Debunking MatPat's Hollow Knight Theory

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Wow, my first response video. I guess I'm finally a real NOpostr now. It's all downhill from here!
This is a response to the new Game Theorists video discussing a theory about Team Cherry's Hollow Knight. Overall, I was not impressed. Join me as we dig into MatPat's arguments and, who knows, maybe the real theory will be the friends we make along the way.
Game Theory: The Secret Identity of Hollow Knight's Hero (Hollow Knight):
My theory on the King's Pass tablets:
Video Script/List of Songs/Sources:
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Special thanks to Serena, Katie & 56 for creating the Debug mod. Very useful!
Video Chapters
0:00 Spoiler Warning
0:05 Introduction
3:27 MatPat's Claim
4:57 The Knight is a Higher Being
10:53 Elegy For Hallownest
14:09 Elderbug
17:08 Other NPC Interactions
20:51 Wyrm Transformation
22:41 Pale King and the Void
25:47 Throne Room Egg
28:42 Abyss Egg
31:05 Abyss Cutscene
33:45 Nursury Song
34:57 MatPat's Timeline
38:26 Ignoring other evidence
39:19 "No cost too great"
39:46 King's Brand
41:06 Curing Infection
41:59 Monarch Wings
42:12 "...Father?..."
43:03 Final Recap
44:50 MatPat is a cool guy
45:39 Outro

mossbag 10 måneder siden
4:50 I want to clear something up since so many people seem to misinterpret this sentence and then leave a comment before watching the rest of the video. I say "You literally see the Knight with the Pale King in the same room" while showing the Abyss cutscene. I am not saying that the Knight is standing right next to the Pale King. The Vessel next to the Pale King is the Hollow Knight. But the Knight is still "in the same room", it's the Vessel hanging off the ledge. In other words, both characters are in the same place at the same time. At 28:53 in the video, I go more in depth about this issue, so please watch that section to get a better idea of how I interpret this scene.
Dark the Demon
Dark the Demon 2 dager siden
@Michelle Crouse you have to use The dream nail to get that cut scene. So yes its a memory
Michelle Crouse
Michelle Crouse 2 dager siden
I’m really dumb and just got finished with the White Palace, but isn’t that just a memory? I mean the Abyss scene, isn’t that young THK? Pls don’t hate me I’m genuinely curious
FFKonoko 3 dager siden
@JakeSpacePirate E how dare he try to be funny, the worst crime of all
Heckrum 14 dager siden
@Crimson Gaming the pale king has a piece of the kingsoul, which symbolizes the children of the pale king and white lady. it turning into the void heart is symbolizing the vessels turning into void based creatures. the PK didn't make the void heart. or at least i think that's what it is.
Dark the Demon
Dark the Demon 18 dager siden
@JakeSpacePirate E dude just cill it’s just for fun
The MemeMan
The MemeMan Time siden
I call the hollow knight he so I can imprint onto it and feel special for once
Otto Davis-Octane
Otto Davis-Octane 4 timer siden
9:12 I'm no expert in making out blurry videos, but are you using the music video of "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley?
Starthing 125
Starthing 125 4 timer siden
Everyone here talking about Hornet giving off void particles, yet here I stand asking the important questions. 4:10 Why the fuck are the knight's arms on the OUTSIDE of the cloak?
YellowLink10 5 timer siden
I think what the whispering root in the Ancestral Mound means when it says "Spiral focus" is that the Snail Shaman focuses soul into the vengeful spirit spell through the spiral motion he/she makes with their staff.
Nate Switzer
Nate Switzer 11 timer siden
9:07 thats never gonna give you up but censored. i love youtube
Detective Pikachu
Detective Pikachu 13 timer siden
After the poem I saw a reflection of myself off of the screen. *I’m the Pale King*
Hugh Murphy
Hugh Murphy 17 timer siden
Someone has to stand up against this monster, someone has to tear his fu-, oh wait he gave me a shoutout - mossbag 2019
walter gamble
walter gamble Dag siden
mossbag already ended mat pats career in the 10:00 minute mark
Nathan Villarreal
Nathan Villarreal Dag siden
9:07 he got me
Mackenzy Webb
Mackenzy Webb Dag siden
Fuck you
Alessandro Verganti
Alessandro Verganti Dag siden
Ok everything is fine in this video EXCEPT that the decameron IS better than the canterbury tales in every way you can't change my mind
The Red duke
The Red duke Dag siden
It’s convincing if you haven’t watched hollow knight videos or played hollow knight but really near anything could have been convincing in that situation
eternal bone
eternal bone Dag siden
At this point, thinking the player is a reincarnation of the Pale King is Hollow Knight’s equivalent of thinking the Earth is flat.
