2021 Ferrari Roma real world review. Stunning looks but is it a flawed diamond?

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Harry's garage

Måned siden

2021 Ferrari Roma real-world review in the UK. It's stunning to look at but is it actually a flawed diamond? It's super quick thanks to the 620ps twin-turbo V8 but there's lots of new tech in this car, which Ferrari has never been fitted to one of their cars before and I'm afraid it might be too much, let's see..
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Harry's garage
Harry's garage Måned siden
Update: Shields are now available on the Roma (I had read they weren't) and there is another way of adjusting volume, via a rocker switch on the back of the steering wheel.
Kinky Streets
Kinky Streets Dag siden
Ferrari has BMWitis, too heavy, too much tech. etc.
René Koenes
René Koenes 27 dager siden
Shields were already available if you just check the video @1:27
Blacktooth Fox
Blacktooth Fox 27 dager siden
Good to see you drive past my old recording studio in Lavant! - if only the Royal Oak was open just up the road there on Pook lane... Proper job as always, sir!
Dom M
Dom M 28 dager siden
And that’s why Harry is the best. Most NOpost auto bloggers would have never added the update with corrections. Top notch
Ped Clarke
Ped Clarke Måned siden
@Ivan Puskaric they are an option. They are alot more than 1500.
Kinky Streets
Kinky Streets Dag siden
all the safety tech. bells , etc. lane departure warning lowers insurance rates because it helps avoid crashes.
Kinky Streets
Kinky Streets Dag siden
If I can't have a Ferrari without that back up beeping, I don't want one. It's annoying and distracting.
Martijn Kösters
Martijn Kösters 2 dager siden
Entry level Ferrari they say, well it doesn’t lack in experience. Quite the handful.
aronyak1 2 dager siden
Would love to see an overview and test ride of your 6 cylinder bikes.
Ahmed zarroug
Ahmed zarroug 2 dager siden
who would put piece of wood in Ferrari :),
Quattordici Montenapoleone
Quattordici Montenapoleone 2 dager siden
God I hate all the sounds in modern cars. Incredibly tiresome.
ronaldprat 4 dager siden
Every I time a see a car on the other lane I get nervous. Wrong side! Noot!
mttonie 4 dager siden
25 minutes of videos, 22 minutes of making a close-up of his head, a webcam would have been the same
Mark Orchard
Mark Orchard 4 dager siden
I love the Aston DB10...... err..... I mean Ferrari Roma!
Jeremy Epstein
Jeremy Epstein 5 dager siden
That digital gauge cluster looks horribly slow, saw it on Doug Demuro's video as well. To be honest that destroys the car for me, especially because of what the Roma is trying to be.
Sell Side Dream
Sell Side Dream 6 dager siden
I’ll keep my 550 thank you. Might consider it if they went back to V12 front engines
Robert Beyer
Robert Beyer 6 dager siden
The biggest compliment is imitation. Looks like an Aston.
Megapangolin 6 dager siden
Great drive and video, Harry. Just a touch more camera on the road when pushing it would be appreciated a lot!
Daniele Regoli
Daniele Regoli 6 dager siden
Not a Ferrari that I personally like, and not a Ferrari that is going to age well, considering the gimmicky electronics and the interior design language ...this is going to get dated very soon. Otherwise the usual, excellent, top-notch video from the finest Gentleman out there! ;-)
ray h.
ray h. 7 dager siden
This might be the mast hatful review I have ever seen of a new Ferrari.
Space Marine
Space Marine 8 dager siden
If I could switch off the background sound I would. By the time I finish reading the manual I'll need to service the car. No envy here.
Fdili Malainine Productions
Fdili Malainine Productions 8 dager siden
They lost an opportunity to make a partly glass see through engine cover!
tigerpjm 8 dager siden
Man that thing looked fast!
Zachary 8 dager siden
This is definitely the Ferrari for me. Great video.
Norm AL
Norm AL 8 dager siden
In todays episode Harry tries to fix the tech problems by driving faster and faster in the wet
BOSUN AFRICANOS 9 dager siden
The back reminds me of the back of Porsche 928.
Phil N
Phil N 10 dager siden
Probably would have looked better if Pininfarina designed it vs in-house
Markus Patients
Markus Patients 11 dager siden
This cars everything is priced for rich suckers. Do you have a Chevy C8 in your garage?
james Richardson
james Richardson 11 dager siden
Would rather have a Aston Martin anyday , there just pure elegance and classy.
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones 12 dager siden
Thats a nice modern take on the Porsche 928
graham ianson
graham ianson 12 dager siden
Did the car interior change colour?
John Matthews
John Matthews 13 dager siden
you may have to take the whole engine out to get the head off!
Noel Borg
Noel Borg 14 dager siden
The sound volume is behind the steering wheel.
beatonthedonis47 15 dager siden
Looks like somebody cut a Porsche and an Aston Martin in half and joined them together. I'd be interested to see the Porsche front and Aston Martin back combo.
Kasimir den Hertog
Kasimir den Hertog 15 dager siden
I agree on the lighter colors not coming out so well, it makes me think of a Hyundai Kona Electric...
Ⴆσɠ.ƈԋҽҽʂҽ 15 dager siden
That's not 'modern tech' to blame, its just bad design. I'd expect better from a Ferrari.
