Final Fantasy XV - The Movie - Marathon Edition (No HUD All Cutscenes & Gameplay + Extra Scenes)

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I waited until the Chapter 13 1.07 patch came out with extra cutscenes from the critical Chapter 13 before releasing the Marathon Edition. Here is the entire story of Final Fantasy XV presented in a cinematic fashion with no HUD, editing and the OST added back in afterwards to ensure the best transitions possible. Here's the Final Fantasy XV Full Movie.
Some possible questions -
1) Subtitles? - In games like this there is a lot of dialogue outside of cutscenes, and when there are subtitles it makes it impossible to edit things the way I want to. Sometimes I need to change the position of certain bits of dialogue to make scenes work and not having subtitles gives me that luxury. If anyone would like to make a subtitle file for this movie I will be happy to add it in and credit you for it!
2 - What about the Gladio/Prompto DLC? - The Gladio DLC just came out and doesn't really add much to the narrative, taking a large detour at that point in the game to cater for Gladio's little adventure didn't seem a wise move. What I may consider is taking some small bits from the Gladio AND Prompto DLC and making a special extended edition with the game + all DLC.
3) Why didn't you add stuff from Kingsglaive? - Square Enix is very tough with copyright anyway, and Kingsglaive was a theatrical release which makes it a whole different ball game from a regular video game. I can't risk putting in scenes from the film for this reason, or I may have done so.
So I hope you guys enjoy it, I worked pretty hard on this and was the first game I really went all out with the cinematic process, more so than I did for movies like FFXIII and even The Last Of Us. I played the entire game without the HUD and also without any music so I could add it all back in (and make some slight changes) afterwards.
So all that's left is to enjoy Noctis, Gladio, Prompto and Ignis' epic journey to save the world from darkness...
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dansg08 3 år siden
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Leonard Mosca
Leonard Mosca 6 måneder siden
It must not be easy playing this thing without the hard or directional thing I would get lost in my own room if I didn't have the directions sad and true but nicely done I must say it's too bad this is a close we're going to get the actress in The Final Fantasy movie 15 like the king's grave us it's too bad he didn't put that on his part of this cuz that take place during the events of the following insomnia that would have made for more very interesting stuff thank you again have a great week👍
Epsilon EffectZero
Epsilon EffectZero 7 måneder siden
@Arcozib fitgirl?
Larry Hughes
Larry Hughes År siden
11-Bit Cafe
11-Bit Cafe 2 år siden
you are the best ! like and commended
Epsilon EffectZero
Epsilon EffectZero 2 år siden
dansg08 royal edition is released can you make a movie of it
Unbreakable Glass
Unbreakable Glass 15 dager siden
Ok, the game has problems (especially with its split narrative between a movie, NOpost show and the game), but the story impacted me more so than alot of games. There is no "love story" per say like other Final Fantasy games, but I didn't have a problem with that (it was mostly to stop warring nations, which is what really happened in our past). The character development was great, the music was fantastic and the story was somber and satisfying. I cried my eyes out at the end when he said "dad, trust me"
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 21 dag siden
This is great! I just wish that the background music was a little more quiet when people are talking.
Tsumi Hitsuki
Tsumi Hitsuki 23 dager siden
35:23 😏
SoSo Trippy
SoSo Trippy Måned siden
This game and mass effect andromeda really set off 2017 for me
Timothy Tay
Timothy Tay Måned siden
the graphics is horrid
Zozona Lakmi
Zozona Lakmi Måned siden
You did an amazing job with this. Great editing!
KING BLiZZY Måned siden
Dude, I can’t get over how well this video was put together. It’s legit like a movie or an anime. Well done👏👏👏👏
KING BLiZZY Måned siden
I absolutely love the way this was uploaded
Twisted Drifter
Twisted Drifter 2 måneder siden
bahamut in ff15: tall big god man bahamut in ff7: haha am dragon go brrr
Bookwormy 2 måneder siden
I really gotta learn to watch the whole thing before I read the comments. So many spoilers
abdulrehman akhtar
abdulrehman akhtar 2 måneder siden
where is Naruto?
