De Boer scores a CRACKER as the Netherlands come back to down France | Euro 2000 | ITV Sport

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5 måneder siden

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With both the French and the Dutch already qualified for the knockout stages of Euro 2000, France field their second string - it doesn't end well for them at the hands of The Netherlands...
But, all in all it seems it was the right call as the star-studded French side go on to eventually lift the trophy.
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Gunner Boy
Gunner Boy 5 måneder siden
This was another one of the many Dutch ‘Golden Generations.’ Don’t know what it is with the Dutch, they just always seems to be the bridesmaid rather than the bride. Something needs to change & they need to turn into winners. For them to have achieved only Euro 1988 during their footballing history is disappointing, they need to learn to get over that final hurdle.
Jimmies4eva! 5 måneder siden
ITV please do the highlights of england v Germany from euro 2000 please as it was history as it was the first time that England had beaten Germany since 66!
Free Spirit
Free Spirit 5 måneder siden
For all his faults Big Ron was a cracking commentator.
Dafty Dave
Dafty Dave 5 måneder siden
Terrible goalkeeping in this match. Why wasn’t Van der Sar playing?
Applemask 5 måneder siden
Because it was a dead rubber I expect.
Aidy Gooner
Aidy Gooner 5 måneder siden
The Netherlands should have won Euro 2000 on home soil.
A Y 5 måneder siden
ITV great coverage as always, wish UCL returned.
CLARKFIELD 5 måneder siden