Vasiliy Lomachenko vs. Teofimo Lopez Full Fight Highlights!!

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Watch Teofimo in a sparring session with ‘Tank’ Gervonta Davis TEOFIMO LOPEZ vs GERVONTA DAVIS 2021 Max Kellerman reacts on TEOFIMO beating LOMA
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Teofimo Lopez dethroned Vasyl Lomachenko with a magnificent boxing display to hand him his second career loss on Saturday night in Las Vegas.
The young American IBF champion added Loma’s WBA, WBC ‘franchise’ and WBO titles to his collection in a stunning upset which will send shockwaves through the boxing world.
The fight began with a tentative opener as both men took their time and sized each other up.
Lopez threw a few jabs to the body and was more aggressive at the start.
In round two, the young lion caught the veteran champion with a right hand which drew a response of a straight left.
Loma also found a home for another counter late in the round, but the session was again largely uneventful.
Lopez invested in the body well in round three and undoubtedly appeared significantly more active early on.
This pattern continued into the fourth, fifth and sixth as Lomachenko fell further and further behind on the scorecards solely due to inactivity.
As they entered the second half, there was an argument to be made that Lopez had won every single round so far.
Loma tried to come forwards more in the seventh, but was met by his opponent’s straight right hand to head and body - the deterrent that continually kept him at bay.
The Ukrainian finally appeared to have woken up in round eight as he put together an impressive combination to land successive punches on Lopez for the first time in the fight.
Loma carried this aggression into the ninth, but the American answered back with sharp counter rights as he had done to control the action before.
The pair traded up close in round ten as Lomachenko took risks to get closer to Lopez.
His intelligent movement and quick lead shots saw him starting to come on strong after the slow start.
Loma flew out of the blocks in the eleventh and hammered his foe with combinations once more.
Lopez attempted to hit back, but seemed to be tiring as he retreated against the ropes.
In the final round, the youngster dispelled this myth of fatigue as he responded by coming out firing once more, just as he had earlier in the bout.
Lomachenko appeared every bit the older man as the 23-year-old set about him for three minutes to secure victory.
The scorecards were read out as 116-112, 119-109, 117-111 in favour of Lopez. Takeover complete.
“I feel good. I’m a fighter, I’ve gotta dig in deep,” he said after the win.
“I didn’t know if they had him up on the scorecards. That’s what a true champion does, finds a way to win.
“Honestly you’ve just gotta keep pressuring him, every time he wanted to throw I had something ready for him.”
Loma left the ring immediately after the scores were read and gave a short interview in the dressing room.
He said: “I think in the first half he had more rounds than I did, but in the second half I took over and I was much better.
“I want to go home and review the fight, I can’t comment right now much about it. Definitely I’m not agreeing with the scorecards.”

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Luxurytainment Måned siden
P4P King Film Nov 2020
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 4 dager siden
Com todo respeito, pra mim quem levou a luta foi o Loma, andou pra frente a luta toda, foi intenso e dinâmico toda luta e efetuou os golpes mais contundentes sem falar que soube se defender muito mais dos golpes do Lopez. Na minha opinião deu Loma, mas esse garoto vai ser um dos proximos boxeadores a fazer história, mlk só tem 23 anos e lutou de igual pra igual com o Loma, sem falar na questão técnica dele, incrível!
Jumpman90 Måned siden
That the same shitbag referee that let mares hot agbeko with all those low blows. The scumbag shouldn’t be able to ever work again
ML ML 8 timer siden
Lomachenko can't go up weight classes like pacman did, why? Because lomachenko has tiny legs. Lomachenko anatomy cannot support speed and power in heavier weight division. While manny pacquiao's anatomy is perfect for speed and power because of his huge and powerfull legs. Just check manny's body proportion compaired to lomas.
Jeff Horn King Of Pinoyz _
Jeff Horn King Of Pinoyz _ 10 timer siden
Lopez whoops pacnap easily even worse than when horn whooped pacnaps ass
maya maya
maya maya Dag siden
Jared Collins
Jared Collins Dag siden
Gillie where my money?
