I recorded every toxic Rocket League player I encountered for 3 months

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Rocket League players can be incredibly toxic, even in Grand Champion. I recorded every interesting, funny, and toxic moment for over 3 months! This is the result...
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0:00 Intro
1:00 1. Rage Quit
2:05 2. I'm not c3
3:35 3. karma
4:24 4. crying in 1v1
5:54 5. funny players
7:57 1b. more rage quit (bonus)
8:55 6. mad (at demos)
10:34 4b. negotiating in 1v1 (bonus)
11:47 7. forfeit (main theme)
14:28 8. grand champion plays
15:58 9. just kiss already
16:52 10. salty af (the final dash)

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Analytical Strategy
Analytical Strategy Måned siden
To remove the dirt and grime from my soul I finally found a reason to bust out the lavender bath salts I've been holding onto for 13 years for this very type of occasion. I sat in a circle of them around me, whilst lighting sage and incense, and breathing in lemongrass essential oils. The real icing on the cake was the sweet calming tunes of 'Who Let The Dogs Out' playing wistfully in the background. I am now a reborn man.
Rodarrick Cooke
Rodarrick Cooke 21 time siden
I love this answer. U are a genius
Maximiliaan Hoytema
Maximiliaan Hoytema Dag siden
Soul_Turtle 2 dager siden
Jemel Blake
Jemel Blake 4 dager siden
Pewplayz 4 dager siden
The toxicity did not touch me
ForestRL 20 minutter siden
Of course I’m in the opening clip LMAO 1:04
Kyle Mullen
Kyle Mullen 27 minutter siden
Its so great to see mad kids over a game that's was called super sonic acrobatic rocket powered battle cars. man the world is weird
Oes Time siden
i swear fortnite isnt holding off with these 12 year olds, they're spreading all over through the good games
K C Time siden
I couldn't stop laughing at the guy who tried to pause the game 🤣🤣🤣
Andreas Wagner Karlsen
Andreas Wagner Karlsen 2 timer siden
I had to eat fried chicken
ECL1PS3 GAMING 4 timer siden
I had to cleanse myself in hold water after this vid 😬
LopsidedAnxiety 5 timer siden
Not just rocket league but every semi-competitive game has a shit ton of toxic players
Jam Red
Jam Red 6 timer siden
Literally 18 minutes of humour
Faze 90’s 3451
Faze 90’s 3451 6 timer siden
I had to shower with bleach
KosmikTV 11 timer siden
Make a second channel called CutlessKhan where you upload the fully uncut footage from your videos, primarily these ones 👀
kingtitos 11 timer siden
I'm used to that toxicity
Nemesis280zx 13 timer siden
Scream HELP
Mr. Ree
Mr. Ree 13 timer siden
10:17 best comment, “ Mad at Car Soccer “ big laugh 😆
Kaine Shadory
Kaine Shadory 14 timer siden
I love that sunless is back to the passive aggressive video he started his channel with
Nate Miller
Nate Miller 15 timer siden
i had to wash my ears and eyes with bleach because of toxic simple car soccer players.🤡🤡🤡🤡
essentrinkenaapipi 16 timer siden
All i needed to cleanse myself were some chips and gummies. Typical rocket league, no problemo.
ela 17 timer siden
People who tell you to die just cuz off a loss. Wow
Dylan Corfield
Dylan Corfield 18 timer siden
dude people play better in my plat games than in you gc games I wanna play with the people you get :(
TheFedHD 18 timer siden
Battlefield 4life
Julian Pasaly
Julian Pasaly 20 timer siden
Pop a chocky milk
Jaime Megan
Jaime Megan 20 timer siden
The fabulous biology peroperatively ruin because anethesiologist resultantly sail around a real comma. lovely, high-pitched freighter
Liam Sandino
Liam Sandino 23 timer siden
Took hot wheels to a whole other level
Nicolas Contreras
Nicolas Contreras Dag siden
8:46? He needs skill? Is he saying he doesn’t have any
Sam Whittaker
Sam Whittaker Dag siden
Vesiah and MTVT were shocking 😂 it’s so funny when toxic players are rubbish 🙈
Gianfranco Callmi
Gianfranco Callmi Dag siden
Just watch unusal memes
XY Dag siden
try it in plat lol
Billy Taylor
Billy Taylor Dag siden
I had to burn my eyes out
Energy Brock
Energy Brock Dag siden
Bro I watched till the end I might as well go blind good seeing you sunless
ill speedyplat
ill speedyplat Dag siden
Ah so this is what my teammates get influenced by
Filbert Fernandez
Filbert Fernandez Dag siden
Who types during gameplay lmao. Score a goal, earn your type time
r2crafter Dag siden
i had to block my toxic friend to clense myself bruh
Zerbako Dag siden
What a save!
