$70,000 Extreme Hide And Seek - Challenge

  Ganger 43,653,120


10 måneder siden

watch until the end to see who wins the $70,000
DOWNLOAD HERE: dragoncity.onelink.me/3213014026/MrBeast
Open to legal residents of the Eligible Countries. Must be 18+. Challenge begins at 12:00:00 AM (UTC) on March 13, 2020 and ends at 11:59:59 PM (utc) on March 19, 2020. Void where prohibited. Subject to T&Cs: socialpoint.helpshift.com/a/dragon-city/?l=en&s=hot-topics-what-s-new&f=mr-beast-quest-giveaway.
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MrBeast 10 måneder siden
Subscribe and I might invite you next time ;)
GachaPotatoCookies 14 minutter siden
Just cuz im invited doesn't mean ill come UwU
Axo6z 11 dager siden
Spider Games
Spider Games Måned siden
nooooooooooooooooo why Karl supposed to win
car riader
car riader 4 måneder siden
@Xeonic me
Goose Blue
Goose Blue 5 måneder siden
Your the best and my role model. You are the only thing in the world that is amazingly amazing
Sofija Stepanova
Sofija Stepanova 53 minutter siden
0:29 how did the guy get on the roof?😂
Farid Muhammed
Farid Muhammed Time siden
LxstFN 2 timer siden
Dang it’s hard my fam need. At least 1k it would help
kris williams
kris williams 2 timer siden
U the man Mr beast .
M0bile Gamer
M0bile Gamer 3 timer siden
It,s suprise Went MrBeast Say Subcribe Or I will delete your Roblox account
Andrew Adkins
Andrew Adkins 4 timer siden
Ahh Man...I love Matt from Yes Theory. So sad he was 2nd
Archie Marlow
Archie Marlow 4 timer siden
Who else saw Shrek
ben dev
ben dev 5 timer siden
I saw shrek
Colorado Cookies
Colorado Cookies 5 timer siden
1:54 is that weed or im just trippin ?
Sara Hussain
Sara Hussain 8 timer siden
Matthew Coley
Matthew Coley 8 timer siden
Why were there so many Shreks!?
Sheroz Waqas
Sheroz Waqas 10 timer siden
When tom jumpt I saw is but
Angelie Dian
Angelie Dian 11 timer siden
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear 11 timer siden
Hands up watching in 2021
Ocean Blaze
Ocean Blaze 12 timer siden
I wish I could do this. 😔
Maisy Lu
Maisy Lu 13 timer siden
Bro when he jumped and wrapped his legs around him.... that was....
Maisy Lu
Maisy Lu 13 timer siden
Ahhh ☺️
Inventadoor 13 timer siden
Isn’t this the same place dude perfect did their air-soft battle 3?
Samuel DeGrey
Samuel DeGrey 14 timer siden
Chandler is a handsome dude
Van Jerone Geronimo
Van Jerone Geronimo 16 timer siden
Okay mrbeast im downloading dragon city
Angie & Gareth Lochaden
Angie & Gareth Lochaden 16 timer siden
Twix Aid
Twix Aid 17 timer siden
I honestly have the best spot to be hidden in and would definently win if I played this
Anabel Cisneros
Anabel Cisneros 17 timer siden
Why shriek
Avalee T
Avalee T 17 timer siden
AGamingChannel 17 timer siden
Pleb queen!
Pleb queen! 18 timer siden
Nalani Solis
Nalani Solis 18 timer siden
"I think we need to be better friends boys look how happy they are" 😂😂
Random stuff 99
Random stuff 99 18 timer siden
Noooo I wanted Karl to win
Owen Shelley
Owen Shelley 19 timer siden
Banana man ❤️
Gillian Rayner
Gillian Rayner 23 timer siden
Last time chadler was in the bathroom but this time he was eating prezels
MX Trails
MX Trails Dag siden
This was posted a couple days after my birthday 🎉
Melanie Mejia
Melanie Mejia Dag siden
dang carl lost AGAIN
Jeffrey Sturm
Jeffrey Sturm Dag siden
Just realized that Karl has 3 first names
Alan Burczyk
Alan Burczyk Dag siden
And that Carl kid
Melanie Mejia Pinto
Melanie Mejia Pinto Dag siden
I subseride
Venkat Ch
Venkat Ch Dag siden
i'm only 10 though
Luckle65 Dag siden
everybody gangsta until they find someone who isn’t a hider
Rabeea Waseem
Rabeea Waseem Dag siden
I always scream when Karl loses but this time I was criyingg
Jennifer Berkowitz
Jennifer Berkowitz Dag siden
Did anyone else notice the many shreks.
Jennifer Berkowitz
Jennifer Berkowitz Dag siden
I have wanted Karl to win a challenge for so long, when he was found I turned of my computer and dipped.
Niko Augustin
Niko Augustin Dag siden
Did you see the shrek in 6:43???
andrew fox
andrew fox Dag siden
The few fierce united kingdom immunophenotypically print because tuna bodily multiply around a ill substance. boorish, slim smile
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones Dag siden
