbear130
Freddy Fazbear130 2 dager siden
Does anyone else wonder why Slim Chickens and Chicken Express sell fries with their chicken?
Angel Najera
Angel Najera 2 dager siden
May pat is exposing everyone out here
Knight Night 09
Knight Night 09 2 dager siden
Where the fries at the end?
Shannan Coulter
Shannan Coulter 2 dager siden
I used to work for Arby's for a little bit and yeah the way we pack fries is, fries get put in the bag at the same time we stuff the bag so we scoop to fill, and sometimes as we fill it goes in the bag even sometimes overflowing into the bag itself and the times that happen are more in a medium because large fits enough and a small is a small amount while a med. is like a scoop and more so more end up in the fry cup.
Syar Light
Syar Light 2 dager siden
Goodtimeswithscar's super fast time lapse music!!!
MrAnip __
MrAnip __ 2 dager siden
5:53 So basically a mass balance? (I am British BTW so...)
Gerard Wentworth
Gerard Wentworth 2 dager siden
🎵 Friday! Friday! Gotta Get My *Candy* On Friday! 🎵
Jamie Bailey
Jamie Bailey 2 dager siden
I would have expected burger king. There are no chic file or arby's anywhere near my home in South East Connecticut lol
Fabian 3 dager siden
Matpat can science-roast the crap out of Lays Chips
Sky NightZ
Sky NightZ 3 dager siden
Depends where you are. When I worked at McDonalds (UK) I can garuntee that regular fries were way smaller than medium based purely on how the fry scoop would fit. With regular you could do one pass. But with medium you kinda have to shake the scoop up and down against the medium container. I don't think the US has an auto fry maker so I would presume it's the same there.
My Name
My Name 3 dager siden
Charger ples
Charger ples 3 dager siden
animato YT
animato YT 3 dager siden
Stop making me feel old with the intro
Really Fast Turtle
Really Fast Turtle 3 dager siden
Cade Cook
Cade Cook 3 dager siden
Grilled cheese
S W 3 dager siden
im so happy i have the seal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Jade Beau
Jade Beau 3 dager siden
you were a little off key during the Friday referece
PNC Greenfield
PNC Greenfield 3 dager siden
matpat: "Can i get one of every size? But can they be in different bags?" worker's mind: "Wut?"
luchia4tom Dag siden
see normally i'd agree but with covid they probably just thought social distance friend meet up? or something like that QAQ and now i've just made myself sad T^T i miss B.C. (before covid) TT.TT
Kodi Latham
Kodi Latham 3 dager siden
Now I want chips
Mega 4 dager siden
i think game theory gave me nightmare's or paranoia or something cuz the hello neighbour video gave me satanic worry's #MATPATJUSTMAKEYOURVIDEOSLESSMYSTERIOUS
Jennifer Thissell
Jennifer Thissell 4 dager siden
I recognize that 8 bit carcter holding a nugget ITS NUGGET FROM THE GAME KINDERGARTEN also I do post vids theory plz give me a shoutout I would love it
Cody Natof
Cody Natof 4 dager siden
What were the other two of five?
82bnelly 4 dager siden
I think you could do a video similar to this pertaining to drink size with ice in the cup. I think with larger sizes, more ice is going to take up the volume in the cup and the amount of beverage in the cup will be reduced. May not be as good of a deal as we think.
Taaxi Caab
Taaxi Caab 4 dager siden
As someone that has not eaten drive thru food since 2006, I wholly appreciated it :)
Taaxi Caab
Taaxi Caab 4 dager siden
Glad they didn't use In N Out.. I hate to see anyone choke down those pieces of cardboard masquerading as french fries..
Taaxi Caab
Taaxi Caab 4 dager siden
5 Guys would be a bad indicator, as they dump an extra scoop or 2 of fries into the bag, along with the fry container...
Don Sullivan
Don Sullivan 5 dager siden
Fun fact and story, I once ordered a small and medium drink from burger king. I accidentally put the small cup drink in my medium cup, so I poured the drink into the small cup. I was expecting the small cup to overflow so I tried to keep the flow really slow, and I felt real dumb when I saw that the filled medium cup perfectly filled the small cup. This was 2 years ago.
me just a normal kid
me just a normal kid 5 dager siden
I actually think that matpat is like Einsteins young cousin
BoardinQuarantine *
BoardinQuarantine * 5 dager siden
In the Philippines, they served Happy Meals with Coke
Deadly cow
Deadly cow 5 dager siden
Watching him do math makes me somehow feel smart. Just me? Okay
KeiHatsumeX 10
KeiHatsumeX 10 5 dager siden
I love jollibee.......because I'm a filipino
KC 5 dager siden
Boom boy Lags
Boom boy Lags 5 dager siden
I LOVE MCDONALDS if there is another Theory you can make
Nicole Gilbert
Nicole Gilbert 5 dager siden
My class literally loves to song that Friday song just to annoy our teacher.. I have to deal with it every Friday..
