Women's Clean-2019 CrossFit Games

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CrossFit Games

4 måneder siden

Roll out the barbells and turn off the clock. Watch an epic lifting event during the 2019 #CrossFitGames.
Women's Clean:
1-rep clean
♀ 215-220-225-230-235-240-245-250-255-260 lb.
Audio commentary courtesy of @Rogue Fitness
The CrossFit Games -- (games.crossfit.com)

The CrossFit Games® - The Sport of Fitness™
The Fittest On Earth™

Miriam Mojica
Miriam Mojica 3 måneder siden
Why did I think that they referred to the lady as David’s daughter but her name is Davidsotter😂
Zachary Art
Zachary Art Dag siden
it really
Don Karolis
Don Karolis 26 dager siden
@Albert Abram Noone is falling for ya fake comments.
Kade Graysen
Kade Graysen Måned siden
@Albert Abram Trying it out right now. Seems great so far :)
Albert Abram
Albert Abram Måned siden
i dont know if anyone cares but last night I hacked my gfs Instagram password using Instapwn. You can find it by Googling for InstaPwn account hacker ;)
Mike Odie
Mike Odie Måned siden
i thought it was captain david's daughter
multifariousgemini 4 timer siden
Tia Toomey made me SHOUT!! Amazing!!! Well done to allll the ladies!! Inspiring!
Sujal AB
Sujal AB 12 timer siden
Where are the guys and girls now who makes fun of CrossFit athletes doing kipping pullups ? Seen enough what these ladies are capable of ?
Carolyn 22 timer siden
That walk at 16:40 🐅🐯
QueenB Dag siden
The knees at the end were all over the shop
Zachary Art
Zachary Art Dag siden
I can not be like them I admire all of them capable of such competition always wins are delicious
TRC TurtleIsland
TRC TurtleIsland 6 dager siden
Dauphin River First Nation Manitoba Canada 🇨🇦
Jaberwock33 7 dager siden
Infinite Elgintensity brought me here
Joel Willis
Joel Willis 9 dager siden
Have any of them ever been taught proper technique? Or does that interfere with their steroid appiontments?
Lofty Standards
Lofty Standards 15 dager siden
16:32 wat a warrioress!! 😍
ThatOne 15 dager siden
Are they allowed to skip through weights? I feel like you’d tire more easily if you keep jumping by increments of five pounds than if you just went straight to a heavier weight.
MySSDRocks 16 dager siden
These aren't women anymore are they...most of them have bigger shoulders than most guys I know lol
Hai 19 dager siden
16:33 17:49
CORONA VIRUS 20 dager siden
i need a wife like this
Colby Kassir
Colby Kassir 21 dag siden
that one girl didnt even try to catch the weight. she def couldve got under it
The Captain
The Captain 21 dag siden
They really have 2 dudes in the back to point the woman to a chair? Really? They try too hard to look interesting.
Rachael Day
Rachael Day 25 dager siden
Wow. I'm flat out deadlifting 35kg, let alone over 100kg! Crazy.
Jar Eli
Jar Eli 27 dager siden
We were there! #madison
Karolina 29 dager siden
So cool, I'm so glad more and more women are strength training and lifting these days than ever before. These women amaze me.
Rom Dyson
Rom Dyson Måned siden
This has inspired me to watch more crossfit videos...
viiika Måned siden
Women 🤩
Emerson Wood
Emerson Wood Måned siden
Eu fico na torcida por cada uma delas, pois se preparam muito para chegar a onde estão. Muita dedicação esforço garra e acima de tudo fazendo oque mais ama.
Daniel Lindegren - Olympic Weightlifting
Daniel Lindegren - Olympic Weightlifting Måned siden
笑笑GirlonaTightrope Måned siden
I didn’t know I needed to see this... thank you
Emil L
Emil L Måned siden
2:00 her right foot seems so off!?
