I played in every single Rocket League server (EXTREME LAG CHALLENGE)

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2 måneder siden

Playing in every single Rocket League server region is a challenge of its own, nevermind the lag, toxicity, and sucking at the game to boot.
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SunlessKhan 2 måneder siden
NOpostr: makes typo Commenter: it's my time to shine! Don't forget to submit to Rocket Leagues Got Talent! I wanna see some good submissions
LIAM MASON Time siden
Travis Starks
Travis Starks 19 timer siden
I have 500 ping and I am a GC
kimberly studds
kimberly studds 3 dager siden
What state do you live in
Mantinga RIINGAA
Mantinga RIINGAA 8 dager siden
Is what I said acceptable
Mantinga RIINGAA
Mantinga RIINGAA 8 dager siden
I have a replay on my ps4 so that’s why I’m asking if I share play you to see my replay
Isabel Alvarez
Isabel Alvarez Time siden
I hav 500 ping yo 990
Jeffrey James
Jeffrey James 3 timer siden
At 14:02 he sounds so different
H Stordy
H Stordy 6 timer siden
5:50 sunless was playing radius
Nainoa Ahmu
Nainoa Ahmu 13 timer siden
When he said haboga boaga boaga can I get a sign 😂😂😂😂😂
kj da bom
kj da bom 15 timer siden
Ayyyyyy he said my name ayyyyyyy
Xd Tossing
Xd Tossing 23 timer siden
video starts at 1.48 jk sunless this a joke
Demon Bullet
Demon Bullet Dag siden
I once got 967 ping on my home server
Phasma_Rokas Dag siden
04:07 he sound like kelvingts
tha kid Cian 2 colouring sandbox
tha kid Cian 2 colouring sandbox Dag siden
I dont have talent :(
HUE Colin
HUE Colin Dag siden
As a switch player I can confirm the 100 ping in recommended
Wiktor Lewandowski
Wiktor Lewandowski Dag siden
Me just chilling on rl with 900 ping
Mohammed Hassan
Mohammed Hassan Dag siden
In middle east server the ball said nah I ain't going in fam
King Frog
King Frog Dag siden
No wonder europe is the superior region
Basketball Boomer
Basketball Boomer Dag siden
My maximum amount of ping I’ve had is 990
Basketball Boomer
Basketball Boomer Dag siden
It’s funny I’m usually on like 100-400 ping and its fine and he is complaining about 150
Z Bot123
Z Bot123 Dag siden
Who else has 900 ping in their home than him in Europe
Yeezydude boiguy
Yeezydude boiguy 2 dager siden
The nutty squid disturbingly drop because north america electronmicroscopically harm excluding a earsplitting pediatrician. fluttering, helpless mall
Frederick Ayres
Frederick Ayres 2 dager siden
"I guess they go backwards" I got that reference!!!
Pikos Apikos
Pikos Apikos 2 dager siden
This is why I always use the "Disconnected" amtena.
Manna Singh
Manna Singh 2 dager siden
3:57 Modi is India's PM (prime minister)
bobmortock 2 dager siden
"Aisa east" lolol
Evan Griffiths
Evan Griffiths 2 dager siden
If sm1 calls sm1 dog they mean dogsh*t
DinoFang 2 dager siden
Sunless:200 PING IM LAGGING Me:500 PING THATS AMAZZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
M a y x i m
M a y x i m 3 dager siden
Making Homework and waching you Vids are the Best!🤩👍🏻
Mystic Expert
Mystic Expert 3 dager siden
Me: *plays on my actual region* Also me: *300 ping* Just goes to show how bad my internet is
walux 3 dager siden
"kjkjkj" is the most way we laugh here in Brazil
124friendme 3 dager siden
I score on 200 ping and don’t care yet when someone else scores with 150 ping it’s crazy
Aaron Jansen van Rensburg
Aaron Jansen van Rensburg 3 dager siden
i live in south Africa and have 5 ping
Boka Plays
Boka Plays 4 dager siden
You played on SA, I'm gonna tell all my friends
Kenakiller 06
Kenakiller 06 4 dager siden
10:38 anyone else hear the bark
Jacob Dyne
Jacob Dyne 4 dager siden
I get 155 ping on my closest server as an average
yousef ali
yousef ali 4 dager siden
Fun fact always the servers are a car
ErCapoAlex GamesGalaxyit
ErCapoAlex GamesGalaxyit 4 dager siden
JSH 5 dager siden
So your telling me I could run into sunless on my home server us east NO WAY
ieatSushi 5 dager siden
“My ping isn’t that bad what is it 195” Me: 195??