luka lux
luka lux 2 dager siden
Gorb is always an answer
luka lux
luka lux 2 dager siden
Wait a second infected eyes of the weavers in his intro are collored different orange. RADIANCE 2 ELECTRIC BOOGALOO
Delta Phox
Delta Phox 2 dager siden
9:12 Isn't that... Did you just rickroll us
Jennifer Gordon
Jennifer Gordon 2 dager siden
I just love the rick roll in the back drop during ''union''
Quarantined Jesus
Quarantined Jesus 2 dager siden
My conclusion is..... Why haven't I played this game yet?
Deathsyth22000 13 timer siden
it's INSANELY GOOD. play it.
GameNinjaC 2 dager siden
13:45 MatPat’s next theory: ZOTE IS THE PALE KING CONFIRMED.
GameNinjaC 2 dager siden
your blurred footage of a union is the music video for never gonna give you up
Shadefern 2 dager siden
Censored footage is just never gonna give you up
UrPalDoc 2 dager siden
Game Theory fans still hating on this video hard, yikes. Sorry to say but if you unironically still watch MatPat religiously in 2020 then I would assume you’re some 13 year old in band who roleplays Undertale and sits at the special needs lunch table.
Krazyguy75 2 dager siden
I really am glad Matpat led me to you. I don't even own Hollow Knight; it's not my kind of game. But I like hearing about the lore and really just love listening to you. I'm on my third marathon of all your videos now.
Gary Grinkevich
Gary Grinkevich 2 dager siden
I don't like hallow knight or matt patt WTF am i doing here????
Jordan Venegas
Jordan Venegas 3 dager siden
Bold to assume the snail shaman isn't a higher being
Summer Reagan
Summer Reagan 3 dager siden
Your bardoon section caught me off guard. 😂
NaJed 3 dager siden
Did you just Rick Roll us when showing the "Union"?
SpiderWarrior Gaming
SpiderWarrior Gaming 3 dager siden
I wish people will stop doing this
Logan Harrington
Logan Harrington 3 dager siden
Good theory you both are good I normally prefer mat pat but you are both really good and I am glad you are being very respectful have a good day
Corey Ordway
Corey Ordway 3 dager siden
Game Theory Debunked videos are ALWAYS better than Game Theory videos. 100% of the time.
Brodar321 4 dager siden
20:19 it’s because they are actually in the past because the white plaice is a memory... I think
Nick is TheHolyOkapi
Nick is TheHolyOkapi 4 dager siden
The ending ended me, absolutely unexpected unbridled rage
aghostk 4 dager siden
I have never played hollow knight, but based off what I’ve seen wouldn’t being a vessel mean your the kings child and therefore a relative of the king, which makes you royalty? If you replace every time matpat saying “because you are the king reincarnated” with “because you are the child of a higher being - the king” and everything would make sense? I get the knight is empty but it still inherited the kings features why wouldn’t it have inherited his abilities?
Deathsyth22000 13 timer siden
your correct. but hollow knight lore is deep and very hard to interpret. mossbag has it layed out though. play it, it's crazy good. gotta get abilities first though.
Ari 4 dager siden
I made out the damn Rick rolling union. God f****** damnit
Plush Dolphin
Plush Dolphin 4 dager siden
The "union" is a blerd rock roll
Jormangundr S
Jormangundr S 4 dager siden
Blood rituals
Phase Pilot
Phase Pilot 5 dager siden
i love that the blurred out union is just rickroll
Passer7by 5 dager siden
Am I crazy or this Ronald McDonald theory sounds possible... hmm...
Max S
Max S 5 dager siden
Where did the Knight find his nail?
ToastyZzZ 98
ToastyZzZ 98 4 dager siden
Nail is a common weapon So it makes alot Of sense that he would have one and it's an old nail so he could have just found it on the way
Max S
Max S 5 dager siden
Why didn’t the Knight age from the abyss scene? But the Hollow Knight did?
Jonah Clements
Jonah Clements 5 timer siden
@ToastyZzZ 98 We know it wasn't to do with the radiance because we see the pure vessel, which is said to be the Hollow Knight restored to it's prime form, basically you are seeing the Holllow Knight as he was before the infection. And since he was big before the infection, it must have been something that the Pale King did.
