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Animated by Ben ‘Wonchop’ Smallman (
Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (
Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
Additional Animation by David Post (
Featuring Eddie Bowley (
Erin Breslin ( 2ToesUp)
Gabriel ‘Black Gryph0n’ Brown (
Luke ‘LukeIsNotSexy’ Cutforth (
Jack ‘Jacksfilms’ Douglass (
Chloe ‘ScarfDemon’ Dungate (
Elliot ‘ElliotExplicit’ Gough ( elliotexplicit)
Dan ‘danisnotonfire’ Howell (
Phil ‘AmazingPhil’ Lester (
Sean ‘Jacksepticeye’ McLoughlin (
Rebecca Parham (
Jacob and Mike Trueman (
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Red mini crewmate
Red mini crewmate 23 timer siden
Cow: Meow meow im a cow i said meow meow im a Sheep: NO?????
Fungling Chow
Fungling Chow Dag siden
Fungling Chow
Fungling Chow Dag siden
beep beep ima sheep
The gaming Doggo
The gaming Doggo Dag siden
I just realized that the don’t jump guy is jacksepticeye or maybe it isn’t but it sounds like him
Jeni Charis
Jeni Charis Dag siden
0:45 I have SNAKE ARMS
Franciszek M
Franciszek M 2 dager siden
Franciszek M
Franciszek M 2 dager siden
Emma Graham
Emma Graham 2 dager siden
This was made on the first of april
Dia Caban
Dia Caban 2 dager siden
I like trans
thái hoàng
thái hoàng 3 dager siden
I am a asdf
Potato 3 dager siden
I remember watching this on christmas break JUST DAYS AGO Epic days :D
quatiba akbik
quatiba akbik 3 dager siden
Why does that guy says I don want to be fat anymore then eats the gun
VioletSkiy 3 dager siden
That trainsgender guy tho
Tarak Taras
Tarak Taras 4 dager siden
Jacksepticeye loved that moment to do.
dogmaster 47
dogmaster 47 4 dager siden
NO DONT JUMP............ok now jump. Jacksipticeye and markiplier moment
me eating my whole boat
me eating my whole boat 5 dager siden
this is better 0:28
Alex Sandoval
Alex Sandoval 5 dager siden
Jdubz 6 dager siden
If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!
Brogen Cahill
Brogen Cahill 6 dager siden
Jacksepticeye is in this and I didn't even know XD
OmarFilms 6 dager siden
0:30 when you're high on drugs
Mathew Vazquez
Mathew Vazquez 6 dager siden
Did anyone else notice that the intro to this asdfmovie is also the ending of beep beep I'm a sheep, like the actual song. And the Beep Beep part.
JupiterOkan 8 dager siden
1:13 youre welcome
Saucy 8 dager siden
jesse boardman
jesse boardman 8 dager siden
the first guy sounds like jack septic eye
Kinzuri- chan
Kinzuri- chan 8 dager siden
The most popular asdf 10: 1. 1:13 2. 1:30 3: 1:59
farris albassam
farris albassam 9 dager siden
AdamźTMź 9 dager siden
The first one was jacksepticeye voice
GAMER HUZEYFE 9 dager siden
Elisha Nobles
Elisha Nobles 9 dager siden
Meow meow I’m a no
El Nido Little Haven at Lio
El Nido Little Haven at Lio 9 dager siden
*too bad we still dont have the beep beep im a sheep album*
Steamy 9 dager siden
1:47 my favorite part
The slamming door
The slamming door 10 dager siden
Timika Lucas
Timika Lucas 11 dager siden
: > )
HV 11 dager siden
Jacksfilms was in it also
Patrick Feanny
Patrick Feanny 11 dager siden
I love your series of movies Tomska, but you should do this. Make a real life version
Matt King
Matt King 11 dager siden
1:52 - South Park did it better.
Luc Knight
Luc Knight 11 dager siden
NO DON’T JUMP!!! *sets up camera* Ok now jump!
The slamming door
The slamming door 12 dager siden
0:29 WTF? 3D?
The Main Character
The Main Character 12 dager siden
The beginning tho with Jacksepticeye hahaha
iluvfishrods- Gaming
iluvfishrods- Gaming 12 dager siden
*Taking words literally*
E Mann
E Mann 12 dager siden
Did Jack do the intro
Aiden Rindfleisch
Aiden Rindfleisch 13 dager siden
meow meow im a cow i said meow meow im a NO wait so you're a no
Alex Winehouse
Alex Winehouse 13 dager siden
ari-chan official
ari-chan official 13 dager siden
Hey, kids! Who's ready to draw? Me, me, me, me, me! Okay then... DRAW. *GUN SOUNDS*
Bazukin Belyugovich
Bazukin Belyugovich 14 dager siden
Crawls out of woman: Have you seen my lemons? *_I W a n t M y L e m o n s._*
Raizel Jin Ramos
Raizel Jin Ramos 14 dager siden
Im laughing XD
Rea Teiho
Rea Teiho 14 dager siden
Hahaha Mom : okay kids who's ready to draw😃 Kids : ME!!! MEEEE!!!🥺 mom : okay 😄 everyone shoots eachother
PS4official02 Evil member
PS4official02 Evil member 15 dager siden
1:31 this has been uploaded! Go watch it
Emilie 6668
Emilie 6668 15 dager siden
How did I just realise that Jacksepticeye is in this video
A refrigerator
A refrigerator 15 dager siden
0:35 *top 10 anime betrayals*
Aidens world
Aidens world 16 dager siden
Jacquez Wright
Jacquez Wright 17 dager siden
0:06 literally the best intro.