Fudge King2342
Fudge King2342 5 dager siden
13:25 reee master has 0 ping
WezxCM 5 dager siden
Anyone realise on oceanic servers he came up against radius
Emil Serup Dahl
Emil Serup Dahl 5 dager siden
This is the ping I gotta live with every day
Keshava Nair
Keshava Nair 5 dager siden
AISA-EAST ?!?!?!?!?!
Kwo 5 dager siden
sup from South Africa
mohamed ayman
mohamed ayman 5 dager siden
this is mad biased tho
Liam Jaeb
Liam Jaeb 5 dager siden
4:07 he really used the Mertzy accent 😂
Solar Flare
Solar Flare 5 dager siden
This may sound like a lie but very game I start with I always have ping bad ping
Samuel Vargas
Samuel Vargas 6 dager siden
“He’s mad in Japanese”
Alo Pahkel
Alo Pahkel 6 dager siden
What tf is Aisa it is Asia sunless
Spuddy 6 dager siden
Big up South Africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦
ッToni 6 dager siden
U played with radius! HE is a Big OCE ytber
100% Asian
100% Asian 6 dager siden
I play rocket league on 200+ ping daily this is just normal to me
Max Garlinge
Max Garlinge 7 dager siden
Bruv I'm from the UK and get 160ms upto 900ms and he gets 120 from the US... huh
im good at gaoly add me plz
mrstealyourgirl YT
mrstealyourgirl YT 7 dager siden
im in oce n everyone is toxic n diamond is like ssl coz we all sweaty
JR JayBird
JR JayBird 7 dager siden
Sunless: *Plays on different servers and gets lag* Me: *Plays on closest recommended server and get lag* Hmm makes sense
Derki †
Derki † 7 dager siden
yeah EU have toixic guys, and i dont like it in RL because someone score goal to 0:1 and he is alredy saying "What a save!" :(
SmokeZ 7 dager siden
No way u played with my best friend in south africa but he is silwer so his dumb ass didnt recognize u
Angel barrera
Angel barrera 7 dager siden
it is funny how he thinks 200 ping is a lot if my friends ping for normal is 999 😆😂😆😂imagen that
MR STORM 8 dager siden
Btw British people joke a lot... by saying things that you call toxic😂
Kenzie Brady
Kenzie Brady 8 dager siden
i play rocket league on pc
OGsnert 8 dager siden
i have always lag ):
Ollie Pudner
Ollie Pudner 8 dager siden
I like how sunless is still way better than me when he is on South America servers XD
Yaboy Ferg
Yaboy Ferg 8 dager siden
As somebody who plays in EU servers it is very toxic
izJordyGaming 8 dager siden
if a region has lower amount of players.. doesn't that make it much easier to get grandchamp lol, u can technically be a diamond player and reach GC cause the server doesn't have enough variety of good players
mr random
mr random 8 dager siden
well do u think that bad just wait until u see my internet its soooooo bad :(
BIG E 8 dager siden
Me laughing with 2 mbps download and 335.7 kpbs upload.
Ju1ce 8 dager siden
Wolf 🐺
Win Tutorials
Win Tutorials 8 dager siden
In eu servers you’ll find two types of people: super wholesome or super toxic I’m super wholesome
Nobody 6 dager siden
What a save
Potatoes 8 dager siden
Stupid challenge if you axe me. Which is the best region excluding lag should be the challange.
