Jimmy Kimmel on Angry Trump Mob Storming the Capitol

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Jimmy Kimmel Live

10 dager siden

Jimmy gives his thoughts on the angry mob of Trump supporters storming the capitol building in Washington D.C. today, Mike Pence shutting down Donald Trump’s request to determine which electoral votes should be counted and which shouldn’t, Senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and others keeping this stolen election charade going, Democrats gaining control of the Senate after a double victory in Georgia’s runoff election, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump going after the Republican establishment, and we revisit Trump’s inauguration speech with the benefit of hindsight.
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GLORY BOUND Minutt siden
It’s funny I did not see anything from you talking against BLM or the riots related to it.
Alpha Delta Romeo
Alpha Delta Romeo 29 minutter siden
How can someone live a life so disingenuously?
Mark Landers
Mark Landers 30 minutter siden
Yeah a good day is when BLM and the left burn and loot throw rocks and urine bottles at law enforcement, that's a good day for the left!
JoJo Vix
JoJo Vix Time siden
System is programmed to hate each other. Wake up. And youbare one of them hollywood puppet Jimmy. Why so much hate instead of understanding the whole picture. The crimes against humanity is real how about you say something about that jimmy. But no you cant cuz you are in that hollywood bubble. Wake up if you care about the world.
Blindone101 Time siden
I see an orange man. I have been told he's bad.
cutator Time siden
Kimmel sucks so bad....... I can't stand the guy.
B G Time siden
Karma will come to you jimmy weren’t you on that Kappy list?
bigtim5875 Time siden
TREASION lol kimmel ur trash you and your bosses will soon be gone too lolololololol
sizzare90 2 timer siden
US people are Crazy.. Thank God I am not an American....
Zaaf Abderrahmane
Zaaf Abderrahmane 2 timer siden
I love it
Lisa Mounts
Lisa Mounts 2 timer siden
Good. Im neither side, but I hope those vipers are scaird. To much government privlage display like ever before in the US. Some Americans arent spineless. I listen to kimmeral and he spoke half truth. What a shame. Have to filter through it and test what he said.
Lisa Mounts
Lisa Mounts 2 timer siden
News Flash:.... Goverment privilege is on display like never before in the US on the rise to control the people. A zealous Large crowd of honest American People tired and feed up with vipers in the captial American People push to the captial and antefa leads the way. Those are some brave americans. Hope those vipers are scaird. The brave American people have spoken and will keep speaking. Theres not many police, because the government privileged vipers think the American people are spineless.
Ed Wiltshire
Ed Wiltshire 3 timer siden
Well said Jimmy
Nam Do
Nam Do 3 timer siden
Jimmy Kimmel is trash
Koko 3 timer siden
Where were you when all the riots were happening this summer... encouraging them! You are bought and paid for by the One World Order... cultist...
Nice Person
Nice Person 3 timer siden
one guy in cow horns gets all the press...why don't you show all the repubs gathered peacefully who knew nothing about this...because you have an agenda. In the words of that great leader....good trouble.
Sfg Ggg
Sfg Ggg 3 timer siden
Jail Baked Alaska
Fred Penner
Fred Penner 4 timer siden
Viking guy has been proven to be ANTIFA....just FYI everyone....wake up before you're speaking Mandrin or Russian
Extreme Acer
Extreme Acer 4 timer siden
And then Americans ask why we make fun of them
Edgar Taccad
Edgar Taccad 5 timer siden
My loyalty to my party ends where my loyalty to the country begins.' Manuel L. Quezon, former President of the Philippines
Rebekah Withakay
Rebekah Withakay 5 timer siden
We need to start talking about solutions, not only the problems. Acknowledge it all, yes, but we're in a powder keg. Were in aCyber civil war. When else will it spill to the streets?
cesar vladimir portorreal bazarte
cesar vladimir portorreal bazarte 5 timer siden
Hahahahahaha Donald Trump Jr. Hahahahaha says HEROES¡¡¡¡¡ Hahahahahaha Destroy the capitol is for HEROES this guy is insane
Raybob216 5 timer siden
You are a great guy Jimmy.
Christoffer farstad
Christoffer farstad 5 timer siden
Oh yes, lets gather up and riot, and spread the corona like crazy..... Whats wrong with people over there being hypnotized by that orange idiot -_- Faith in america, lost. If you are sane, flee the contry of madness before it becomes the next north korea or sumn like that
jason lapierre
jason lapierre 6 timer siden
nice montage at the end!
Mar-Vell &Boogie
Mar-Vell &Boogie 6 timer siden
Jimmy kimmel is a total tool lmao
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 6 timer siden
Brenda B.
Brenda B. 6 timer siden
Lol! Look at all these “good people” tearing up the place. Whoa!!
good guy
good guy 6 timer siden
Who is here after knowing that the Congress exist in America.
Eric Römer
Eric Römer 7 timer siden
...this is a Broken man! Nothing Massage..
