I tricked toxic players into 1v1ing against a pro

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8 måneder siden

What happens when you bait trash talkers into a smack down with a professional Rocket League player? Well, you turn it into a sick game of course!
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SunlessKhan 8 måneder siden
Guys, PLEASE don't harass any of our contestants. In future episodes I may need to remove gamertags. No one deserves to be harassed even if they were an ass for a bit, so try to be nice and understanding if you see anyone from this video in a game, please. I actually already ran into AJ today and he was actually super cool. Just be nice, guys
yeety yeet
yeety yeet Dag siden
U guys are the mean ones laughing and being rude
Sean Jennings
Sean Jennings 2 dager siden
ok funlessKhan
king Alfa
king Alfa 2 dager siden
Ffft5fwg1f111 I think think that 4f8ffffffkjtjisgjoqgjaeu4h7x
OG COD Player
OG COD Player 5 dager siden
Bruh its another account so it’s not urs
HYPEGAMER86 6 dager siden
by far AJ went hard on that ball play ngl, he should be played again Sunless!
Charles Family among us
Charles Family among us Time siden
when is your next give away
Luna_ Time siden
Wait if that’s his smurf wouldn’t he do better??
Александър Палаузов
Александър Палаузов 2 timer siden
Александър Палаузов
Александър Палаузов 2 timer siden
6:00 8:30
octagnl 2 timer siden
this is my fmurf...
Web Modz
Web Modz 6 timer siden
bro doobyscoobs mad af
Cameron Judson
Cameron Judson 7 timer siden
I can tell u my address
Cameron Judson
Cameron Judson 7 timer siden
Can I please have the monitor
CorywKenshin 14 timer siden
hey, I really need help getting good at the game i dont have money but i could really use the help, PLEASE
Cool Guy
Cool Guy 18 timer siden
This is what Bully Hunters should have been
Colin Meier
Colin Meier 19 timer siden
Ok I can be the only one annoyed by the kid in the thumbnail, those teeth... idk man it triggers me
Kevin Perez
Kevin Perez Dag siden
Kevin Perez
Kevin Perez Dag siden
Yoo sunless u are a bot because i can beat u on rocket LEAGUE
polin Dag siden
Abed hasan
Abed hasan Dag siden
The other guy sounds like yo boy roy
Jack C
Jack C Dag siden
Binkle Berry Dinkle Dong
Raider Z
Raider Z Dag siden
" i don't know what to tell you, you lost." 💀
SFX Kiros
SFX Kiros Dag siden
9:43, in my opinion, that is not toxic
yeety yeet
yeety yeet Dag siden
U guys are actually the toxic ones being mean
Jeoq 2 dager siden
lmao -3 for DoobyScoobs
Eliya Mok
Eliya Mok 2 dager siden
Yo keep up this good work ...
Alex C
Alex C 2 dager siden
Doobyscoobs turning out to be the unexpected villain was disappointing
Henry Rattray
Henry Rattray 2 dager siden
me: *clicks on this video* *realizes its sunless khan and not musty* *clicks off*
l̴a̴x̴t̴ 2 dager siden
me looking for doobyscoops to comment: 👁👄👁
lowcliff 100k
lowcliff 100k 3 dager siden
Yo but how can u be that good like yp
Aiden Chalke
Aiden Chalke 3 dager siden
4:14 that’s a usual excuse when it’s the players fault but they blaim their teamates
Jeoq 2 dager siden
tbf they did do nothing so I can see where he's coming from, definitely the nicest out of them
Jimbob 3 dager siden
Hey at 00:25 he has staged this
Vagner Silva
Vagner Silva 4 dager siden
I think AJ found out they're doing the video by the Lethamir's Twitch account and went back trying to look nice.
