Bear-proofing My Log Cabin

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Advoko MAKES

9 måneder siden

In this video, I am installing a bear-proof door on my off-grid log cabin that I am building in a remote location away from roads and people.
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Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 9 måneder siden
Friends hope this video could take your attention away from those recent coronavirus pandemic events for a bit... Good mood = Good immune system! Two Chainsaw Secrets | Turning a Tree into Perfect Boards: -------------------------------- "My DIY Projects" Playlist:
Gaspare Berini Springett
Gaspare Berini Springett 2 dager siden
say welcome to the gulag, survive and you earn your freedom
Oluf Ingemann
Oluf Ingemann 27 dager siden
Clark Kent
Clark Kent Måned siden
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Eric Rivest
Eric Rivest Måned siden
u only had to throw in a small rock as pivot
user936 2 måneder siden
@Vuniyani Navuniuci that's easy for you to say.
TheCabbageCartGuy 4 timer siden
dude literally appeared in my recommended, god bless the algorithm sometimes. I could and will continue to watch this guy for hours lmao
Bullvine20 10 timer siden
I always love watching you. You should start a wilderness company. Here in the UK, I have lots of friends who would love to be trained by you. Thank you.
ThePuliUkko 13 timer siden
Wierd to watch this, when there is used "kelo".. yeah, finn here. Must say, very good job.
The Jack of All Trades
The Jack of All Trades Dag siden
He had the door open out because most animals push rather than pull on things, right? Like, It's way more likely that a fox, raccoon, wolf, or bear will push on a door to try to get in rather than to pull on it. Am I mistaken?
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 15 timer siden
thegatesofsleep Dag siden
4:05 now I want to play “the forest”
Home Slice
Home Slice Dag siden
Because if you have a door that pushes inward a bear can easily break any king of lock you have but it cant get in if you have to pull it
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 15 timer siden
Tammy Finch
Tammy Finch Dag siden
makes it bear proof?
Salvatore M
Salvatore M Dag siden
I think you made outward so no wild animal can push the door into your cabin
Salvatore M
Salvatore M Dag siden
Cool of you to respond. Hello to St.Petersburg ..... Be well my friend
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES Dag siden
30 Seconds To Twitch
30 Seconds To Twitch 2 dager siden
Loved the video man! But you´ll be eaten by a bear 🤣❤
Tobias Tarr
Tobias Tarr 2 dager siden
That is a beautiful plain and very well handy
Tobias Tarr
Tobias Tarr 2 dager siden
One door open in one door open out
BlackKnife 2 dager siden
you made the door open outward because if a bear rammed or hit it it wouldn't open into it and let the bear walk in, but if its outward then it wouldn't be able to open it
Mr. Noob
Mr. Noob 2 dager siden
8:47 don’t mind me just putting a time stamp to click back to when clicking other time stamps uwu
R.A. Pamme
R.A. Pamme 2 dager siden
mike nelson
mike nelson 2 dager siden
Lucas, a Viking
Lucas, a Viking 3 dager siden
he gives me a based eastern european vibe.
WHITEFORD PIPES HANDMADE By Michael David 3 dager siden
My dream to do something like this someday . enjoyed watching ! Take care ! Peace ☮️ from Welland Ontario Canada 🇨🇦
Trav Si
Trav Si 3 dager siden
His voice is so calming
patton303 3 dager siden
The voice you’re thinking of is Werner Herzog. You’re welcome.
xokelis00 3 dager siden
How does your camera equipment zoom out as you approach it? Is that a feature your camera has or do you accomplish that effect in post production?
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 3 dager siden
I do it in postproduction.
Christopher James
Christopher James 3 dager siden
Cool fella
samuski36 3 dager siden
Let me guess, you made the doors open outwards to prevent bears getting in?
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 3 dager siden
Nicholas Jordan
Nicholas Jordan 3 dager siden
Extra T H I C C logs
Genzerov 3 dager siden
nice ASMR
Wobbly Duck
Wobbly Duck 3 dager siden
The Captain
The Captain 3 dager siden
That's amazing, I have huge respect for you sir.
