Dana White watches Khabib x Father animation for the first time, pays respect to Abdulmanap

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2 måneder siden

UFC president paid respect to Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov after watching an animation on the story of his journey with Khabib. #UFC254
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min H
min H 2 timer siden
Tears coming out of dana big head lol
popshairlinebun 12 timer siden
Dana’s head look like Thanos
Koma Jaya
Koma Jaya 14 timer siden
I love khabib
Boumendjel Omario
Boumendjel Omario Dag siden
By the way el hamdoulilallah never abandonat your parents
Ну Да
Ну Да 3 dager siden
Ну Да
Ну Да 3 dager siden
Ilyas Khan
Ilyas Khan 3 dager siden
Khabib a best fighter,good person ,lovely human being
Monkey D. Dragon
Monkey D. Dragon 12 dager siden
Dana White reacts needs to be a NOpost series
SINGAM 13 dager siden
Franklin Bruh420
Franklin Bruh420 15 dager siden
If he was watching Conor and his dad he woulda been howling around
Menelik The First
Menelik The First 18 dager siden
I lost my dad a few weeks before Khabib. When he won, I cried with him. My father an I weren’t religious men but I hope Abdulmanap rests well in Jannah.
Валентин Синявин
Валентин Синявин 17 dager siden
Daniel34921able 19 dager siden
do they show them abusing an animal whose mother they killed to steal?
Tasnim Randeree
Tasnim Randeree 17 dager siden
No he used to wrestle bears wen he was smaĺl
Game Style
Game Style 19 dager siden
Nice Khabib and his father.
Giovani Yousif
Giovani Yousif 20 dager siden
i like how nobody realized the whole video was just a ad for the new fight LMAO
eric paola
eric paola 20 dager siden
1:49 Dana interrupts my crying and reminds me I’m watching a video about someone else watching the video ...
Super Super
Super Super 21 dag siden
That make me cry love to all parents live long life
Rwis Ahmed
Rwis Ahmed 21 dag siden
الله اكبر ☝🏼
Astar LonDoN
Astar LonDoN 21 dag siden
One of the best meaningful creators
dumb videos of me being high
dumb videos of me being high 22 dager siden
I regret all the years me and my dad argued. Hes 56 now and in poor health. He has MS, diabetes and keeps getting sepsis. I now live in a different country and it pains me that during covid I am unable to see him. Although he is relatively young his illness scares me. He has already paid for his funeral. I just wish I could take back all the years of arguments :( we are on good terms now but making back that lost time is difficult when we can't see eachother
Amir Khan
Amir Khan 23 dager siden
Sooner or later everybody will die
Amar Bakallli
Amar Bakallli 23 dager siden
Its enough to make a grown man cry
Timmy Brattcev
Timmy Brattcev 24 dager siden
Поклялся что больше не будет драться. Итог вы все знаете...
cal killa
cal killa 26 dager siden
The goat.
TripleB1888 27 dager siden
Imagine throwing this in the face of Dana
Luis Medrano
Luis Medrano 27 dager siden
KHABIB 👍👍👍👍👍💪👊
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 27 dager siden
Khabib 2nd greatest fighter to ever touch the planet
Gaming 27 dager siden
Become Muslim Ask me questions
Daniel_CFH 29 dager siden
*dana red*
rastafara Måned siden
Romi fatir
Romi fatir Måned siden
dord dordy
dord dordy Måned siden
lol please.... as if dana was about to cry from that little cartoon! HAHAHAHA!
Shronk Måned siden
Rip to khabibs father
Abdulweli Ahmed
Abdulweli Ahmed Måned siden
I don't fight for the money. I fight for my legacy. I fight for history. I fight for my people. Khabib Nurmagomedov
Powpow Jonasson
Powpow Jonasson Måned siden
respect to dana for showing us true emotions
Amirul Muubin
Amirul Muubin Måned siden
Khabib the legendary
Hayriell Måned siden
I guess thanos is crying because of how much money he is gonna lose right now.
Joege Pately
Joege Pately Måned siden
Without Dana n Joe Silva Khabib's talent may have gone unnoticed
vikas yadav
vikas yadav Måned siden
This made me weep
Ogulcan Aksac
Ogulcan Aksac Måned siden
damn it was so touchy
Godwin Anthony
Godwin Anthony Måned siden
This video actually made me cry ,I always cry looking at that video.
I Ali Ali
I Ali Ali Måned siden
Even I cry too..