Dean Szefler
Dean Szefler 4 dager siden
Bully beater
JUMBO JUMBO 4 dager siden
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lee cook
lee cook 4 dager siden
It’s the rlcs final
KLIKX 5 dager siden
Hey, can I download your thumbnail 🥺
Noël Verhoeven
Noël Verhoeven 6 dager siden
Ayo someone nows what this decal is from sunless or lethamyr just the decal in the vid someone nows how it’s called ?
Chris George
Chris George 6 dager siden
The cowardly bronze covalently shop because fruit jointly whirl circa a boring mint. robust, far cycle
Mack Wallis
Mack Wallis 6 dager siden
this guy could boice act manny from ice age
DontLookBack .v2
DontLookBack .v2 6 dager siden
My respect for doobyscoobs at the end 📉
TwoFer4LeSs 827
TwoFer4LeSs 827 6 dager siden
That musty flick tho that was dirty and it was good
Bond Brother
Bond Brother 6 dager siden
I have been a coach for a year and I have watch leth play quite a bit and you ain’t leth. This guy knows his stuff
Austin Tyler
Austin Tyler 7 dager siden
That first dude was 100% still toxic with that “have fun”. Definitely was sarcasm.
Shing shing Made by mongraal
Shing shing Made by mongraal 7 dager siden
imagine DoobyScoobs sying this be like: oh shi-
Brendan Shaughnessy
Brendan Shaughnessy 7 dager siden
9:40 then their was an add of a guy putting a gun on the car
Theo Salih
Theo Salih 7 dager siden
Lol ur so bad
Alfbulldog 8 dager siden
Jeannine Augustin
Jeannine Augustin 8 dager siden
I'm the Aj guy lmao
Jeannine Augustin
Jeannine Augustin 8 dager siden
Du Hund
Du Hund 8 dager siden
I don't really like the system a player could 0 to 1 and only have 1 point and another play could loose 10 to 3 and have 3 points...
jmkhu 3421
jmkhu 3421 8 dager siden
can we 1v1? im on ps4
TwoFaceZak 8 dager siden
Some of my best shots are open goal and I cant Ariel. How do you people do things like carrying the ball on your car. Its just so impressive.
central 9 dager siden
"im way better then you guys" Hunter:SEASON 13 GRAND CHAMPION
Matas 9 dager siden
Him: trashes a grand champ Me: barely can just about clutch up against a gold 1
Riley Michael Gaines
Riley Michael Gaines 9 dager siden
Hunter is my secret account you get it because I’m hunting for toxic players “who are so stupid enough not to think sunlesskhan is tricking you but he can’t think that so..... idk.
Cole Young
Cole Young 9 dager siden
10:16 when you athena flick but you know how to recover
Adem Dzemaili
Adem Dzemaili 9 dager siden
BRO you are cleann wittt it
Anthony Fender
Anthony Fender 9 dager siden
6.9 mil views pogg
Surge Abyss
Surge Abyss 9 dager siden
The fact the all these guys wouldve beat sunless in a 1v1 if leth didn't play for him
equisix- 10 dager siden
Whats leths decal in this vid?
Strýko Mikuláš
Strýko Mikuláš 10 dager siden
The thing we learned today don't be toxic or you get beat by best player in da world 😅
Nitriux 10 dager siden
Dobbyscoops being as stupid as Ninja
Noah Vacondios
Noah Vacondios 10 dager siden
can u do a part three
Pickle Gaming
Pickle Gaming 10 dager siden
when leth said i missed it sounded very sarcastic
Mae Murray
Mae Murray 10 dager siden
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Sufwan Rahman
Sufwan Rahman 10 dager siden
This is the definition of calling ur big brother to beat up the kid who took ur lunch money😂😂
Void Legends
Void Legends 10 dager siden
2:30 music?
J.R. 10 dager siden
Fuckin dooby scoops >.>
JD 10 dager siden
Ayeeeeeeeeeee 6.9m views brooooo
Hedwig-HolzbeinTV 10 dager siden
wow nice video, but way too much commercial, for this lenght of video in my mind.
