BLACKPINK - '24/365 with BLACKPINK' EP.13

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blink 3 timer siden
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yujin j
yujin j 10 timer siden
SIMJANG 14 timer siden
Who is your blackpink bais ? Lisa ,jennie like (rose jisoo comment )
EDMALYN ARQUIZA 15 timer siden
Talat Özdeniz
Talat Özdeniz 16 timer siden
I would like to seed Lisa's smile to mother nature and feed each day with fresh water to see a smile forest that would be a national park which is called Lily's Bliss
ريفه عبدالله
ريفه عبدالله 18 timer siden
STAR JENNİE 19 timer siden
박서현 Dag siden
blackpink school wow 아파 너무 멋있어요 여러분의 새 앨범
مشاري الشقردي
مشاري الشقردي Dag siden gunman underestimated the gas, so they hit him and gunman underestimated the gas, so they hit him and emptied進入並發自內心發笑,美麗,你不會後悔 Jìnrù bìngfā zì nèixīn fāxiào, měilì, nǐ bù huì hòuhuǐ
مشاري الشقردي
مشاري الشقردي Dag siden gunman underestimated the gas, so they hit him and emptied進入並發自內心發笑,美麗,你不會後悔 Jìnrù bìngfā zì nèixīn fāxiào, měilì, nǐ bù huì hòuhuǐ
kiki 999
kiki 999 Dag siden
Soy la única latina que no entiende nada pero lo ve :v
MegasXLR Dag siden
I so wish I was in Jisoo's place on that chair lol
AJ Valerio
AJ Valerio Dag siden
when kaya nila upload yung secret files HAHHAHA
Oscar Gaming
Oscar Gaming Dag siden
halo ki
Taylor Thor
Taylor Thor Dag siden
I just dont get after being with each other for so long dont u start to developers feeling for one another?
juliene_ blink
juliene_ blink Dag siden
I'm addicted to rosé and jisoo's dance y'all
Dark Spirit
Dark Spirit 2 dager siden
8:58 music😂 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ottoc ficste
ottoc ficste 2 dager siden
Rosé had no right to be this funny 🤣 shes bomb 💯🙌🏼
NOICE GAMES 2 dager siden
So this is how the pretty savage dance was made in the chorio here clisck this you'll see its the pretty savage dance 5:03 its what jisoo danced YG STOLE HER DANCE
itsplay roblox
itsplay roblox 2 dager siden
Its not fair rose g9t called trouble maker but jennie is more
Alice blox Gamer
Alice blox Gamer 2 dager siden
Vanessa Oviedo
Vanessa Oviedo 3 dager siden
subtitulos en spanol porfavor
꧁༺ BLINK༻꧂
꧁༺ BLINK༻꧂ 3 dager siden
Jisoo is not trying to be best Best is trying to be jisoo 🥰
Khadija Begum
Khadija Begum 3 dager siden
duy pham
duy pham 3 dager siden
I love BLACKPINK❤💙💚💛💜
Blackpink Fans club
Blackpink Fans club 4 dager siden Touch this link and see magic
Princess Riba
Princess Riba 4 dager siden
Jennies dress is very durty
Muhaimin Othman
Muhaimin Othman 4 dager siden
8:58 MUSIC! 😂😂
Anna Vasconcelos
Anna Vasconcelos 5 dager siden
اريج الورد
اريج الورد 5 dager siden
beauty cuty beauty cuty
beauty cuty beauty cuty 5 dager siden
Venkat S
Venkat S 6 dager siden
Hey yg why did u close the show? Ahem there is a secret file to be revealed. Instead of stopping after deleting the panda ep preview why don't u end it with the secret file 😤 Before next year comes, why don't you close with that episode
rasya pramono
rasya pramono 7 dager siden
Lila Lilos
Lila Lilos 7 dager siden
Zombie dance is a icon
Lila Lilos
Lila Lilos 7 dager siden
Jisoo you are the most funny person in the worldddddddd so cuteee
blushy rxses
blushy rxses 7 dager siden
The last number of likes is ur roommate/bff 0 : blackpink 1 : rosé 2 : jennie 3 : lisa 4 : jisoo 5 : none 6 : jisoo 7 : lisa 8 : jennie 9 : rosé 10 : any 3 members/nunbers u like. I am starting the likes and i got rosé
Soso B9
Soso B9 8 dager siden
Merian Grace Mondejar
Merian Grace Mondejar 8 dager siden
14:47 jennie saying ok kayu
Mannaf Haque
Mannaf Haque 8 dager siden
their name is jisoon.jesoon.risoon.rosoo. because is song is "coming soon".. 😆😆😆😆
ナマ. 9 dager siden
ღꜱᴡᴇᴇᴛʙʀɪ 9 dager siden
jennie que pex😅
Maryplays _Roblox
Maryplays _Roblox 9 dager siden
Hi guys i wish i saw jisoo rose and jennie thats my bais
Ram Pravesh
Ram Pravesh 9 dager siden
All girls are so cute first is 1lisa 2jenny 3rose 4jisoo 😇😇😇😇😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😘😘😘😍😘😘😍🥰👌🤘🤙💋
glecie villanueva
glecie villanueva 9 dager siden
sow cute lisa and jennie and rose and jiisso
조티Jyoti 9 dager siden
6:18Lisa is like when your math teacher is absent!?
