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Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, Cclothes are a part of everyday life. But we’ve got some brilliant hacks to make dealing with them a little easier.
Weren’t these clothing hacks brilliant? Which one will you try out first? We can’t wait to try turning our jeans into backpacks. But don’t keep all these hacks to yourself - share this video with your friends so they can become fashion whizzes too!
#123GO #hacks #DIY
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Deadly Scythe master
Deadly Scythe master 21 minutt siden
Georgie Richardson
Georgie Richardson 36 minutter siden
I love your designs 123 go!
Diamond Gold Vlogs
Diamond Gold Vlogs 53 minutter siden
Grandma: Where are the buttons in this thing 1 or 2 seconds Grandma: *Types nonsense then enters* Me: Wut
-DARK STAR- 56 minutter siden
6:34 what about those Underwear?
just chilling
just chilling 56 minutter siden
When you comment and realise someone commented the exact same thing 😑😒
Jayjay Singham
Jayjay Singham 59 minutter siden
Come back of this voice ❤️❤️🔥
Disney Dallo
Disney Dallo Time siden
3:40 good friend❤
Anupama HN Anu
Anupama HN Anu Time siden
I. Lovve. In123go. Fan😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Yogesh Gurnani
Yogesh Gurnani Time siden
What do lily do when bela make over to her
Anant Khandekar
Anant Khandekar 2 timer siden
amazing I can also try and your next video I am waiting for very nice video you can many channels your many videos videos I will never stop seeing your videos I like your channel 123 go 😘🖤💜💙💚💛🧡❤
Bethany Davis
Bethany Davis 2 timer siden
Bbq ebb. Eve e be e
Keira Rylee
Keira Rylee 2 timer siden
Muhhuk Gjjvkvjhghgjhm S
Elena's Creation
Elena's Creation 2 timer siden
Lily didn't even knew when bella took the clip from her hair
Do you guys think that the skirt is toooo tight to even walk
Ex0tic- Reflex
Ex0tic- Reflex 3 timer siden
Kulwant Singh
Kulwant Singh 3 timer siden
Please eas video Ko hindi ma karo
Ana Palova
Ana Palova 3 timer siden
Cb vbdvfhnb aftertheir sentences among ydghchh d r i d d
Ana Palova
Ana Palova 3 timer siden
Gh hhhbgc go cb no bbc vb n
Ana Palova
Ana Palova 3 timer siden
Ana Palova
Ana Palova 3 timer siden
Qtyjjxzdgu I will be in tomorrow and I
Ana Palova
Ana Palova 3 timer siden
You are dld
Surbhi T
Surbhi T 3 timer siden
I like lili
MAKALU TV 3 timer siden
Hong Song
Hong Song 4 timer siden
Okay don’t laugh in the library
Hong Song
Hong Song 3 timer siden
Oh I did you make a messy mum just go wash it mum go go go go go hurry up
Hong Song
Hong Song 3 timer siden
Oh my God you’re excited then can you listen to your mum you don’t even listen just like the teacher no eating candy is no allowed picturing no allowed phone in no allowed pranks
Hong Song
Hong Song 3 timer siden
Ha ha don’t be too excited are you excited or what stupid boy you are so naughty that’s it it’s not your phone girls it’s okay I’m angry the boys it’s okay you’ll be fine well you’re too angry I think I should go away😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣
Hong Song
Hong Song 3 timer siden
Oopsy are you angry again or don’t cry you fix back to teacher don’t angry her he so said would you please keep a change he trustful her The box oh she’s look sad just don’t touch her make her idea I think you look like Lilly thanks for helping now are your happy i’m not sure the books can put in the pants we can get the box in the pants or notOkay you’re a little bit scared me when you cry no no no no no I’m doing wrong guys ha ha its okay
Hong Song
Hong Song 3 timer siden
Before when I was a little girl I can go into the library to
Ahona Akter
Ahona Akter 4 timer siden
Where is vicky
Mac Lelina
Mac Lelina 4 timer siden
San ka?
gosia gajdzik
gosia gajdzik 4 timer siden
Albi Budiman
Albi Budiman 4 timer siden
Sehat selalu selama pirus koron ya ka
Albi Budiman
Albi Budiman 4 timer siden
Janggan lupa pakai masket
•MADE•IN• LINE• 4 timer siden
1:52 who da hell take pictures like that
Simone Visser
Simone Visser 4 timer siden
Ava Vlogs
Ava Vlogs 4 timer siden 123go voices got leaked click the link to see the video with there voice!