Danika Tait
Danika Tait 9 dager siden
Omg im so excited u were exited to play in south african server like omg
Danika Tait
Danika Tait 9 dager siden
If only you played a bit later you would've ran into our toxic guys that we all love in south africa🖐️😌
Dgiosh Dãn
Dgiosh Dãn 9 dager siden
one more time people showing that Brazil's connection has ever been a big trashcan
George Holland
George Holland 9 dager siden
Sunless: I scored with 155 ping! Me: cries in 700 ping
Craig Day
Craig Day 9 dager siden
I get 500 ping every match I’m Gold 3 Division 2
Ermele 9 dager siden
i live in europe but i´ve never met so funny rl players xD
Sam Bam
Sam Bam 9 dager siden
Do every game mode
Stagnant Water
Stagnant Water 9 dager siden
Now do it all at the same time
thomas wall
thomas wall 9 dager siden
Am I the only person that realised he played against pwr radius on oce
EpicXPGaming 74
EpicXPGaming 74 9 dager siden
Me realizing that I live in the same region as Sunless but will most likely never meet him in-game due to me being in high silver/low gold
Cyclic Bacon
Cyclic Bacon 9 dager siden
Sunless: gets tapped. Sunless’s car: I will initiate self destruct.
Cyclic Bacon
Cyclic Bacon 9 dager siden
155 is not bad. I have at least 550 every match on my best region. Lol
Trevor Lima
Trevor Lima 9 dager siden
Sunless : MVP by 2 points “I carried”
Fuse tombzy
Fuse tombzy 10 dager siden
Eu servers are mostly toxic
Zoomsday007 10 dager siden
for me, 155 lag is very good
Nugget Eric Productions
Nugget Eric Productions 10 dager siden
Onestly who are the people disliking?
Harry Byrnes
Harry Byrnes 10 dager siden
I’m from Ireland and me and my friends were playing together on recommended server we ended up playing in Japan for an hour
Erase Lazar
Erase Lazar 10 dager siden
When he played Europe I was like welcome to my world
Tim Fanning
Tim Fanning 10 dager siden
Play a game but use golf scoring. Or a golf type game. You're a smart guy... yeeaahh golf rocket league
Leo Hope
Leo Hope 11 dager siden
Can you add me sunless
Sebastián Reyes
Sebastián Reyes 11 dager siden
Lol I’am From chile and we play with 120 of ping a server for Chile
Eyad Hesham
Eyad Hesham 11 dager siden
If you are sunless how are you alive
JOconde 11 dager siden
i play in europe and this is the most toxic server
Gatlin Servis
Gatlin Servis 11 dager siden
You should make rocket has talent a series don’t have to give our money tho
Floor Burrito
Floor Burrito 11 dager siden
Has 1 more goal than teammate: "I carried!"
Chris Dag siden
mad eu kid noises
Sir. Taco
Sir. Taco 4 dager siden
@Ice Wolf I think he was just giving an example
Ice Wolf
Ice Wolf 5 dager siden
@75hrtz who tf asked about fort?
Forever P90
Forever P90 6 dager siden
The thing is that I was playin and my tm8 would steal every goal I would have had and they would claim to "carry"
75hrtz 7 dager siden
same on fort
JuicyRed Mango
JuicyRed Mango 12 dager siden
this ''disaster" sounded soooooo german😂
Orsum 12 dager siden
His highest lag is what I play with every day
Lize McDonald
Lize McDonald 12 dager siden
i waited the until the end for my region
Pxlse 12 dager siden
I know this is a couple months old but i win every kickoff in 1s and im high silver-low gold.
ViolableFilly5 A
ViolableFilly5 A 12 dager siden
HAHAHA 150 ping we should have a competition for the highest so I can finally be good at something
Kayden Pierre
Kayden Pierre 12 dager siden
My ping is like up to 999 sometimes in my recommended server 😂
Sarcastic Duck
Sarcastic Duck 12 dager siden
imagine changing servers and carrying with 300 ping just to take down people who use ping as excuses for mistakes
Maz 64
Maz 64 12 dager siden
I tried to play rocket league and I had 1124 ping and disconnected 2 minutes later
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Game Night Stereotypes
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Ganger 5 mill
Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license (Official Video)
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