Dustin King
Dustin King 3 måneder siden
1:20:50 hunting for Deadeye at night time if you never played Final Fantasy 15 yet was a thrill ride....especially when you get up close to him in that cutscene
Groudon 3 måneder siden
I love that you can listen to older soundtracks in the car. Just noticed it at 1:58:00 or smth. Mark of a traitor from FFVII
Velvet Butterfly
Velvet Butterfly 3 måneder siden
I know FFX is your favourite game, and I certainly enjoy the music, but at 90 minutes in I kind of wish you played a few of the other games soundtracks. Other than that, I really love the way you cut the footage together, 9.5/10
shadowkittycat97 5 måneder siden
"There's no wrong way to love a chocobo" Noctis definitely fucks the birds
Bidinho Casfin
Bidinho Casfin 5 måneder siden
It's me or the lips seem a little out of sync?
- 5 måneder siden
I couldn't play this so I'll watch it as a movie instead. I just couldn't stand the whole boyband setup of characters. And I wasn't a fan of the hack and slash format, it felt like the strategy was taken out of the game. No Final Fantasy story or character can ever beat that of FFX.
Jenese Alarcon
Jenese Alarcon 5 måneder siden
Damn, those credits and the song hit me fucking HARD. Such a beautiful edit
Jenese Alarcon
Jenese Alarcon 5 måneder siden
Shit really did take a weird and sad turn after Luna...
yiyiyao 5 måneder siden
Wow thank you for making this!! The battle scenes and landscapes were just absolutely stunning *_* I love all the details that went into them, esp the city of Altissia. So sweet to watch the progression of the 4 guys' friendship, and Noctis turning into a king. I like how Prompto is actually kinda wimpy when they're in new situations lol. Their hair and outfits make them look kinda like a boyband. Voice acting also so good!!
Najee Benton
Najee Benton 5 måneder siden
Excited to watch this
Hallo Hello
Hallo Hello 6 måneder siden
05:02:00 Timestamp
Hallo Hello
Hallo Hello 6 måneder siden
3:00:00 Timestamp
Drift & Miss
Drift & Miss 6 måneder siden
What is this missing? The DLC footage?
Drift & Miss
Drift & Miss 6 måneder siden
Hate to be that guy but you could reupload this in 4k 60fps?
Honi Wi
Honi Wi 6 måneder siden
i'm not afraid to say that this is the only game that had me crying over a car
Sam E
Sam E 7 måneder siden
Argh, i hate Ardyn with a passion for making such a boring rip-off version of saw.
Studiosmediamilk 7 måneder siden
Ho ho, Love the lighting!
Studiosmediamilk 7 måneder siden
Prompto is so cute n.n
abbie credidio
abbie credidio 8 måneder siden
I'm not crying. YOU ARE
MrQuaazga 8 måneder siden
I have to admit, that I skipped around, in order to watch this. Reason is, the horrible voice dubs, and the animation ugh! I always love the ends of the Final Fantasy games. The music of the last fights were really good.
Ash Ali
Ash Ali 8 måneder siden
Fantastic game and Superb sad ending 😢😍
PunchFor Pound
PunchFor Pound 9 måneder siden
Does this include Kingsglave?
PunchFor Pound
PunchFor Pound 9 måneder siden
How is the combat in this game? Worth playing the game or just watching the movie? I heard you could beat the whole game holding 1 button? Is that true?
