Film Theory: The Dark Avengers Are Coming! (Marvel Phase 4 & Black Widow)

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With Black Widow being pushed back to the end of the year, we have plenty of time to dissect the trailer for any and all secrets hidden in it! I think that by using the Black Widow trailer, I've figured out exactly what Marvel has planned for Phase 4 - and boy is it a doozy! I think not only are we getting General Ross as Red Hulk, but I think we may be getting an entire lineup of Dark Avengers! Get ready for some serious theorising folks!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Random science stuff
Random science stuff 2 timer siden
XxLuckyChanxX 7 timer siden
Have you ever thought about being a screenwriter. I feel like a movie by Matt would be the most interesting movie alive. Yes. Alive.
James Furrer
James Furrer Dag siden
U skipped over why would she sacrifice herself
Victor Brt
Victor Brt 2 dager siden
Woah woah woah woah this theory îs possible because Malina switches places with Natasha. But of You stay to think about hawkeye "sacrificated" She for the soul stone buuut this is not how the Univers works , You can't just get a random person to Vormir say "I live You" throw it and You get the stone sooo Natasha can eventualy return
Conner Broeker
Conner Broeker 2 dager siden
Marvel keeps making movies bigger and more complex but a simple movie with a good plot and solid action will sell tickets
Alejandro Fernandez
Alejandro Fernandez 3 dager siden
0:08 the Pitch meeting team would like to know your location
Iksaihj Kaur
Iksaihj Kaur 3 dager siden
Ya know this would also make sense from the MCU's stand point. They are also self isolating. That's why we can't watch any Marvel movies. The hero's are in quarantine.
Divisha Agarwal
Divisha Agarwal 4 dager siden
Am I the only one who really hates the face swap theory ? Like it leaves a ton of questions and cheapens Natasha's character arc in IW and Endgame .
Budakiel 4 dager siden
it says ALM notice the space between the "I" and the M and look to the bottom of it you can see the bottom of the L
SomeFamousDude 4 dager siden
Wait a minute this isn’t Ryan George from screen rant!!! You’ve fooled me for the first time imposter! But I like you so I forgive you
Tanya Royal
Tanya Royal 6 dager siden
Nobody: Me, Who knows red hulk from the Lego game: Im 4 parallel universes ahead of you
Brady L
Brady L 7 dager siden
To be honest I had an idea where there would be a team that would be a shadow version of the Avengers and it would be led by a shadow that is not an Avenger but a female sadow that creats this team of the "Dark Avengers" and she is able to control others peoples fears and can travel through the shadows and then I thought that the Avengers wont be able to battle the "Dark Avengers" because it would be fighting your self...... and half of my idea came true and I know its a crazy thought....... But its just a film Theory
Niffe_YT 8 dager siden
J Mo
J Mo 9 dager siden
In Agents of Shield, there is a face mask that changes someone's face.
Mr Gaming7
Mr Gaming7 10 dager siden
Marvel: creates new hero Everyone: how where they made Marvel: *sweating* ummmm drugs
Keegan Mason
Keegan Mason 11 dager siden
I want deadpool to appear in the Thunderbolts
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 11 dager siden
if screen rant has a series called film theory you are entitled for a screen rant series
Fleato 11 dager siden
florance pugh is in the movie, im sold.
Velcon X15
Velcon X15 12 dager siden
Jesus my mind has been expanded
Rhonda Utt
Rhonda Utt 14 dager siden
Make a Steven Universe theory
Jassu Rahal
Jassu Rahal 15 dager siden
can you do a scp theory
Fox Cake
Fox Cake 15 dager siden
My sister said you don’t teach anything but I dont MatPat and game theorists
Nick Hohl
Nick Hohl 15 dager siden
Covid isn’t deadly... why are we still quarantining? Back when we didn’t know it was excusable, but now? It’s purely political. Stay safe, but go out and stimulate the economy.
