Nier Retrospective | A Difference of Perspective (Part 1)

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A video rambling about what made Nier so special.
Clemps Analysis on Nier
ValkyrieAurora's Lore Summary
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Super Eyepatch Wolf:
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Lucas Lugarinho
Lucas Lugarinho 10 timer siden
I reaaaally don't believe the Drakengard 1 E ending was a joke put at the last minute... Was it Yoko Taro himself who said that? I mean, is it even posible to just slap a whole boss, environment and animations and script and everything else without a bigger planning/ design?
Foxcade 10 timer siden
His producers specifically said that it was snuck in without their knowledge and he wasnt aware about it until late into its development
HalRun209 Plays
HalRun209 Plays 10 dager siden
Anybody looking forward to the remastered
Syahmi M I
Syahmi M I 10 dager siden
Drakengard remaster with platinum games scalebound project will shake the industry.
Varun Pottepalli
Varun Pottepalli 19 dager siden
Can I get a link to the art in the thumbnail?
A Groovin Black Sheep
A Groovin Black Sheep 20 dager siden
Why no ones knows about gestalt and/or drakengard?? Its all automata this 2b that. Ugh its fustrating.
Purgatori Prytania
Purgatori Prytania 24 dager siden
"Hiding dark narratives and character studies with in a straightforward premise..." In a nutshell, that's what I think I love about NieR, and a lot of JRPG's in general. They can be enjoyed on a surface level, but then there's that stinger where you realise that there is much more going on than you thought. This tends not to be the case with Western productions, for whatever reason, which tend to front load the complexity, darkness, and weirdness: e.g., Pathologic or Planescape (both genius games, by the way). I know these are broad generalisations, but I would argue that they mostly hold true.
Damian pleadwell
Damian pleadwell Måned siden
A good idea doesn’t matter if it isn’t executed properly. The reason these games flopped isn’t because some outside influence or whatever it’s because the person with the vision didn’t have the skill to bring it to light. In other words the game just wasn’t good enough to compete with other games that deserved the attention and popularity. RDR was just a good game, no tricks or complex story just simple fun. Relying on gimmicks only gets you so far, challenging the norms of something isn’t wrong but in most cases it’s that way for a reason.
Jamo the second
Jamo the second Måned siden
Do u plan on making a neir automata video?
Jamo the second
Jamo the second Måned siden
@Foxcade well when ever it's made I'll be one of the first to watch !
Foxcade Måned siden
100%, it's just a matter of when
Vicarious Gamer
Vicarious Gamer Måned siden
BIG fan of the whole series. I'm no gamer, but I find this to be masterfully done and enjoy revisiting it time and time again. The old cliche stands that I always find something new when i do this.
家康徳川 3 måneder siden
KneeeeeAir Not Nere Love the vid though
Press Start To Continue
Press Start To Continue 3 måneder siden
I’m working on a Nier retrospective of my own and stumbled across your video. This is brilliantly executed my friend! Definitely one of the best videos I’ve seen on the game, well done.
Pirate King Boros
Pirate King Boros 3 måneder siden
danielpogreb 3 måneder siden
and now we finelly get a remake. its about damn time
Darrick Bacon
Darrick Bacon 4 måneder siden
"The pressure of getting it prefect was getting to him" I am on my second watch and I didn't read the first time. Now I'm dead. Thanks. Lol.
Youtube Emperor of Mankind
Youtube Emperor of Mankind 5 måneder siden
Hi, just a short question. Why is it so heavy sexy? Like sexualized². No complain, I love eyecandy but in such a philosophical ensemble why the crazy sexiness?
Kyle 5 måneder siden
Yoko Taro is a god damn legend
Regulas Arkus
Regulas Arkus 7 måneder siden
Nier was an odd ball of a game i once played with a friend. It had a giant fist made of shadows to punch with.
Shayne Maskall
Shayne Maskall 7 måneder siden
Just imagine if the simpsons did an intro like this at 1:22 were they just showed the script of the simpsons running to sit on the couch and how something happens and they relentlessly try to sit on the couch constantly, but to no avail; and ponder how pointless this is thru all of the multiple iterations of trying to get to the couch.
