FNAF VR: Help Wanted's Scariest Moments and here's why... (Top Scary Five Nights at Freddy's)

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Five Nights at Freddy's has always been a scary series but the latest installment FNAF VR: Help Wanted is by far the most terrifying of all. With the move to virtual reality game-play the animatronics and their jump-scares feel more realistic than ever before. But which mini games, stages and jump scares are scariest of all? In this video we take a look at the the scariest moments from FNAF Help Wanted and explain exactly why they are so creepy. This is Five Nights at Freddy's Help Wanted Scariest moments.
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Music by Kevin MacLeod

Galaxy 323
Galaxy 323 2 dager siden
Most horrifying moments in fnaf vr Answer: night terrors
Ross Hoover
Ross Hoover 3 dager siden
the box junmpscare should be the puppet
Daniel Collins
Daniel Collins 4 dager siden
Does anyone know how to get the animatronics onto the stage as seen in 3:14? I wanna see how scary they are in person lol
Gracie Chan
Gracie Chan 5 dager siden
What a wonderful video to watch once you’re going to bed after watching this anybody agree with me lol
random world
random world 7 dager siden
one of the weirdest theory of vent repair for enard in nightmare mode so the reason why you see a endoskeleton other then when you get jumpscared is because enard knows you beat him and burned him already so he tricks you into thinking you burned him again in nightmare mode at the end but he put in a endoskeleton and then after you thought you escaped nightmare mode vent repair he attacks and kills you weird theory huh
Kai in the box
Kai in the box 7 dager siden
0:23 *why did I laugh so hard-*
Karo Halajian
Karo Halajian 7 dager siden
Nightmare fredbear : am I a joke to you?
Zipperozic 7 dager siden
Tbh fnaf vr wasn't too frightening to me. Just like. borderline infuriating with some of the game-modes. Especially PlushBaby's minigame. Hate it...
no one
no one 9 dager siden
These jump scares don't scare me im Emotionless
Ayden Archaga
Ayden Archaga 9 dager siden
I say the most scariest moment is your first jump scare. It makes so much sense.
Jacob Harasen
Jacob Harasen 11 dager siden
ReTuRn ChIcAs CuPcAkE tO tHe CuPcAkE pLaTe
KEVIN ABREU 12 dager siden
Belphy 13 dager siden
Springtrap coming through the vents at you is scary. Unless your watching Markiplier. Then it’s funny
Boyimnotstupid99 14 dager siden
im at the start, nightmarrionette is gonna be on this list (i also know i spelt that wrong) i will edit my reaction if im right or wrong gottem.
SuperLilT10 T
SuperLilT10 T 16 dager siden
Fred bear is like....
kiwi panda58
kiwi panda58 20 dager siden
Glitchtrap: *suprise motha fluffer* Me whos terrified of Glitchtrap: **chuckles** *im in danger*
Emma Green
Emma Green 20 dager siden
Aaaaaaah! Puppet, nightmarrone and nightmare bb just scared me.
billyboy fat
billyboy fat 21 dag siden
I am scared of fnaf 2
Billy Stonier
Billy Stonier 24 dager siden
awesome vid :)
Ennard Puppy
Ennard Puppy 24 dager siden
Nightmare BB has a face that not even two mothers could love.
Teddy Neddy
Teddy Neddy 24 dager siden
Fnaf 2 night 1,2&3 were easy
Yoshi Wii Remote with Wii MotionPlus INSIDE
Yoshi Wii Remote with Wii MotionPlus INSIDE 25 dager siden
Am i the only one who found FNAF 2 to be unbelievably easy?
skillfulmudder -_-
skillfulmudder -_- 26 dager siden
No joke I have gotten jumpscared in that prize you won area about 13 times
Frosty Waffle
Frosty Waffle 27 dager siden
How do u unlock black light mode
Orpheas VIPC
Orpheas VIPC 28 dager siden
I like how they changed Foxy's jumpscare from just starring at as through the door to actually coming very close
Orpheas VIPC
Orpheas VIPC 28 dager siden
I would give Ennard a 5 across the face
The Fox Creation
The Fox Creation Måned siden
But why did chica jumpscare when you put them on your right
Rubix Dude10
Rubix Dude10 Måned siden
I like how cartoonish and quick Plushtrap is in hw. He's not even scary he's just the representation of a little kid trying to be scary.
Dr. Gamecube
Dr. Gamecube Måned siden
“A face that only a mother can love.” You never said it had to be his mother.
Daniel Animations
Daniel Animations Måned siden
Bidybabs circus baby’s baby’s??
Mr.Monokuma Måned siden
Imagine if the hard mode dark room had a longer corridor, longer time, and more balloons. But you would also have a leaf blower which would move balloons out of the way, but you couldn't here BB moving.