Xoro 9 måneder siden
I loved this marathon, i really love the "lunafreya" character design, but i still prefer FFxiii lore, that one made me feel more attached to the story and it felt as if i lived there for the while i was watching thank you for uploading, you are the best :)
Sadie D
Sadie D 10 måneder siden
I really wish you played this one with Subtitles like all the other ones but it’s okay lol I’m still watching it 😂😂😂😂
Atsumu UGH
Atsumu UGH 10 måneder siden
Some of the scenes for the first 30 minutes of this video has some walking dead feel to it. Lol idk. Just the vibe. It's like any minute they'll get attacked by a bunch of zombies or something 😂
Atsumu UGH
Atsumu UGH 10 måneder siden
"I'm a city girl, but I dig the rustic charm!" Noctis: eh~ This btich!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Sadie D
Sadie D 10 måneder siden
Mr Lakiro
Mr Lakiro 10 måneder siden
“Drautos, he’s in your hands.” Drautos: **kills Regis* Edit: In all honesty though, thanks for adding those small touches. It honestly made this even better! :D
Kate Lin
Kate Lin 11 måneder siden
I wish we could see subtitles here. I sometimes don't understand what they are saying
Iammethe24 År siden
You mixed the music....... Let's see: bhurjeba's theme continued to suteki da ne(yuna's theme version)
Up for Anything
Up for Anything År siden
1:20:00 Just my own bookmark!
Shu Pesmerga
Shu Pesmerga År siden
Ignis speaks like the male narrator on How It's Made
Shu Pesmerga
Shu Pesmerga År siden
Man, you need to watch 3 movies to say that you've completely watched FFXV. FFXV Brotherhood (anime) + the other FFXV movie + FFXV game
Laura D
Laura D År siden
Wonderful job with this! Love the selection of the party and NPC banter used. I've played thru the game twice and I missed some of it, so really cool to hear it here. Gives the game extra color. And the music in the Regalia gave me some wonderful nostalgia.
Joshua Avenido
Joshua Avenido År siden
Ken 1138
Ken 1138 År siden
This game really surprised me. I'm totally gay to Gladiolus but man what a fun story and game. The 4 of them remind me of the ninja turtles in terms of characters. The only negative side of the game is that why did they make Cindy talk like Sandy Cheeks from Spongebob? People don't sound like a 1940s old southern lady anymore.
Gh0st H
Gh0st H År siden
Gh0st H
Gh0st H År siden
Mariel Angela Yumol
Mariel Angela Yumol År siden
Didn't put Fabula Nova Crystallis in credits scene not here because it's real news that fake news please want to reconnect like XIII and Type-0
Vergil's Motivation
Vergil's Motivation År siden
Amazing edit! Thank you for the hard work! Also love how you used the Final Fantasy X sleeping music like the one at 2:24:58
Buttons.The.Zombie År siden
Lol, why does Ardyn remind me of the Cheshire Cat?
sketti man
sketti man År siden
quit looking at noctis so much.
Maj Magister
Maj Magister År siden
This is the best 'movie' playthrough of a game I've ever seen in terms of editing. (ie showing just the right amount of combat while not overdoing it; and maintaining the music of the scene despite the cuts.) Thanks for the crazy amount of time it must've taken to create all the footage and edit it so expertly!
Rotty T
Rotty T År siden
I had a choice since I didn't have a PS4... Buy Pocket Edition for $15 on Switch, or watch it free on NOpost. You know what I picked.
Zack Fair
Zack Fair År siden
I picked both
Kylez McGee
Kylez McGee År siden
Does anyone know the music at about 4hr45m mark?
discount morty
discount morty År siden
Not sure why people dun like this lol is kinda funny and laid back.
First Last
First Last År siden
I want "F"ing subs man
Derek A
Derek A År siden
Oh man, thank you so much for this! I bought the game a year ago and only made it about 20% through the game. Turns out I like the idea of this game way more than the actual playing of it. The gameplay just doesn't hook me. But I wanted to see the whole journey. So this is perfect for me! I can't imagine how long it took to edit this all together, but you have my thanks!
Rheanon Jasmyne
Rheanon Jasmyne År siden
How did the car change from black to purple, did they dye it ? Like this version better than the other video I saw, this is 2 hours longer!