Zombobo Smith
Zombobo Smith 8 måneder siden
I don't know about, "fun", but a game needs to be enjoyable and, I'd venture, satisfying to be considered a, "good", game. Also, I think, part of being a good game designer is the ability to work within the boundaries of the platform.
jg pliskin
jg pliskin 9 måneder siden
I heart chix with dix
ThePhoenix999 10 måneder siden
Nier remaster confirmed
basstheros 10 måneder siden
Nier most of part A kind of sucked as it felt boring, but once you get to Emil's part it just skyrocketed to being amazing. top 5 games IMO of all time
Wilson Chen
Wilson Chen 10 måneder siden
ahh shiet here we go again.
Lucifronz 11 måneder siden
Yoko Taro tends to make interesting characters and story. Not necessarily *deep* characters (Decadus from Drakengard 3, for example, how little in the way of personality beyond "spank me mama" masochism and "so sorry for my rude behavior, my lady" upstanding gentlemanly nature), but interesting. Not a single primary character is ever really boring and even when they are they usually do something that turns your head _eventually._ But his games would be so much more effective if he left the development of gameplay up to teams who were competent at it. _More competent_ I should say, as it'd be wrong to say his development teams suck at making games, they're just kinda... amateurish by comparison to more accomplished teams. Their combat lacks depth to make it interesting on more than a surface level. The reason Automata was the first of Taro's games to finally get critical praise is because he focused on what he did well, making characters and story, and left the gameplay development more or less to Platinum Games, a team that knows their shit with making fun combat. I don't care what kind of story you're trying to tell with your game, it isn't worth much to me if I'm not having fun playing it. I love the worlds he creates, but I wish I didn't feel like I had to avoid purchasing them myself to enjoy them. Drakengard 1 and 3 aren't even on my list of games worth picking up. I enjoyed their stories and watched them thoroughly online through videos, but I will probably never buy copies and play them myself because the gameplay just isn't motivating me to. I know this is a man who says he doesn't want to succeed and be stuck doing one thing over and over because of it, but... you can strike gold and still retain your individuality. He shouldn't risk sabotaging his career because he's afraid he'll get bored. That's silly. Make fun games with compelling narratives. There's no reason to be afraid of success.
Berserk Harrington
Berserk Harrington 6 måneder siden
@Lucifronz fair point for the gameplay. I'm not taking about the rewards of killing, it's the sanity of the killer if they killed hundreds or thousands of people. But well, since automata happened, he got so many funds and even pushed collaborations. Maybe all of those will be enough for a good mechanic, with the touch of the flower battle of course.
Lucifronz 6 måneder siden
@Berserk Harrington Then he needs to invest in making the gameplay rewarding in other ways. There are tons of games that punish you for killing. The Hitman games, for example, are based around only taking out your target. MGSV has "total stealth" missions where if you do them the way they're intended, you won't kill a single person. Just having bad gameplay isn't a good excuse, even if it's his intention for you not to enjoy the killing. Also, if the main characters are going to enjoy killing, I don't see why the player has to suffer. It's just a poor justification for bad gameplay and that's not good enough, in my book. Nier Automata does a great job of combining good gameplay while sending a message to the player with its true ending. He kinda can't go backwards from that without criticism and frankly if he does, he deserves whatever criticism comes his way.
Berserk Harrington
Berserk Harrington 6 måneder siden
@Lucifronz I think, that's strangely in the sense of one of the major points of his games. They're all in the state of various and different wars. Wars that affect the self and people. Like in Drakengard 1, the music and gameplay us repetitive and gruelling. Killing so many shouldn't be that enjoyable. Like one of the views on war. But yes, indeed they don't have the most conventional gameplays
Lucifronz 6 måneder siden
@Berserk Harrington That's fair, I just hope going forward he leaves the gameplay to people who can actually make it fun. "Interesting" games with poor gameplay are still bad games. You wouldn't catch me dead playing Drakengard 1. No offense to Drakengard fans.
Berserk Harrington
Berserk Harrington 6 måneder siden
The first games didn't have the budget that Automata did, that's one reason it isn't optimized.
Elijah Giles
Elijah Giles 11 måneder siden
Found nier automata on pornhub didn’t know what it was now I know it was a game
Zac Demarest
Zac Demarest 11 måneder siden
Couldn't keep watching. You cant pronounce automata. And you question if a game has to be fun to be good. Re insert your brain.
Foxcade 11 måneder siden
Yes, because a game cant have an interesting approach to a story or be well made in every other regard. My apologies. Only fun gameplay. Nothing else.