Hot Ramen
Hot Ramen Måned siden
deca is a hell of a drug. im kidding decas ester is long AF for "testing", they use ester-less test and orals.
VillaMax Måned siden
Hoped they talked more about technique
Victor Rubahimbya
Victor Rubahimbya Måned siden
This feels like an auction for highest bidder
Abdi Indire Afyanjema Fitness & Consultant Limited
Abdi Indire Afyanjema Fitness & Consultant Limited Måned siden
Weight lifting is a nice sport.
Summer Green
Summer Green Måned siden
Tia makes this look like light work
Sergio Mtx30
Sergio Mtx30 Måned siden
Ok Bom ?
Yatu Sabe
Yatu Sabe Måned siden
I was wondering who the heck was David...I got it now lol
J B Måned siden
Imagine your mom telling you about her weightlifting 20 years ago and you see a video of her lifting this weight. A super strong mom is far from usual... and pretty cool
Crystal Måned siden
Xochilt Cruz
Xochilt Cruz Måned siden
im impressed. i just wonder how they dont get hemorroids doing soo much???
Montserrat Cortes
Montserrat Cortes 27 dager siden
Because they are not using their back to lift. It's all about the technique. At least it's what my trainer says. If your technique is good, the momentum that your body gives the bar will make it easier for you to lift with no injury.
Joshua VD
Joshua VD Måned siden
Good to watch
Coding Mafia
Coding Mafia Måned siden
Don't wanna pull race card but y there's no black participants in crossfit
ancient persia
ancient persia Måned siden
massive respect for all of these women. hearts made of gold not because of their looks but because of their courage/motivation
Dorka Horváth
Dorka Horváth Måned siden
Put your fucking feet down from the bar.
Cynth Corcor
Cynth Corcor Måned siden
Jess Måned siden
I'm just happy the bar gets off the ground
Dol l
Dol l Måned siden
All these woman are AMAZING👏👏👏
Yanis Agodor
Yanis Agodor Måned siden
Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16" But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17)…
Kaitlyn B
Kaitlyn B 2 måneder siden
I think these women are awesome and beautiful. I love how they are clearly very strong and capable. And they don't look like muscle-bound behemoths.
Shayden Prime
Shayden Prime 14 dager siden
They do look like that tho
Zoey 2 måneder siden
5:59 hey I’m not part of the CrossFit community so I don’t know much. Why did the commentators say 2nd place? Did someone else already get 1st or was it cause she barely sat during her clean?
0999 2 måneder siden
here seeing the movements that should not be done and the possible injuries.
Sai 2 måneder siden
JESUS CHRIST IS COMING SOON! We are all sinners . We've all fallen short of His glory. The wages of sin is death (hell) and that's what we all deserve. God is good, and because of that, He must punish evil. Jesus came and took our punishment and died (but rose again 3 days later) for our sins. All we have to do is repent and trust in Jesus Christ and we will have eternal life in heaven . It's not too late until it's too late.
Hie Måned siden
Swole MF
Swole MF 2 måneder siden
Once they let trans competitors in I'm going to crush this.
kozmosnotgay 2 måneder siden
100% Amanda could do more that 265. She gets the bar so high. She just lost her balance
Dave 2 måneder siden
super women
Michael Perkins
Michael Perkins 2 måneder siden
CrossFit ego is getting in between their brain and their mouths when they talk.
Michael Perkins
Michael Perkins 2 måneder siden
So you're weightlifting coach that says, "don't make it too hard and don't make it too easy" Why do I need you? I need somebody with a little bit more definitive answers, you can go away now.
Dangerous DD
Dangerous DD 2 måneder siden
Always feel like my wrist are gonna snap if I try to do this shit. I can lift up to 180 but damn, that shit hurts. Yea 180, ain't shit but its my bodyweight and I feel proud!
