[EN] OG vs Newbee BO3 - The International 2019 Main Event

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Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at www.twitch.tv/dota2ti

psxfyz 5 dager siden
yes, so that's what called healing in the fountain
Death Guidance
Death Guidance 10 dager siden
Lmao BSJ seems like a totally different person with that fancy-ass suit 😂😂😂
Dewa Gandi
Dewa Gandi 10 dager siden
1:03:45 "ok gg" hahahahahah
OneDOWN ThreeUP 15 dager siden
man its been a long time since i watched Dota2 tournaments, Sumail is much taller now.
Nga Nam
Nga Nam 15 dager siden
1:40 dog: help my please💖♥️❤️ 💋💋💋🔥
Cleo Lambert
Cleo Lambert 16 dager siden
Kim Ricky
Kim Ricky 17 dager siden
Vince Kyle Mancao
Vince Kyle Mancao 18 dager siden
Watching because newbee just got banned from valve tournaments.
Pj Erguiza
Pj Erguiza 20 dager siden
I always thought Yawar is Sumail lol
Reese Doreen
Reese Doreen 21 dag siden
Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.
John Phillip Robles
John Phillip Robles 22 dager siden
1:03:46 Godson: Lemme join the crowd *clapping*
Alpaca Stuff
Alpaca Stuff 23 dager siden
Grand Grant as the thumbnail aged well.
Mark LC
Mark LC Måned siden
1:51:04 That's "The next level play" right there☝️🔥
Leander Aranzado
Leander Aranzado Måned siden
If only yawar didnt go for radiance instead of silver edge deso cuirass they could have win, radiance is useless against bb lol
Ignirium Måned siden
Low on Marnar aka mana.
Raghnall Elijah Uy
Raghnall Elijah Uy Måned siden
Lesson of the story: never give them the io
Hank Wilson
Hank Wilson Måned siden
The curly drizzle angiographically chop because quart seemingly trap for a lavish cart. cultured, flawless puma
Khashi Måned siden
it became good asmr for sleep nowadays
Thu Ta
Thu Ta Måned siden
Ingat.... Ada allah....
Voi Li
Voi Li Måned siden
1:40 dog: help my please
Shiba Tatsuya
Shiba Tatsuya Måned siden
Uploading a pub game and baiting with TI title is just bad.
Police Interceptors TV
Police Interceptors TV Måned siden
Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.
Le Quoc Hoan
Le Quoc Hoan Måned siden
OG is the upgraded version of EE. They bamboozle the enemy and not themselves LUL
borat grabs a lemon 09131995
borat grabs a lemon 09131995 2 måneder siden
yawar is a bootleg sumail
Leminh Huy
Leminh Huy 2 måneder siden
Ingat.... Ada allah....
Nasrul Abba
Nasrul Abba 2 måneder siden
1:11:44 lol
if you read this u gay
if you read this u gay 2 måneder siden
National treasure fans? LOOOOOL
Smelly Fart
Smelly Fart 2 måneder siden
Imagine doing a fountain farming in your 2nd TI after just being an unknown pubs lol
Random videos
Random videos 2 måneder siden
uNKn0wn-D 2 måneder siden
2:05:17 "Got f-" woops need to sp XD
The Handsome Peasent
The Handsome Peasent 2 måneder siden
one thing i never understood was why is NoTail carrying around dat LGD jacket
Wa and Sai
Wa and Sai 2 måneder siden
Watching TI9 cause no TI10. I miss TI so much!
Shivam Kumar 083
Shivam Kumar 083 2 måneder siden
Lol is way better
Crisanto E. Dapan Jr.
Crisanto E. Dapan Jr. 2 måneder siden
Yawar is a big brother of sumail???
Deny Argianto
Deny Argianto 18 dager siden
Htike Gyi
Htike Gyi 3 måneder siden
Lee pal
Syauqi F
Syauqi F 3 måneder siden
16:22 Sumail at 30 yo
Shan Drexler
Shan Drexler 3 måneder siden
Lol there naix still item rad when no one in og has dagg or something. What he wants evasion? Lols
Michael ___
Michael ___ 3 måneder siden
call of duty black ops huh? looks like dota to me
jai 4 måneder siden
Good rape thumbnail.