Electronic Corgi
Electronic Corgi 11 måneder siden
I think old man Neir's story is more impactful, also why did she sell her soul for a damn cookie?
Questioning Especialy
Questioning Especialy År siden
14:58 Is that Morgan Webb from X-Play?
GeneralOlde År siden
The thing is, Nier 1 is not as inaccessible as its detractors make it out to be. Dragon Quest 2 on the NES canhave you grinding for 10 hours, whereas you can complete extra routes in Nier in an afternoon. Nier isn't inaccessible; it's just janky in places. Games don't have to be 100% polished in order to be good.
Shifty Jim
Shifty Jim År siden
Wow this vid is the most I’ve heard from Shammy in months.
shizuwolf Howlajima
shizuwolf Howlajima 9 måneder siden
How’s the old owl doing?
Taro is the only one that could succeed in making the perfect Berserk game.
MrInuhanyou123 År siden
Clemps and Valkyrie cameos!
I should also mention something about the differences between Gestalt and Replicant: based on the comments from a person who knows japanese and played both games, despite what you would expect, its Father who is the kinder, gentler and more naive of the two, while Brother is more cold and distrusting. This is because they had different upbringing - Father had a loving family even for a short while and cherishes his relationships and is fiercely protective of everyone he deems as "his people", while Brother was basically abandoned and on his own from early childhood and then was taken advantage of from perverts in exchange for money. And also something LITERALLY nobody ever mentions is that Weiss is completely different in Replicant, being a significantly older sounding, rude grandpa who talks in monotone with short sentences, unlike in Gestalt, where hes a very loud, pompous and chatty guy who likes long words very much. So the dynamic is the energetic boy and his jaded grandpa as opposed to barbarian vs mage in Gestalt. It just shows how dedicated the writers (and translators) were and how neither of these games are inferior - just different.
Brody Gibbs
Brody Gibbs År siden
Sol10127 År siden
“Twinks are out, daddies are in” I am dying
Kal l
Kal l År siden
Although I haven’t played a single one of taro’s games myself, I always love the messages he tries to get across to you the player, especially since some of them reflect real life. It just makes everything feel more real and relatable in its own way.
HeLL1STriker År siden
I remember the bad reviews, but I bought it and to this day, I still love everything about the first Nier. Sadly, the game is very underrated. I strongly encourage people who liked automata to buy the first Nier, it's very cheap nowadays, and if you don't own a PS3, you can run it on RPCS3 smoothly.
RinOku År siden
10:26 Sora: Riku? Riku is that you?
Suiki År siden
Watching you, boy. Don't say "equippeded" again. EDIT: It's pronounced Vice.
Valics År siden
Liam Obrien will always be War from Darksiders for me, not gaara
Cody Skater
Cody Skater År siden
is no body going to mention the random super eye patch wolf cameo in the middle.
Daniel Fernández
Daniel Fernández År siden
*Foxcade releases a NieR video * "Oh, I love the original NieR, I wonder how this will play out" *Text starts scrolling * "Allright, here we go"
Schneeregen _
Schneeregen _ År siden
I regret not playing this game until after Autometa came out, I honestly think it is my favorite story game.
Seta Entertainment
Seta Entertainment År siden
RNG in game is a complete nightmare even if you have 30+ chances of getting a rare material, Junk Heap and the DLC are only accessible way beef your weapons but then again you won't notice they are there. And yes, this game does have DLC. Oddly enough Square is known taking things down on their accord, prevent anyone else to buy it.
Queerbait År siden
The game isn’t challenging well maybe don’t play it on easy then
Hatsume År siden
Ascetic hase
Ascetic hase År siden
I hate when people try to prime you for sincerity by prefacing what they are about to say with "To be honest..." or "Honestly" because it presupposes you were potentially lying or being dishonest up until that point in the first place, which I assume you weren't, so just promptly say what you have to say and try not to load me with any unnecessary bullshit before saying it. I don't think there's any way for me to tell you this without 'sounding' like an asshole, so so be it.
joseph richardson
joseph richardson År siden
Nier is great but not much of a game a bit like jazz
Smoke Smoke
Smoke Smoke År siden
lmao the clip art fox got me the first time
betif00 År siden
Nier is similar to Drakengard on how great swords can be made better by using them with jumping attacks. The "Iron Will" is also found in Drakengard.