Divisha Agarwal
Divisha Agarwal 4 dager siden
@Nick Hohl I hope you're being sarcastic
Prince of Light
Prince of Light 13 dager siden
Don't forget to breath in that wonderful air maskless too. We need our oxygen, especially at the mall!
VeteranRedBeard 16 dager siden
What if taskmaster is natasha. And she is fighting her own imposter. Taskmaster is shown using a bow and arrow and natasha spends a lot of time with hawk eye. He could have trained her.
Prince Haile
Prince Haile 16 dager siden
I think the Avengers will have a Enemy team because their was many’s bad guys that’s been up against them they already made the movie the end game the movie. Directors and the fans of the movie they would want more So I think That we would get a team of villains that would team up
Swipey 17 dager siden
Once iron man died they should do a iron man origin story 😂
Marjorie Lynch
Marjorie Lynch 17 dager siden
0:01 to 1:00 that's really how it be tho also pretty please you really should do a bioshock theory on game theory #justasuggestion
Reality Creations
Reality Creations 18 dager siden
johnny 44
johnny 44 18 dager siden
The screen rant intro may pat did was honestly the best made me laugh so much
Theavenger 1501
Theavenger 1501 19 dager siden
I’m watching in the end of 2020 and Dave Dave Batista quir
2k gamer Normal
2k gamer Normal 19 dager siden
I like that
Miles Smart
Miles Smart 20 dager siden
Ryan George would be proud.
Cats Are Cute
Cats Are Cute 20 dager siden
The reason her hair was blonde in IW was because she was hiding from the government.
Hirilyss 20 dager siden
Mat: "fan favorites leaving * shows a pic of Tony Stark *" Me, hearing "fan favorite living":....WHY ARE YOU PLAYING WITH MY FEELINGS
Milkandcheesepotato E
Milkandcheesepotato E 21 dag siden
I liked Incredible Hulk
RagingPanty 21 dag siden
this is some bigbrain spoiler here
Dynamix 22 dager siden
what if natasha's death scene in avengers endgame was actually yelena disguised as natasha. And maybe at the end credits we see natasha locked up by thunderbolt ross. This would mean that the entire reason of yelena's existence in the mcu is for her to die and them to bring back natasha. Natasha may haved been trapped in a cage by ross for all of those years being tortured, or maybe even brainwashed so that they could use HER in the dark avengers. Yelena could be disguised as her to keep everything quite because she may be in on the whole thing as well.
Divisha Agarwal
Divisha Agarwal 4 dager siden
Red skull called her "Natasha" and he has the power to know everyone's back story . So if it were really Yelena he would've called her by her real name . Plus Clint would'nt have gotten the soul stone since we aren't told of any connections between Yelena and Clint and you need to sacrifice someone you love to get the stone . Also we saw Natasha's original red hair started to grow back from the roots , so she definitely dyed it blond the first time .
bill aiken
bill aiken 22 dager siden
bruh if she goes to the lengths of altering her face that well ur saying she wouldn't even dye her hair?
The chic fil a cow?????
The chic fil a cow????? 23 dager siden
I'm surprised screen rant hasn't commented on this video...
MoJo LoLo
MoJo LoLo 23 dager siden
I wonder if Ryan George is pissed about that (hilarious) intro... Or flattered by the homage?
venombomb 23 dager siden
Here it is, november 6th and theres no movie.
esteban collazo
esteban collazo 23 dager siden
Marvel: Let's just throw a trailer with a bunch of random scenes in it and let the youtubers create our script.
Trevor Strahl
Trevor Strahl 23 dager siden
mat Pat has mislooked the most dangerous villainy of all..spoiler man spider mans true form and his sidekick theory boy
Choocher 420
Choocher 420 23 dager siden
Anyone watch new rockstars
Tola Agun
Tola Agun 23 dager siden
or maybe your right and the sisters do switch but it was the blond sister that made the sacrifice and not natasha. 🤔
Reyna Weber
Reyna Weber 23 dager siden
Hey umm it’s November 6th, and The movie has been pushed back to sometime in 2021, hope it actually comes out then.