WILLIAM MARTIN 7 timer siden
I feel like trump has a case to argue the election.
brandon swick
brandon swick 8 timer siden
I must have missed the video he did on Portland and Minnesota
Linda D
Linda D 8 timer siden
God will go after you , be careful 🤔 before you open your mouth.
DJSmoothie 8 timer siden
Thank you kind sir.
John Ortiz
John Ortiz 8 timer siden
Let’s keep it honest. These people were angry at our government, but what they did was dangerous and foolish.
Mamoshi Mamoshian
Mamoshi Mamoshian 8 timer siden
No you have not seen this before. It was their own plan. BUT I PROMESS YOU it will back fire. PROPLE are hungry for FRIDOM and BE VERY VERY AFFRAID WHEN REAL PEOPLE. REAL HERRO'S start STORMING SOMEwhere....:)
Brian D
Brian D 8 timer siden
Fake Jimmy you can't control your watchers you fake no good fake person what about Biden's campaign that burned Down city's and killed people and businesses you fake two face guy lol
edward 9 timer siden
3 bus loads of antifa disguised as trump supporters. The police let them seen it on videos then they wrecked the place and the left blames it on the right. 12 months of looting and burning in American cities people killed and billions of dollars of damage via left wing anarchist yet not one word from the left.
e.n 9 timer siden
Try to milk talking about Trump as much as you can. Soon it’s going to be over. Say goodbye from the trending page for a while. :)
earl T. grey
earl T. grey 11 timer siden
wer this guy get his info, from nancy; total garbage
michael burns
michael burns 12 timer siden
Kayla 12 timer siden
Protective shell...lol
Raquel Chavez
Raquel Chavez 14 timer siden
Well said , Jimmy Kimmy,,👌👌👌👌👌👌😘😘
Xavier Roughan
Xavier Roughan 14 timer siden
You are such a piece of s...
Mukhil Johnson
Mukhil Johnson 14 timer siden
We need dragonborn
Ruvane Friebus
Ruvane Friebus 14 timer siden
Antifa BLM did it
Jeff Piol
Jeff Piol 15 timer siden
Cry Jimmy, I like it. Your stupid to trust in any politician, on either side. We’re all screwed, or just from the last 4 years but the upcoming.
Matt Graff
Matt Graff 15 timer siden
Yet 3500 business owners who lost their places in the riots are ok. I mean those innocent business owners had it coming right Jimmy. All the left did was cheer on the rioters and looters and bail them out of jail. The 2 sets of rules left.
Mick Gentile
Mick Gentile 15 timer siden
What a classic ramble from a classic Californian Jackass.
Injustice Served
Injustice Served 16 timer siden
Actually feds came out and said it was blm and antifa dressed as maga even in their pamphlet telling each other to dress in maga gear. Many been arrested, identified, pictures/tatts and blm and antifa rallies. Debunked
Mark Hamby
Mark Hamby 16 timer siden
I literally cannot stand this guy.
Rich 16 timer siden
All Jimmy knows how to do is take kids Halloween Candy away from them & laugh when they cry. Much like the far left that he loves so much. 🙄
Jerry Stone
Jerry Stone 16 timer siden
The ONE who was a cherry picker on the news the last four years refuses to give up this filthy habit. One would think they have a SNOWFLAKES' ANONYMOUS BY NOW.
J Rock
J Rock 17 timer siden
That was funny
Js Bchad
Js Bchad 18 timer siden
Lololol Republicans have become the not so funny joke of American history. Congrats Republicans.
scooby mc
scooby mc 18 timer siden
Not right what happened but what about the chaos that happened last year in many cities? He not going to bring that up?
Hetro Monogamous
Hetro Monogamous 18 timer siden
Capital Cops were IN ON IT, wake up.. !!
Jason Stinson
Jason Stinson 19 timer siden
You realize the FBI has already said Buffalo man was an Antifa/BLM clown. You have now let your Hatred for Trump end your Credibility. Grow up kids. Biden will be president. Antifa and BLM are going to be hunted down, Hollywood will be bankrupt/irrelevantand and We will be at war within a year. Why... because You got up in a personal Media Vs Trump war... “Elections have consequences” Barack Obama
Justin Kiker
Justin Kiker 19 timer siden
The Horny Coyote
Eriphoor 19 timer siden
Just wait Jimmy. Big surprise coming.
Eriphoor 20 timer siden
You are scratching the surface Jimmy.
Karma Yt
Karma Yt 20 timer siden
Thanks for jacking up our taxes to provide security from sore losers that can’t handle reality! CoVid-19 wasn’t enough!
smichelle65 20 timer siden
1:14 -- I hope Nancy threw that cup away.
Gamer Cat
Gamer Cat 20 timer siden
Damn this wasn’t funny....., Now I’m depressed
Al Rodriguez
Al Rodriguez 21 time siden
Trump doesn't care about anyone but himself! Very glad he's out of office.. A total jerk!