Herodegon År siden
Aggressive Banana
Aggressive Banana År siden
SUPER EYEPATCH WOLF!!!! sorry that made me really excited hahaha
DocDoesGaming År siden
Nier is so good, I wish I had amnesia like some trashy anime character, just so I could experience it once again for the first time
yung HDMI cable
yung HDMI cable År siden
You have to hand it to Yoko Taro. He managed to make something out of nothing. Sqeenix gave him a pitiful budget for the first game, but he managed to cram in his ideas and excellent story telling.
The Great Red Dragon 87
The Great Red Dragon 87 År siden
"Does a game have to be fun to be good?" Yeah.
canmom År siden
It's really good to see acknowledgement of the cinematography as one of NieR's really strong points. I always think of the shot at the climax, where Nier and Yonah seem to be walking towards each other but then Yonah walks past Nier to go to the Shadowlord instead, sells that moment so well even if it would make no sense if shot from a different angle. I don't know of many games that pay that much attention to cinematography, and I hope it gets preserved if this game ever gets remade. Kainé's story at the beginning of route B is probably my favourite section of the game if maybe for mostly personal reasons, so it's a weird shift of perspective in itself to hear people complained about it at the time! You can do a lot with text that you can't with games' usual techniques, but there remains this hard divide between IF (twine, VNs etc) and CRPGs on one side, and action games on the other, which is too rarely crossed. Anyway, this is a promising contextualisation of the game and now the usual caveats about the combat are out of the way, I'm v much looking forward to see you really get into the game's themes in the second part!
Bryan frye
Bryan frye År siden
T_T Emil....
tobyserra År siden
What is the piano song that plays at 1:22?
Marc Braun
Marc Braun År siden
I love Nier! Thank you so much for that video! And yes, 31:56 you are right, that's probably the sadest moment in gaming, or probably any media outside of actual news.
ArchonZach År siden
Nier is one of my favorite games of all time thank you for talking about it
Buffoonus Troglodytus
Buffoonus Troglodytus År siden
"You look really cool" Camera shows an ogre with an anime haircut wearing a gimp suit and black underwear over his face
Well... Emil's biased, if you know what i mean
Thatvikingguy År siden
never had enough drugs to get through let alone understand nier.
Sylvester Ashcroft
Sylvester Ashcroft År siden
It's ironic the same thing happened with dark souls, as with drakengard.
LDS Drive
LDS Drive År siden
I'd gladly press X,X,X,Y,Y,Y,X,X,X all day just to be sucked.
Lemonworm År siden
i dont really think most of the criticism of the combat is fair tbh, maybe its just me but i found the combat to be very fun and innovative. using weiss to shoot and mixing up sealed verse abilities in between chunky massive hitboxed melee attacks while avoiding all the bullethell fuckery felt extremely fun and original to me. Yes automata and other modern games have expanded on it but I just can't agree with the sentiment that this combat is lackluster. For a 2010 game I think its extremely fun and inventive. I wanna go hack up some shades just talkin about it.
ReygarTV År siden
great video,nier franchise open my ice top a beatiful type of games
Reyoso År siden
wait.... there was parry? THERE WAS A FUCKING PARRY!?!?!
Paul Hofreiter
Paul Hofreiter År siden
Nier had a huge lasting effect for me. It was totally engrossing and I just wish I played it before Automata - I only found out about it afterwards. If it stood purely on its gameplay it would be decent, a good time but probably not something I’d remember much. However the story and the MUSIC, my god the music, elevate it to something that was so emotionally powerful that it elevated the gameplay. I was so invested that the somewhat lackluster combat was more engrossing because I was so attached to what was happening. Thanks for the well thought out video here - I am looking forward to going to part 2.
Chilly Jack
Chilly Jack År siden
Nier wasn't an RPG, it was a Visual Novel with a bunch of RPG elements thrown in. And I absolutely loved it. The combat was janky for sure, but I cared more about the story than any other game I've played.
Joey År siden
I think for a lot of people to fully appreciate it a little bit of outside reading is involved and that can turn people off. For those that do, it is one of the most interesting stories ever told and, in my opinion, worth it.
Teemuslayer År siden
7:57 Why oh why would anyone use the "HD" Collection footage of SH2 ??
WhatCaMaHoZit År siden
God I wish the first Nier was BC for Xbox one.
DrTennisBall År siden
I wanna see this game with the Witcher 3’s graphics and combat system
Bryan frye
Bryan frye År siden
I loved Nier when it first came out It was a breath of fresh air really.