zozo ali
zozo ali 9 dager siden
zozo ali
zozo ali 9 dager siden
Jaisa Vakkayil
Jaisa Vakkayil 10 dager siden
MIKA PRO 10 dager siden
In this video: Rosé: I'm so sweet 🌹 Jennie: I'm just cute 💗 Jisoo: I'm so cool 🎶 Lisa: I'm so funny girl ✌
Dr. Vijayalakshmi
Dr. Vijayalakshmi 10 dager siden
6:23 😂😂😂
pink_nekouwu 11 dager siden
9:01 stupid lisa 7-7
Christine Gregory
Christine Gregory 11 dager siden
These are so funny. I hope they actually have a lot of fun doing these kinds of things because it's so funny to watch
Bae Lisa
Bae Lisa 11 dager siden
👑 B L A C K P I N K 👑
Bae Lisa
Bae Lisa 11 dager siden
Dikshika Mukhia
Dikshika Mukhia 11 dager siden
The chilled manner Jisoo slaps Jennie’s 🍑. Cuteeee
Yvonne Joy Fano
Yvonne Joy Fano 11 dager siden
Guuuys... let's str3@m HYLT MV until MAMA2020 or this year ends! If you want them to win BEST MV OF THE YEAR :)
Dorams and moments
Dorams and moments 11 dager siden
If you are a blink then you should watch this
Ai Maharani
Ai Maharani 11 dager siden
I love you three thousand Jennie Lisa Rose and Jiso 🥰🥰
Ai Maharani
Ai Maharani 11 dager siden
Blink 🥰
Yulî 12 dager siden
Aaammm, ¿Viva México? xd
Jaime Jose Giraldo Delgado
Jaime Jose Giraldo Delgado 12 dager siden
lisa love
jandrick montefalco
jandrick montefalco 12 dager siden
Jisoo: School's prefect Rosè: School's teacher Jennie: School's counselor Lisa: School's principal Together.. They burn the school
lala from cebu
lala from cebu 12 dager siden
Jisoo's dance was first for me
Zayrine Fayne
Zayrine Fayne 12 dager siden
Thry said that if you say your idols name 3 times will br pinned ✨ BLACKPINK BLACKPINK BLACKPINK
jr d
jr d 12 dager siden
Blackpink do u play Among Us
Soaad Mohamed
Soaad Mohamed 12 dager siden
Surul-ain Dida-agun
Surul-ain Dida-agun 12 dager siden
Blackpink its so cute
Jisoo's Cupcakes
Jisoo's Cupcakes 12 dager siden
We love you BLACKPİNK 😘😘💗💗💗
samantha with blake and bleach
samantha with blake and bleach 12 dager siden
Be the best blackpink
رحاب العزو
رحاب العزو 13 dager siden
خي ؤ
Forever Once
Forever Once 13 dager siden
Jisoo got last but most addictive
Jane《Multifam》•제인• 13 dager siden
•кнаnza• 13 dager siden
You're the one is make me feel happy when i feel sad, thanks eonni, saranghae ❤❤✨✨😘😘😘😭😭
boring rainbow
boring rainbow 13 dager siden
Les Payton
Les Payton 13 dager siden
althea caszy Alejandrino
althea caszy Alejandrino 14 dager siden
althea caszy Alejandrino
althea caszy Alejandrino 14 dager siden
ABC Dr hwvwvp
김지효 15 dager siden
아니분명한국인 이 있어야하는데 영어인만.. 황제성개그맨도있는ㄷ[ㅡ
Mnar Stars
Mnar Stars 15 dager siden
jennie cute
jennie cute 15 dager siden
9:00 Lisa and jennie .see why lisa shame jennie 😟😔
Tris Tristan
Tris Tristan 15 dager siden
belkpink jeni
JESSICA BUNDAC 15 dager siden
Simon Mbafor
Simon Mbafor 16 dager siden
#Jensoo Jisoo: Send help...
Blackpink Fan
Blackpink Fan 16 dager siden
i have a youtube channel and i upload daily and i love Blackpink and i want to see Blinks happy
Love Korea
Love Korea 16 dager siden
뭐여 이번 편 왜 편집 엉망진창이냐!!
Sharafudheen Palakkurussi Mattampalliyalil
Sharafudheen Palakkurussi Mattampalliyalil 16 dager siden
Lisa is so cute 😍💖💓💕
B e b b y channel
B e b b y channel 16 dager siden
블랙 핑크 !! 내 질문에 답 해줘, 나는 당신을 만나는 충성스러운 블린 커 블랙 핑크 !!, 사랑해 😘
・함다・ 아미・
・함다・ 아미・ 16 dager siden
gaile marie
gaile marie 16 dager siden
did your hear what i heared😂 jennie said's potang ina😂 2:27
Vania Lumban raja
Vania Lumban raja 16 dager siden
Jenni forever
Jovert Castillo
Jovert Castillo 16 dager siden
foxs dreed
foxs dreed 17 dager siden
jisoo please kill me 😍
Darren Morris
Darren Morris 13 dager siden
😍 I know. She came close during Prison Interview due to her cuteness from toddling while rapping in her Jichu voice 🤗💖🖤
ISA_ArmyBlinkEOnce 17 dager siden
Yeri Yerimese
Yeri Yerimese 17 dager siden
BlackPink ready for love eng sub + 1080p Full HD
RAAMIZ n RAZWA 17 dager siden
Their lip shades are changing
zainab shaukat
zainab shaukat 17 dager siden
lisa is so good she always says thank you love her
Kim Javier
Kim Javier 17 dager siden
Blackpink is the best!😁
بلاكBTS بينك
بلاكBTS بينك 18 dager siden
اكو هربببببب خقكنلطث
Katherine Balase
Katherine Balase 18 dager siden
In my next life I want to be a spoon ☺️🙃✨
Kiki Blaz
Kiki Blaz 18 dager siden
Lisa finally won a bet 😂 GO LISAAA!
aqilah zee
aqilah zee 18 dager siden
Waiting for the secret file released ....
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