Addison Always
Addison Always 23 dager siden
When you said The Dark Avengers it was the first time I actually said even OUT LOUD “HUH?!🤨”
AstiCat 23 dager siden
(Tine Stamp 3:09) Thought you said 'Spiderman fart from home'
Kay Way42
Kay Way42 23 dager siden
green Mega Mind
daniel h
daniel h 23 dager siden
is the red hulk the colossus titan
Zyden 23 dager siden
But threate is dead. We had a twinkling new movieplex, it was glorious. Covid crushed the buttered popcorn outta it. The next closest theatre is over an hour's drive away. I think it's time to buy a supersized Hulk of a tv and prepare for a straight to stream release.
Ariel 24 dager siden
I really hope this theory turns out to be cool, a Dark Avengers MCU storyline would be sick as frick
Brandon Newby
Brandon Newby 24 dager siden
Oh my God these pitch meeting crossovers are tight!!!! Yesss!
ERICDABASS !!! 24 dager siden
Hey i like the hulk movie
[ Ztick267 ]
[ Ztick267 ] 24 dager siden
Wait the intro is from screenrant on ryan george haha
Noobies Destroyer
Noobies Destroyer 24 dager siden
First part: *copies screen rants “pitch meetings”* Me: hahahahahha
Alex Branson
Alex Branson 24 dager siden
Me on November 5th: Yeah MatPat, they'll totally release a movie unannounced
Elliott Hess
Elliott Hess 24 dager siden
Sadly I did not see the hulk cuz it’s not on Hulu or Disney +
bucca2 24 dager siden
I know this is more than half a year old but unless WandaVision has Wanda's sons in it, I don't care about it.
Binging With babish is amazing and I'm not creative
Binging With babish is amazing and I'm not creative 24 dager siden
Therapist: Bearded MatPat can't hurt you, he's not real Bearded MatPat:
Bleached Hoodie
Bleached Hoodie 24 dager siden
Apparently it is an unpopular opinion, but I very much so enjoyed the 2008 The Incredible Hulk
Bleached Hoodie
Bleached Hoodie 24 dager siden
Probably still one of my top tens; though I was young when I saw it, so I may need a rewatch. But it holds as a cornerstone as MY introduction into the marvel franchise. But thats just my opinion
Wired Wrong
Wired Wrong 24 dager siden
Aim was brought up in a number of other things in Marvel as well.
ian burris
ian burris 24 dager siden
screen ran pitch meeting oh my kids cant shut up about politics and im like go play your nintendo 64 ya nerd
Michael Randol
Michael Randol 24 dager siden
Wait ... wouldn’t that fall bw took mean the person exchanging herself be gone now too instead?
Dennis Rolland
Dennis Rolland 27 dager siden
Why u copy ryan like that
Sean Dias
Sean Dias 28 dager siden
maybe because of the swap Natasha didnt really die maybe shes still alive and running around and maybe just maybe thats a new plot point for the hawk eye thingy
Mitzi Robertson
Mitzi Robertson 29 dager siden
ha ha screen rant parody
Water Bubbles
Water Bubbles 29 dager siden
but theres an issue, task master is a dude he always has been in every comic show and movie hes been in hes a dude
Willandro Grant
Willandro Grant Måned siden
@TheFilmTheorists Alternate theory: Elena took Natasha’s place in the past like you think BUT she was never discovered to be an imposter. She was the one who sacrificed herself for the Soul Stone and Natasha will be rescued in a future movie or in Falcon and The Winter Soldier.
NeonMCPE Måned siden
You forgot “tight”
Buli wyf
Buli wyf Måned siden
They removed Thanos and his goons from the timeline. Many movies in the MCU now never happened. So many things will unfold differently. What I could see happen is alternate Dr. Strange will figure out what happened. Then get the his "Avengers" to avenge their universe. Edit: The good news is their Tony is still alive.