Matt Sonneillon
Matt Sonneillon År siden
Liam O'Brien did an amazing job as Grimoire Weiss
Matt Sonneillon
Matt Sonneillon År siden
To answer your question, I do not like blue, i hate it in fact. ^^
RIKO_XIII År siden
I like Drakengard and original Nier 🤷‍♂️
High On Summer
High On Summer År siden
This makes me want to try Drakengard 3 again
platypuspracticus År siden
If you've got the computer for it, you can emulate it and at least eliminate some of the problems as far as framerate goes.
Art Izon
Art Izon År siden
I mean, if NieR had had combat with the depth of KH2FM (don't believe me? watch a speedrun) while retaining its narrative and themes, it might be the most finely crafted piece of digital art on the planet. So there's that.
Candy Rhodes
Candy Rhodes År siden
2:39 oh my god... I love him
MadCartoonist År siden
//sees Clemps Me: “Man, would be cool if Valk Aurora also---“ //14:46 rolls by Me: “-- Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!”
Alibek Omarov
Alibek Omarov År siden
Foxcade: Drakengard NOpost autosubtitles: Drunk Guard
MNT 45
MNT 45 År siden
Foxcade invited Super Eyepatch Wolf and ValkyrieAurora... You Did It. You Crazy Son of a Bitch, You Did It.
Tims Tech Lab
Tims Tech Lab År siden
Nice video! Im remembering the game having a "lock on system for the combat ? Im like 90% certain there was one... Gotta have to fire it up again and try if no one else remembers
jho2000000 År siden
Well the novellas actually give good info that makes the plot even darker: - The Red and the Black: explains why nier was a little weird (brother nier in a young age had to prostitute himself to a merchant from seafront to be able to provide for Yonah... and eventually kills the man realizing that killing shades is almost the same as killing humans), also Popola and Devola knew what he did so thats why they tried to help him. - The Stone Flower: Tells Halua (Emil sister) story and why she rampaged and tried to destroy the facility she was in... she tried to protect her brother from being turned into a weapon. - And Then There Were None: tells the story of how Grimoire Weiss became a book (also explain that the book you killed on Emil library was a girl he tried to protect in the process... unfortunately she didnt develop speach hability so you just killed her without knowing it was her).
Michael W
Michael W År siden
5 Years Later... Part two!
Rii Nii
Rii Nii År siden
The music is so beautifully haunting ♡
Thiago C.Rocha
Thiago C.Rocha År siden
a Nier Video With multiple parts so much Nier
Snadzies År siden
3:45 It doesn't have to be fun, but if it the portion where I control what is happening on screen makes me wish harm on the developers then there is no way that the game can be considered good, no matter how good the story is. Video games are an interactive medium, if the part where you interact with the video game sucks then why did you make a video game? Write a book, make a TV show/movie/mini series, write a play.
Julius År siden
Nier and dark souls 3 are the only games i beat past 5 years the rest i play 2 hours and put the game down.
Senko S.
Senko S. År siden
That Coomer thumbnail though...
Andrew Peto
Andrew Peto År siden
Nier was amazing. A remake of it would be orgasmic. One thing I think that Nier had that Automata didnt was when fighting the boss, after you took down his life bar, you had to then unload enough damage in a certain time, with a small clock winding down. Automata bosses I would really hold back on until I thought I heard all the talking they were gonna do. Also, Weizz and his moves were alot cooler then the pods moves.
Science Leponi
Science Leponi År siden
32:57 DG4 I wish :V also you got yourself a new sub for this brilliant video.
Kusanagikaiser999 År siden
Noooo it have a part 2, you monster.......nahh I'll gladly wait to see it.
Chris Simmons
Chris Simmons År siden
Yoko Taro is a madman and i'd have it no other way if the thumbnail is to be believed!
Husam M
Husam M År siden
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Im gonna play it again...
Chocoboranger År siden
Weiss is Illidan. nothing will change that
Listonosh År siden
Watch part 1 they said, it’ll be fun they said, the wait won’t be too painful they said. Well, I’m saying two out of those three statements are true 🤣 Fantastic video! Can’t wait for part 2
Sean H
Sean H År siden
I'm amazed that I can immediately recognize Sophie's voice 😂 14:49
Yukai År siden
I’ve never seen a Foxcade video before, so seeing this and hearing Val Aurora, Clemps and SEW threw me for a freaking loop. Also, nice vid
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