Raycapone The Art Designer
Raycapone The Art Designer År siden
I honesty think every one died in FF15 universe
Dear Luciella
Dear Luciella År siden
3:15:25 when Theme of Love from final fantasy 4 starts playing I legit shook😂😂
Bachi, The Sunset
Bachi, The Sunset År siden
Can’t Noctis kill Gladiolus?
NekoEcho13 År siden
Hurr durr "you sound familiar". Yeah cause recognising the voice of the friend you spend 24hrs a day with isn't enough. Guess you need the abs to confirm, huh Noctis. Smh.
1Akarikotsu År siden
Beautifully done thank you very much for the time and effort put in. You most certainly can compete with other channels. As I watch this, I think Luna Freya is an Aeris npc
dansg08 År siden
Thanks, appreciate it :)
SimsPlusUltra År siden
I saw one that said 5 hours, but it did have subtitles, I just don't think they had the full game done though, story wise :P :D
Mikey Senpai
Mikey Senpai År siden
i want chocabos to be real they'd be awesome
Unavoidable Fate
Unavoidable Fate År siden
Hey Berk, any plans to update the end with the new content from the Royal Edition? Sure would be nice to see the expanded story from the Hunter HQ in Insomnia and the fights against the Past Kings.
blue89girl År siden
By far this is the 2nd most heart breaking ending in FF following Zack Fair's death.
The Dude
The Dude 10 måneder siden
ever heard of final fantasy type 0?
Nana Erliyana
Nana Erliyana År siden
Whenever i listen to "stand by me", it would remind me of their moments with Noctis :') Aww mann... Thanks dansg08 for tge walkthrough and the movie 😊👍
double drago
double drago År siden
Sooo the ending is just noctis dead
Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris 2 år siden
Wow for Noctis to be royalty the common people treat him like a normal dude.
MMO Archives
MMO Archives 3 måneder siden
a mirror of japanese society, the emperors of japan's past were mostly loved and treated fairly, and the emperors of japan treated it's people with the same respects and integrity
Константин Паршуков
Константин Паршуков 5 måneder siden
@The Dude To hell with the Destiny!
SBGC Official
SBGC Official 8 måneder siden
Hes not royal to anyone outside of Lucis tho
Mr Lakiro
Mr Lakiro 10 måneder siden
When you think about it, I think it was a good move on Regis’ part to have Noctis live a somewhat normal life. He lives in an apartment with Iggy as his butler/mom but other than that he’s like any other boy.
The Dude
The Dude 10 måneder siden
@Magma 09 at the cost of having a fixed destiny as a sacrificial lamb
bailey 2 år siden
53:50 your skull will be a soup bowl.
Billy B
Billy B 2 år siden
Thanks SE for listening to the mass majority of video game players who said I just think theres too much fantasy in this series. Get rid of it. That stuffs for nerds. And put more awesome d bag bros in it who arent too complex. Then maybe ill play it.
Billy B
Billy B 2 år siden
Thank you final fantasy for recreating that feeling of both star wars episode 1 and metallicas saint anger album. I never thought id be lucky enough to experience that a third time in my life.
Jason Deutschbein
Jason Deutschbein 2 år siden
I like that you used the large catalogue of Final Fantasy music available in the Regalia to add flavor to situations that otherwise would lack an accompanying track.
Najla Naseem
Najla Naseem 2 år siden
Amazing done! But like damn did noctis just died ???? With all the others!?
Takaishi År siden
Najla Naseem no the others lived but there is a new cannon ending where everybody lives
Kevin Leroy
Kevin Leroy 2 år siden
Seriously whats with the fucking super mario sound god fucking damnit
Alexis Hodge
Alexis Hodge 2 år siden
It's sad that Noctis has died, but at least he saved the world and got to be with Luna again.