Elfiz Ziancie
Elfiz Ziancie 3 dager siden
Brendan Dean Visual Art
Brendan Dean Visual Art 3 dager siden
Very enjoyable to watch! and your American English is excellent too....I'm no carpenter but I would Imagine you made the doors open outwards to avoid heavy bears pushing them inwards, so the frame takes the pressure and it makes more room inside the cabin also.
W W 3 dager siden
Half asleep me saw the title and thought, why the heck would you want to beer proof a cabin? Then I put my glasses on and saw it was beer not beer 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ian Gillham
Ian Gillham 4 dager siden
You are like Robinson Crusoe! I enjoy all the episodes!
Pahoo Wings
Pahoo Wings 4 dager siden
Doors open out ,so Bears Don't push the open, !!
odrac Iskatube
odrac Iskatube 4 dager siden
extend point finger on hacksaw to get more stability while sawing- improving your already good technique
Marco Polo
Marco Polo 4 dager siden
very very good videos all ways I'm impressed you don't have to send me email this is for your viewers the history of biochar and rocket stove Mass heaters couches Kenny from northern Kentucky USA
Leonard Govenettio
Leonard Govenettio 4 dager siden
Nice Stihl
Leonard Govenettio
Leonard Govenettio 4 dager siden
Dude !!!
805gregg 4 dager siden
You are missing a hip belt on your pack frame, a good hip belt transfers the weight from your shoulders to your hips, it's much more comfortable
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 4 dager siden
Good point, thank you.
EL ROBO 4 dager siden
As a retired custom furniture maker you have a skill set that is leaps and bounds above any other cabin maker I have ever seen. You build a cabin as if you are building a piece of fine furniture. I tip my adz to you. The door opening out is for bear frustration, I live in bear country and when a bear leans and bounces on your door and it opens in it will. An 800 pound bear will defeat most inside opening doors. Great build!
al laylan
al laylan 5 dager siden
Door opens out, because bears can't pull easily.
stevearno100 5 dager siden
fantastic video - thank you very much , i really enjoyed that .... i just spent 4 years alone in the Scottish highlands - building temporary shelters and in tents when roaming around . To see this level of craftsmanship makes me embarrassed of my attempts at making shelters to see out the winters . Most of my shelters i put up and then took down when i left an area - so they were not as grand as yours . i found shrink wrap to be a very useful tool in insulating - i used to make cavities with it, then put HAY in the middle ...great for adding a extra layer of water proofing too and easy to burn to dispose of i was plagued with RATS and mice - looking for ways into my shelters . as i said above thankyou - it really was a good video and i have to agree working with wood can be very relaxing when you apply the time to do it . I myself DO NOT have your skill for am in awe
Ev an
Ev an 5 dager siden
Are pine beetles not aggressive? I thought they bite.
Ev an
Ev an 5 dager siden
@Advoko MAKES wow, that shows how little I know about them. I always used to rush to get them off of me. Next time I'll try to just remove it without getting bothered.
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 5 dager siden
Not really
jake molloy
jake molloy 5 dager siden
this man is playing the forest irl
Todor minchev
Todor minchev 5 dager siden
I assume you made the door open outwards because it would be easiest to make the hinges as there isnt enough space for.the door inward. Also if a bear would roam.around it would not be the door open inwards to just barge in but it would have to open it outwards meaning pull the door towards her a task i assume nearly impossible
Jordy KitZu
Jordy KitZu 6 dager siden
I keep mistaking him for keralis (minecraft youtuber/builder) :') its probably the accident.
James Bowen
James Bowen 6 dager siden
its like watching a werner herzog film, without the poetry lol
Ibrahiym Ghany
Ibrahiym Ghany 7 dager siden
Excellent job bro. As for the reason you made the door to open outside its because its safer since the door frame prevents the door from being pushed in. A small sacrifice for extra bear safety(:-) Abraham from Trinidad.
Econael 8 dager siden
Where is the line between bushcrafting and carpentry?
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 6 dager siden
Armen Carpenter
Armen Carpenter 8 dager siden
Was there much swelling from air moisture over time?
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 8 dager siden
No, not much
Horny 18 Years old Baby
Horny 18 Years old Baby 8 dager siden
I worked as a carpenter before my shoulder dislocated and I got scoliosis and this video's are medicin for my soul , I can almost smell the wood throght the screen . Thank you
Cathy Jones
Cathy Jones 9 dager siden
Wow! So cool this popped up in my feed.