why is there Shreck at 2:27
Deric Hodgson
Deric Hodgson Dag siden
I love Jimmy’s awwwwwwwwww
Rosalyn perez
Rosalyn perez Dag siden
I have the same stick pj as karl
Bembi Sandoval
Bembi Sandoval Dag siden
6:43 who else saw shrek
Train Table Railroad
Train Table Railroad Dag siden
Karl I’m sorry.
Eleni Ousaklidis
Eleni Ousaklidis Dag siden
Make another one please!
AC3 Grind
AC3 Grind Dag siden
I can literally see Karl’s tears
doge_ fish
doge_ fish Dag siden
“That would be a good spot” As he is checking it
benton fredrick
benton fredrick Dag siden
Sophie Delaney
Sophie Delaney Dag siden
Anyone else see the shrek character in the cardboard
Alexis Bender
Alexis Bender Dag siden
The fluffy stuff that you were laying down in was installation I think so it would make it itchy
Youssef Soliman
Youssef Soliman Dag siden
CODY 0:24 Then 2:48
Jericho9Snake Dag siden
You all think Cody got found first, but tiny shrek should have gotten a better hiding place.
Mason Winfrey
Mason Winfrey 2 dager siden
i think its ironic when a seeker says that wouldve been good spot
ıňı ZenyX
ıňı ZenyX 2 dager siden
Mariel Madayag
Mariel Madayag 2 dager siden
Tuning in until the prize gets to a million
swag mifflin
swag mifflin 2 dager siden
When people say that would be a good spot no itbanit if you searched it
BlueGamer34 Nightcore
BlueGamer34 Nightcore 2 dager siden
Chandler has been found while eating pretzel
SGuy 2 dager siden
Un Uchiha
Un Uchiha 2 dager siden
"suscribe or i'll delete your roblox account"
Travis Capacillo
Travis Capacillo 2 dager siden
Help pewdepie become the best youtuber
Travis Capacillo
Travis Capacillo 2 dager siden
Sub to mrbst
Travis Capacillo
Travis Capacillo 2 dager siden
Mrbeast and pewdepie is the best
Noob A Spy
Noob A Spy 2 dager siden
there were shrek
stringbean 2 dager siden
Jorilė Rimkutė
Jorilė Rimkutė 2 dager siden
I have Dragon city lol
tige Mittens
tige Mittens 2 dager siden
What happened to viking
Zara-Lee Hamilton
Zara-Lee Hamilton 2 dager siden
18:05 two types of people in this world
KuranaSuh 2 dager siden
Ștefan Robu
Ștefan Robu 2 dager siden
Karl still wait for The prize.
Ian Williams
Ian Williams 2 dager siden
3:20 no,no,no. this time, he sharted
Dallen Eldredge
Dallen Eldredge 2 dager siden
I want to play SOOOOO bad.
Villain Deku
Villain Deku 2 dager siden
This is amazingly funny even tho it was 10 months ago😂
Z arious
Z arious 2 dager siden
Just imagine seychelles n a fannnnnn
Z arious
Z arious 2 dager siden
Spry to disturb but I'm a fan from seychelles
Toy unboxing 50
Toy unboxing 50 2 dager siden
I saw shreck
Fathima Sheriff
Fathima Sheriff 2 dager siden
ha ha ha
the shy galaxy kitten
the shy galaxy kitten 2 dager siden
I just saw the end now I'm crying of sad tears
Paul Walker
Paul Walker 2 dager siden
Poor Carl
James Bennett
James Bennett 2 dager siden
i vote Karl he is a good player and lots of efert and suuuuuub mr.Beast
dani jane
dani jane 2 dager siden
Jimmy what's Kelly's full name
Calida Hill
Calida Hill 2 dager siden
Who is Ben? Does he have his own channel
FishertaPlayz 2 dager siden
0:47 Karl turns green o-o
Jessica Minardi-Saraceni
Jessica Minardi-Saraceni 2 dager siden
Hi Mr. beast hi
Hunter Wright
Hunter Wright 2 dager siden
Evan 2 dager siden
6:42 Why have I only just realized that Shrek is there
Jack Spree
Jack Spree 2 dager siden
Bonby The Protogen
Bonby The Protogen 2 dager siden
Ponyo's_leafySandwich 3 dager siden
Khoi Le
Khoi Le 3 dager siden
I saw shrek
Roxie Isla
Roxie Isla 3 dager siden
The Shrek in the vents- I cant
Angie Belfiore
Angie Belfiore 3 dager siden
Enoel casillas
Enoel casillas 3 dager siden
Chris :Im SORRY
Trostl Oliver
Trostl Oliver 3 dager siden
Yur mum Gay
Yur mum Gay 3 dager siden
I love how they say “that would be a such a good spot” but if someone was hiding there they would be out already
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali 3 dager siden
I wanted caral to win
lewis colyer
lewis colyer 3 dager siden
oh my god!!
Sonia Saini
Sonia Saini 3 dager siden
Is this only me or karl is really cute
nightmare cloie
nightmare cloie 3 dager siden
ME: karl is gonna win! me: saw karl out the hiding spot! me: you now what nevermind
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