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Han Jack
Han Jack 32 minutter siden
Gordon on the bike. His face represents 'ohhh man I'm gonna crash' 😂
Edmundo Naranjo
Edmundo Naranjo 57 minutter siden
The tenuous spaghetti experimentally license because grandfather crucially rule concerning a complete friday. bright, obsolete judo
D 3 timer siden
gordan pulling up in bike like 90's action movie
Гульсим Мукашева
Гульсим Мукашева 5 timer siden
The word that I've learned from this show be like: 1) F*ck
Helena Bee
Helena Bee 8 timer siden
They live in a town named Yonkers?
Marty 59
Marty 59 9 timer siden
Imagine calling Gordon Ramsey a fake
TheForgotten Dinosaur
TheForgotten Dinosaur 10 timer siden
Gordon-show them raw meat before they eat..it'll be fun lmao..I wouldn't wanna see the raw steak before eating. i woulda been grossed out and went home
Gecko 11 timer siden
"What you dont know - dont hurt you" -Owner's Wife oooooooooooookay?!
Gecko 11 timer siden
I think I finally figured out why Restaurant-Owners use the word "fresh" THAT wrong! I was always wondering about that like they simply lie but I got a better theory why the Denials keep lying to someone like Gordon, who smells such a lie about food million miles ago before he even tried the food. I guess they thinking "fresh" doesnt mean "rotten" or "molten"... seriously... 🤣🤣🤣
Heinrich Knierim
Heinrich Knierim 13 timer siden
"Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact... same fucking thing... over and over again expecting... shit to change... That. Is. Crazy. " If it doesn't work you have to change it .
Lucas Wilkinson
Lucas Wilkinson 14 timer siden
I don’t understand how people dare shout at Gordon 😂
Asdfgh Qwerty
Asdfgh Qwerty 14 timer siden
why is nobody talking about angry bird cameo at the beginning
Yoav 16 timer siden
Mike is a fat version of Lin Manuel Miranda
Dr darkrai
Dr darkrai 18 timer siden
The sign sucks... Ridiculous colour combo... Everyone: wow
Pro Odermonicon
Pro Odermonicon 18 timer siden
DAN POPESCU 19 timer siden
1:18 his poor family
ahmad bassam
ahmad bassam 19 timer siden
i totally thought that this was sum random ass compilation video until the end of it :\
ahmad bassam
ahmad bassam 19 timer siden
i just realized that this is a full ep not a compilation video
Tejal Khirbaat
Tejal Khirbaat 19 timer siden
I think gordon should have his own tagline: Gordon Ramsay-Everything's gone fucking.😂😂
Jippidyjappers 20 timer siden
500.000 in debt and the old folks with no tastebuds left don’t even like your food. No why would you wanna change that winning concept. Hey , maybe you are over a million in debt by the time you retire ,fingers crossed.
Isla Robinson
Isla Robinson 21 time siden
Anybody just binge watching all of these Gordon Ramsay videos cause they are bored AF
Raghuveer Dubagunta
Raghuveer Dubagunta 21 time siden
The owner's wife Barbara is Fine AF
Scarlett Cornell
Scarlett Cornell 17 timer siden
TheGamesBond 21 time siden
I have never seen a chef being more friendly with Gordon than Mike lol
Gréta Végső
Gréta Végső 21 time siden
not me losing it over the name of the town lmao
Aditya Rasam
Aditya Rasam 22 timer siden
Owner: I have done the plumbing work here. Editor proceeds to show a lousy plumbing job. This show is freaking hilarious. 😂😂😂😂
HazBoi Gaming
HazBoi Gaming 23 timer siden
Gordon just pulls up in a motorcycle like he means business...
anime ddd
anime ddd 23 timer siden
You're a fake 😂
cursed emoji
cursed emoji 20 timer siden
yeh he is so fake
Ruman Mk
Ruman Mk 23 timer siden
I hate blonde men black men are my favourite🤩🤩🤩🥰🥳🤭
Kieran Yong
Kieran Yong 23 timer siden
Gordon so disappointing that he say "god dear" instead of "dear god"
Daniel Survivor
Daniel Survivor Dag siden
22:33 God that's a good joke
julie Wallis
julie Wallis Dag siden
“Mike tries to _presentate_ the food real nice”. *Oh honey, you wouldn’t know well presented food if it bit your saggy old lady arse* Doh, she do talk England gooderish 🥺 though. Seriously, how does somebody get to her age and not know words?
Adityo Wahyu
Adityo Wahyu Dag siden
Poor mayor, he dint get his food ...or really? XD
ezebby Dag siden
is it just me or does the owner kinda look like cake boss?
