Full UFC 229 press conference: Conor McGregor v Khabib Nurmagomedov

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2 år siden

WARNING: This video contains strong language.
Watch Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov go head to head for the first time at a press conference in New York with UFC president Dana White.
Watch UFC 229: Khabib v McGregor live on BT Sport on Saturday, October 6th.
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NERO KNIGHT 2 timer siden
Ethics and values vs alcoholic
yuda ferzia
yuda ferzia 7 timer siden
Connor looseeeer😀😀😎
yuda ferzia
yuda ferzia 7 timer siden
Kebanyakan bacot akhirnya nyerah(TAPOUT)🤣😂😅😅😂
Yug Hang
Yug Hang 11 timer siden
Khabib is the finest example of a Muslim man.
Ishmael C
Ishmael C 12 timer siden
26:30 looks like Conor is waiting for his cue so the music drops at the right time he enter.
Ishmael C
Ishmael C 12 timer siden
Conor does his research on his opponent.🧐 He brought up Khabib’s alligence to shady foreign politicians and billionaires.
Son Gohan
Son Gohan 15 timer siden
Connor went 4 rounds after months of training drunk and lost to submission cause his wrestling game wasn’t up to point. He gave khabib his best match. A rematch is going to be scarily different similar do Nate. He’s going to work on his ground game
Son Gohan
Son Gohan 9 timer siden
@Dont worry dudes at the press conference getting drunk wym
Dont worry
Dont worry 11 timer siden
mOnThS oF tRaInInG dRuNk🤣🤣
Subz Asmr
Subz Asmr 16 timer siden
Watching this and then watching the fight is the best feeling haha😂😂
Professor 18 timer siden
Conor promoted this fight perfectly. Nobody would know Khabib without Conor.
Mr Awesome
Mr Awesome 5 timer siden
Connor can do anything for money how much talk lol no need to drag religion into business
Liquid DnB VA
Liquid DnB VA 20 timer siden
This aged well. Poor alcoholic
Greek Daddy
Greek Daddy 22 timer siden
Conor " My foot was a BALLOON " Gregor
Liberal Mani
Liberal Mani Dag siden
Khabib is very humble. This is my first time watching the two. I'm impressed by his attitude. I'm not sure what's wrong with McGregor. His attitude is not fair to his legacy and talent. He is acting as bully of the school. I hope McGregor learnt from it.
Goat Stature
Goat Stature Dag siden
I don't care what anyone says this is the number one greatest press conference in the UFC ever the most entertaining press conference I've ever seen from any fight
Left Side
Left Side Dag siden
This was not the Conor, that we knew.
Skyline World
Skyline World 2 dager siden
24:10 who is this interview man?
Quiyum Amin
Quiyum Amin 2 dager siden
uspeh1 2 dager siden
Man does that misfired!!!!!
Ali Kabbani
Ali Kabbani 2 dager siden
HA im here when khabib won ahahahhaah
marcos mendoza
marcos mendoza 3 dager siden
I think Connor was drunk ngl
Lucas Torres
Lucas Torres 3 dager siden
People say Khabibs name differently, how exactly is it pronounced? HA-beeb or KAH-beeb
Mohammed Hussain
Mohammed Hussain 4 dager siden
Connor just described himself!
Mohammad Mujahid
Mohammad Mujahid 4 dager siden
17:20 Khabib was saying "stop promoting your bullshit whisky 'brother' " then he held himself 😂😂
Satish Tekam
Satish Tekam 4 dager siden
Khabib vs conar
Ahmed turgut
Ahmed turgut 4 dager siden
anyone still watching this in 2021?