Micah Buckman
Micah Buckman Måned siden
In the intro meeting there’s a shreck in the background
Screaming Cat
Screaming Cat Måned siden
*very loudly claps* beautiful, that first scene, just beautiful
Lloyd Ivenn
Lloyd Ivenn Måned siden
What you mean is that, red hulk doesn’t just get stronger he also gets hotter when he’s angry
Calypso Valdez
Calypso Valdez Måned siden
Wait... but what about in the Incredible Hulk when we see a second container of super solider serum? Ross already had it in his possession. I always assumed THAT was how he'd become the Red Hulk in the MCU
Jaeden Måned siden
just bring in galactus already ffs
ECO Base Tech
ECO Base Tech Måned siden
So the Thunderbolts are equivalent to the Supes from the Boys
Caleb Moore
Caleb Moore Måned siden
This may not occur but there is a group of super heros called the young avengers? Could the be the heros that stop the dark avengers?
xX4LERXx Boom
xX4LERXx Boom Måned siden
At the start its a nice referance to screen rant with ryan george making the pitch meeting series, i needed that thank u MatPat
ayan joanne antimano
ayan joanne antimano Måned siden
My theory is if the darka vengefs come out as a movie Dr starnge will still be alive and bring backt he old avengers
Ruchi Khera
Ruchi Khera Måned siden
Spiderman Far From Home is the last movie of phase 3 not the beginng of phase 4
Gibson Chase
Gibson Chase Måned siden
What about the fact that Ross is not hulk in infinity
TheDiamondScorpion __ 65__
TheDiamondScorpion __ 65__ Måned siden
3:20 someone. please. tell me what THIS BACKROUND MUSIC IS AHHHH ive heard it used in so many of these videos and even in a pewdiepie video its been haunting me for months
TheDiamondScorpion __ 65__
TheDiamondScorpion __ 65__ Måned siden
@Jo Mama bruh
Jo Mama
Jo Mama Måned siden
Darude sandstorm
Corey Szulist
Corey Szulist Måned siden
wowowow wow
Captain Lion
Captain Lion Måned siden
On “marvel XD” there is a show called the the agents of hulk where red hulk is in fact general Ross but he is a really good friend of the hulk and there is a another character in the show named Scar and he doesn’t really talk English he is from another planet where the collector lives he made scar so I don’t know how he got the syrum so...
Watson Harrell
Watson Harrell Måned siden
Jesus loves you brochachoz
John McCarty
John McCarty Måned siden
The thing is, this is one of the most believable theories that you’ve made. I would be surprised if this DOESNT happen
John McCarty
John McCarty Måned siden
Even though people think that the next movies are going to be fillers or something, I’m still really excited
Swish123svv Måned siden
Disney bored meeting: Is the script finished yet yes it is Mat just finished it
R Squad
R Squad Måned siden
him copying ryan george is funny
P-Say Entertainment
P-Say Entertainment Måned siden
Nice channel! Keep up with the good work. We Would really value your review! Let's encourage each other? 🤩✌️
Jason Wrinkle
Jason Wrinkle Måned siden
you mean the real world wallet rapists?
Child Drummer
Child Drummer Måned siden
Wait your escape the night card is in the back ground
Landyn Adamcryk
Landyn Adamcryk Måned siden
I 2ish your theory is true
SteelHunter9 Måned siden
13:43 I think that's a page from the exact comic I was just reading so good job lmao
A Parimal
A Parimal Måned siden
Dude your ruining the future of the MCU Love your work no hate
Raven Tan
Raven Tan Måned siden
You might think doing this is very hard for him but Actually ITS SUPER EASY, BARELY AND INCONVENIENCE
funtime gamer
funtime gamer Måned siden
Intro: Actually, physics forbids this
PalCal Måned siden
0:08 *pErFeCt*
Cynic Måned siden
This man really hates disney
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