Random Video
Random Video 4 måneder siden
ana be like..uhhhh..XD
안재로Karl 4 måneder siden
1:41:05 my kind of humor lol
jorge Valdivia
jorge Valdivia 4 måneder siden
Will ever be another player on Anas level?? I doubt it
Suchith Samuel
Suchith Samuel 4 måneder siden
Let's be honest. We all clicked this video cause of Grant's thumbnail KEKW
Dewi Lestari
Dewi Lestari 4 måneder siden
@G. Helm. km
Dewi Lestari
Dewi Lestari 4 måneder siden
Dewi Lestari
Dewi Lestari 4 måneder siden
@G. Helm. lll
Dewi Lestari
Dewi Lestari 4 måneder siden
Dewi Lestari
Dewi Lestari 4 måneder siden
Marco met n C
Marco met n C 4 måneder siden
i miss this OG team
Jeric Geronimo
Jeric Geronimo 4 måneder siden
How can normal human fighting against 5 Gods, look at the game OG playing Newbie like a amateur
Christopher Jackson
Christopher Jackson 4 måneder siden
grandgrant in jail now lul change the thumbnail yall
Christopher Jackson
Christopher Jackson 2 måneder siden
It's the 20% that's just so damning haha
Fr4gst3rz 3 måneder siden
Why are you lying? There won't even be a court trial because all of this shit is 80% fiction and 20% reality.
Sharif Gardo
Sharif Gardo 3 måneder siden
Really? feelsbadman
smoothknyte 5 måneder siden
1:02:19 is my favorite Topson taunt.
Lorenzo VonMatterHorn
Lorenzo VonMatterHorn 5 måneder siden
Grandgrant fans ? EleGiggle
Muhammad Zaakir Mungrue
Muhammad Zaakir Mungrue 5 måneder siden
How the fvck those shit kids got to the International ? I smell BULLSHIT
Qwerty Like Miley
Qwerty Like Miley 5 måneder siden
This is how you humiliate a team only OG can pull off ,An absolute stunning farming in Esports history...
Joseph Manoj K
Joseph Manoj K 5 måneder siden
1:13 why do I hear boss music?
Muhammad Zaakir Mungrue
Muhammad Zaakir Mungrue 5 måneder siden
Herlambang Tulushio
Herlambang Tulushio 5 måneder siden
Everybody wanted to be Ceb's friends
BEASTKING 5 måneder siden
Dont taunt OG in TI , if you dont want to get fountain farm by og
Louie Laklak
Louie Laklak 5 måneder siden
1:12:28 envy secret shop
Jesher Garcinez
Jesher Garcinez 5 måneder siden
Wtf OG was consistently spam chatting wheels from the start of drafting HAHAHAHAHA
Marcus Vogt Poulsen
Marcus Vogt Poulsen 5 måneder siden
Synderen Best caster
Hey lo
Hey lo 5 måneder siden
Pieliedie noob hahahaha saying IO easy hero? Why don't you do it hahaahahahahahahaha
Wa and Sai
Wa and Sai 5 måneder siden
Still watching this game , fountain farming at TI.
HENRY THANG 2 måneder siden
Dota 2 invoker rampage... warmly welcome mate subscribe pls nopost.info/throw/3Lq3mW2dpnldoJI/video
Burak Bayer
Burak Bayer 2 måneder siden
Classic Og (i love it) * (Before game Ceb ) : We are gonna slay them with respect. * (In game ) They AFK fountain farm the whole team...
PondPreecha 3 måneder siden
PondPreecha 3 måneder siden
PondPreecha 3 måneder siden
sauravbaramuTV 5 måneder siden
3:28 sumail lite
RadioactivTofu 5 måneder siden
"Bathe in the glory of the radiant" Despite the tobi controversy, you got to give it to him for memorable casting.
Lalramdina Varte
Lalramdina Varte 4 måneder siden
@Zealot so she was 18 and of legal age? Definitely old enough to make decisions for herself then, this just sounds like another case of me too bullshit.