Music N’ Relaxation
Music N’ Relaxation Måned siden
I said it once and I will say it twice: Nightmare Marionne "jumpscare" is pathetic
Rachit Gupta
Rachit Gupta Måned siden
Tammy S
Tammy S Måned siden
TheGamerBoy's Squad
TheGamerBoy's Squad Måned siden
I always get a jumpscare from watching YT
Nickygamer28 Måned siden
I beat night 4 and 5 of fnaf 2 easily
Dhylan Rose
Dhylan Rose Måned siden
Dhylan Rose
Dhylan Rose Måned siden
HUTCHYEFC RR Måned siden
I always close my eyes when I’m getting the prize
HUTCHYEFC RR Måned siden
The first time I came across glitchy boi was when I was grabbing my coke bottle and he was standing in front of me I took a screaming match
HUTCHYEFC RR Måned siden
Here’s how I explain dark rooms parts and service I can’t see craaaap I can’t see crap
zopetr zopetr
zopetr zopetr Måned siden
fnaf 2 in help wanted on ps4 is mega ezz but vr hard pc medium
Mr. Bun RegCor
Mr. Bun RegCor Måned siden
Anyone play this in the switch? I want to know the controllers if it’s bad Please
Alec Your ordinary yandere 7v7
Alec Your ordinary yandere 7v7 Måned siden
Imma be honest for me the gift jumpscare wasn’t scary, it was more funny
Sam Larson
Sam Larson Måned siden
The Reviewing Shark
The Reviewing Shark Måned siden
After 1 hour of trying to beat mangle plush trap jumpsacred me and I dissent get my chica chug
Reagan Cooksey
Reagan Cooksey Måned siden
Chris: *Just enjoying some cake* Glitch-Trap: cmon chris~ I know you wanna come behind this curtain~
birb Måned siden
yummy strawberry lol
Tim Kephart
Tim Kephart Måned siden
They should make a second one with NIGHTMARE GLITCHTRAP
Sky Sky LPS
Sky Sky LPS Måned siden
7:27 Phone guy: remove all food Him: removes pizza Also him: throws pizza away Chica: HOW DARE YOU THROW MY PIZZA AWAY RAAA
Reagan Cooksey
Reagan Cooksey Måned siden
Plot twist phone guy want to kill you cus hes had enough being called annoying
Abby Jennings
Abby Jennings Måned siden
Tim Kephart
Tim Kephart Måned siden
Good luck sleeping after finding Plushtrap and nightmare BB lol
Alec Your ordinary yandere 7v7
Alec Your ordinary yandere 7v7 Måned siden
Imma be honest to me the jump scares are funny, on the present one the person jumpscaring us looked cracked out
Sara Ekin
Sara Ekin Måned siden
I wanna buy FNAF: Help Wanted but I don't know if it's too scary for me though.. I don't get scared easily but I'm under 15 years old. I have other games of FNAF like pizzaria simulator and custom night. Wich don't scare me that much.. unless I really don't expect it! So anyone know if I should buy it or not??
Soapy Boi
Soapy Boi Måned siden
I enjoy how the creators of help wanted made your players hands see through so you can’t cover your eyes
Jordan Ortiz
Jordan Ortiz Måned siden
I never played the game
Nintendo switch
Nintendo switch Måned siden
Thats your opinion
Me Hot
Me Hot Måned siden
Glitch trap creeps me out, don’t ask me why
Bryan Calderon
Bryan Calderon Måned siden
I was terrified if wanting to play any of the fun app games I was terrified I almost felt like I was being jump scared if I watched people play FNAF VR I would jump out of my seat and on to my bed I'm probably wake up my family if I did that
Bryan Calderon
Bryan Calderon Måned siden
Welp it's true
Bryan Calderon
Bryan Calderon Måned siden
All of the games have a horrific jump scare built into them new one of the best things I've ever encountered but some of them just wing it I love attention built in to the music box and the pizza party
There is 1 impostor among us.
There is 1 impostor among us. Måned siden
Ya know,the FNAF 2 in VR is cool,but in my opinion, the only downside is that the withered animatronics are not actually withered.
ellie just Ellie
ellie just Ellie Måned siden
Oh so y’all scared of circus baby 👁👁
Ennard Puppy
Ennard Puppy Måned siden
Me: Wow, that was scary. Sis: Can I try? Me: Sure. *She got scared at the loading screen.*
Reagan Cooksey
Reagan Cooksey Måned siden
Lad that aint ur sister thats me
Orc Savage
Orc Savage Måned siden
Honestly the animatronics don't scare me, they just look cool 😅😅😅
Orc Savage
Orc Savage 18 dager siden
Alec Your ordinary yandere 7v7
Alec Your ordinary yandere 7v7 Måned siden
I think they’re funny, they sometimes look cracked out
Zofie Hoagland
Zofie Hoagland Måned siden
I haven't gotten my answer- what if we DON'T collect the tapes? What ending do we get, Pizza Party?
EpicKittenGO !
EpicKittenGO ! Måned siden
vent repair also means vr. holy shit.