StupePlum6704 19 dager siden
mah laymons
Derin Nur Uslu
Derin Nur Uslu 19 dager siden
start here --> 00:00
Daniel Menguita
Daniel Menguita 19 dager siden
Bebe Russell
Bebe Russell 19 dager siden
“I like trains” TRAINS
80's vibe's uwu
80's vibe's uwu 19 dager siden
hudson kennedy
hudson kennedy 19 dager siden
every word in aswdmoves are lirteral, aways
Macoy DR
Macoy DR 20 dager siden
1:51 Fat guy: I don't want to be fat anymore :( Gun: *so you have chosen dea-* last moments alive
Ray Satria
Ray Satria 20 dager siden
i like this video
King Connor
King Connor 20 dager siden
You know what I hate child murders *the kid behind the slaughter*
Shadow Storm
Shadow Storm 22 dager siden
"Hey kids who ready to draw?" "Me Me Me" "Okay draw!" *epicly starts playing intense music*
HI LUKEHERE 22 dager siden
0:28 asdf movie n 3d is cool
Perez Perez
Perez Perez 22 dager siden
Beep Beep Im a Sheep
aziz yaqqb
aziz yaqqb 23 dager siden
1:13 sheep is
drafusjoke lol
drafusjoke lol 23 dager siden
0:2 sub to me if you love jacksepticeye
black mask
black mask 23 dager siden
I feel like the first one is Jacksepticepe voice
Hailey Boyer
Hailey Boyer 24 dager siden
I love these
Lucas Jackson shuck
Lucas Jackson shuck 24 dager siden
2:02 No!!!
Cr1spr 24 dager siden
1:55 jojo reference?
Chanthy song
Chanthy song 26 dager siden
What is that first one Jacksepticeye
4 Charaters With BFB Voice
4 Charaters With BFB Voice 26 dager siden
Alexander Luis
Alexander Luis 26 dager siden
1:06 that was jacksfilms
Disneyfan1999 26 dager siden
0:50 this is Tom’s OC
Joaquim The Clickterr
Joaquim The Clickterr 27 dager siden
Before: 1:13 After: 1:31 Sheep:beep beep ima sheep i said beep beep ima sheep 1:59 Cow:meow meow ima cow i said meow meow im a c- Sheep: *N O*
Regular Guy 傢伙 平原
Regular Guy 傢伙 平原 27 dager siden
‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍
TheChilled King
TheChilled King 27 dager siden
1:54 jojo reference
JoelitoStriker 888
JoelitoStriker 888 27 dager siden
How people from other Countries think America is like: 0:21 How it is: 0:21
Stickson The Great
Stickson The Great 28 dager siden
**Quotes one of the skits** *Time stamp for said skit* Now watch the likes roll in.
Jacob Thottungal
Jacob Thottungal 7 dager siden
Lmao this only has 16 likes
Jessica Sams
Jessica Sams 29 dager siden
Is this you yes hello hi!
omar gamer123
omar gamer123 29 dager siden
0:28 ew
Odin Van Koughnett
Odin Van Koughnett 29 dager siden
The draw one made me laugh HARD
becky cai
becky cai 29 dager siden
1:03 *I l i k e t r a i n s*
Cersei Strickland
Cersei Strickland 29 dager siden
funnyest thing on UNAVERSE
Juul Shark
Juul Shark 29 dager siden
is it bad that i just noticed that the first clip is JackSepticEye?
William Hershberger
William Hershberger Måned siden
it's cruel to let someone jump off a building...without a camera :)
Eva Havlikova
Eva Havlikova Måned siden
0:06 i like the intro !
Karma Doll
Karma Doll Måned siden
1:18 "You know what i hate ? Child murderers." Me : Purple Guy ?- *Murderous kid proceed to show up* *Baby Purple Guy ?*
DatWhitePersonDough Presents
DatWhitePersonDough Presents Måned siden
Meow meow ima cow, I said Meow meow ima- NO F***ING WAY
Renee Laput-Mendoza
Renee Laput-Mendoza Måned siden
Raphael Ong
Raphael Ong Måned siden
Jake McGuire
Jake McGuire Måned siden
Are we going to ignore the fact that this was uploaded on April 1st
Karel Channel VideosTube
Karel Channel VideosTube Måned siden
Girl: he must be cheating on me Me and the boys: 1:32
cmoore gaming
cmoore gaming Måned siden
Bep bep I'm a sheep I seed bep bep I'm sheep
thien loong teoh
thien loong teoh Måned siden
0:01 Jack ran out of video ideas
GGs Animation
GGs Animation Måned siden
Nevaeh Wilson
Nevaeh Wilson Måned siden
2020 anyone
Photographer Chris
Photographer Chris Måned siden
1:51 sounds like patrick
DeeCi Måned siden
Anyone checking this from Jacksepticeye's movie section from google
rainbow unicorn
rainbow unicorn Måned siden
Not that draw😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