Diógenes Rodrigo
Diógenes Rodrigo 21 time siden
. . PROSTITUIÇÃO 🔯👤💼💵📺🎬🎥
Diógenes Rodrigo
Diógenes Rodrigo 21 time siden
M W 22 timer siden
Kimmel your a joke , that’s why I never waiste my time watching you or hollyweird people ! Strange creatures
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith 23 timer siden
he needs to hire some writers... Jimmy is a whale turd..
SJ ROCKS 23 timer siden
Portland? Riots? Quiet. Nothing.
Modasar Shaffiq
Modasar Shaffiq 23 timer siden
If these were BLM it would been worse. After Trump steps down he needs to be dragged to court he's a hypocritic. That's the only way the US will regain respect!
As terminator would say hasta la vista to these harsh person cause mentioning his name ain’t worth the waist of my breath
Dan S.
Dan S. Dag siden
Didn’t Trump say those words about 4 yrs ago. Thank You Mr.Trump.
Dan S.
Dan S. Dag siden
Jr. looks like the guy advertising Quick Glue ( the elderly know ).
Saxon Ukhti
Saxon Ukhti Dag siden
Apparently the satanist guy with the horns is an actor. Quite a coincidence eh?
mike whitmore
mike whitmore Dag siden
Police were very laid back compared to BLM ...lol they killed a woman...
Jack the Rimmer
Jack the Rimmer Dag siden
“Who would be laughing if it wasn’t for the patriots who answered the call of freedom” Cold Dead Hands, Cold Dead Hands 🙌 🤠
Renee Dag siden
and it was antifa. N there's proof
Will Crockett
Will Crockett Dag siden
Jimmy, you're a bright and talented guy, but you are way off base here. It's time to stop fanning the flames and to use your platform to bring the nation back together. This video just makes it worse I'm afraid, the person who sent me the link is angry at you. America needs to heal this divide before it's too late. Time to extend an olive branch to the Trumpers buddy, not to toast them with a flamethrower. Be part of the solution instead of the problem? Thanks Jimmy.
Ismael Fernandez
Ismael Fernandez Dag siden
Donald the Chump Clown. 🥳🥸
james gaddis
james gaddis Dag siden
Hey jimmy that guy is a nut job like you he’s crazy but you want to make him out like he’s some kind of over turn government
Gingerbread Kooky
Gingerbread Kooky Dag siden
These are the same people who wanted to storm area 51.
Tammy Smith
Tammy Smith Dag siden
Jimmy Kimmel, I'm done with you and your ilk. Done. You have no idea what you are talking about. You are just a puppet of mainstream media.
Nikki Davis
Nikki Davis Dag siden
Do some investigating you dumbo it is antifa/blm
Niki NOSN20
Niki NOSN20 Dag siden
He wasn't a Viking Jimmy he was a member of the Benevolent Buffalo lol
Krissy Jones
Krissy Jones Dag siden
You seriously make me sick! I will never watch your show ever again!
king KINGSANITY Dag siden
At this point demolish the wall and get them over here faster than my la chancla hitting the pizza man
shawn P
shawn P Dag siden
Double votes and dead people voting...yeah that’s a fair election! Come on! Even in Scranton PA you know the place Biden claims is his home they all voted for trump! It was a fraud election
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Dag siden
Omg!! U look amazing!!!?
dsforeva Dag siden
Poor mental health is the reason.... Both from the orange Bozo and his proud fools
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Dag siden
Very nice video...Great :)?
Van Can
Van Can Dag siden
K.A.G. 17
K.A.G. 17 Dag siden
How could you say this election is no different from the others when you can literally vote from home through the mail...smh
You can know compare trump to mugabe
Berlin Marrow
Berlin Marrow Dag siden
Kitten people bring them in for what they've done you'll find out they're most of them are not Trump supporters bring them in forensic science will tell
GOD pulls rabbits from hats
GOD pulls rabbits from hats Dag siden
Where are the jokes?
Peter Maxcy
Peter Maxcy Dag siden
Jimmy, prepare to cry. INC. Reeeee
clay Myers
clay Myers Dag siden
Trump did incite a bunch of simple minded Americans . I'm white and I'm ashamed to say I thought he was ok. Boy I was wrong . He breed hate and caused senseless death and choas
ghermann Dag siden
hi everyone im jimmy kimmel thanks for joining us, my comedic relevancy ceased long ago, enjoy my politically correct statement
Ready to Go
Ready to Go Dag siden
They were not trump followers....no proof...where is proof. The fact that news never showed the real peaceful protestors says a lot plus viking guy has bn exposed as a paid protestor at other protests. Kimmel you are a puppet lol
Pacified Democracy
Pacified Democracy Dag siden
When I listen to the narrator's of these riot videos talking about the criminals are they referring to the Politicians that work at capitol hill or the rioter's? Or do they refer to both parties as criminals?
Virdo Dag siden
This video is the best Jimmy doing comedy on his career
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