Ranya Perez
Ranya Perez 26 dager siden
That’s big shit!! #goals
Diana Best-Hutchison
Diana Best-Hutchison 2 måneder siden
Mentally and physically strong 💪
Boog Boog
Boog Boog 2 måneder siden
An aver seen this before Juicy saazozlle
SHARK L 2 måneder siden
Woa yo apenas y levanto in garrafon,son increíbles
David Envall
David Envall 3 måneder siden
trams trams
trams trams 3 måneder siden
Clean my eye
ctrxs 3 måneder siden
Antony Dewri
Antony Dewri 3 måneder siden
Tia is my favorite
jjjiii heeryy
jjjiii heeryy 3 måneder siden
VinIssues 3 måneder siden
Seriously, what a bad form
Your CEBUANA Girl 3 måneder siden
Omg i can’t even lift my body from bed. These women are phenomenal 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Your CEBUANA Girl 2 dager siden
@True To This exactly my point. Thank you!
Random stupid things 2070
Random stupid things 2070 2 dager siden
That's nice comment
Random stupid things 2070
Random stupid things 2070 2 dager siden
True To This
True To This 10 dager siden
@Thunder i mean she’s a woman. She can’t compare herself to other women? What does men have to do with her comment? Men and women don’t even compete together. You’re a weirdo for having a problem with her applauding them
Shiro Måned siden
@Thunder so what
Tripp Calvin
Tripp Calvin 3 måneder siden
this was amazing to watch !!! they're really strong and i can tell they work and train really hard
cassenav 3 måneder siden
They need better commentators. I wanna hear about their technique,
Fkathebody 8 dager siden
Watch olympics weight lifting the commentary 👌
cassenav 3 måneder siden
@Ryland Braton LOL
Ryland Braton
Ryland Braton 3 måneder siden
Bad lol
RajyaLakshmi Kamanchi
RajyaLakshmi Kamanchi 3 måneder siden
Which game is this
My Desire Pure
My Desire Pure 3 måneder siden
I need to be trained by one of these women..omg 🙄👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
leereturn2006 3 måneder siden
and they say cross fit suck, they aint know shit.
TheBatugan77 Måned siden
sucks* Not suck. Crossfit sucks.
Spencer Munch
Spencer Munch 2 måneder siden
bruh do you even see that form? adams about damn near broke her torso
Rea Migalbin
Rea Migalbin 3 måneder siden
Ananya Devi
Ananya Devi 3 måneder siden
Bruh tia smiled at 265 like girl this is in my daily💅
Sujal AB
Sujal AB 12 timer siden
@Natty Patty you need to learn so much. You must be doing machine exercises and seeing no results so criticising others
Assilem Arreis Otirb
Assilem Arreis Otirb 10 dager siden
@Natty Patty... It was I joke, just enjoyed....
Natty Patty
Natty Patty 22 dager siden
@Elena Pittman Uh her body composition and strength. She's as yoked as guys that optimize their testosterone and DHT levels that are naturally 10-20 times higher in men than women. Do you ever see biological men that eat soy and phytoestrogens that hang out with women who end up with the exact physical composition of a woman? No, it normally takes significant exogenous hormones like estrogen, progesterone, etc. to be injected. This happens to be an elite female athlete that's been taken physically to the next level with the help of PEDs that mimick androgens. The only natural women that can pull this kind of weight are going to carry much more body fat and much less lean muscle mass.
Elena Pittman
Elena Pittman 22 dager siden
@Natty Patty proof?
Natty Patty
Natty Patty 2 måneder siden
You know what is in her daily? Those grade A doping agents!!!!!!
Lyla Rasco
Lyla Rasco 3 måneder siden
10:35 the announcer says that she sets up the same every time and she does this for a very very good reason. That consistency has an affect on your mentality as an athlete. No matter how heavy the weight is, if you approach the barbell the same way every time and perform your lift the same technique every time your body will treat a light weight and a heavy weight the same. Rather than letting a number getting in your head. If your approach is the same that number can’t get in your head and your more focused on performing your lift correctly so in result you do way better.