Deathsyth22000 13 timer siden
it "died".
ToastyZzZ 98
ToastyZzZ 98 4 dager siden
Either something to do with the radiance or that the hollow knight was trained to perfection in the white palace
FellixNoAmatsu 5 dager siden
I love how the censored footage of the king and queens "Union" was just him Rick Rolling us.
rebecca moon
rebecca moon 5 dager siden
FOR ALL MATPAT FANS no hate ps im a matpatfan
Tenzhi Bicoy
Tenzhi Bicoy 5 dager siden
Did you really have to make this Soo long?
Fraxility 4 dager siden
Big Boi
Big Boi 6 dager siden
I like how the union is just rick roll censored
Mediocrity 6 dager siden
You know Hollow Knight as a game seems to reject the whole "chosen one" theme, you're literally a reject, but you were also the only other knight to make it to the top of the abyss, even if you couldn't hold on as a literal new born, you aren't explicitly the chosen one, but you're pretty damn close to the best possible subject, in fact you're literally second only to *the* Hollow Knight, so you have like the second place prize in chosen-ness.
Orson Brian
Orson Brian 6 dager siden
i dont fully agree with the debunk AND I SAY FULLY HE HAD SOME GOOD POINTS but at least you did not just roast him like most other youtubers so thanks for that
Orson Brian
Orson Brian 4 dager siden
@Fraxility no i mean i dont agree with mattpatt but thanks for not just roasting him
Fraxility 4 dager siden
Can you tell on what you dont agree with this video
xDirtyxBurgerx 6 dager siden
Fuck you and your “union” footage
Fion3il 7 dager siden
To be fair the dream sequence could have been him still remembering his past as the pale king, kind of like Time travel where he finds out his backstory. I can't explain why HK looked right at him though, maybe he was looking at the abyss?
Fion3il 4 dager siden
@Fraxility yeah I agree. That's the one part I can't explain from matpats point of view. To be clear I don't believe matpats theory and I believe the main lore is told in mossbags entire lore of hollow knight.
Fraxility 4 dager siden
I dont think hk would have any reason to look back at the abyss because its supposed to be "empty" so if pale king saw that the hollow knight was looking back, he would probably kick hk back into the abyss lol
Moiseicho 7 dager siden
24:10 i think its much more simple. If i were to trap the radiance in a vessel i would make that vessel last forever, therefore making the vessel from void
gmalamat 7 dager siden
Jovanni Lopez
Jovanni Lopez 7 dager siden
Is it debunking if matpat clarifies that it just a theory?
Fraxility 4 dager siden
Yes, theories can get debunked as well
eausterberry 7 dager siden
I have always assumed the "Higher Being" is the player. Which is also why the knight is, in fact, a true hollow vessel. We're controlling they and they has no will of his own. That's why there are button prompts in them despite these things making no sense in universe. From an In Universe perspective the knight is being controlled by an extraplanar being (the player) who none of the NPCs can percieve and so attribute its actions to the vessel itself, which is why they ascribe thought and will to it despite it having none and being a pure vessel.
GhostPieX 7 dager siden
ok i really really love this channel and love all kinds of other hollow knight channels and it is definitely my favorite game but my ONE problem is, people need to chill out. no one asked everyone to play gatekeeper for the community and we shouldn’t normalize being mean to new people who might not know everything they’re talking about
Leonardo Barone
Leonardo Barone 7 dager siden
where did ALL the vessels come from? like, we only see that one black egg in the birth place right?
Blake Treadway
Blake Treadway 7 dager siden
Me realizing that the “union” was never gonna give you up.
Rex 5379
Rex 5379 8 dager siden
Did any one else see the Rick rolls in the video. Every time there is the blured clip of "union" it apears to be the start of, Never Gona Give You Up but blured. 9:05 9:52 18:13
The Icarus Crisis
The Icarus Crisis 8 dager siden
I reaaaaalllly don't like Game Theory.
Creeper Craft Gamerz
Creeper Craft Gamerz 8 dager siden
That union footage. I could see by the colors that it was a rick roll. Fuck off.
Waluigi 8 dager siden
Look people, He wanted to make a fun THEORY and he did. You peoplebin the comments being assholes about it isn't fair. He wants to make fun theories, nd he does. If he wants to leave out some lore, he can because its his theory.
Waluigi 2 dager siden
@Fraxility Yes.