Zealot 5 måneder siden
@Marcus Vogt Poulsen Something happened 9 years ago that I don't really think is his fault but heres the link anyway, twitter.com/Meruna_/status/1276190773285916673 Im just pissed she said this 'It was the winter of 2011, I was 18, a child with no concept of consent, red flags or friends-with-benefits.' When he, 9 years ago, was only 25, so not exactly much older but that's just my take. This also says some information about the situation, nopost.info/throw/yLy2jKu5lYVolqc/video
Marcus Vogt Poulsen
Marcus Vogt Poulsen 5 måneder siden
Kellyco Tv
Kellyco Tv 6 måneder siden
And now both casters no longer associates together
Joseph Harold Arsolon
Joseph Harold Arsolon 6 måneder siden
15:08 😏
Jerrin C Tom
Jerrin C Tom 6 måneder siden
Bye bye grandgrant u deserve it
Ivan Casquino
Ivan Casquino 6 måneder siden
grandgrant fucking sick
Alvin Saptauli
Alvin Saptauli 6 måneder siden
fucking grant disgust me to core.
Arvind 7 måneder siden
The thumbnail hasn't aged well at all.
Kaye Hilajos
Kaye Hilajos 6 måneder siden
There's also tobi😭
Minh Quan Hoang
Minh Quan Hoang 6 måneder siden
Arvind 6 måneder siden
@Maylin Anne Irene Because he has been accused of sexual assault on multiple accounts and he confirmed that he did assault those women
Maylin Anne Irene
Maylin Anne Irene 6 måneder siden
Jayy Gentiles
Jayy Gentiles 7 måneder siden
sub my poor channel pls!! ty
Andreas karlsson
Andreas karlsson 7 måneder siden
Imagine you try to gank a solo io, she relocates away, you wait for the return, she comes back with bristleback with omni ulti and repel on her. "Oh fuck me" 😆
Death Bloomz
Death Bloomz 7 måneder siden
When your enemies are bathing in the glory of YOUR fountain. OK GG!
Cheks Koza
Cheks Koza 8 måneder siden
Best OG fav...Team
Tajanlangit, John Paul
Tajanlangit, John Paul 8 måneder siden
They got topsons name wrong
Gerben Hendriks
Gerben Hendriks 8 måneder siden
1:50:46 still crying from laughter
sora roxas
sora roxas 8 måneder siden
1:03:05 maybe natures prophet is the nect hero he plays carry lol
Delta Hawk
Delta Hawk 8 måneder siden
@2:08:24 Ember should have gone for damage items is what I think. Something like battlefury instead of maelstorm can still push lanes, flash farm and can deal damage as well.
Ramses IV
Ramses IV 8 måneder siden
@O K bruuuh every yt account is a channel. D: if only i can post screenshots on yt comment
Delta Hawk
Delta Hawk 8 måneder siden
@O K haha is this all you can write? don't be an over-smart idoit on the internet, go to school where you can actually study something to be somewhere in life than wasting your time on something you really suck at! lmao. And a free advice for you don't get butthurt just because you don't agree with someone lol please let your ego down the sink. Your one of those who infest youtube's comment section with proving your smarter than them by calling people "dumbass" which of course doesn't prove that your right. That's all you can do and your channel doesn't even have content lol who the hell are you?
polygon 8 måneder siden
I kinda agree with getoverhere! Maelstrom is a damage item and is good on ember a lot of the times but battlefury would have been a much better option in this particular match.
Delta Hawk
Delta Hawk 8 måneder siden
@O K Battlefury over a maelstrom gives guaranteed +60 physical damage plus it can do what a maelstorm already does (push lanes faster). I suggest you go get a life outside the internet you ignorant dumass lol
Really Honest
Really Honest 9 måneder siden
That oldest panel guy is rude. He didn't let other guys finish their words
John Carlo Gariando
John Carlo Gariando 9 måneder siden
yamar looks like sumail or his long lost brother
Elev3N 9 måneder siden
@John Carlo Gariando Yeah you're welcome
John Carlo Gariando
John Carlo Gariando 9 måneder siden
@Elev3N thanks bro i didnt know i thought it was just a coincidence
Elev3N 9 måneder siden
Yawar is indeed Sumail's Brother
lance spears
lance spears 9 måneder siden
I'm just rewatching ti9 due to quarantine
The D00d
The D00d 18 dager siden
Get used to it, quarantine is never going to end unless people rise against it
Zyrem 8 måneder siden
This is the least i could do, cause im really itching for ti10 or rather ti11
Tajanlangit, John Paul
Tajanlangit, John Paul 8 måneder siden
Ey goes what does the all star title mean?