Fabiha Jashim
Fabiha Jashim Dag siden
This is like a fairytale 😭 everyone is so depressing and dull at first and then Gordon/Fairy godmother comes and fixes everything and everyone has a happy ending, I love this!😭
Remi King
Remi King Dag siden
18:53 SPEACH *100*
VarjuHUN Dag siden
Look! It's the famous Chef Mike!
Jiki Dedel
Jiki Dedel Dag siden
Update: Dean sold the restaurant to someone else in 2009, and it has since transition to serving Italian delicacies instead. The business bloomed reportedly after Gordon's help, but let's just say Dean probably had other things in his mind -- he became a co-host in a TV series, appeared in the Ellen DeGeneres Show, etc.
Super Cat
Super Cat Dag siden
19:12 “did I stutter?”
Monique Dag siden
That sign at 25:00 is just glorious. Dripping glue everywhere, tilted letters, and 2 of the Es are flipped upside down. If this is how they rushed the sign, I really wanna see how all the interiors look beneath the shiny reality TV surface.
Reiana Cooper
Reiana Cooper Dag siden
Tom is not doin' it for me personally, I hope he can find what works for him
Daniel Dag siden
NOpost: How many ads do you want? Gordon: Yes!
Jabari Williams
Jabari Williams Dag siden
Yoda•50 Years ago
Yoda•50 Years ago Dag siden
Gordon:please don’t get upset The wife:yes chef,sorry chef
VØRTX Dag siden
Lin manuel miranda is that u?
Stephen Butler
Stephen Butler Dag siden
I couldn't help but notice that the same people were sat at the table in the restaurant that had appeared in the episode about the Indian restaurant Dillons on Broadway. Young couple, man, woman, who sent back the food in that episode were sitting here waiting for their steaks. x
Noah Wilson
Noah Wilson Dag siden
Dude acts like he's a mob boss, get over yourself bud
Luke Mcquillan
Luke Mcquillan Dag siden
I see lots of ads, i skip to the end, then rewind, hey presto, no ads anymore😂. Can watch the show in peace😁
A. R
A. R Dag siden
Wow I'm amazed NOpost didn't beep out the language..how far we have come this is how tv and NOpost should be
TheSoundtrackOfMyDays Dag siden
I have the Kobe beef...Medium well...hell why dont you just fry in mayo while you are at it... A Kobe beef is a steak you eat rare, sirred.
King Kingston
King Kingston Dag siden
The chef is a mechanic killed me
UwU JaMeZ Dag siden
the first 10 minutes i thought that this restaurant had a normal owner but guess I was wrong.
R.I.P pull waker
R.I.P pull waker Dag siden
This is how many goodness says f*** 👇
Fritz von Cranach
Fritz von Cranach Dag siden
29:44 Almost every episode Gordon or his producers make us watch him shirtless.
ugur ozgumus
ugur ozgumus Dag siden
WHITE Grizzly
WHITE Grizzly Dag siden
😑29:24, he shoul smile and look friendly while asking questions. He's looks as if hes pointing a gun.
Kujikawa the Meek mage
Kujikawa the Meek mage Dag siden
Lin Manuel Miranda took a job as a head chef lol
ayush singh
ayush singh Dag siden
Gordon got a strong stomach the dishes he has been fed in all those nightmarish hotels🤣 food poisoning is the only way to go out🤣
Adam O'Donovan
Adam O'Donovan Dag siden
Bless that mike the chef get that guy an assistant chef for fuck sake XD
Alishma's Studio
Alishma's Studio Dag siden
tbh I feel so bad for Michael he deserves better.
naveen sankarr
naveen sankarr Dag siden
Man...Gordon Ramsay's intros always gets me
Ayushi Dag siden
Update: this restaurant was sold to someone else, it still runs but has average condition.
Jason L77
Jason L77 Dag siden
I know it’s a tv show and all but , wouldn’t it make more sense to brainstorm with the owners instead of deciding on his own boom let’s make this a steakhouse?
Spike OP
Spike OP Dag siden
11:30 OMG it is the voice dubber of Kakashi hatake from naruto
K 360
K 360 Dag siden
I honestly feel Sorry for Senior Customers in these situations...They always/mostly try to be polite...but get ripped more than Others, as they have to return Again and again... probably because of limited choice in the neighborhood. 🙏
Ian M
Ian M 2 dager siden
16:56 a wild American Gordon Ramsay appears
Moriah Simpson
Moriah Simpson 2 dager siden
Anyone else felt sorry for Tom djdndnndd
cp 1992
cp 1992 2 dager siden
It always makes me laugh when they don't know why customers don't want to come in.