Omega 10 dager siden
Sunless: Welcome to new new controvirsual series: Toxic Takedown, and then makes only 1 video
Nexpr 9 dager siden
He made 2?????????
Hydro_ 11 dager siden
Use code spooce For a cookie
Use code spooce For a cookie 11 dager siden
This video was the first rocket leg video I ever watched
Sonny Davis
Sonny Davis 11 dager siden
I've been in a heat seeker with AJ
Christian 7 dager siden
Maybe, but not this AJ
I love foxy and mangle
I love foxy and mangle 11 dager siden
I am a gold but I beat everyone in the gold division
Nosferatu 11 dager siden
Just love that the opponents joined as spectators in the second match lmao
Rory Violette
Rory Violette 11 dager siden
Lethamyr is like Sunless’s dad who protects him from toxicity.😂
Retro Act Gaming
Retro Act Gaming 11 dager siden
Go sub to retro act gaming
Zoranite 11 dager siden
Now that’s what this is allll about
Alex 12 dager siden
DoobyScoobs gives me Discord Mod vibes ngl
Robbie spencer
Robbie spencer 12 dager siden
Can u do this in a gold or silver lobby pls
SWAT999coti 12 dager siden
7:45 song name plsss
jumpee 12 dager siden
spiller du med frode?
Cryptix *_*
Cryptix *_* 12 dager siden
CW GhostL
CW GhostL 12 dager siden
Could me and let’s 1v1 my epic is CW GhostL but I’m not very good
Minion Minion
Minion Minion 12 dager siden
AJ redemption arc
Lurch11 D
Lurch11 D 13 dager siden
I was gonna be toxic n ask why you cut the scores out of the vid. Then I zoomed out and realized I'm an idiot. Must have bumpo'd my head one too many times..
liamgaming 101
liamgaming 101 13 dager siden
U don’t deserve be lonley
Raccoon_Salad 13 dager siden
Some of these people aren’t even toxic
Lucas Ono
Lucas Ono 13 dager siden
Aj actually played very good
Micah Bell
Micah Bell 13 dager siden
I don't get the point of harassing people who trashtalk in competitive games. That's honestly just part of the environment. This video was simply poking fun at them. Don't take this shit so personally.
HEADSHOT FAZE 13 dager siden
6:37 no one: Subtitles:you get the luckiest bum
PPM VIRAL 13 dager siden
I one shotted it
ZyxLo 13 dager siden
tnnnf 14 dager siden
AJ just turned from evil to mr.nice guy
Supreme GOAT24
Supreme GOAT24 14 dager siden
You should use aimbot on toxic players
Fran Tot
Fran Tot 14 dager siden
AJ was probs having a bad few games
David Boi
David Boi 14 dager siden
anyone know the song from 1:41??
Hunter Sturrock
Hunter Sturrock 14 dager siden
one of your accounts is named like
Hunter Weber
Hunter Weber 15 dager siden
My name is hunter
Ashley Gibson
Ashley Gibson 16 dager siden
I'm a gold 3 but I have had many trash players but there is one player who keeps forcing me to let me play and now I'm a silver 2 so I started on a new ranked because it was like I was in a 1v3
Potato 15 dager siden
Yeah but plat is worst
fn4ndor 16 dager siden
Image loseing to an anti-toxic 1v1 turnament without playing lol
Chigo 16 dager siden
7:08 sunless is toxic look at chat lmao
dead by daylight godz 2424
dead by daylight godz 2424 16 dager siden
Sunless i would like to play with you i need some learning skills and im a noob
Berlin 16 dager siden
1:32 song
Where is Peter McKinnon?
Peter McKinnon
Ganger 333 k
Flying RC Car
Dude Perfect
Ganger 10 mill
The Longest Game in Rocket League History
Where is Peter McKinnon?
Peter McKinnon
Ganger 333 k
Flying RC Car
Dude Perfect
Ganger 10 mill
Victor Sotberg
Ganger 34 k