Olivia Goss
Olivia Goss 5 dager siden
I like fry sauce but it don't live in Idaho but I live in Montana so I guess it's close mayonnaise and ketchup oh yeah👁👄👁😂
Awsometime 5 dager siden
The first 25 seconds almost made me stop watching
Hitler 5 dager siden
All you need are curly fries and aioli sauce for a masterpiece
Hitler 5 dager siden
I prefer the hogsbreath curly fries
Hitler 5 dager siden
I like how you put the fuller house in the background when you talked about the 90s
cookie pie
cookie pie 6 dager siden
My food😿(🍟×)
Da chocolate gal
Da chocolate gal 6 dager siden
**Me who uses both sauces and mixes them together** : 👁️👄👁️ I like the taste of the mix okay?- or ketchup and gravy ;W;
Mechelle Julie
Mechelle Julie 6 dager siden
Logan H
Logan H 6 dager siden
i would be fine with lettuce in my happy meal i love lettuce its the only thing thats not a fruit i like
Mike Hawkinermouth
Mike Hawkinermouth 6 dager siden
Only og's remember Fatpat.
panzer blitz
panzer blitz 7 dager siden
Don't worry its a horrible song u won't get copyright
4 7 dager siden
What high school teachers think were going to do with math
Joe Sonnier
Joe Sonnier 7 dager siden
Any rason cans Sorry if I said it wrong
Mateo Arellano
Mateo Arellano 7 dager siden
Fun fact in and out is the best fast food place it is proven by science I did my own experiment it is true not true
Thomas F.
Thomas F. 7 dager siden
Pals is the best, only Eastern Tennesseans understand
Raghad Hassan
Raghad Hassan 7 dager siden
I think now I know when I'm making a channel I'm making spongebob sing a frie song >:)
jbsmith966 7 dager siden
better yet , save money by not ordering the fries. Most of the time the fries are of the undercooked old cold sit there until sold and salted with an empty salt shaker. IF you get get fresh , hot , properly cooked fries salted with a salt shaker that actually has salt in it , it is by accident.
The new fries in cleveland is the Basket of fries
Plushie World
Plushie World 7 dager siden
I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove McDonald’s
Cyrus Sanders
Cyrus Sanders 8 dager siden
I started to watch this until I got too hungry.
Lewis Birch
Lewis Birch 8 dager siden
its called yield control and customers are stupid. 2x small fries should be exactly 1 x large at mc donalds. underfilling is something they encourage
Gacha Rhi
Gacha Rhi 8 dager siden
I mainly love the song at the begging
Cosmos 8 dager siden
This makes me want pommes frites rn
Daniel Jensen
Daniel Jensen 8 dager siden
All the squares make a circle
Mark Washbush
Mark Washbush 8 dager siden
Rivera Animation
Rivera Animation 8 dager siden
Where is the respect for Jack In The Box !!!!
Keith Schu
Keith Schu 8 dager siden
Everyone knows that Jack in the box has better curly fries than arby's.
Tavianne McShane
Tavianne McShane 8 dager siden
3:43 WAIT IS IDAHO THE ONLY PLACE THAT HAS IT? Brooo I love my fry sauce bro! Reason 1 I’m staying here forever
CrimsonStoned 8 dager siden
In high school I had ap stats and did a test on all the local mcdonalds and found that the average wieght to price of the fries was equal among all sizes. We did samples of 20 from each of the 5 McDonalds in town so like 20s 20m 20l each. I couldn't eat fries for months after this project just because i grew up in a houshold that didn't waste food...
CrimsonStoned 8 dager siden
If anyone is interested in my case study i can be better edumaicated in response as im sure i have the research from highschool somewhere in one of my drives.
Brent Robinson
Brent Robinson 8 dager siden
I worked at a McDonald’s and we were told to pack the large fries more than the other sizes
OneMinuteMusic / / SemolionGaming
OneMinuteMusic / / SemolionGaming 8 dager siden
Poor Dan
Twitty Yong
Twitty Yong 8 dager siden
As an Arby's employee, I can definitely say there's less in a large because it is hard to fill the large all the way up, you'd have to smash the fries more to get more in the cup. The medium is a perfect size to get the most.
maeko kuri
maeko kuri 8 dager siden
Why u should do : not buy fries on fast food but the one is on packs like that has a bunch then you can enjoy fries 😎🍷
Darkeklaw 9 dager siden
MatPat: We're not doing Carl's Jr, because they don't have em here... And Hardee's is a different franchise.. NO THEY AREN'T....... The only reason they are still called Hardee's is for Brand Loyalty... They rock the exact same menu. They are the same company.
Memes420 9 dager siden
Don’t worry matpat your not that old, I’m 13 and I got the reference
Quack Yeets
Quack Yeets 9 dager siden
Big theory: Mat Pat made theory Channels to buy or get the things he wants like Games,Movies,Food. Credit to the person Pinned
Zander Plays
Zander Plays 9 dager siden
Can we all just give a moment to realize how great MatPat is at math?
Splaxie 9 dager siden
He is indeed amazing
Dinopigeon Peep
Dinopigeon Peep 9 dager siden
What about Jack in the box?
Nomad 9 dager siden
Pfft you should have gone to Texas
Renelli Gwyneth Columbres
Renelli Gwyneth Columbres 9 dager siden
All the dislikes are the employees from Arby’s
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