SK Telecom T1 vs Samsung Galaxy Worlds Final Highlights All Games, S6 Worlds 2016 Grand Final, SKT v

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Kaza LoL LCS Highlights

4 år siden

SK Telecom T1 vs Samsung Galaxy Worlds Final Highlights All Games, S6 Worlds 2016 Grand Final, SKT v
PLAYLISTS (Games in order they were played)
�м NA LCS Summer 2016:
�м EU LCS Summer 2016:
�м NA LCS Spring 2016:
�м EU LCS Spring 2016:
�м LCK Spring 2016:
�м LPL Spring 2016:
�м IEM Cologne 2015:
�м All Stars 2015:
�м S5 Worlds 2015:
�м All other previous tournaments:

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Toopkarcher 15 dager siden
G1 They should've gone back to fountain and sell their tank items for dmg items xD
Gabriel Cortes
Gabriel Cortes Måned siden
Looking back now, game has really changed so much. I really Miss my friends from PC room too. 💖 Wish to play with y'all again.
Santiago Yanez
Santiago Yanez Måned siden
16:53 jhin grenade goes into orbit LMAO
Zakaria Bak
Zakaria Bak Måned siden
Wolf was god back then miss him
Anh Luong
Anh Luong 2 måneder siden
Crown idol của tôi thời đỉnh cao
Nedz Nexus TV
Nedz Nexus TV 2 måneder siden
I came back here coz...
Carl John Rivas
Carl John Rivas 2 måneder siden
The era where everyone's happy playing LoL
Erson Fortuna
Erson Fortuna 2 måneder siden
no crowd for t1 i feel this
Kyle Galito
Kyle Galito 2 måneder siden
The best finals ever.
Bryan JT
Bryan JT 2 måneder siden
Que nostalgia diosss ,tenía 14 cuando vi a faker por primera vez ,que lindos recuerdos
당신을 2 måneder siden
다시봐도 전률이 흐른다
El Bumper
El Bumper 2 måneder siden
im sad they don't really give bengi the credit he deserves. that man carried faker in clutch games and is a big reason faker has 3 worlds titles, without bengi faker hasn't won worlds. 2017 when they got swept reassured my inability to trust blank as someone who fill bengi's shoes
Faraz Aleem
Faraz Aleem 2 måneder siden
Bengi faker combo is crazy
jarzadon05 2 måneder siden
got hyped up of worlds 2020 that i went back here in the best worlds finals ever
Kizu 2 måneder siden
bro the transitions are wack :(
Kizu 2 måneder siden
@Rogue even so
Rogue 2 måneder siden
this was 4 years ago tho :^
Games FTW
Games FTW 2 måneder siden
That Olaf is how you play Olaf not this Safe Tank Olaf that almost never goes in
Timur Dzhambinov
Timur Dzhambinov 2 måneder siden
Awesome game, awesome casting. Legends
dd lang
dd lang 2 måneder siden
that game 3 was something else
Gaile Bayas
Gaile Bayas 2 måneder siden
got hyped up of worlds 2020 that i went back here in the best worlds finals ever
Ronel Magallanes
Ronel Magallanes 2 måneder siden
wtf how can they 250 in 29 mins
Benji4 Sir re
Benji4 Sir re 2 måneder siden
im still here
CARLO AGAPITO 2 måneder siden
Came back here after watching worlds 2020.
Excel John Lopez
Excel John Lopez 2 måneder siden
So faker used skin on ryze game 2?
Phat Ngo
Phat Ngo 2 måneder siden
Gọi Hiền là dấu Vì thiếu dấu là thiếu Hiền
Paul Collin
Paul Collin 2 måneder siden
44:33 anyone noticed ? xD
jarzadon05 2 måneder siden
i laughed so hard after i saw how long game 3 was. xd
Máximo Cozzetti
Máximo Cozzetti 2 måneder siden
The best final world ever
MuTe QNFe 2 måneder siden
Who here 2020 dwg vs sn ? (Old times is the best)
Planet Vids
Planet Vids 2 måneder siden
Nightingle Yt
Nightingle Yt 2 måneder siden
this why skt can't win without bengi. the way he rotates the map is so good. skt change members every season but when bengi disapper skt becomes beatable
Ryan Yuu
Ryan Yuu 2 måneder siden
@Vishwam c.k if mid/jg are coordinated then they should win every game. It’s insane
Tokinada Tsunayashiro
Tokinada Tsunayashiro 2 måneder siden
@Vishwam c.k Yep, the communication between those two were near flawless.
Ashen Ronin
Ashen Ronin 2 måneder siden
This is what PEAK performance looks like. You may not like it, but unfortunately this series set the bar waaay to high for any coming worlds.
Mojin 3 måneder siden
Worlds 2016 was by far the most competitive and most spectacular Worlds I've seen so far! These finals were just simply amazing, but even better was the semi-finals when SKT and ROX, the two single-best teams in the world faced off and played the best BO5 series, League of Legends has ever seen! I still love everything about Worlds 2016 until this day! It was so unbelieveably amazing to witness these two Series live! I hope there will be anything like this ever again, but I suppose with the current meta, games like these aren't realistic at all! The game became far too straight-forward! I loved Pro League of Legends, when it was Tank-meta because the games were so much more controlled and based on vision control and makro-play... Nowadays it's only about constant fighting all over the map!
Eryk Wasik
Eryk Wasik 3 måneder siden
Everyone having a ga feels so cancerous when watching this 4 years later
Tay Ve
Tay Ve 3 måneder siden
skt vs ssg and skt vs rox were the best finals ever