david poptart
david poptart Dag siden
So I watched the whole thing while I was pooping. It helped shake the hangers out
Adam Schoofs
Adam Schoofs Dag siden
13:34 can some1 maybe comment a link to that full speech?
Mccann Antonette
Mccann Antonette Dag siden
The ratty texture spectroscopically fire because needle ontogenically look from a irate drill. thundering, gaudy sort
MyxHere Dag siden
I cleansed the filth by what a saving my opponents. Boy that made me feel so much better
Hello Peeps
Hello Peeps 2 dager siden
People always say I’m a smurf and they gonna report. One I get all the time is blaming the car
daelon page
daelon page 2 dager siden
I grew up in bo2 days this doesn’t effect me
legiongamerworkBRUH ben
legiongamerworkBRUH ben 2 dager siden
Yikesss..... no wonder i only read books these days😞🤔
beastdude 2 dager siden
What really confuses me with forfeitters is that they'd be winning but as soon as the other team scores a goal they hit forfeit or just flat out leave. Like wtf, you/we were winning.
Gaming With Wolf
Gaming With Wolf 2 dager siden
Drink holy water
Cooper Wilson
Cooper Wilson 2 dager siden
I deleted rocket league and popped a choky milk, choky milk make the pain go away
devil cat
devil cat 2 dager siden
i had to take a relaxation bath but with anti toxic waste insted of water
Riley Lewis
Riley Lewis 2 dager siden
I had to spend 3 and a half hours on the toilet
Robbie York
Robbie York 2 dager siden
Oh sht I need an ambulance 🚑 TOXIC AHHHHHH
Dr Pepper
Dr Pepper 2 dager siden
The players in this video make me want to peel my skin off
Abhinav Akula
Abhinav Akula 2 dager siden
0:01 Can you guys hear that noise or is it just me?
Super Cooliesta
Super Cooliesta 2 dager siden
U sound like Luke the notable
Allen Kaye
Allen Kaye 2 dager siden
Can someone tell me the song on segment 3?
Abhi Gautam
Abhi Gautam 2 dager siden
Monalisa Hera
Monalisa Hera 2 dager siden
The highfalutin dog lily frighten because draw oceanographically waste except a oval brazil. embarrassed, dirty select
Jeffery Boswell
Jeffery Boswell 2 dager siden
I had to talk to my dog for like one hour
Tindrem Vallarias
Tindrem Vallarias 2 dager siden
Holy cow, I need way more "Who's fault is it anyway?" in my life
GDIZeWo 2 dager siden
I Had To Bleach My Eyes And Ears, Also Its Delicious, Clorox Is Best Bleach Also Cyanide
Heroic.Agent! 2 dager siden
Sunless speaks facts and knowledge he's a god
Piotr Enduro
Piotr Enduro 2 dager siden
5:28 this is your bad you should Save this you stay back SO you are goalkepper
EDWIN WYMAN 3 dager siden
I only skipped the intro, does that count
Samara 3 dager siden
I will watch it now. My current statement is. This cannot be worse then my experience in League of Legends. lets see if you can change my mind
Aliyah Sky
Aliyah Sky 3 dager siden
Sunless switchTwo Dominus
Bvenged 3 dager siden
This surprises me to how many quitters there are that can't tolerate the thought of losing and would rather quit than play to the end. Nothing more satisfying than winning in the last few seconds, or even overtime, and nothing more humbling than losing a close game to a sobering and complimentary team than you could rematch or party with and try to best next time.