SS_Shuriken 2 dager siden
Well the theory should make sense
Fraxility 4 dager siden
Well he can theorize all he like but it should atleast make sense and not be easily torn apart
SwiftBlade4 8 dager siden
9:07 Shows censored Rick Roll video.
ula437 9 dager siden
I know that matpat's theory is wrong but his video is what introduced me to hollow knight so I'm fine with it, that and it would have been quite cool if the theory was true in my opinion
Benleo Channel
Benleo Channel 9 dager siden
Wyrm can mean dragon and that adds on a whole lot more lore Edit:sort of
William Boyd
William Boyd 9 dager siden
Thanks for censoring that, uh, 'union', between PK and tree lady. *cough* rick roll *cough*
Tanner Griesen
Tanner Griesen 9 dager siden
nice “sans is ness” reference
Anne Cameron
Anne Cameron 9 dager siden
Wait is that union ( unblures footage) the hit song never gonna give you up by Rick astley
Andrija Vasiljevic
Andrija Vasiljevic 10 dager siden
The part where you talk about the white lady not "recognising" the king, I want to point out something: a) the pale king, in matpats vid at least, went into dirtmouth, which basically erases all your memory with time, so that he can be a pure vessel. No drive, no aspiration. b) because of a), wouldn't the white lady rather keep knowing that the pale king is us, in order to keep him from remembering who we are?
Jonah Clements
Jonah Clements 5 timer siden
@Milk_Choc Yeah. So the PK would never lose his memories, as it is absence from him that makes you lose your memories. And you can't be absent from yourself.
Milk_Choc 9 dager siden
Right. The thing is, going outside doesn't erase memories; just that it's outside PK's beacon.
Jackaroo Dragon
Jackaroo Dragon 10 dager siden
How come the knight looks like a child while the hollow knight looks all grown up
Milk_Choc 7 dager siden
@Jackaroo Dragon =)
Jackaroo Dragon
Jackaroo Dragon 8 dager siden
@Milk_Choc Thanks for answering the question •~•
Milk_Choc 9 dager siden
Well, the Hollow Knight was raised to perfection. I don't know what purpose it'd serve, but they were raised.
TimeLord011 11 dager siden
Union? Hmmmmm... ion know
Dragonairre Gaming
Dragonairre Gaming 11 dager siden
Genuine question I have: How does the Knight have his Monarch Wings and Mantis Claw in a dream sequence from the past? Im fairly new to the game so excuse me
Fraxility 4 dager siden
I guess its because of gameplay convenience
Milk_Choc 9 dager siden
It's not completely accurate to the actual events; probably just the ledge, since the Knight can't use their Monarch Wings. Fun fact: The ascent is nigh-impossible without the Mantis Claw or the Monarch Wings!
tommaso.paulucci 10 dager siden
I'm leaving this comment here to get the notification of an explanation
ula437 11 dager siden
I think the lore tablets were made before the arrival of the pale king to hallownest and that there used to be more higher beings before they either left or died or hid ( Unn, life blood creature, Grimm and the Radiance)
Milk_Choc 8 dager siden
@ula437 nothing about the lore tablets makes sense. My personal headcanon is mossbag's theory, though.
ula437 9 dager siden
I know but we know that the pale king didn't like other higher beings being in hallownest so why was there a lore tablet that says that hallownest produces higher beings?
Milk_Choc 9 dager siden
The voice is PK's, though.
Maxiboon 1223
Maxiboon 1223 11 dager siden
9:08 its really blurry but u can see rick roll'd playing in the background
ScottyToast5 11 dager siden
MatPat's theories are (sometimes) absolute shite: the one he did was petscop was cool. I haven't been a fan of any others.
Swamon 3
Swamon 3 11 dager siden
I hate Matpats videos, the animation just bothers me so much for some reason lol
Anyaondi Tsatenawa
Anyaondi Tsatenawa 11 dager siden
This just sounds like another theory not a debunking video.
Milk_Choc 9 dager siden
Well, it stands on more ground than MatPat's.
mightysrk 11 dager siden
Very new to the game and lore but for me it seems the game is just making the player the knight. Thought the knight by name alone meant higher status than common bugs. Also the fact that many npcs say our will is stronger than any before. I dunno I’m just a simple bug. 🤔 Edited for another thought, I thought the knight clearly was born of the void? There’s also that little tricky word used. Transformation not reincarnation. Am I missing something? Reincarnation can not by definition be a transformation. Ok bye.
