Khabib Nurmagomedov interview on UFC Tonight

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Argun Ozbek

6 år siden

Khabib Nurmagomedov interview on UFC Tonight All rights owned by UFC

A’yoon Måned siden
Their react to khabib statement at 3:38 joke on his face..and two guys simultaneously looking towards dc😹
Cool Boy
Cool Boy Måned siden
Best quote in Russian khabib : 🌍 I saw in Africa young age some news and pictures How people live how people die in hungry . I had dream in young age one day Allahs ( God ) wishes I will help them . Thanks Allah ( God ) he given opportunity . I can help from something not definitely you needed to be millionair to help .if you had 2 dollars you can give up 1 dollars. some people thinks that they don’t have any opportunity to help from something to people but you have always opportunity to help them from something you have . ☝️☝️
Indra Fahlevi
Indra Fahlevi Måned siden
I thinks khabib time travel
Barbarossa Abbasi
Barbarossa Abbasi Måned siden
we Kashmerian love Khabib .
Isaiah Vignassi
Isaiah Vignassi Måned siden
Khabib in a suit was not expecting that
Awaited One
Awaited One Måned siden
Dc + khabib = true soldiers. And role models. Love you two bros. I wish dc smashes him next time. Jon I think is a phoney guy. Very steroid drugs guy. That’s why he win dc end game guys
Mosab Hijazi
Mosab Hijazi Måned siden
5:30 im crying looking at Dc bro !!!
Mohammed Shoueb
Mohammed Shoueb Måned siden
Mutasim Mohamed
Mutasim Mohamed Måned siden
Who, s watching this after Khabib retired 29-0.
dado boudi fanboy
dado boudi fanboy 2 måneder siden
u know if they make reality show khabib and DC, I'm ok to buy 1k$ per month to can watch it .. these two guys so pure and funny
Abdallah Saad
Abdallah Saad 2 måneder siden
How times have changed
Nathan ator
Nathan ator 2 måneder siden
khabib comin' in like he's the weather man. i don't mean the guy who reports on the weather, i mean the guy who decides what the weather is.
FYB 2 måneder siden
29-0 now
AngryShoma [LIVE]
AngryShoma [LIVE] 2 måneder siden
2020: Khabib Retired. NOpost: Check this out - Khabib Interview 2014. I'm from Dagestan.
AngryShoma [LIVE]
AngryShoma [LIVE] 2 måneder siden
@Jorge Masvidal ALHAMDULILLAH! Great. Where a u from?
Jorge Masvidal
Jorge Masvidal 2 måneder siden
Salam aleykum brother how is life in dagestan?
Abbas Musani
Abbas Musani 2 måneder siden
DC:- Don't talk between two brothers. Love the word from DC
Abdullah Al Mamun
Abdullah Al Mamun 2 måneder siden
I am calling it now, in few years this guy will be the most dominant ufc champion and retire as a legend.
SR Ghost
SR Ghost 2 måneder siden
6:18 you just know Khabib and his guys don’t ever take lightly to serious situations like DC’s beef with Jones at the time
khalil 17
khalil 17 2 måneder siden
these awesome people in these comments are the true fans of khabib , i jumped on the khabib train too late lol.
Snehasish Bhattacharjee
Snehasish Bhattacharjee 2 måneder siden
Umar Jan
Umar Jan 2 måneder siden
Khabib is best..
Mark D
Mark D 2 måneder siden
Love both Khabib and DC
Salman Azeem
Salman Azeem 2 måneder siden
DC you are love man. Such a good guy! I love it when friendship and brotherhoods are way beyond cast, class nationality and religion. I love to have such friends.
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan 2 måneder siden
Who is here after 6 years
Ryan Nguyen
Ryan Nguyen 2 måneder siden
Dont talk between brothers haha
Muhammed Rafi
Muhammed Rafi 2 måneder siden
Who is whatching after 29-0?
murat c
murat c 2 måneder siden
Been supporting Khabib since day one It's so fun to read these predictions and opinions about him that are 5-6 years old while he accomplished his mission Smesh'd everyone and become the number 1 p4p.
Orang biasa
Orang biasa 2 måneder siden
Who here after the Announcement 😔😥
bambi lackner
bambi lackner 2 måneder siden
I had to check bc i haven't watched ufc only when i heard about khabib last yr, and khabib was right Donald did win,his fight i,q is amazing.
ForEverRon 2 måneder siden
Nobody: The ending *EEEEEEEET*
Abdullah BUTT
Abdullah BUTT 2 måneder siden
First comment you will find that is not 5 or 6 years old😂
carlos Mascarenhas
carlos Mascarenhas 2 måneder siden
Oh yess😂😂😂😂😂😂
M Projects
M Projects 2 måneder siden
watching this now is so weird. it’s like watching a different world. ufc on FOX? Brian Stann? pettis is champ and khabib is ranked #2? i kinda miss these days and wish khabib didn’t get injured so he’d be like 35-0 lol
Rhanz 2 måneder siden
hes the GOAT now
Lemin Abdel lahi
Lemin Abdel lahi 2 måneder siden
Who is here after he retired 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Abdul Wahed Rafiqi
Abdul Wahed Rafiqi 2 måneder siden
Anybody watching after khabib retired...Damn how time flies. The greatest fighter of all time p4p.