Aren Jamir
Aren Jamir 8 måneder siden
Atha Pratama
Atha Pratama 8 måneder siden
Since TI10 is basically cancelled this year, you should rewatch all past TI’s lol
IsNotSedeEzio Official
IsNotSedeEzio Official 10 måneder siden
I still love Game 1 give me the chills
Aina Othman
Aina Othman 10 måneder siden
If I am not mistaken, the guy in the middle (I forgot what he's called) said Topson won't become great like Miracle or Sumail.
rock on
rock on 9 måneder siden
most people already get over it, even the guy(Grant) admitted that he was wrong and he is happy that topson can prove him wrong
bloodaGe Ron
bloodaGe Ron 10 måneder siden
Ron is billioner on this clips : inv by admin @ penthouse Ron / I luv u all §
bloodaGe Ron
bloodaGe Ron 10 måneder siden
joshua cruz
joshua cruz 10 måneder siden
am i just being racist or does that guy kinda look like sumail depending on some angles
Elev3N 9 måneder siden
He is sumail elder brother, that is why he looks like him
Sardo 10 måneder siden
This is a weird looking COD Black Ops 3 Mod
Karl Nicolai Maluya
Karl Nicolai Maluya 6 måneder siden
i'm not the only one who noticed it XD
Vani XIII 11 måneder siden
"Last time in the tournament they'll get io" Miracle: we give them io we get Chen omni End of game Liquid: we shouldn't of given them fucking io
Samuel Polontalo
Samuel Polontalo 11 måneder siden
Ok, that io guy must be smurfing in this match
Jupe 11 måneder siden
Game: Call of Duty: Black Ops III ok
Fried Burner
Fried Burner 11 måneder siden
2:12:31 my expression when i accepted my defeat but still thinking why i'm losing tho?
Leon Bishop
Leon Bishop 11 måneder siden
1:04:08 "honestly i think this will be the last game in the tournament they get io" bruh
Smelly Fart
Smelly Fart 2 måneder siden
You know what Kuro's says after the match right? Kuro: Should've ban the fucking Io W33: What? Couldn't hear you.. Kuro: Shouldn't give them the fucking io Lol famous last words.
Ru Ri
Ru Ri 6 måneder siden
@zescapegoat what caught liquid off guard is og's positions. they thought it's the classic io gyro with timber mid.
zescapegoat 7 måneder siden
liquid/nigma didnt bother following OG''s games to know ana plays Io? if they knew then it wouldnt happen with Kuro being so clueless in the finals.
KidJV År siden
1:55:48 this is a goofy line up from OG 1:55:55 notail plants a goofy flag hahahahaha
Utkarsh Kumar
Utkarsh Kumar År siden
15:03 - Look at the screen, and Ana's face right after.
chrono sphere
chrono sphere År siden
*OK GG* 😆😆
Najmah T. A.
Najmah T. A. År siden
1:48:06 im laughing at the tower attack
Zagros Ozkan
Zagros Ozkan År siden
you know your fucked when opposite team members are warming their hands using hand warmer packets ...
Veronika Dewi Saputri
Veronika Dewi Saputri År siden
Veronika Dewi Saputri
Veronika Dewi Saputri År siden
whatthe fskauwb
whatthe fskauwb År siden
1:25:24 banned from china "tiananmen"? or "tying them in"?
Fenrir År siden
ok gg
Sweet Chin Music
Sweet Chin Music År siden
That caster that said topson will never be a tier 1 mid player. HAHA! also casts as if he's a pro. omg
Pishanggg Banana
Pishanggg Banana År siden
OG Smh. stop defending your base plssssss. newbee too aggressive
Robish Ream
Robish Ream År siden
1:51:10 Jerax knew he pissed them off
Solomon The Great
Solomon The Great 11 måneder siden
Robish Ream thats some next level play right there, I didnt knew spray can lure creep, if they got vision
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