Goni Fecanji
Goni Fecanji Måned siden
Abdulmanap is legend ☝
EmeraldDiamond3 Måned siden
Khabib is the greatest of all time
Ilham Kun
Ilham Kun Måned siden
I don't have a father, and I don't know where my father is
Cool Boy
Cool Boy Måned siden
When khabib was fighting with bear 🐻 Conor was sleeping with teddy bears 🧸 khabib was training with bears 🐻 and Conor is training with drinking beer 🍻. Alhamdulilah what a legend ☝️. khabib nurmagomedov the living legend started of with bear and finished it 29-0 Alhamdulila ☝️good or bad everything from Allah ☝️best and greatest of all time MMA fighter khabib nurmagomedov☝️☝️☝️ legendary father abdulmanap nurmagomedov and legendary son khabib nurmagomedov ☝️☝️☝️🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺pride of Russia ☝️☝️☝️🌎🌍🌏 great Ambassador of Muslim ummah the legend of mma 🥊 role model for youths 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊 respect to AKA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ❤️❤️❤️ whole global 🌍🌎🌏 like this legendary personality hhh
soidul khan Frm , Bangladesh , Live in malaysia
soidul khan Frm , Bangladesh , Live in malaysia Måned siden
Love u khabib '
andai kujadiawan
andai kujadiawan Måned siden
"Dana" in Bahasa Indonesia means FUND, FINANCE, MONEY.
Erlangga Setiawan
Erlangga Setiawan Måned siden
"In indonesian language" bukan "in bahasa indonesia"
Ghetto-🌟 Måned siden
People don’t realise Dana is a living legend
Assy vascanovo
Assy vascanovo Måned siden
Dan McGregor se enak enak nya menghina perasaan Khabib , gada otal
Assy vascanovo
Assy vascanovo Måned siden
Sam Akhtar
Sam Akhtar Måned siden
Maybe someday someone make a movie on khabib ❤️❤️👍👍, ,,, ,,,❤️
Great fighter khabib
AlwaysCat Måned siden
Watch dana's jaws when he is watching that video. he tries to hold back his emotions. Hé feels his pain. Rip to Khabib father.
abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim
abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim Måned siden
Only real human beings know the value of parents.
Rehan C.R
Rehan C.R Måned siden
Is dana crying
Dawa Dz
Dawa Dz Måned siden
Good son n human being too yes follow ur parents decision that's y m ur fan ..
SRS 2 måneder siden
KHABIB 💜💚💚💚💚
crazy mouse
crazy mouse 2 måneder siden
I love Khabib
john wall
john wall 2 måneder siden
Give me more!
Invicta 2 måneder siden
Khabib is a good man. RIP to his father.
Billy Boy
Billy Boy 2 måneder siden
The Rest is history....🤲🏻
Ali Ahmad
Ali Ahmad 2 måneder siden
RIP 🌇😞
Aur Sunao
Aur Sunao 2 måneder siden
Do Sawm Lian
Do Sawm Lian 2 måneder siden
Drake Bozz
Drake Bozz 2 måneder siden
He like I don’t care give me money
Хабиб НУРМАГОМЕДОВ 2 måneder siden
Альхамдулилях я Мусульман Альхамдулилях ☝️💪🤲☝️🤲💪 Альхамдулилях все хорошо Альхамдулилях ☝️💪🤲☝️🤲💪 Альхамдулилях все хорошо Альхамдулилях ☝️💪🤲☝️🤲💪
Asmara Eritrea
Asmara Eritrea 2 måneder siden
Brilliant tribute. I admire your thought.
Aamir ali
Aamir ali 2 måneder siden
Allah ko sabar day hubby
Dokterpedia.net 2 måneder siden
‘O Allah, forgive and have mercy upon him, excuse him and pardon him, and make honourable his reception. Expand his entry, and cleanse him with water, snow, and ice, and purify him of sin as a white robe is purified of filth. Exchange his home for a better home, and his family for a better family, and his spouse for a better spouse. Admit him into the Garden, protect him from the punishment of the grave and the torment of the Fire.’
El Biläl
El Biläl 19 dager siden
@Jamie Johnson but why does he have to sacrifice himself? God is all mighty and... So its not necessary that Jesus (peace be upon him) sacrifices himself.
Jamie Johnson
Jamie Johnson 19 dager siden
@El Biläl to save us from our sins and create an everlasting life. He sacrificed himself so we could have life. Also he came to spread the message of his father in heaven.