Alnor Saman
Alnor Saman 2 dager siden
Loma,started to win any round 7 up to 12 round,,loma wins,,,
Walter H. White
Walter H. White 2 dager siden
Reminds me of canelo vs Floyd
Victor Cheno
Victor Cheno 3 dager siden
✌🏽Loma #teamlopez
Victor Cheno
Victor Cheno 3 dager siden
Did anybody catch how the commentators act every time Lomachenko lands some weak ass shit. Sounds like the W didn’t go their way. 😂😂😂
mikelon jr
mikelon jr 3 dager siden
Jay Rick Villa
Jay Rick Villa 4 dager siden
I remember when he said manny is too old for him.. toinks..
Swertres Fanatics
Swertres Fanatics 4 dager siden
Congratulations lopez😃
Carlo Fernandez
Carlo Fernandez 5 dager siden
loma is no match to manny in his prime
ML ML 8 timer siden
Even now. Haha
Jordan Ortix
Jordan Ortix 5 dager siden
lol if this how lomachenko fights he's no near on paquiao not even close!🤣 no wonder they want pac to go to 135 instead of them goin 145... u don't make demands when ur fuckin newbie legends got that privillage boi!🤣🤣🤣
Jayson Abante
Jayson Abante 5 dager siden
Loma can't do his dancing antics here.
Saymie Sam
Saymie Sam 6 dager siden
Both is great boxer. But Teo was very consistent. After round 10, Loma became slow.
Trinity 6 dager siden
Glad to see some new blood and a new champ in the sport that has style, class, and world class timing. That’s what I’ve noticed most from Lopez, the timing and precision are just another level
Ace Portgas
Ace Portgas 6 dager siden
Loma forget that his job is to let go of his hand and keep punching
jude fortuna
jude fortuna 6 dager siden
I remember Bob Arum talking too loud about Loma. 😁
panuypoy mweork
panuypoy mweork 7 dager siden
What happen to the matrix??? Seems like a bit slowmo'machengko
victor madrigal
victor madrigal 7 dager siden
Lopez looked great! Good for him.
Ninja 8 dager siden
Arum regret this fight.. he avoided pacman, protect his cashcow loma just to be obliterated by lopez..couldve fought pac atleast he got his money
Ninja 9 timer siden
@Jeff Horn King Of Pinoyz _ pacquiao ducked someone? Thats new..🤣
Jeff Horn King Of Pinoyz _
Jeff Horn King Of Pinoyz _ 10 timer siden
Bruh pacnap ducked Crawford to fight horn thinking it was an easy win and got manhandled
Trinity 6 dager siden
Loma tried to jump out of the frying pan but into a fire on this one 🔥🥊
Cly Soniko
Cly Soniko 8 dager siden
Le pegaron a LOmachenko como si fuera una bolsa de entrenamiento. Tuvo miedo de ser noqueado.
Ralav Corp
Ralav Corp 8 dager siden
I cant emagine this two guys fighting with barrera, marquez, morales, cotto, diaz, dela hoya, mayweather, hatton, algeri, mattesi, rios, margarito, bradley, thurman at its prime. Now lets talk whos the king?
Kelvin Torres
Kelvin Torres 8 dager siden
God is Great he makes dreams come true 🙏💯
elnanie crisostomo
elnanie crisostomo 8 dager siden
I remember pacquiao fought at lightweight he devastated Diaz in all rounds and KO Diaz for WBC crown
Jeff Horn King Of Pinoyz _
Jeff Horn King Of Pinoyz _ 10 timer siden
@Ramjie Kim Ciervo Pacnap lost to a teacher hahaha
Cipri Gutierrez
Cipri Gutierrez 3 dager siden
Raichu is Pikachus evolution
Ramjie Kim Ciervo
Ramjie Kim Ciervo 4 dager siden
Pacquiao > Lomachenko
Luxurytainment 8 dager siden
Yeah me also - that was classic
Fernando Perales
Fernando Perales 9 dager siden
Pinche pelea aburrida.