hightec guru
hightec guru 5 dager siden
Conor hard work gone wrong😂
hightec guru
hightec guru 5 dager siden
Hope Conor loved his face smashed
hightec guru
hightec guru 5 dager siden
Conor growing whiskey business on cfc😂😂😂😂
hightec guru
hightec guru 5 dager siden
I'm ashamed for Conor how immature he is😂
hightec guru
hightec guru 5 dager siden
Khabib cant control his laugh😂😂😂😂
hightec guru
hightec guru 5 dager siden
When kabib smashed this idiot he said talk now😂😂😂🙏🙏🙏
hightec guru
hightec guru 5 dager siden
He represents shaitan(iblis)😂
Johan Ariel Lora Alvarez
Johan Ariel Lora Alvarez 5 dager siden
Johan Ariel Lora Alvarez
Johan Ariel Lora Alvarez 5 dager siden
Conor is way better on the mic than he actually is in the octagon😂😂😂
Em Pure
Em Pure 5 dager siden
Can’t believe the idiots who pulled for Conor in this fight
Zain ALATTAR 5 dager siden
I love khabib and I think that conor deserved that beating for all his trash talk but when khabib said that he doesn’t want to take pictures with anyone, I don’t think I understood but most of his insta is him taking pictures with people
LT Puppy
LT Puppy 6 dager siden
Khabib says sit down and Conor sits down lol🤣🖕
MarioXGN 6 dager siden
Props to Khabib for maintaining his composure.
Lovepreet Singh
Lovepreet Singh 6 dager siden
Fook fook Foook u
ibrahim ibbu
ibrahim ibbu 6 dager siden
I know I have a location 6th October 🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪
Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking 6 dager siden
Mwhahaha Irish Chicken
Ahmad Awadallah
Ahmad Awadallah 6 dager siden
Irish accent is really hard to understand for us non native speakers
Sayed habib
Sayed habib 5 dager siden
Now say that again but this time in english
Eileen Hoag
Eileen Hoag 6 dager siden
The scandalous chain hemperly pray because profit monthly embarrass despite a wakeful indonesia. pink, fascinated watchmaker
playaa aa
playaa aa 6 dager siden
josh page
josh page 6 dager siden
This is comedy gold
Deuces_biatch 7 dager siden
33:30 best part
Sean Garrett 09
Sean Garrett 09 7 dager siden
24:05 insane funny moment Khabib's reaction when the reporter is trying to be a muslim when approaching him 😂😂😂😂
好球不打 7 dager siden
Shut up! Conor!So noisy!
Dreamnation1 7 dager siden
If khabib Nd Connor fight again I want Connor to give a fight atleast cause this one was not it he should’ve fought someone else then khabib to get the rust off
Don Johnson
Don Johnson 7 dager siden
Conor was too coked up during this presser 🤦‍♂️
Money Badger72
Money Badger72 7 dager siden
ASK DEEZ NUTTS!! 😂 18:42
Shane O'Riordan
Shane O'Riordan 7 dager siden
Haha Connor clearly drunk here 🤣 he'd smoke kabib next time they meet💪
Vaughan Scott
Vaughan Scott 7 dager siden
Connor was preparing for war for a few weeks. Khabib has been training for war literally his whole life.
Alex Serrano
Alex Serrano 7 dager siden
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Best trash talker in the game. There’s no debate.
Nabila Neha
Nabila Neha 8 dager siden
Oh my god!He is so humble but the most toughest guy at the right time.Just loved him
Nabila Neha
Nabila Neha 8 dager siden
Conor was proved the biggest stupid after the fight.😅
Face Henri
Face Henri 8 dager siden
Conner is a diffrent man 2021 is Conner year
SuperRAilya 8 dager siden
3:50 6:26
Shikhar Meh.
Shikhar Meh. 8 dager siden
27:49 naaah naah nhope nope😂
millhouse313 8 dager siden
I really wish this fight would have happened when Conor was in a good mind state.
millhouse313 8 dager siden
“I stay on bus” lol
Mr T
Mr T 8 dager siden
I will miss Khabib 😢 💔 😞 😔 😪 😕 😢
Mr T
Mr T 8 dager siden
Khabib batterd Mcgregor for jokes
SUBARASHII95 9 dager siden
AliAlKhattab90 9 dager siden
Connor gets what he deserve in the ring.. His face BASHED inside... ALLAHUAKBAR 😊
Sultan Ansari
Sultan Ansari 10 dager siden
How many people still struggling to pronounce Nurmagomedov😀😀😁😁
Yshuna 9 dager siden
Such a pain...