Matea Cannavino
Matea Cannavino 3 måneder siden
Women are AMAZING
Marcus Hamner
Marcus Hamner 3 måneder siden
You can say that again! Where would we be without them??😍😍😘
Urigehead Mot
Urigehead Mot 3 måneder siden
Shiro Måned siden
@Chastize yea you probably smell
S W 2 måneder siden
@Chastize Because their primary focus isn’t power lifting, you crouton. Overall technique was average.
Antoria Childress
Antoria Childress 3 måneder siden
@Chastize 😂
Urigehead Mot
Urigehead Mot 3 måneder siden
@Chastize yep, exactly
Chastize 3 måneder siden
Exactly, cringe af. There form is dogshit and it's like training weight compared to weightlifters. Then sit there and act they are doing something impressive 🤣
Shilpa Pal
Shilpa Pal 3 måneder siden
Toomey is awesome 👍
Caroline C
Caroline C 3 måneder siden
Why does this make me feel more empowered when all I’ve done today is watch tv and eat noodles😂
k G.s
k G.s Måned siden
Asia Young
Asia Young 3 måneder siden
You and I both but thin mints it’s ok I’ll do some sit-ups later😂
Regina Hay
Regina Hay 3 måneder siden
Wow! amanda and tia are beasts!
jake schott
jake schott 3 måneder siden
stan amanda barnhart
Ricardo e Roseli
Ricardo e Roseli 3 måneder siden
The Sun Hidden Under The Clouds
The Sun Hidden Under The Clouds 3 måneder siden
Simran khatri
Simran khatri 3 måneder siden
Amanda makes it look like a cake
CelaMarr 3 måneder siden
The commenters & their hurt egos when they started getting to 260
Your Friend Anxiety
Your Friend Anxiety 2 dager siden
I'm only in middle school and have a girl in my period 4/5 class who's built like a man (not to be rude). She has broad shoulders and all that. Kinda scares me.
One Look
One Look 9 dager siden
@Jazmin Martinez bahahhaha
Drew Harr
Drew Harr Måned siden
Lol I’m 16 and clean 260 lol
Natty Patty
Natty Patty 2 måneder siden
@Jazmin Martinez Women have on average 15 times less testosterone than men and obviously higher testosterone levels help express larger muscles and lower body fat. These women are more striated and muscular than most guys who lift and optimize their testosterone levels. It's physiologically impossible. All those guys in fitness magazines and Insta that are shredded and muscular are on PEDs too. The whole fitness industry and crossfit at the elite level is a sham.
Jazmin Martinez
Jazmin Martinez 2 måneder siden
@Natty Patty training and dedication is where all these STRONG women got their muscles 💪
The telephone that didn't break
The telephone that didn't break 3 måneder siden
Toomey is fucking amazing. Totally obsessed.
Tye Johnson
Tye Johnson 3 måneder siden
Fitsporation, I love seeing strong women!
M. J.
M. J. 3 måneder siden
I am so proud of these ladies!! ❤️ an inspiration!
Paco Banega
Paco Banega 4 måneder siden
Justin Taylor
Justin Taylor 4 måneder siden
This was by far my fav event to watch that year. The showdown between Tia and Amanda was epic!!
Jessie Higa
Jessie Higa 4 måneder siden
Whats on Tia toomey s ankle? 🤔
M C 4 måneder siden
Chip timer. They all have them
Петр Иванов
Петр Иванов 4 måneder siden
,,лесенка" с 215( 97 кg) до 265(120 kg)!!!! Не знаю как вы, а я в шоке!!!
Дензо Парадензо
Дензо Парадензо Måned siden
Если бы ты НЕ работал, а только тренился, жрал и закидывался стероидами, то через годик смог бы в лёгкую.