Sawban Bin Farid
Sawban Bin Farid 2 måneder siden
The Greatest of All time. P4p No 1 Khabib 'the eagle' Nurmagomedov Retired at 29-0 after Winning in UFC 254 In one of the most PPV match in the history of UFC Undefeated , Undisputed Ufc lightweight Champion. He lost his father . He has nothing to prove . So he takes farewell. #GOAT
vtxfilms 2 måneder siden
29-0 *
Anthony LDS
Anthony LDS 2 måneder siden
Who's here from the Cormier interview?
Carpathian Wolf
Carpathian Wolf 2 måneder siden
Anyone here from DC interview on BT sport?
John Labu
John Labu 4 måneder siden
Lol Dc pissed big time 😂 @6:34
Abo0Omar1 4 måneder siden
it's Interesting that khabib predictions were right; Cerrone beat Edie Alverez, and also on Anthony Pettis conditioning
RealDarkFilm 5 måneder siden
Hes a funny guy but will never touch the title
Syafiq Mienomi
Syafiq Mienomi 4 måneder siden
@RealDarkFilm 22-4
RealDarkFilm 4 måneder siden
@Syafiq Mienomi He beat a real estate agent, an injured and drunk Conor, and a dude Conor smoked in one round
Syafiq Mienomi
Syafiq Mienomi 4 måneder siden
Tommy ballhead
Tommy ballhead 5 måneder siden
I think if khabib hadnt of had surgery dc was gonna launch over that table 😂
jaryn morris
jaryn morris 5 måneder siden
First Khabib takes you down then Jon Jones at the press conference lol Daniel look hurt at that statement lol
Samuel Munoz
Samuel Munoz 5 måneder siden
Favorite friendship in mma. Absolutely hilarious
Davis Reid
Davis Reid 5 måneder siden
3:49 DC charges $1500 🤣🤣
Hill Grant
Hill Grant 5 måneder siden
Khabib is a joker. Video footage
Ashraf Shabaneh
Ashraf Shabaneh 6 måneder siden
If he wasn't injury riddled early on, he would've won that strap and defended it this WHOLE TIME.
Masud Rana
Masud Rana 6 måneder siden
Love you khabib🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩☝️☝️☝️
PP ACADEMY 7 måneder siden
I love seeing khabib on tv....please American tv stations invite him often.
byAurso 7 måneder siden
I like the "EEEEEEE" in the end bro nice chi power
merah jingga
merah jingga 7 måneder siden
Khabib vs Justin Gaethje 29-0 insyaallah and Still.
Wasim Akram Mondal
Wasim Akram Mondal 2 måneder siden
Alhamdulliah And Still
Zen Bra_Deutsch
Zen Bra_Deutsch 7 måneder siden
Khabib and DC are so funny talking to each other.
Penees Longchamp
Penees Longchamp 7 måneder siden
Even the host use broken english
Sardor Sindarov
Sardor Sindarov 8 måneder siden
Нету на русском?
SianidaOwh 70714
SianidaOwh 70714 8 måneder siden
i almost cry when they asked him about him & dc being in the same weight and face each other who would win, he says "DC is my big brother", you can look into his eyes. so deep.
Patrick Chole The Music and More Channel
Patrick Chole The Music and More Channel 8 måneder siden
3:50 😂I didn’t know Khabib was so funny.
saleh mansour
saleh mansour 9 måneder siden
1:50 DC couldn’t hold it😂
Habib Zabar
Habib Zabar 9 måneder siden
DCs personality the way he was getting up from his chair towards Khabib reminds me of Mohammed Alis personality
XD 9 måneder siden
The guy sitting next to khabib is mad disrespectful putting his shoes in his face you can tell he is uncomfortable in Dagestan it’s culturally disrespectful to do that.
Gwyn Paladin
Gwyn Paladin 8 måneder siden
This is typical in all TV Formats, even in Russia, Khabib wasnt bothered by it.
SATURNE24 10 måneder siden
he was #2 in 2014 and got the title in 2018. That's UFC
Alexander chua
Alexander chua 10 måneder siden
Amar Mahmood
Amar Mahmood 10 måneder siden
The Eagle has landed .☝
Metalpunk Gangsta
Metalpunk Gangsta 11 måneder siden
Hahaha thanks for taking your time to record the show and upload it on YT!!