Panagiotis Nikiforou
Panagiotis Nikiforou 2 dager siden
rumor has it the owner is the lost son of micheal corleone hahahhahaahahahh
Megumi Osoroshi
Megumi Osoroshi 2 dager siden
yall im sleepy time to *t u c k a h o e*
Dead Caliph
Dead Caliph 2 dager siden
Gordon: I found you, faker! Owner: Faker? I think you're the fake hedgehog around here. You're comparing yourself to me? Ha! You're not even good enough to be my fake!
Sadman Alam
Sadman Alam 2 dager siden
Everyone gangsta until Gordon Rolls up in a motorbike.
topdogrlg 2 dager siden
I think most of us forget how sad many of these cases are because we're just thinking about the entertainment aspect. These are people's livelihoods and the amount of pressure they're under must be excruciating. It's sad that many of these Kitchen Nightmare restaurants are closed now because they were in way too deep trouble financially by the time Gordon walked in the door.
Simon Cornett
Simon Cornett 2 dager siden
Am I the only one who thought the owner looked like mr McMahon
Heavy Weight Primate With a Harvard Mind
Heavy Weight Primate With a Harvard Mind 2 dager siden
That guys hair looks like shit, what you talking about Ramsay?
Merrett Productions
Merrett Productions 2 dager siden
Badass gordon
Gim TV
Gim TV 2 dager siden
Its rare to see in kitchen nightmares a chef that is eager to learn with the greatest chef in the world
SLEANDER09 Gaming 2 dager siden
Gordon on a motorcycle????
Ben Kemp
Ben Kemp 2 dager siden
Lol a McDonald's ad played when I clicked this video
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 2 dager siden
makeover and they all cry of happiness - New recipe, oh no - The big night where its a but tumbLy and stuMbly at first but it end off successful - Chefs/Owners thank Gordon
Jaffa Brand Jaffa Cakes
Jaffa Brand Jaffa Cakes 2 dager siden
Complains about money situation, cigar in hand
stevo5711 2 dager siden
And Deano still has to kick tribute upstairs,fuck you pay me!
Sarararara 2 dager siden
Feel tom tho
Anjelo guevara
Anjelo guevara 2 dager siden
He really loves crab cakes like damnn. Every chance he gets lmaoao
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 2 dager siden
is it just me or the chef looks like beetle juice
Sleepless Ghost
Sleepless Ghost 2 dager siden
My face when he calls gordon a fake 😂
Christ Bk
Christ Bk 2 dager siden
suddenly every customer turns into a Michelin star chef 🤦🏻‍♂️
Ryan Pearce
Ryan Pearce 40 minutter siden
yeah but Gordon is still on top
Sneaky Goozack
Sneaky Goozack 2 dager siden
Tom is fucking dead weight.
jamie gladwin
jamie gladwin 2 dager siden
Might have been wagu but not Cobi beef
Black Wolves
Black Wolves 2 dager siden
Well this place was sold in 2009 and converted into an Italian restaurant
Randall Moore
Randall Moore 2 dager siden
Is my is my mother goose club out.
GuiltyVan 2 dager siden
Why do we now have service scene of Ramsay changing his cloth. Not complaining though 😂
Maximilian Tay
Maximilian Tay 2 dager siden
"My 8 year old daughter could cook better than that" >Gordon's daughter is Tilly Ramsay Yep
keraman bin mohamad iemansah
keraman bin mohamad iemansah 2 dager siden
Siak x can ,terdacu
Jimmy Jay
Jimmy Jay 2 dager siden
13:50 "bTw tHe pApEr iS eDibLE"
MANchester UTD
MANchester UTD 2 dager siden
Thank god they didnt serve wine in plates
cursed emoji
cursed emoji 2 dager siden
Gordon to the food that's been made by male people: _uhh no this is disguastioning_ Gordon to the food that's been made by women: _that's literally the best thing ever_
Aryan Rahul
Aryan Rahul 3 dager siden
I wish he went to apple factory once
Jedson Marquez
Jedson Marquez 3 dager siden
is it just me or the chef looks like beetle juice
Nad N.
Nad N. 3 dager siden
Is this place still open? Is it just me or doesn't this place look beautiful for a wedding venue
Chaitali Bhattacharyya
Chaitali Bhattacharyya 3 dager siden
When the owner said you wanna go on with a sImPle CoOkEd rIB m like : bruh he gonna destroy your whole career just by simple water
Gallo Shank
Gallo Shank 3 dager siden
a restaurant for masons
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