Gerald Ceynas
Gerald Ceynas 10 dager siden
Im a fan of loma but after watching this fight, I appreciate pacquiao more and people shouldn't compare loma to pacquiao because pacquiao is on different level
Mizter Zhugarfree
Mizter Zhugarfree 10 dager siden
Loma could have been knocked down if he engaged Teo at the early rounds.. He must have felt the weight difference..
Jae Bum
Jae Bum 10 dager siden
No one can do pacquiao's did.. The only Goat MP
Matt Todd
Matt Todd 10 dager siden
I had it 6-6, but honestly, if you watch this fight Loma landed at least 20-30 meaningful shots and Lopez only landed like 3-5
Matt Todd
Matt Todd 10 dager siden
So... I think Loma should’ve won
iZEN X 10 dager siden
The Best?. Lmao!
Jhon Dumaop
Jhon Dumaop 11 dager siden
Way to early to call this guy the best.
Joseph Valentine
Joseph Valentine 9 dager siden
First 5 rds was 43% for Lomus vs Lopez 18% punches landed
Vincent Watson
Vincent Watson 11 dager siden
So I'm rewatching just the highlights again... Probably a second time.. I've rewatched the entire match about 6 times.... Wow, lopez missed 90% of his shots. Sorry guys, but the punch count says loma wins 🤷‍♂️ I gave the fight to lopez on fight night by a slim margin... But I fucked up. Loma won this.
Wheres My Dominatrix
Wheres My Dominatrix 11 dager siden
Lomachenko need to work on his legs and it should have been a draw or lomachenko should have won saw Lopez's face damaged
Ron Con
Ron Con 9 dager siden
Lmao, loma nut huggers are still delusional lol Loma lost 7 straight rounds and the 12 decisively. Yeah loma busted lopez face with head buttes. But when salido did that to loma it was the end of the world for y’all, now it’s ok cuz loma did it? Lololol please, the man was a hype job
Wheres My Dominatrix
Wheres My Dominatrix 11 dager siden
This social distancing is fkin mind controlling
Joel Cayetano
Joel Cayetano 12 dager siden
bodyshot lng pla kahinaan u lomachenko ah hahaha wala talo kay paquiao 2
IDontTake YoutubeSerious.
IDontTake YoutubeSerious. 12 dager siden
Visually way bigger than Lomachenko as well but that wouldn’t matter too much in ufc/mma but that’s my opinion. Boxing belongs in a box
Francisco Farfan
Francisco Farfan 12 dager siden
Ha ha ha never liked lomacaca. This time his little zumba routine didn't work. I never thought he was good
Nel nel
Nel nel 13 dager siden
Starting at box at 7-8 rounds?
Alvin Abion
Alvin Abion 13 dager siden
Pacman > loma No doubt! 😁😁
Gamestainment 13 dager siden
Awesome bud
John McQ
John McQ 13 dager siden
Bottom line an asthmatic "Mexican" (I know he is from Honduras) beat the unbeatable P4P great white hope, enough said.
Son of Liberty
Son of Liberty 14 dager siden
Even If Canelo drop weight Loma wouldn't stand a chance against a proven MEXICAN fighter
Luxurytainment 14 dager siden
Canelo is a beast and so technical
Nicko Dein
Nicko Dein 14 dager siden
is this was your pound for pound king gshhh ! wat a hasshh ..
Marc Bravo
Marc Bravo 14 dager siden
this is kinda weird. that's not how Loma plays. 🤔
Volztag Baluma
Volztag Baluma 14 dager siden
Well thats never know what will happen...
Bryan rozano Victorino
Bryan rozano Victorino 15 dager siden
Vias commentator!! Lopez kick loma's but out there..🙄🙄
Bikerstagram 15 dager siden
Loma acts champion but not enough to get the win.
JayReal Ronda
JayReal Ronda 15 dager siden
loma is so weak....
Tony Taino
Tony Taino 15 dager siden
Loma got whooped..
Umbrella Corporation
Umbrella Corporation 16 dager siden
Loma footwork is funny 😂 wtf he got exposed 😂
FableTown Savagez
FableTown Savagez 16 dager siden
To be quite honest, some of Lopez shots were blocked a lot and Loma t'd up to late. In my opinion the fight would have been a draw if Loma hadn't got tired in the 12th or if he went on the offensive a round or two earlier. Either way, good win for Lopez, I didn't know of him before but I see this guy is no joke. Can't wait to see the 2nd fight.
Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson 16 dager siden
Lomo is good but he was being called the best wayyyy to early the guy had 14 fights at one point
Chef Le Purnel
Chef Le Purnel 6 dager siden
Not really , his amateur record was 400 wins bro
HandSpeed 17 dager siden
loma will comeback...
Jrtankkify 20 timer siden
He will come back too loose again weak ass fighter
Luxurytainment 17 dager siden
He will and he would step up his game
Oleg Muravyov
Oleg Muravyov 17 dager siden
Странный бой, ждать 7 раундов, удостовериться что проиграл, и потом начать махать руками... Хотя многие предыдущие противники были более подготовлены чем Теофило...
Art 17 dager siden
I didn't like this fight :/ Loma didn't start boxing till the latter half of the fight. He could have won if he used his typical foot work at the beginning of the rounds like in some his other fights. But I do have to say that Lopez outboxed him despite what could have happened.
Ruben Torres
Ruben Torres 17 dager siden
If loma had started to fight earlier, he would have won!
The original
The original 17 dager siden
Gtf lopez greased this man. If that was floyd I wonder if yall would be singing that same tune. Everybody would have claimed he was running
Lucas Ibarra
Lucas Ibarra 19 dager siden
Loma could have won it easily. It's their strategy which made him lose.
Luxurytainment 19 dager siden
So true 💯
Jayden Perez
Jayden Perez 19 dager siden
Loma still one of the most greatest technical fighters I’ve ever seen and definitely would take teo out if they ever fight again, I guarantee it.
Luxurytainment 19 dager siden
I agree with you / Loma will start fast the next time if there is ever a rematch 😐 and would do much better
Devon darnell Angotti
Devon darnell Angotti 19 dager siden Loma won. It was fixed! Watch this. Lopez was illegally holding and pushing without a word from the ref. Also the ref came in as loma was landing inside. Just watch
80" Reach
80" Reach 19 dager siden
Loma will win the rematch easily, he'll stop Lopez
José Mora
José Mora 20 dager siden
I don't know how lopez win that fight
Marco Baron
Marco Baron 21 dag siden
I think Loma win the fight because Loma much more punch landed than lopiz.
Emmanuel Penna
Emmanuel Penna 22 dager siden
Came here after watching Hagler vs Mugabi. None of these two stand a chance with the great 80s welter and middleweights
Luxurytainment 22 dager siden
different calibre back then
TypeSly 22 dager siden
117-111 Lopez. I gave Lomachenko rounds 8, 10, and 11 and the rest for Lopez.
Ezrael Cadris
Ezrael Cadris Dag siden
@Feather Weighted you realise that lopez lost every round after 7? and it wasnt even close? the discussion is about first 7 rounds but we see in slowmo that he barely touched loma and loma won majority of this rounds
Ezrael Cadris
Ezrael Cadris Dag siden
@Girth Brooks304 ok lopez diddnt hit him, if you dont hit your opponent, you dont score:D now watch the slowmo breakdown and grow up
Girth Brooks304
Girth Brooks304 Dag siden
@Ezrael Cadris lmao let it go dude. Did you even watch the same fight?? Loma is a great boxer, but he lost this. He barely threw anything the first half of the fight. It's BOXING. If you don't throw punches in a boxing match, you're gonna lose
Feather Weighted
Feather Weighted Dag siden
@Ezrael Cadris Dude maybe you need to watch the whole fight lmao. Anyone who saw the whole fight knows without a doubt Lopez won, I would've gave a couple rounds 10-8 in favor of Lopez. Lopez made no moves first 6-7 rounds, he would've bad to win every round after just to maybe draw, but it didn't happen
hani 9 dager siden
@Ezrael Cadris nah bro lopez took most of the rounds, even if loma won all 7-12 rounds he still would of lost
savcob 22 dager siden
Loma underestimated Lopez he should have learned from the Linares fight...which I think was most problematic for Loma. Linares is classes over
Hao Chi Foods
Hao Chi Foods 23 dager siden
Loma didnt use the right strategy and narrowly lost
Vincent Watson
Vincent Watson 11 dager siden
@Tyrone Jenkins u literally have no idea wat boxing is. Please apologise for such a ridiculous comment.