Amroz Khan
Amroz Khan 11 måneder siden
Dc and khabib are best teammate i love both of them
Ultra Instinct
Ultra Instinct År siden
he will never talk bout bad religion,bad country even he got harassment by some1..respect for u khabib
Mawahib AMN
Mawahib AMN År siden
Lmao he's so pure here
Abu Amanah
Abu Amanah År siden
One day, K.N. will be a champion! Mark my words!
mubarak sarang
mubarak sarang År siden
2 brothers if terror destruction
Amaterasu År siden
DC is realy great man
Slave of God
Slave of God År siden
No! For me need money. Lol
putri malu82
putri malu82 2 år siden
Young khabib look so handsome n cool men,, n now he become champion 27-0
Haro Wanderlust
Haro Wanderlust 2 år siden
Reaction when he said next year i want to smash him
Dr. Zaheer Ahmed
Dr. Zaheer Ahmed 2 år siden
Who is watching n laughing in the background?
bhakto ke jijaji
bhakto ke jijaji 2 år siden
Who is here after khabib win.. #khabib
Roxanne Parra
Roxanne Parra 2 år siden
Omg Khabib is so handsome and funny🙊😍
ksoo 2 år siden
That reporter bringing up Jon Jones lmao wtf
Ruhul Bappy
Ruhul Bappy 2 år siden
I can't stop laughing ,You can see clearly DC admire him like a young brother .When khabib speaks DC was laughing .DC helped Khabib to learn and speak English .Infact DC went to the fight with his son to support Khabib (conor vs Khabib fight).it's nice to see. DC and Khabib both are nice human being .✌
Island Rhythms Production
Island Rhythms Production 2 år siden
Love the friendship between Khabib & Daniel!
Slicky Ricky
Slicky Ricky 2 år siden
did DC really charge him 500 for a hour English lesson?
Syafiq Mienomi
Syafiq Mienomi 4 måneder siden
Of course no. Hahaha. Khabib just roasting DC. You should see AKA gym training session. They like to joke like that.
Tanner Kg
Tanner Kg År siden
Slicky Ricky people some times (specially friends) say something without it actually being true and do that just for fun. some people actually do it so much they felt the need to give it a name, a joke they call it. I think the 500 hundred thing might be that, but hey we will never know.
Md azmat Raza
Md azmat Raza 2 år siden
Alhumdolillah islam is my deen
Arshad Mohamed
Arshad Mohamed 2 år siden
Khabib made it.
Anthony William
Anthony William 2 år siden
Khabib is the best wrestler in the world. Haughty Connor Mcburger's game over in UFC 229.
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 2 år siden
Khabib reminds me of Nacho Libre when he says “My wrestling, my top control, my aggressive, my....spirit” is like that scene where Nacho talks about his fancy clothes saying “Beneath the clothes is a man and beneath the man is...his....nucleus...?”
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 2 år siden
Oh back in the day when Khabib didn’t know how to speak English properly and gave us the amazing Eagle quotes like “this is number one bullshit” or “i smash you. Smash everyone. Smash everything. If you not bear then I smash you”
Polkovnik 2 år siden
3:37 "Next year I want smash him" *silence* Hahaha xD
Moh 193
Moh 193 2 år siden
LW Champ ❤️
Muhar Khafiyono
Muhar Khafiyono 2 år siden
MC chicken loses.... Hahahha
BenTheeban 2 år siden
Very polite no trash talk They make you love this sport
zubair hashim
zubair hashim 2 år siden
i love you DC..!! i love you, khabib!! both of you my in human race and religion of islam..salam peace from malaysia..!! islam not terrorist but love living in peace..and love to all humankind...
Nissar Ali
Nissar Ali 2 år siden
3:27 --> my wrestling type my top control my aggresive my spirit i think for him is no good, i think he no want this fight and next year i wan't smash him I wont get tired of hearing that. And his broken english is actually better than any of Tony Fergusion speeches. That guy needs to keep his mouth shut.
mubarak sarang
mubarak sarang 2 år siden
DC and khabib r very fun together
Universal City
Universal City 2 år siden
Eagle rock
Sun Shine
Sun Shine 2 år siden
im watching this after khabib defended his lw title against conor :D
Ommy Azzy
Ommy Azzy 2 år siden
I like the brotherhood between DC and Khabib. It shows that these two are humble and very respectful
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 2 år siden
Dc you're a real champion and khabib also love from Afghanistan 💪👊
mubarak sarang
mubarak sarang 2 år siden
DC and khabib. Are brothers
mubarak sarang
mubarak sarang 2 år siden
Khabib and dc are brothers from diff mother
Sodikin So
Sodikin So 2 år siden
Iam from indonesia good luck for you khabib...
acewilson316 2 år siden
reminded me of when stone cold had to wear a suit for vince lmai
Aasif Malek
Aasif Malek 2 år siden
Khabib & DC FUNNIEST Moments Ever 😂
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