El Biläl
El Biläl 24 dager siden
@X- Nova but if god is all mighty, the greatest, the gracious and the creator of all, then why does he need a son?
X- Nova
X- Nova 25 dager siden
@El Biläl a son of a god is still a god, but jesus isn't the god we think of when we say "thanks be to God", he was the sacrifice that opened the gates of heaven and for that we praise him, but when people say they're at some point because of god they mean god as in the creator of all.
ASH 26 dager siden
Ameeen. Ya Allah forgive us 🙏🏼
Raceur 2 måneder siden
Somewhere in Time
Somewhere in Time 2 måneder siden
A role model who reminds us of humbleness & gratefulness. That it is only good & respectful deeds that we would leave behind & stays forever when we pass away.
Afzaal Shah
Afzaal Shah 2 måneder siden
Abdul Khader
Abdul Khader 2 måneder siden
Seems Dana's head bt to explode da lol..
Ardeshir Ghorbani
Ardeshir Ghorbani 2 måneder siden
Justin is very respectful guy we love him so much
kylitrixGAMES 2 måneder siden
He only needs to learn to fight like a man too, not just cuddle on the ground with other men lol
Agnes Saputri
Agnes Saputri 2 måneder siden
Dana loves Connor...
iceman 2 måneder siden
he dont look but he is GOOD :)
Rafi Syanover zubir
Rafi Syanover zubir 2 måneder siden
I think dana just care about money
Ruish Supercalifragilisticoespialidoso
Ruish Supercalifragilisticoespialidoso 2 måneder siden
Khabib was lucky..very lucky to have been educated by a father like this..PRINCIPLES..I feel like Connor comes from a desestructured family with no moral..he's not a man.. RIP..KHABIB'S FATHER.HE MUST BE PROUD OF HES SON!
هاا ها
هاا ها 2 måneder siden
Khabib ahebik FILLAH
Khanor 'Blue Rat Lips'Mcchimaev
Khanor 'Blue Rat Lips'Mcchimaev 2 måneder siden
2:18 proof that dana is a robot after all
Nba Player Highlights
Nba Player Highlights 2 måneder siden
I'm gonna cry bro
Said Bouhouch
Said Bouhouch 2 måneder siden
father there is only one, inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un
alka zone
alka zone 2 måneder siden
It's pretty cringe. Sorry.
charliehockey78 2 måneder siden
Habib is the example of a man we needed lately on this world
Md Arif Khan
Md Arif Khan 2 måneder siden
Anyone here after khabib choke out gaethje
Kicu 2 måneder siden
I respect Khabib and his father a lot but this cartoon was a bit goofy
Abdul Basit
Abdul Basit 2 måneder siden
One day a man came from the mountains & changed the game.
C Drought
C Drought 2 måneder siden
Not to ake ANYYTHING away from Khabib, he is awesome & I really like who he is, both as a fighter & anperson. But let's not also forget, this is a way of life for most of these guys. It's a brutal way to make a living. What a toll it takes...later. cool vid tho.
Luiggi Gargon
Luiggi Gargon 2 måneder siden
A ese hombre solo le interesa los negocios y el money
Cacao Scotti
Cacao Scotti 2 måneder siden
too angry to love my parents.
Kate Kuprava
Kate Kuprava 2 måneder siden
لاحول ولا قوة إلا بالله
لاحول ولا قوة إلا بالله 2 måneder siden
ياربي صلى وسلم وبارك على سيدنا ونبينا وحبيبنا وشفيعنا محمد وجمعنا به وبمن نحب في الفردوس الأعلى من الجنة ...اللهم آمين .
Shiro Al-Fatih
Shiro Al-Fatih 2 måneder siden
We came from Allah, we belong to Allah, we return to Allah. ❤️
Oi oi Independent
Oi oi Independent 2 måneder siden
הכוח הקיים בבני אדם והעוצמה הקיימת על פני האדמה הזו בהחלט ייעלמו, שום דבר אינו נצחי
Dari Persian
Dari Persian 2 måneder siden
Moyurbird 2 måneder siden
Dana whites attitude changed ধরন khabib got BIGGER than him. Now his crying cz he'll not make money with our khabib
rati tatishvili
rati tatishvili 2 måneder siden
They should make a movie about him.
Mike Shimer
Mike Shimer 2 måneder siden
Very sad. I didn’t know his father passed. RIP.
Aquarius 2 måneder siden
dana loves khabib without no doubt
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