Milk_Choc 9 dager siden
Well, you're not a bug.
leighton 12 dager siden
i mean technicallyyyy our knight would be the king of hallownest considering when a kinf dies usually the usurper is the eldest son.
Milk_Choc 9 dager siden
Yeah, you have the Kingsbrand and everything.
Random citron
Random citron 12 dager siden
9:08 he rickroled all of us and we diddn't notise it
Caio Eduardo
Caio Eduardo 12 dager siden
But hey thats just a theory
Milky sans wife and girlfriend
Milky sans wife and girlfriend 12 dager siden
9:07 God fucking damn it.
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones 12 dager siden
Providing contrary points to Matpat's theory while being respectful, acknowledging his perspective, giving credit to his agreed upon points, and encouraging further discussion? Not to be a downer, but you're more diplomatic than the vast majority of modern politicians. Mad respect!
Muhammad Irfan Perdana
Muhammad Irfan Perdana 13 dager siden
3:00 "I don't think this community is too toxic. Some of us are just a little defensive about the lore." In my experience, those who are defensive about lore tend to exhibit the most toxic traits, usually in gatekeeping form (e.g. "you don't know every single little detail about so-and-so?! YOU'RE NOT A REAL FAN!", that sort of thing). I just finished HK a few days ago and I get it, MatPat's theory is demonstrably incorrect, but I don't see what all the fuss is about. If someone got the lore of one of my favorite video games wrong, I'd just be like "meh" and leave it at that. The HK community's response to his video is already setting off red flags of toxicity, imho. Besides, it's not like MatPat was saying it as fact; as he always says, "it was just a theory". Idk, my $0.02. Anyway, I'm looking forward to watching the rest of your videos on HK lore! Edit: just an additional thought, why I find it weird for people to get defensive over lore is because... people getting lore wrong ISN'T insulting the game. MatPat clearly loves HK and wants to talk more about it (as you acknowledged); him coming up with a weak theory about the game isn't the same as him insulting it. So where's the need to get all defensive? To interpret a flawed theory as something you (not you specifically mossbag, general 'you') need to "defend" the game from is a telltale sign of an obsessive and toxic fandom.
Muhammad Irfan Perdana
Muhammad Irfan Perdana 9 dager siden
@Milk_Choc I get that, but MatPat's literal catchphrase is "It's just a theory!" He has never claimed any of his theories (no matter how well- or poorly-researched) are canon. If someone missed that memo and assumes that they are canon, that's on THEM, not MatPat.
Milk_Choc 9 dager siden
MatPat's videos may be many's first introduction to Hollow Knight, and they can think that the theory is canon. See the one or two angry comments saying this is horrible and MatPat is right.
Muhammad Irfan Perdana
Muhammad Irfan Perdana 13 dager siden
Okay, this was a great rebuttal video! You countered MatPat's arguments very well, and I appreciate you going back to re-discuss evidence (like the birthplace memory cutscene) to make sure you were being thorough. Great job, mossbag!
The ice Fairy
The ice Fairy 13 dager siden
I have be a game theory fan for a long time but I totally agree on the fact that the theory is stupid, I can't believe mat didn't even think that the theory could be easily debunked with the fact that the knight is the pale king's son. I felt like he just wanted to talk about hollow knight and didn't really have a solid theory And again the royal retainers could be bowing because the knight IS the son of the king and is kinda like the Prince
Jolie Mangrum
Jolie Mangrum 13 dager siden
Hollow Knight fans trying to make sense of the game’s lore: Bloodborne players: First time?
Loser Alex
Loser Alex 13 dager siden
I wish more people mentioned that he plays never gonna give you ups music video in the background for the “censored” content
Boi Man
Boi Man 13 dager siden
Behind the “ union” Rick is just chillin
Ryny 13 dager siden
9:08 im pretty sure thats Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up blurred
Joseph Davison
Joseph Davison 13 dager siden
Hey a good question: how does the knight even HAVE that remembering sequence, I mean it has “no mind to think” so how would it have memories!?
Jonah Clements
Jonah Clements 5 timer siden
@Milk_Choc Technically he wasn't wrong in this instance, since he didn't accept Ghost. Although that was just because he had already found HK.
Milk_Choc 9 dager siden
PK was wrong.
Kristian Fischer
Kristian Fischer 14 dager siden
I believe the tablets are left behind by some sort of cult that worships the Radiance. If you go to the Hallownest Crown, the place is full of those tablets next to a giant statue of the Radiance.