Boi 5219
Boi 5219 2 måneder siden
It’s the constant need to crank that Soulja boy that is so scary
Charles Reece
Charles Reece 2 måneder siden
Who else finds help wanted FNAF 2 so easy Like=yes comment=no
シfox Girl
シfox Girl 2 måneder siden
Simon Auchaybur
Simon Auchaybur 2 måneder siden
My gift is FNAF
Andrew Plays
Andrew Plays 2 måneder siden
I did not find fnaf 2 in that game difficult or that scary maybe im the minority? 🤨
Bella Laredo
Bella Laredo 2 måneder siden
I love FNAF
Literally Nobody
Literally Nobody 2 måneder siden
Fun fact: Funtime Foxy looks pretty similar to Mangle so maybe Funtime Foxy was the redesigned foxy that got broken up but some reason someone fixed him in sister location
Nolan Meyer
Nolan Meyer 2 måneder siden
I mean possible but one question I ask is is Sl before or after fnaf 1?
Rosemary_cookie_lover i-
Rosemary_cookie_lover i- 2 måneder siden
Is it me or why not I'm not scared of freddy's and all jumpscared or is it bc I'm not scared of jump scareds-
NyaStudios 2 måneder siden
Yall remember when Markiplier ate the Nightmarrione figure
Reagan Cooksey
Reagan Cooksey Måned siden
n o m
Killer of Water
Killer of Water 2 måneder siden
Fnaf 2 is ez in help wanted ?!?! Fnaf 3 is worse and harder I think fnaf 3 night 3 is harder then fnaf 2 night 5
Nicolas Mayo
Nicolas Mayo 2 måneder siden
pizza party should have been #1
[Deleted Channel no longer in use]
[Deleted Channel no longer in use] 2 måneder siden
•Frostdragon Plays•
•Frostdragon Plays• 2 måneder siden
Who else saw The burnt spaghetti
Kuromaru Kirā ブラックサークルキラー
Kuromaru Kirā ブラックサークルキラー 2 måneder siden
Nightmarionette oh dear, when he entered the room that was so creepy, disturbing and also disgusting bc he looked like a giant version of a squid and giant spider... My reaction was so weird I can't even remember what I said lmao
Reina Smith
Reina Smith 2 måneder siden
I will have a great sleep tonight for sure totally not going to be watching more of your videos
NE7BY 2 måneder siden
The “young child” is Gabriel Afton
Jill Babinski
Jill Babinski 2 måneder siden
I like to think that in the secret hard reset ending with turn malhare into a plushie forever, even though I know that’s not true.
Emanullah Mujanovic
Emanullah Mujanovic 2 måneder siden
The whole game is scarry 😨😨
Jack Peterson-Smith
Jack Peterson-Smith 2 måneder siden
Burnt spaghetti back for more
Peggy Webster
Peggy Webster 2 måneder siden
At the beginning of the video I jumped a little from that shadow Freddy jump scare
Si.d828 2 måneder siden
The fact that I know where some the video clips are from EddieVR lmao
Malias world
Malias world 2 måneder siden
*the moment eating cake* *then see glichtrap* NO MY MOMENT DUMB YELLOW BUNNY
No-Face 1234
No-Face 1234 2 måneder siden
I like the Puppet I think it is cute don’t ask
🅁🄰🅈 2 måneder siden
Rebecca Apthorpe
Rebecca Apthorpe 2 måneder siden
Did you know fnaf 4 doesn’t exist it’s Chris in a coma and Chris died in a coma at the end of fnaf 4 you can hear a heartbeat thing flatline it was Chris dying
Kitty Mazu
Kitty Mazu 2 måneder siden
Yay mangle! :3
Plushtrap :D
Plushtrap :D 2 måneder siden
The noise for glitch trap is him saying hello can you hear me?
Foundation for Law and Government
Foundation for Law and Government 2 måneder siden
If somebody can hear me please when you are scared sleeping do not open your eyes after watching fnaf only thing you can watch is dayshift at freddys especially fnaf 3 I find it scary. have don't much time left sorry for bad writhing I repeat don't imagine scary things just try to fall assleep if your in nightmare try escaping. I don't know when I can come back here bye . Good luck and don't let the animatronics get you
ayden Baldwin
ayden Baldwin 2 måneder siden
Fnaf 2 should have been higher
Frost The Wolf
Frost The Wolf 2 måneder siden
Caden Stewart
Caden Stewart 2 måneder siden
I do....
Dr Baconhair
Dr Baconhair 2 måneder siden
I got plushtrap jumpscare on the second box
pedro recinos
pedro recinos 2 måneder siden
Jehuda w
Jehuda w 2 måneder siden
"only a mom can love that face"
Neek OSuave
Neek OSuave 2 måneder siden
The plush trap prize dosnt scare me any more
Chaiz 2 måneder siden
I remember I watched you when I was a bendy fan
queenofnarnia 2 måneder siden
personally for scariness, hardly anything can beat the way that nightmarionne *moves* in that game.
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