احمد احمد
احمد احمد 4 timer siden
ترجمو بلعربي ارجوكم 😣😣😣
andrew toto
andrew toto 4 timer siden
seriously though never fight a great friend for that jerk you know what i mean
analiza palejaro
analiza palejaro 5 timer siden
Damar Dinar
Damar Dinar 5 timer siden
Mana ni yg bahasa indonesia
Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar 5 timer siden
I like. your. show
Talya Sewify
Talya Sewify 5 timer siden
But it’s ok I love 123go like
Talya Sewify
Talya Sewify 5 timer siden
Lily was exercising wrong
Basudha Roy
Basudha Roy 5 timer siden
Karuna Sharma
Karuna Sharma 6 timer siden
Lily is looking gorgeous
Carmela Estacamento
Carmela Estacamento 6 timer siden
Hello 123 Go
Carmela Estacamento
Carmela Estacamento 6 timer siden
She is funny 123 Go
Betsy's World
Betsy's World 6 timer siden
Bella is cute
Betsy's World
Betsy's World 6 timer siden
Bella should ask permission first before getting the Bobby pin
auddry gesta
auddry gesta 6 timer siden
Y'all are crazy
red rxses
red rxses 6 timer siden
im so happy i got the video just today i normaly get videos like a month ago
mariah davis
mariah davis 7 timer siden
i love hacks
Dinah M
Dinah M 7 timer siden
That "give me a kiss" yuck! 😂😂
Siby Antony
Siby Antony 7 timer siden
I think that you should have a lot more information on how you feel and what is going to be a little bit of life for her to be happy birthday ayiche with her boyfriend or her husband and you are in a different situation where she has a boyfriend or girlfriend and then she will have to go back and forth between the three of them to do something that is so important that they don't have a problem or they don't have to do that to do so with
Meenakshi Kuntoji
Meenakshi Kuntoji 7 timer siden
Lily is so cute girl 😍😍😘😘🥰🥰
Julian Star
Julian Star 7 timer siden
NightMareYT 7 timer siden
@trigerred insaan
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 7 timer siden
I can’t believe that’s Bella as a grandma
Crystalhull15 8 timer siden
These ideas are so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️
warrior Attila
warrior Attila 8 timer siden
Maybe make a video about how to start your very own video on NOpost
Daniel Choo
Daniel Choo 8 timer siden
What is your name???
KRITIKA WADHWA 8 timer siden
Nice 👍
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 7 timer siden
Bella + lily = bely
love Lil meow meow gacha
love Lil meow meow gacha 8 timer siden
Why does David look like a lesbian though?
my miss aakhya yadav
my miss aakhya yadav 8 timer siden
The funniest 6.23 every funny
Cynthia D
Cynthia D 9 timer siden
lola you are a good styler you helps everyone and even if somebody backpack it's spoil you helps that Person you are so nice💝
Puspa Karki
Puspa Karki 9 timer siden
Rishita dodamani
Rishita dodamani 10 timer siden
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh just love your voice
Cutie Babe Vlog
Cutie Babe Vlog 10 timer siden
Hi new here lets grow together
noura alaryani
noura alaryani 10 timer siden
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋i am your biggest fan
Doreen Mutesi
Doreen Mutesi 10 timer siden
Marldee Euleen Calma
Marldee Euleen Calma 10 timer siden
Marldee Euleen Calma
Marldee Euleen Calma 10 timer siden
TYRESE Consul 11 timer siden
Ryan Cabanizas
Ryan Cabanizas 11 timer siden
Can you do the cold vs hot
Hoppe Ellsworth
Hoppe Ellsworth 11 timer siden
0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!
meme vines
meme vines 11 timer siden
Bella + lily = bely
Kira Dinon
Kira Dinon 11 timer siden
I ❤️123go
Leemu77 12 timer siden
BlueKitty 12 timer siden
I can’t do this because it says for smart girl but I’m not smart Lol
T-STUDIO PT 12 timer siden
Kara Erica
Kara Erica 12 timer siden
I want this in hindi
Vedanshi K
Vedanshi K 12 timer siden
i loved the jean bag!
enriquez clan
enriquez clan 12 timer siden
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Michael Muro
Michael Muro 12 timer siden
I would realy want them to yse their real vocie
Ayleen Aguilar Flores
Ayleen Aguilar Flores 12 timer siden
Ih ok
MarcTutorials 13 timer siden
Ian Bhu
Ian Bhu 9 timer siden
elantaon kana kuya
Ian Bhu
Ian Bhu 9 timer siden
Quinnarwen enriquez
Quinnarwen enriquez 13 timer siden
Lily the seller
Quinnarwen enriquez
Quinnarwen enriquez 13 timer siden
Quinnarwen enriquez
Quinnarwen enriquez 13 timer siden
Quinnarwen enriquez
Quinnarwen enriquez 13 timer siden
Surell Fam!
Surell Fam! 13 timer siden
Bruh Bella why you crying over some books-.- also LILY now what is she gonna where. WARNING ⚠️ DONT TAKE OFF SOMEONES PANTS JUST TO MAKE A BACKPACK IF IT BROKE JUST LET THEM CARRY IT
Lilia Gaguancela
Lilia Gaguancela 13 timer siden
Lalchhansangi Sangtei
Lalchhansangi Sangtei 14 timer siden
123 GO
Waymeo Daley
Waymeo Daley 14 timer siden
Simply Lunar
Simply Lunar 14 timer siden
I love how just Bella just causally walks out with underwear
Razelle Jhoy Deprisa
Razelle Jhoy Deprisa 14 timer siden
Mesen Netjer
Mesen Netjer 14 timer siden
I love you guys videos it's the best go check out the prince family the best to
Exo ViZuAL
Exo ViZuAL 15 timer siden
Ow now
secrets 15 timer siden
Ok I am just going to say that the bracelet skirt is kind of cute thought
Ashley O'neill
Ashley O'neill 15 timer siden
Raisa s
Raisa s 15 timer siden
Wendie Daculos
Wendie Daculos 16 timer siden
I like lily
Nicolas Martinez
Nicolas Martinez 16 timer siden
Where do you get all of this life hacks
Jun Alonzo
Jun Alonzo 16 timer siden
No jbffgjokufglkjj
the great
the great 16 timer siden
Hi 123 go its so cool.
jaden davey
jaden davey 16 timer siden
chding zuure
chding zuure 16 timer siden
1.5% people who are reading this, may God bless you ...🧡
Aaliya Williams
Aaliya Williams 16 timer siden
Kim Jemison
Kim Jemison 16 timer siden
I love your videos they're so awesome to watch and I just love y'all
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