Tyrone Jenkins
Tyrone Jenkins 14 dager siden
What fight was yall watching because Loma got his ass kicked the whole fight and only won 2 rounds 3 if I'm being generous. You dumbass casual fans needs to stop talking boxing because Y'all clearly don't know shit about boxing if y'all thought this was a close fight. He'll Loma clearly lost the first 7 rounds and most definitely the 12th that 8 rounds to 4 right there. So how in the hell was it close?
Luxurytainment 23 dager siden
Spot on - it was very close
UNITED WE STAND 23 dager siden
They both win but this shit rigged Loma clearly was told to lose the fight .. they are professionals it's not hard to act when you great at something!!! I feel like they said ok 7th round we down 0-7 u can actually fight now n then u seee a completely different fighter !!!!! No it's not fatique it's the call from the higher ups !! LOMA CLEARLY WASNT SERIOUS
faiz abrar
faiz abrar 23 dager siden
Suck fight..,how lopez get win..
Juan Perez
Juan Perez 24 dager siden
Seems like the commentatorz and these "boxing Highlights" don't do Teo any justice in this fight. People said this he didn't land bs need to sit down! The whole fight I counted MULTIPLE times Teo would land beautifully, but what would we see on the end of round HL? Lomas weak ass 1 of 5 punches thrown the whole round. Up until the 7th loma was dominated then he started letting his hands go, but even then Teo was still fighting too! Get off his nuts already, he got beat, outboxed, outsmarted, outworked, and dethroned.. the young man did what he said he was going to do when 90% of the world swore loma was gonna win. Give him his props sheesh
Gyem dubley
Gyem dubley 25 dager siden
Lol.. why you gave lot of previous round loma??..
jay jackson
jay jackson 25 dager siden
Lately seems like youth is trumping experience
AX7 Duran
AX7 Duran 25 dager siden
Loma Waited To Long ! Gave Teo Way To Much Respect.
Observer Red
Observer Red 25 dager siden
Wow -- i really like Tank Davis and Devin Haney. I like them too much to watch them get beat down by this killer! Lomachecko is a killer - true. But there are killers and then there are Planet Brooklyn Killers! Like the difference between a goon and a goblin! Teofimo is the real -- funny how he quoted another killer: Kevin Garnett "Anything is possible".
orlando emecheta
orlando emecheta 26 dager siden
loma won this fight
Colleen mik cristobal
Colleen mik cristobal 26 dager siden
Mapia in boxing
Andrew Ramirez
Andrew Ramirez 26 dager siden
Teo needs better defense if he’s going to beat tank
La’ Garv
La’ Garv 25 dager siden
Thats what I’ve been saying, he needs to work on fighting off his backfoot
sahir afridi
sahir afridi 26 dager siden
Wasn't loma best fight but he definitely didn't lose that wide if that was Canelo they would have given him the fight
Hype2beast 20 dager siden
Loma lost 7 or 8 rounds. There’s no way he won this fight
sahir afridi
sahir afridi 26 dager siden
109-119 is outrageous she needs to be fire
Luxurytainment 26 dager siden
No one has heard from her since 🤣😂🤣
Babatunde Agu.
Babatunde Agu. 26 dager siden
What is Teos natural weight? He has to be 15lbs bigger than loma in there, easy.
The original
The original 17 dager siden
CKBO3HOE 26 dager siden
LOMA is a Legend unlike Lopez Co...
Harold Siriban
Harold Siriban 14 dager siden
Legend???? Lol
Izaias Hernandez
Izaias Hernandez 26 dager siden
My opinion honestly I feel like that Loma actually won
Francisco Martinez
Francisco Martinez 26 dager siden
Nobody cares mate.