Spearhead Precision
Spearhead Precision 9 dager siden
You made it open outwards to make the bear’s job less easy when it applies its weight on, trying to storm in?
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 9 dager siden
Speed Racer
Speed Racer 9 dager siden
I'm guessing the door opens out so Bears can't push into the cabin.
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 9 dager siden
John Awakening
John Awakening 9 dager siden
I was so confused in the beginning ... why make your house Beer proof? Then I realised my mistake ;-)
SamTheHiker 11 dager siden
Hi Max. Can you tell me where you got those grey pants with the black leg patches? The ones with suspenders? Thanks! I love your videos. Very nice work
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 11 dager siden
I got them in the local store but I think this brand is no longer in business
Redman's Gold N Gems
Redman's Gold N Gems 11 dager siden
Got you Brother Very Nice Build Love It so much 😎👍💯
james morson
james morson 12 dager siden
Paul Logemann
Paul Logemann 12 dager siden
i would love to have my own land somewhere in canada or skandinavia where i could do stuff like ths
Craig Dillon
Craig Dillon 13 dager siden
Why open outwards??? Simple, to make it bear proof. The door is blocked around its entire perimeter. An inward opening door is only held at its locking mechanism, and therefore, much easier to be over powered. Also, you have a good overhang, to inhibit the deposition of too much snow that may block the door.
J Svensson
J Svensson 14 dager siden
Fun fact. In Sweden, pretty much all doors open out due to fire & safety building code. In Norway, doors open inward. Why? Because it is considered more welcoming 😄 But of course, you're Finnish. The Finns just do everything a bit better than all the rest of us up here in the Nordics. I used to be pretty proud of my fellow Swedes but in the last decades or so Finland just keeps beating our asses at practically everything. I guess NOpost is no exception. Of course you're Finnish man. I should have known... 😉
J Svensson
J Svensson 13 dager siden
@Advoko MAKES Damn. I was so sure 🤦‍♀️ So I guess the Russians do it better than all of us then. Since Russia is at the absolute top of my "countries I fully want to explore list" and I will have to stick around for a good long while (or come back often) to even scratch the surface of all there is to see and learn in your ginormous land I'll probably be speaking Russian by the end of it. If I don't get eaten by a bear first 😉 Thank you for the lovely content. I feel smarter, braver and more adventurous already 😊
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 13 dager siden
I am actually Russian. Thank you for the interesting cultural info...
Horny Step Mom - Videos
Horny Step Mom - Videos 14 dager siden
I worked as a carpenter before my shoulder dislocated and I got scoliosis and this video's are medicin for my soul , I can almost smell the wood throght the screen . Thank you
Lk M
Lk M 15 dager siden
this man has THE most calming voice i have ever heard. Like a bedtime story. Panic attack? watch Advoko Makes...youll be fine. He is an amazing artist. Nothing he cant do. beautiful craftmanship. The man built a dam. He could make a working village right there if he felt like it. Very modest guy too Two thumbs up
shwmehvn 15 dager siden
Enjoyed your video - greetings from San Francisco, California.
Evan Gannon
Evan Gannon 16 dager siden
What type of cabin would you call that.
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 15 dager siden
Hunter's cabin?
James sickmore
James sickmore 16 dager siden
Bear proof door, Bear attacks while making Bear proof door lol
MARVIN THE BOON 16 dager siden
you skin griz? thats why homes have a back door, to escape
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 15 dager siden
That too))
Mondo Seguendo
Mondo Seguendo 17 dager siden
Best way to bear proof your cabin is to move your cabin to a place without any bears. Think about it 🤔
Badhagis 17 dager siden
How do you secure it on the inside?
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 17 dager siden
I don't lock it.
Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart 17 dager siden
Absolutely brilliant!!
Sherrie Balazs
Sherrie Balazs 17 dager siden
Beautiful and rewarding work indeed! You remind me of my father and the wonders he could do with wood..
lightotw 18 dager siden
Amazing work. Just to mention the alternative, used in Canada when closing up the cottage: place a board with dozens of nails coming up pointy end to the sky in front of all windows and doors. Secure it to the ground however possible.
lightotw 17 dager siden
This is a good resource from Virginia government site on how to make "Unwelcome Mat" for bears such that it doesn't cause serious injury to the bear.