Milk_Choc 9 dager siden
It may be made by multiple; the ones that start with "Higher beings" is clearly PK's voice.
Heckrum 14 dager siden
matpat: the knights the pale king me, whod never even heard of hollow knight: yes yes of course
Cobra Storm
Cobra Storm 14 dager siden
The union rick roll! XD
אמיר מלאק
אמיר מלאק 14 dager siden
Give me a favour shut you stupid ass mouth mat pat's theory is true you're just a hater
SS_Shuriken 2 dager siden
bro u should stfu, have u even played the game? stupid matpat stan
williamk 4 dager siden
@ToastyZzZ 98 I'm not sure if this one is a troll though it seems more like a hater and a Matt pat stand
ToastyZzZ 98
ToastyZzZ 98 4 dager siden
Guys relax he's a troll
Fraxility 10 dager siden
bruh lol
williamk 14 dager siden
But he's not hating he's explaining you're the one that's hating on him also this video is really old and you're still complaining
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez 14 dager siden
Liked and subscribed soon as I read the quote with myla
levigames 14 dager siden
Fun fact: matpat is always right
Milky sans wife and girlfriend
Milky sans wife and girlfriend 12 dager siden
@williamk Matpat is a Joestar pog
Katori.mp4 14 dager siden
@williamk yeh
williamk 14 dager siden
@Katori.mp4 probably there are a lot of matpat stands here
Katori.mp4 14 dager siden
or you just believe him because you like him and you're biased?
Gea Force
Gea Force 14 dager siden
How come the Hollow Knight grew up so large but the little knight stayed the same despite being the same age?
Milk_Choc 9 dager siden
@Starthing 125 God does not know how long, for god is dead.
Starthing 125
Starthing 125 13 dager siden
The Hollow Knight was raised in the White Palace and trained by the Pale King, so it developed physically. Meanwhile, our knight has probably been wandering around in the middle of nowhere for god knows how long.
williamk 14 dager siden
He explains that In another video I would explain it to you but I don't remember it have to re-watch that video later
Ender CorePL
Ender CorePL 15 dager siden
As for how some of the vessels managed to escape, I have a quite simple speculation of my own. Look at how many there were/are of the vessels, their bodies are countless and everywhere. I'm also certain that what the Pale King has sealed was just one of many entrances into the void, perhaps it was only the most convenient one. Keeping these two things in mind, it's almost improbable that out of these thousands of vessels none of them would find some crack or tunnel to squeeze through.
Starthing 125
Starthing 125 13 dager siden
You find other escaped vessels in Nosk's lair, the Broken Vessel room (obviously) and in the Greenpath Hornet room. It's very possible that some actually made it out into the world alongside our knight, considering how close the Greenpath vessel is to the Howling Cliffs.
باران امانی
باران امانی 15 dager siden
Me: Yay! A super popular NOpostr made a Hollow Knight video! MatPat: YoU ARe RoYAltY!!! Me: *Throws computer out the window*
williamk 9 dager siden
@Milk_Choc I know but it's normally referred that's he for simplicity's sake
Milk_Choc 9 dager siden
@williamk Well, they're agender, so heir maybe? They become the monarch, though.
williamk 14 dager siden
I mean he's not wrong the Knight is a prince
xXxGodseyxXx 15 dager siden
"Debunking MatPat's... Theory" Honestly thought this guy lost all credit when he tried to say that Sans is Ness xD
Milky sans wife and girlfriend
Milky sans wife and girlfriend 9 dager siden
@Milk_Choc I want to go back to 30 seconds ago before I saw this comment.
Milk_Choc 9 dager siden
@Milky sans wife and girlfriend Fun fact: In an interview, someone asked Sugar if Steven was Sans. She did not answer.
Milky sans wife and girlfriend
Milky sans wife and girlfriend 12 dager siden
@Starthing 125 Just went down that rabbit hole, happy to report that it’s a joke.
Starthing 125
Starthing 125 14 dager siden
@xXxGodseyxXx Trust me when I say, listen to the OTHER half. This isn't a rabbit hole you should crawl into.
xXxGodseyxXx 15 dager siden
@Starthing 125 I.... half of me wants to know what kind or rabbit whole that is >_
Ceyfer 15 dager siden
9:08 we have been rick rolled
Jude Duven
Jude Duven 15 dager siden
I love people debunking game theory, I like game theory though because it brings new thoughts
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