Phil Mehr
Phil Mehr 10 dager siden
Khabib doesn't give af, just smiles and nods xD Also 15:29 fkin LOL
The Truth
The Truth 10 dager siden
So much love & respect for Khabib he stayed composed! True champion 🥇 Conor barked, Khabib Mauled
strange facts
strange facts 10 dager siden
Khabib is the only king
Arion Sinani
Arion Sinani 10 dager siden
Rock and Blues
Rock and Blues 11 dager siden
mcgregor big mouth & look so stupid, he so rude talking about how bad putin & russian people, khatib very polite & have very good manner, khatib the real champion
Arjan Ndoj
Arjan Ndoj 11 dager siden
Conor looks drunk. He doesnt look confident for the first time in his carrer
Arjan Ndoj
Arjan Ndoj 11 dager siden
Khabib beats Conor before fight start. He beats him everywhere. Outside, in press conference, in media everywhere
samsungsamurai 11 dager siden
McGregor is the best antagonist, pity Khabib have to face him on press conference but im glad McGregor got beaten. McGregor fan here.
not cool
not cool 11 dager siden
Conor looked ..... Dark
Alfred Ridamaki
Alfred Ridamaki 9 dager siden
How so? Cause he looks more like drunk
getanomen 11 dager siden
conor loves to build the narrative that he’s fighting for a country. he did the same thing at the dos anjos press conference, tried to build this weird narrative that he was somehow doing it for the people of brazil because dos anjos was a “traitor”. he tried to do the exact same thing to khabib here.
Gibbo Jack
Gibbo Jack 11 dager siden
Conor was drunk af here, a real low point for him
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 12 dager siden
Conor McGregor's is the only reason I watch ufc if he dies I would no longer watch ufc anymore
BH 333
BH 333 12 dager siden
Really glad he smashed Conor
Dan H
Dan H 12 dager siden
I'm glad khaib destroyed this strange human
Dan H
Dan H 12 dager siden
This was khabibs easy fight lol al aquinta was tougher match 🤣
Dan H
Dan H 12 dager siden
Connor lied to himself for 38:44 min
Dan H
Dan H 12 dager siden
Tlani Hnamte
Tlani Hnamte 13 dager siden
fook ur message
Sri Kanth
Sri Kanth 13 dager siden
Bruce Lee 🔥
lopen nhioloipi
lopen nhioloipi 13 dager siden
Bruh this fight was so entertaining & the press conference was the icing and cherry on top. Good memories
P 13 dager siden
people say khabib kept quiet and calm but he lost his patience a lot what are u guys talking about. he seems quiet compared to conor who is losing his mind here
مستر أيمن الجلبه
مستر أيمن الجلبه 13 dager siden
A man who grows in numbers 😂
khaleel Ahmed Md
khaleel Ahmed Md 10 dager siden
@Amir Punk 27-0
Amir Punk
Amir Punk 11 dager siden
what did he mean by that?
Nimal Perera
Nimal Perera 14 dager siden
Mcgregor was the only fighter to win a round against khabib while others couldn't but his mouth was bigger than his words
James C
James C 14 dager siden
Justin won round 1 against Khabib.
R V 14 dager siden
32:36 Kremlin: write that down write that down. 🤣🤣🤣
E N 15 dager siden
This is obviously when mcgregor went off the rails, pitty cause I think if he got back to what he was when he fought aldo diaz alverez etc I think he can beat khabib
Umeir Khan
Umeir Khan 15 dager siden
Khabib is wayyy better
Adil Belagchour
Adil Belagchour 15 dager siden
Khabib is the best ever of MMA
Darren McKay
Darren McKay 15 dager siden
VLN7X 15 dager siden
The most entertaining rivalry in the history history of combat sports.
J's Channel
J's Channel 15 dager siden
“Stop promote your BULLSHIT whiskey!” LMAO 17:20
Jihad El Soufi
Jihad El Soufi 16 dager siden
30:00 what conor says????
jojo alshehri
jojo alshehri 16 dager siden
كفو حبيب😍
Rick Velasquez
Rick Velasquez 16 dager siden
Win or loose Conor is thec best. Admit it or not. If He fights thats gonna be war. I like His Fighting skills so exciting even His personality. Trashtalking but He proves anything many 1st rounds KO
Koko Loko
Koko Loko 17 dager siden
Comment section is full of quotes ;)
I S 17 dager siden
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