Micheal Meadley
Micheal Meadley 11 måneder siden
A happy ending if u ask me, imagine living without that
Micheal Meadley
Micheal Meadley 11 måneder siden
Alexis Hodge worth it
Keith Johnson
Keith Johnson 2 år siden
There’s no wrong way to love a chocobo
For His Glory
For His Glory 4 måneder siden
Except for tough love.
BMI07 2 år siden
i like this game so far but the dialogue is horrible, i had expected better from square enix
w i n l y
w i n l y 2 år siden
So he dead or no?
Ace Ventura
Ace Ventura 2 år siden
fuck this game was terrible
mrapp24 2 år siden
what a sucky FF game.
Clyde Lee
Clyde Lee 2 år siden
them seeing that huge bird at first, is like Ash seeing ho-ho lol
CityPointKing 2 år siden
You are awesome without a doubt and LOVE your Work, I hate Subtitles it Ruins the Cinema Experience and anybody who says otherwise is weird. We dont go to the movies in America and Complain they all dont have Sub titles. anyway, I read what you said about adding in the Kingsglaive Scenes, I bet you did for your personal viewing pleasure, i know i would have. If you made a master version that you cannot upload to youtube how about you upload it mediafire or something and make a trailer video and let us download it and comment in the trailer section about what we think?
He11mo 2 år siden
He11mo 2 år siden
FFX's rendition of Dearly Beloved 4:24:29 during the leviathan's battle with noct and luna that was frikin epic! #BEST_8HRS_OF_MY_ENTIRE_LIFE!
Enzo Zignone
Enzo Zignone 2 år siden
DWG22 2 år siden
Wow amazing! I haven't watched the entire video yet, but I wish you could upload the series with Japanese voice too :)
SushiBoats 2 år siden
Been following you forever, you're the best when it comes to game movies.
Kai Anderson
Kai Anderson 2 år siden
They use alot of the same music from ffx
CrimsonxPhantom 2 år siden
Can you please do this for Episode Ignis too?? There aren't ANY HD videos without subtitles. You're awesome, by the way. Thank you so much for this!
Thoob Xiong
Thoob Xiong 2 år siden
KHeartsdiva54321 2 år siden
I love your video, I watch it everyday. The patience you must have had and the, just wow! Thank you! I was just wondering if I use scenes from this for a video and I credit you...would you mind? Pretty please? x
dansg08 2 år siden
Thanks :) sure, go ahead
Filippo Favaro
Filippo Favaro 2 år siden
subtitles maybe next time?
grandadmiralthrawn92 2 år siden
15:53 Gladiolus looks so funny pitching the tent. He's the biggest man using the tiniest hammer, lol.
Allen Rounds
Allen Rounds 3 år siden
It kills me that Noctis's dad was trying to say goodbye and Noctis just acted stupid the whole time.
jensen atkins
jensen atkins Måned siden
@Zozona Lakmi probably not as much as we think. They just give small and I mean maybe 5% at most.
Zozona Lakmi
Zozona Lakmi Måned siden
i wonder how much money changed hands either way for the coleman tent and chairs
jensen atkins
jensen atkins 3 måneder siden
He wasn't stupid. Only king regis knew the attack was coming. Not even cor or gladios dad clarus knew it. He said bye the only he could without spilling the beans. Because if noctis had even the slightest idea, he'd never have left and would have been killed. Then the world would have never recovered. It's sad. That's why the whole ffxv story was besutiful
SBGC Official
SBGC Official 8 måneder siden
I know right
Sadie D
Sadie D 10 måneder siden
Allen Rounds 🥺🥺😭😭😭😭 he didn’t even hug him
Muhammed Koçak
Muhammed Koçak 3 år siden
Well, i guess it will get an update sometime in a year because of the 4 new DLC... Wow.
Cool Video Bro
Cool Video Bro 3 år siden
All the extra details you pit in are wonderful. Thank you :)
dansg08 3 år siden
Thank you for noticing :)
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys 3 år siden
I played until Luna died and then I was like well fuck this. Looked it up and turns out you die a virgin. Crap game
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