Compras Euro
Compras Euro 26 dager siden
Ganó loma
Justin K.Donatiello
Justin K.Donatiello 26 dager siden
First time I ever seen this Lopez dude. Lopez : counter puncher n heavy body shots did good the first half of the fight Loma: faster way more angles fights the same every fight no adjustments period. Won the second half for sure. Dude had the load of dirty shots in this fight. Back of the head shots n throwing punches in a hold, the ref even spots it should’ve took a point away. Buuuut all that being said I think Lomachenko would win a rematch no doubt about that.
Sedem Ofori
Sedem Ofori 27 dager siden
Loma was beaten up. Stop making up excuses. It's pathetic. Stop it
UNITED WE STAND 23 dager siden
They only doing this cause they want him vs DAVIS. Floyd has pull bro he want to see Davis get exposed 😂
UNITED WE STAND 23 dager siden
The guy didn't swing til the 6th round just like Wilder that last Wilder fight can u honestly say he looked like he wanted to fight would u if u are told to throw the match ?
Beno Oliver
Beno Oliver 27 dager siden
Ahora el campeón vs la cobrita luna..
Beno Oliver
Beno Oliver 27 dager siden
Robo bien claro ..para todos ganó claramente lomachenko.
Francisco Martinez
Francisco Martinez 26 dager siden
Andale pues
Beno Oliver
Beno Oliver 27 dager siden
No pues viendo bien está cobrita luna les hubiera metido una chinga a cada uno ....cuando menos ya tubieran la cara como longaniza los dos
Ivan yel Tan
Ivan yel Tan 27 dager siden
1 thing for xur vasyl is a trash, then they compared him to pacquaio your a trash your just to far to a legend manny pacman pacquaio
MANG Alain
MANG Alain 27 dager siden
For me it was a draw
Alberto David Licea
Alberto David Licea 28 dager siden
Teo's fans just do not want to understand that Teo did not connect enough clean punches , most punches ended in Loma's guard. But Loma was able to land a lot more punches in Teo's face and also some body shots , at the most a draw but you can not say Teo won this fight .
Tre Stoneyy TYP
Tre Stoneyy TYP 25 dager siden
Exactly 💯
GdUpFrm DaFeetUp
GdUpFrm DaFeetUp 28 dager siden
never try to go against a Mexicans endurance.. not a good strategy.. Chenko didnt throw enough punches running the whole fight.. unless your Mayweather quick.. Chenko is too buff to imitate mayweather
MKAY 28 dager siden
9:16 quick shots
MKAY 28 dager siden
Lopez hitting that uppercut
MKAY 28 dager siden
Amir Khan>Lomachenko
Kintu Tucker
Kintu Tucker 28 dager siden
Lopez ate that fight......#KinCandles🕯📈
Vincent Watson
Vincent Watson 11 dager siden
He did better than expected... But he lost the punch count
Popcorn Time
Popcorn Time 29 dager siden
Wow! I'm a loma fan but I'm speechless... If Pacquiao's weakness is Marquez, i think Loma found his dinamita. What a fight!
MAd Man
MAd Man 2 dager siden
marquez is weak he dont want to fight pacman again he is scared
reynold chico
reynold chico 14 dager siden
what a comment. you never use your tiny little ratbu
Francis L
Francis L 14 dager siden
Last time I checked, out of 4 fights it's 2.5 Pacquiao vs 1.5 Marquez. How is he a weakness for Manny?
Bolero Ako
Bolero Ako 14 dager siden
Marquez is the weakness of pac? Are u insane?... So u mean Marquez is more dominant than pac? Wtf .. the bloody face Marquez who got only winning by luckypunch and u call it weakness to pac? Pac gve him tons of rematch after his frequent lose to Pac, until that luckypunch. now pac ask for rematch and even offered Marquez a bigger offer but what did Marquez do?he duck manny haha.. he is happy with one winning lucky punch and he wants to treasure it for the rest of his life
IndohNintendo 15 dager siden
@aLpha justme Pac never looked like his dominant self against Marquez.
Joelle J
Joelle J 29 dager siden
I like the background music
louie mark
louie mark 29 dager siden
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