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 18 dager siden
Thank you for the info
Daniel Santos
Daniel Santos 18 dager siden
minniepearl14 19 dager siden
I would love to see the next video of the bench
I Bartucz
I Bartucz 19 dager siden
Penguini Linguini
Penguini Linguini 19 dager siden
I just watched your vid about the attempted break in and I think the reason they tried to pry it open instead of just opening it is because they probably thought the door opened inward, so your choice of having it open outward instead served a anti theft purpose! All these videos are so satisfying
Uncle Reggie
Uncle Reggie 19 dager siden
So if a force comes from the outside (like a bear, which hasn't apposable thumbs), it can only push the door closed more.
Uncle Reggie
Uncle Reggie 19 dager siden
@Advoko MAKES Great skills, though. I'm a carpenter by trade, but we rely more on power tools. I remember the old way, too. This brought back memories.
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 19 dager siden
jaac12000 19 dager siden
Dude! You are living the dream! Much respect!!!
Steve McDonald
Steve McDonald 19 dager siden
Don't sweat it, dude. Just leave a pallet of toilet paper on the porch.
ER GoogleChannel
ER GoogleChannel 19 dager siden
What's the end goal of all this? Do you plan to live alone in the forest? Or is this simply a hobby, to show what can be done? You're videos are awesome and your skill in woodcraft is outstanding! Randall, Florida USA.
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 19 dager siden
I am planning to spend more time at my log cabin camp but currently I have some obligations that keep me in the city.
roger fleenor
roger fleenor 20 dager siden
Bro, your videos are extraordinary. At one point you say your comments are too much and listen to the nature’s sounds. They weren’t but the sounds are an incredible part of your show. Well done.
Tedolph Bundler
Tedolph Bundler 20 dager siden
Open outward for fire escape safety.
Martin Budinský
Martin Budinský 20 dager siden
Now this is some honest work. I cant fathom why someone would dislike this...
bosy slo
bosy slo 20 dager siden
this is amazig man! You rly dedicated your soul in to it and i can see you ejoy it, its hard work...
Francis de Xavier Maurinus
Francis de Xavier Maurinus 21 dag siden
why the doors are Bear Proof. What doors were not bear proof?
Southron Jr
Southron Jr 21 dag siden
Why in the world would anyone put a dislike on this video? I can see nothing bad, harmful, or any other disagreeable aspect of this entire video. You have to be either incredibly jealous, or just plain hateful person to dislike this video.
E Older
E Older 21 dag siden
I like to do simple wood working projects. You are no less than amazing.
Goku Hanma
Goku Hanma 22 dager siden
this guy is playing minecraft in real life
محمد الغيثلي
محمد الغيثلي 22 dager siden
The Lady of Heaven trailer: The first reliable movie about the tragedy of Fatima az-Zahra, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon her, the first victim of terrorism, which extends from her enemies and enemies of Islam who pretend to Islam, rather the hypocrites Abu Bakr, Omar and Aisha to the heirs of ISIS hypocrites....
Fork In the rode
Fork In the rode 23 dager siden
Great video would like to see construction of the horse.
Dave Foster
Dave Foster 24 dager siden
The door opens outward to keep bears out?
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 23 dager siden
Samsung Employee
Samsung Employee 24 dager siden
He talks like everything is a secret
Orakel Gottes
Orakel Gottes 24 dager siden
strong door but will it ever be tested by a bear ... i'm not sure
Leo 24 dager siden
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 24 dager siden
Kendall Winters
Kendall Winters 24 dager siden
8:18 I'm sorry to see that happened to your saw. They don't make them like they used to and they don't support them like they used to either.
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 24 dager siden
I recently switched to Husqvarna and Echo chainsaws...
Slick Migillicutty
Slick Migillicutty 24 dager siden
Lockshabaz 24 dager siden
Rex Quite
Rex Quite 25 dager siden
Wish I could learn to do this stuff from some one
Joe Watts
Joe Watts 25 dager siden
I don't deserve to call myself a man
warweasel74 25 dager siden
Awesome, beautiful work!
Orvishana 25 dager siden
Incredibly beautiful craftsmanship.
1776 25 dager siden
Please make the shaving horse video! Funny coincidence that I was just wondering how it would be done. Great videos and fantastic craftsmanship
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