Souping up my shiny new Knee Scooter!

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2 måneder siden

A few weeks ago I broke some bones in my leg, and now I can't use my right foot for a bit. The doc gave me the okay to hobble around, so I'm adding this knee scooter to the fleet. Today we'll fix up this knee scooter and maybe even give it some parts bin upgrades!
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plunder1956 5 timer siden
Only the practical necessities - starting with carbon bars! Very trick.
MzBeTTyBooP 2 dager siden
I like mine but the wheels should have bike tires so we can get thru rough ground
GoatedNess !
GoatedNess ! 2 dager siden
I wanna se Seth climb up the driveway
west coast graffiti and tags
west coast graffiti and tags 3 dager siden
I love you so much.." it needs to be practical and useful with that being said I'm going to put on some carbon bars"😂😂😂
Fake InsecCho
Fake InsecCho 3 dager siden
"this is very serious" why are u knee scootering downhill and drops
Avocado Toast
Avocado Toast 4 dager siden
He needs tubeless tires and shocks in that bad boy. Then he'll be ready to shred again.
tangerine man tambourine man
tangerine man tambourine man 4 dager siden
This is redonkulous
LEGO man 478
LEGO man 478 5 dager siden
Seth what are you doing with a knee scooter on the high Way?
Dante Lipari
Dante Lipari 5 dager siden
You should put on some all terain wheels
Jack da King
Jack da King 6 dager siden
Man that bell is really gonna annoy his wife
Kona 6 dager siden
shouldve got a blade and cut some tread into the tyres lol
santiago garcia
santiago garcia 9 dager siden
i can't believe that i've watched the entire video
Hallie 11 dager siden
A dropper post should be mounted with an Ergon saddle.
Christian Fish
Christian Fish 12 dager siden
Upgrade the wheels
Christy Gatto
Christy Gatto 13 dager siden
Started watching your videos about a week ago, broke my foot yesterday ordered a knee scooter today. I read that the biggest issue people have is the turning radius! Your little zip tie idea is perfect! Thanks!
Kaih Rothery
Kaih Rothery 13 dager siden
Hey Seth just letting you know I had a very serious compound fracture to my leg that took 5 years of recovery and if you want to carry your water bottle on crutches just fit a mtb water bottle cage to the adjustment holes on the crutch
Cristian Jones
Cristian Jones 13 dager siden
I need to shatter my leg now
Suzie G
Suzie G 14 dager siden
Now make it into a knee e-scooter!
Rex Gahley
Rex Gahley 15 dager siden
I think getting a new whip would’ve been a great title for this video
D 6 The pet lover
D 6 The pet lover 16 dager siden
Can you ride again
Bristol Rc
Bristol Rc 16 dager siden
Shubhan K
Shubhan K 16 dager siden
Seth: talks about being practical and puts a bell on an indoor scooter
JACOB RIEFLIN 16 dager siden
His foot covers the taillight
Carlos Arciniega
Carlos Arciniega 17 dager siden
That thing be better than my bike.
Ryder Aiken
Ryder Aiken 18 dager siden
Now all Seth needs is an electric motor in there
Guitar BRAT
Guitar BRAT 18 dager siden
You should install a dropper post with a Ergon saddle
Rhys McPhee
Rhys McPhee 19 dager siden
It's like a Trek HaHa LOL
Cooper Hoelscher
Cooper Hoelscher 19 dager siden
Still not to late to put mountain bike tire treads on the knee scooter wheels
Xx4storm_playz4xX Zhu
Xx4storm_playz4xX Zhu 21 dag siden
Lol 8:02 out on the highway
Camphart Rogets
Camphart Rogets 21 dag siden
What a waste of carbon
xPaxy 22 dager siden
Install a front light
TheStackingNerd 22 dager siden
I most definitely didn’t put some Pro taper pillow top grips and a KTM power parts break lever on mine.
R.C.R.R PRODUCTIONS 22 dager siden
Ya bro get a cotic
Jesus God
Jesus God 23 dager siden
Did he just say this knee rover isn’t gonna be good down hill? I think Seth I gonna go down the drama drop lmao
Anarchy Pony
Anarchy Pony 23 dager siden
"souping" up? Like, is that on purpose, or not?
Jan Uhelj
Jan Uhelj 23 dager siden
should have put a fox 40 and disk brakes on it
Pablo Herranz
Pablo Herranz 24 dager siden
and where is the one up edc multytool?
Ted Way
Ted Way 25 dager siden
teacher: humans are 72% water Seth: bish ima 100% swag
CaptainWho 26 dager siden
You could always go with the bum bag to carry things.
Hockey Rat
Hockey Rat 26 dager siden
Just put on some maxi highrollers and your good
ttxxdd 28 dager siden
Grayson Smith
Grayson Smith 28 dager siden
Looks great what’s in the bike box in the background
James Mariano
James Mariano 29 dager siden
I think it needs a 1x drive train from Shimano with hydraulic disc brakes.
Skringård Hildegård
Skringård Hildegård Måned siden
And that's why I just ride my bike like normal, I don't even think about doing some jumps or even bunny hop in that case, it's not worth it.
mick muller
mick muller Måned siden
I leave this under every video I watched, it helps the algorithm...
Student Trent Stavinoha
Student Trent Stavinoha Måned siden
8:10 seth says start the cringe
Sam Morgan
Sam Morgan Måned siden
flux シ
flux シ Måned siden
“People can see me when I’m on the highway” Seth on the highway: I am S P E E D
The Gang
The Gang Måned siden
as he can't ride he should fix the bikes
Luka Måned siden
Okay so no joke, Seth is making some of the most enjoyable content on the platform. I don’t know how he manages to make an entertaining video out of pretty much anything, but i fuckin love it.