Irfan Bakri
Irfan Bakri 3 måneder siden
After rewatching this final and 2017, Effort need to step up his game like Wolf and not tilted and throw the game
Kemwuel 4 måneder siden
Greatest BO5 of all time.
Storiaron 4 måneder siden
Remember when tanks were tanky, but they didnt oneshot you?
Tech World TN
Tech World TN 3 måneder siden
Lol truee
W P 5 måneder siden
bengi with the most legendary performance and hero story ever
Lio Digap
Lio Digap 7 måneder siden
Omg corejj is insanee!! 😱
Théo Couet
Théo Couet 8 måneder siden
the best workd competition in LOL ever... SKT vs ROX, SKT vs SSG, ANX.. Wonderful
69iQ kick
69iQ kick 8 måneder siden
"faker is ghosting" xD
Magnum Break
Magnum Break 9 måneder siden
i laughed so hard after i saw how long game 3 was. xd
hyp 9 måneder siden
Skts 2016 year run was amazing
Julius Rafael C Bautista
Julius Rafael C Bautista 8 måneder siden
they started crumbling in 2016, feels bad man.
Sourav Raihan
Sourav Raihan 11 måneder siden
29:39 Ashe arrow what
Autumn Winter
Autumn Winter År siden
When will we ever got a finals this again?? After 2016 worlds, every worlds finals has 3-0. Come on 2020 worlds, give us game 5!!
Mald Lions
Mald Lions 2 måneder siden
@badd dudey it wasn't a stop... we had 4 games and all were pretty close!
BigONE 2 måneder siden
LoL Fr3nkl1
LoL Fr3nkl1 2 måneder siden
badd dudey
badd dudey 2 måneder siden
i disagree this year will be a stomp
Actually, You’re Wrong
Actually, You’re Wrong 2 måneder siden
We should definitely get more than 3 games for the final this year
dlekfdls År siden
This was for me the best series of lol. I remember I was on the edge of my seat the whole series.
janissaire111 År siden
31:30, that was some clean qss
impossible441 År siden
kiedyś to było
Unseen 2 år siden
SKTelecom have over come every challenge, they are the undisputed best team in the world... 37:54
Aeolus YT
Aeolus YT 2 år siden
bengi is hero of skt. thats why i love bengi.
Ergün Cebeci
Ergün Cebeci 2 år siden
28.50 Holy f*ck
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 3 år siden
who's watching this after skt was defeated with 3-0 feels bad, it's ok for skt to lose but 3-0 😢
Jonathan Ekat
Jonathan Ekat 4 måneder siden
Samuel Hong FPX aren’t trash at all. You are quiet delusional to say such a thing. They won worlds and were the best team. They are still far superior of what skt is rn. There are new champs being born in the LPL and the LPL has the most stacked league of them all. It’s either DWG (only hope for the lck) or Someone like TES winning worlds.
Daniel Richter
Daniel Richter 8 måneder siden
@Dima Bodnaruk FPX lost now, LPL has many good teams which can win worlds- LPL > all other regions by far right now
Samuel Hong
Samuel Hong 9 måneder siden
@Dima Bodnaruk delusional lpl fan lol. fpx are trash
Dima Bodnaruk
Dima Bodnaruk 9 måneder siden
And then they didn't even make it to the Worlds, and then they lost in semi-finals 3-1. Meh, the SKT has died imo. Faker is still amazing, but other players aren't that good to win Worlds. And after Worlds 2019 Khan went to FPX. If FPX structure doesn't change they'll 90% win Worlds 2020 because they're a really strong team.
Ikhwan Fawzy
Ikhwan Fawzy 3 år siden
Rematch world 2017
Paavali Pastila
Paavali Pastila 3 år siden
So insane how Samsung won that game 3.
Pejs 4 år siden
Cutting in the middle of every god damn sentence! >.
kyotheman69 4 år siden
does it really matter? its Korea vs Korea
dragonballs76 2 måneder siden
and?? this is still THE best worlds series that is and probably will ever be lmao unless you want to tell me a series thats better be my guest
Kevin M
Kevin M 4 år siden
Lets give it to SK!
Geovanni A.
Geovanni A. 3 år siden
SK is not in the EU LCS for a long time tho
Kenneth Brian
Kenneth Brian 4 år siden
That Summoner's Cup. It's Silver ? haha.
Theodoros Xanthopoulos
Theodoros Xanthopoulos 4 år siden
Furkan 4 år siden
Eyw emeginiz icin beyler bu videolar bir harika / Thanks for your hard work guys these videos are great.
369Shahin shahin
369Shahin shahin 4 år siden
Ruler's positioning is Bronze V.
Tomáš Remenius
Tomáš Remenius 4 år siden
Robin Bekaert
Robin Bekaert 4 år siden
That medal ceremony was the most awkward thing to watch lol
Theodore Twombly
Theodore Twombly 4 år siden
Bang did not even noticed sjokz.
asspounderify 4 år siden
game tilted his eyes
SwaGmaN 4 år siden
skt1 win
Clasic Gamer
Clasic Gamer 4 år siden
Thanks for this. This is exactly what i was looking for.
Badm0de League
Badm0de League 4 år siden
One of the best matches i've ever watched, absolutly insane. Wp SKT & SSG!
Armakeen 4 år siden
ROX vs SKT was more intense =)
leedsfanalways 4 år siden
Thanks for your hard work over this World Championship in uploading these videos, a lot of people don't comment, but many appreciate it.
Ruben Mihalache
Ruben Mihalache 2 måneder siden
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