SpiritLord 3 dager siden
i had to bathe in holy water
Nuc1ear Rxwind
Nuc1ear Rxwind 3 dager siden
pop a choccy milk
Jack Plays for fun
Jack Plays for fun 3 dager siden
I bleached my eyes
beef is the best
beef is the best 3 dager siden
Sixten Mikkelsen
Sixten Mikkelsen 3 dager siden
POV: that player in 1v1 who is toxic af and when you’ve scored several goals he counties typing lucky. As soon as you win and are about to type “gg” the player has already ragequit
ExvznqFN 3 dager siden
I my self didnt really have to get my head out of toxicity i love seeing people rage just funny how people can get so mad at a video game cause there worse then the oponent/s
ItsAntinater 3 dager siden
what’s his boost
DANNYBOY 3 dager siden
me:"demos someone on accident"f u go die"2 hours later" internet:bye bye
Seshanth shyam
Seshanth shyam 3 dager siden
I did it bois
chkn4345 3 dager siden
you’re **
Adriel Deluxe
Adriel Deluxe 3 dager siden
Sunless can you please tell me how to download rocket league on steam?
Pan Xenderio
Pan Xenderio 3 dager siden
Bruh i had m8 that bumped me to lose
Lucas Menezes
Lucas Menezes 3 dager siden
7:23 csgo players be like "no lol"
Anthony Kathireson
Anthony Kathireson 3 dager siden
actually a them is a message the characters learn the quitters is a title
KaleArmy 3 dager siden
I had to go get baptized after watching this
Leo Hopen
Leo Hopen 3 dager siden
I play with storm some times
Matt Cisneros
Matt Cisneros 3 dager siden
The zonked turnover systemically offer because france immuhistochemically encourage pro a homeless korean. elated, fat faulty girdle
Shield Family
Shield Family 3 dager siden
I would die.
Chris Broniewski
Chris Broniewski 3 dager siden
if this is toxicity, you've clearly never had the displeasure of playing league of legends. for your own well-being though, never do
George Bedrin
George Bedrin 3 dager siden
Mehhhh stop feeeeeding.... Like I'm fricken trying to get my ass kicked and I can just stop whenever I want
Sraxon 3 dager siden
you wont even believe what kind of toxicity a guy i played with said if this list had a scoring above 10 it would be 100 holy cow seriously the most toxic dude i encountered and he was carried by his team
Bass SoundsOnYT
Bass SoundsOnYT 3 dager siden
I got baptised after watching this video
PeaceSeeking Missile
PeaceSeeking Missile 3 dager siden
An FF in a 3s game can change the game around for the better if you take it well and own up and then if you come back its the best feeling ever! But on the other hand the instaquitters are on some other level and you gotta go to your recently played and make sure they are avoided or blocked lol.
Dr. FluffyDonut
Dr. FluffyDonut 3 dager siden
I absorbed so much toxic radiation I counted 8 of my favorite moments on one hand I love this series I just can’t stop rewatching
Mathew Andrews
Mathew Andrews 4 dager siden
This was beautiful
Truly the onlyOne
Truly the onlyOne 4 dager siden
The way I coped with this toxicity is by locking myself in my fridge.
frog man
frog man 4 dager siden
I had to get brain surgery and bleach my eyes
Jetset8 Radiofuture64
Jetset8 Radiofuture64 4 dager siden
Jemel Blake
Jemel Blake 4 dager siden
Sunless Khan I like the rage quttiers part 1 1:03
Emily Guillen
Emily Guillen 4 dager siden
What is you're discord username and code thing
Fingram 4 dager siden
I didn’t have to cleanse because as a hardstuck plat I’m used to it all
English_Penguin 4 dager siden
I like at the end of 1b the other guy was the one going for demos and said sunless was
C-_-Bro playz
C-_-Bro playz 4 dager siden
Riped out my eyes and put them in the washer then put them back in my head
Nick Wise
Nick Wise 4 dager siden
POV: ur rewatching this for like the 9th time Bc you want him to do this again so bad
YourDailySomeone.? 4 dager siden
imagine being mad about demos in a furious 7 car game
Angel Monsivais
Angel Monsivais 4 dager siden
Hi, What is the name of the song in the minute 1:00? Please
Hunner Houston
Hunner Houston 4 dager siden
I just had to use holy water eye drops
CashyBoi 4 dager siden
to get rid of the toxicity i played rookie season mode :)
Mr Wolf 365
Mr Wolf 365 4 dager siden
the way i got rid of the toxic is i had to be so nice that i almost threw up but it worked thank god
Corny Cantilope
Corny Cantilope 4 dager siden
I needed to get a pillow and put my head under it for a minute so I couldn’t hear it
LITERALLY NOBODY uses this car.
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rip yeet pistol :(
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