Chelsea Lidy
Chelsea Lidy 4 måneder siden
Does it matter matter what type of clean they do?
Lyla Rasco
Lyla Rasco 3 måneder siden
No I don’t believe so. I believe it’s just from the floor to a front rack position using a clean movement. You can do either a power clean (no squat) or a clean (with a squat). Although as the weight gets heavier it’s easier to do a clean because you don’t have to get the bar up has high on the pull because you can drop under the bar as you squat.
Morris Day
Morris Day 4 måneder siden
When is the crossfit games with return back to salt lake city Utah?
Daniel Byers
Daniel Byers 2 måneder siden
Now that regionals are back in the form of "semifinals" it is likely that the southwest region competition will be in SLC this year.
Kayla Stuber
Kayla Stuber 4 måneder siden
They have only ever been in California and Wisconsin.
Kepler and Carol Fitness
Kepler and Carol Fitness 4 måneder siden
Very inspiring 😍
Marcus Hamner
Marcus Hamner 4 måneder siden
CrossFit is awesome! All three women are beast. Tia, Amanda, and Kristin! 😊😍😍😘💍👊🏾🏋️
H&G 4 måneder siden
why, nobody wearing mask? Is the video not new?
M C 4 måneder siden
Masks would be just as effective at the 2019 CrossFit games as they are now.
H&G 4 måneder siden
@Yedaiah thanks for answer
H&G 4 måneder siden
@Aileen Alvarez thanks for answer
H&G 4 måneder siden
​@Jadyn George thanks for answer
Jadyn George
Jadyn George 4 måneder siden
It’s 2019
Tiger Scott
Tiger Scott 4 måneder siden
Aussie Aussie Aussie
Lauraphoid 29 dager siden
Oi oi oi
g Marava
g Marava 4 måneder siden
😲What a beast tia
George Joseph
George Joseph 4 måneder siden
this has inspired me to try weightlifting :) God bless anyone who reads this
God Måned siden
This inspired me to go to the toilet and poo
Arcady Morel
Arcady Morel Måned siden
Good on you, doing the same as them but with a good form. Smart move
May De
May De Måned siden
Me too..
larre jackson
larre jackson 3 måneder siden
God Bless the one who put up this comment under this video. God strengthens all of us and we can see it in the video that there is someone praying for them that they do not get hurt lifting all of this weight nopost.info/throw/m6jTiYrTxq-loq8/video Born strong and born female. Proud of the video and the ladies that are in the video. Keep encouraging others to be the best that they can be in their profession and in life.
Tim Olsen
Tim Olsen 3 måneder siden
This has inspired me to leave my wife and take up jogging.
Earvin Gavino
Earvin Gavino 4 måneder siden
Amanda Barnhart is strong 😳. Head judge should've made her do that weight at 6:05 again, ass to grass... She was upright during that clean.
Natty Patty
Natty Patty 2 måneder siden
Barnhart definitely wins the gold for the best receded hairline. Wonder how much testosterone she's taking that's converted to DHT that's blasting that hairline?
Mel Menard
Mel Menard 3 måneder siden
So? Its even harder to power clean it than just clean it...
Byron Jurkouich
Byron Jurkouich 3 måneder siden
Are there requirements for how low you have to get? I figured you just had to get the weight from point A to B and dipping under the bar was easiest for high weight
Honorful 3 måneder siden
@Lady K Doesn't change the fact she shouldve redone it
Lady K
Lady K 3 måneder siden
She looked like she could lift 500lb without breaking a sweat!
Ruben Guisasola nieto
Ruben Guisasola nieto 4 måneder siden
Tía the best and the champion 🏋️🥇💪
Евгений Шахпазиди
Евгений Шахпазиди 3 måneder siden
@Ruben Guisasola nieto схуяли?
Евгений Шахпазиди
Евгений Шахпазиди 4 måneder siden
Повезло ,что Аманда перегорела . Тиа ни о чём.
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