Dancing Måned siden
Love it! Inspired to mod my knee scooter. Thanks!
Jacob Ravan
Jacob Ravan Måned siden
It’s funny they make an off-road drive scooter
Credit Tech
Credit Tech Måned siden
I haven’t riden my hardtail in a while but my motorcycle and I’ve been like wtf where the dash where the throttle
Samuel Kollár
Samuel Kollár Måned siden
who are these kids cuz they are so cute :D
Lana Libertine
Lana Libertine Måned siden
I had a bottle cage on one of my crutches when i broke my knee
Isaac Lloyd
Isaac Lloyd Måned siden
needs a dropper
Megan Hoge
Megan Hoge Måned siden
Everybody gangster till the toddlers bring out the hydraulic disc brakes😎😎
Lenart Resman
Lenart Resman Måned siden
you could put a bottel cage on crutches
Chalupa batman
Chalupa batman Måned siden
Hahah I was a bike mechanic and then I got a job as a medical equipment tech and I would break down the turning leg caddys and re lube and adjust them. My boss grabbed one and said something how the company must have actually done a good job for once and started sending it off a little step down.
oscar is stupid when it comes to rc
oscar is stupid when it comes to rc Måned siden
put suspension on it
ツEclipse Måned siden
Pimp My Knee Scooter
Bilal Mohammad
Bilal Mohammad Måned siden
Idk why I expected him to put on a 27" wheel on that thing
Wilson Brown
Wilson Brown Måned siden
Like a trek????
Micah Andrews
Micah Andrews Måned siden
One month later: "In today's video, I'm riding the white line on my knee scooter."
Cory Patterson
Cory Patterson Måned siden
Ls swap it
FPS DROP Måned siden
Send it !
PinKola Måned siden
Pimp my scooter
Paras Dhiman
Paras Dhiman Måned siden
Hlo Seth, Love from India
MixedMashupVlogs 10
MixedMashupVlogs 10 Måned siden
I hope you feel better soon
Bfredd33 Måned siden
Seth should put a one up edc in it
is there a way that we can buy these berm peak white stickers
ahmed ismail
ahmed ismail Måned siden
Was I the only one who expected Seth to put disc brakes on that bad boy?
Christian Dyer
Christian Dyer Måned siden
Hey guys welcome to the segment called “Seth talks trash about a knee scooter for 10 minutes “
blue pineapples
blue pineapples Måned siden
This is incredibly serious so first we’re gonna put this guy Ferrari flame sticker here
GMTB Måned siden
8:03 He said when I'm out on the highway. When would you be on the highway with a knee scooter??? :)
TrickyIsAlive Måned siden
only the REALLY needed stuff
zcarfanatic Måned siden
me: "This is the saddest thing I've ever watched". Also me: keeps watching...
Kai Kubal-Komoto
Kai Kubal-Komoto Måned siden
“ we’re doing somthing different, but the same” 😂
NT NT Måned siden
I noticed it’s not tapered, put a fox 40 on it
Savim 18
Savim 18 Måned siden
Practical=carbon bars truest word ever
Profe Nick
Profe Nick Måned siden
Next ep of sbh: hitting the whale tail on the knee rover!! Feat. Single track sampler
Zenphynx Måned siden
dang his new whip be lookin fresh
Jonah Weyant
Jonah Weyant Måned siden
When Seth comes in his wife sees it oh no what have you done here
Notyfchu Måned siden
xt??? on a balance bike ???????????????????? wtfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Send Central
Send Central Måned siden
Where’s the 12 speed lol Get better soon
Ibrahim Alsheikh
Ibrahim Alsheikh Måned siden
I just had crutches last week from leg laceration on my thigh I hate crutches
Jacob Shepherd
Jacob Shepherd Måned siden
Put an electric motor on it :)
Martynas Daugėla
Martynas Daugėla Måned siden
why does that girl's bike have shimano slx brakes? 9:27
Jimmy Moral
Jimmy Moral Måned siden
Thoughs Carbon bars though😆
Renne Michaels
Renne Michaels Måned siden
Dude. Just move that accent rug and execute-glide in your office chair. Or better, get a secretary chair, take the back off, metal base, and put the inline wheels on it. I use a mobility scooter when out and about, but inside... Yeah, custom rolling stool. I can do any amount of work and both hands are free to carry whatever I want.
Mikey Tenney
Mikey Tenney Måned siden
Should’ve put on a dropper post 😆😆
Natuto Runners
Natuto Runners Måned siden
The only reason I haven’t subscribed is because you keep saying today we’re doing something different but kinda desame every video
Cole Hirschy
Cole Hirschy Måned siden
when i saw the kids, i thought seth was a dad!!!!
Adam Ruen
Adam Ruen Måned siden
I broke tibia and just got the scooter, watched this, zip tied the rod at the bottom to improve steering, flipped over. be careful out there. scoot scoot
Kendal Hanke
Kendal Hanke Måned siden
This is very serious put a Blue Bell on it
Kendal Hanke
Kendal Hanke Måned siden
I do BMX and I have a broken leg but I get my boot off tomorrow
Harrison Luhning
Harrison Luhning Måned siden
omg when he said to when it went into the montage 😂
Jorge F.
Jorge F. Måned siden
Change the channel name again for 2021? Seth's Scooter Hacks
Blake Wildgoose
Blake Wildgoose Måned siden
You should put a single brake lever like the foot down bike
plz dont check my youtube channel!
plz dont check my youtube channel! Måned siden
"Im Gonna Be *Dead* Serious About This Thing." Also Seth: "Caaaarbon Baaaars"
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