Bodhi 16 dager siden
21:33 and 21:49 Harry Clarkson?
Stanley Masterson
Stanley Masterson 17 dager siden
It's a big fail. Ferrari ended for me when Enzo died in August 1988. He would not approve of their massive production numbers (over 10k built this year) which has destroyed the brands mystique (I see them far too often), and he certainly would not approve of this model, nor the absurd SUV abomination that's on deck. The company has totally lost touch with its original mission. Being publicly traded tends to do that
Harry Cherns
Harry Cherns 17 dager siden
Harry, thanks for your video as it always been.. But I've just looked up the channel and haven't found any of the material on the Ferrari Lusso one.. Really curious why haven't it been captured on camera with some of your precious opinion giveaway. Again, thanks for all of your contribution to automotive enthusiasts community. It is essential.
Kane 17 dager siden
Great to see Jonathan Pryce reviewing cars on youtube 👏🏻😂
sonicbooomboy 17 dager siden
Not much to go wrong there then 😂 damn thing will be scrapped in two years. Horrible bleepy electronic rubbish
White Buffalo
White Buffalo 17 dager siden
not a fan of this whatsoever. ferrari have lost their touch in the last several years- 599 was their last nice one, imo. but same can be said for so many other marques.
Evgeny85 Lenkov
Evgeny85 Lenkov 17 dager siden
Iphone button instead of something emotional to fire up the car.... and absolutely ugly rear end because of disgusting lights and strangely aggressive diffuser. Its a GT, its a Ferrari, it should be beautiful!
Malcolm at Oz
Malcolm at Oz 18 dager siden
The key reminds me of a zippo lighter.
Tamiya Fan
Tamiya Fan 18 dager siden
Really don't like the look of this car but I feel it has to be seen in real life to fully appreciate it. Take all the Ferrari badges off it though and not many would pick it as a Ferrari if they had never seen it before. That is a bad thing given all past front engine GT cars have had that Ferrari look to there DNA. The dash design is a disaster and so cheap looking with that center stack. Also add the buggy or slow interface and its just really bad.
Alejandro Bonilla
Alejandro Bonilla 19 dager siden
Is V8 the only option or is there a V12 option?
kilgoring troutless
kilgoring troutless 19 dager siden
sounds like a muffled tractor at low speed.
Oldsoulboy 20 dager siden
Ferrari have ruined a great looking car with great engine by stuffing it full of useless unusable and very expensive toys, this car will depreciate like no other Ferrari we have ever seen. That £220k piece of **** will be worth £120k in 18 months.
venomtail1 20 dager siden
Ferarri has officially become boring. Riddled with too much tech.
Douglas Chrystall
Douglas Chrystall 21 dag siden
Harry on the edge a little there, bet he needed an afternoon nap. I drove the Roma, performance was superb, but I fell out with the electronic controls, the menus are unresponsive then jump several places. Also the feel of the paddles and other controls feels more Detroit than Maranello. Hopefully they get 2022 right.
Harry's garage
Harry's garage 21 dag siden
It's a shame, isn't it? I was so looking forward to driving it but the electronics soon drove me mad. And that's before we get to discuss the sound it makes..
mka4pol 21 dag siden
No proper manual shift; not interested.
RICHARD CHORLEY 21 dag siden
170k to be constantly annoyed . No thank you . Cars are just absurd gadgets at this point . Maybe that souped up Jensen isn't so silly after all
Justin OBrien
Justin OBrien 21 dag siden
Fab test as always Harry. However i know im shallow but it just looks too much like a slightly weird Aston copy for me sorry! I have a theory all this unnecessary car tech is a plot to soften us up for the full autonomy to come... 😴
Ben Thomas
Ben Thomas 22 dager siden
Please never grow up Harry!
Andy Norris
Andy Norris 22 dager siden
It does sound like a I4 out a astra or a civic. And looks like a F type tribute
Paul P
Paul P 22 dager siden
Great driving! That thing’s alive!!
UKMike2009 22 dager siden
The styling just doesn't work for me. Disappointing - too much Aston/Jaguar
Simon F
Simon F 22 dager siden
Ferrari mainly exists to make baseball caps and t-shirts.
Pacífico 22 dager siden
7:10 Dude shut up lol
lemmykoopah 22 dager siden
Harry you're class.
Soeren Algreen-Ussing
Soeren Algreen-Ussing 22 dager siden
Seems like there´s plenty of mechnical design satisfaction to be had, irrespect of choice of colour,.. :-)
Soeren Algreen-Ussing
Soeren Algreen-Ussing 22 dager siden
If you like driving on your PlayStation (PS), what a great way to get into the real world !!!
Josh Ayling
Josh Ayling 23 dager siden
Simply stunning 💎
Nexus Achiles
Nexus Achiles 23 dager siden
I don't like where this is going.
John Roberts
John Roberts 23 dager siden
Nice review Harry. 👍 Who are the UX people signing off on touch controls in modern cars? I don't want to have to faff around with a touch bar or screen to adjust the heater on a Golf, let alone a 600hp Ferrari. Nice rotary knob that I can find and operate by touch is fine. In gloves. I'm thanking my lucky stars that voice control and lane departure has off buttons in my daily driver.
cw205mi16 24 dager siden
What is it going to take to stop this dangerous direction all manufacturers are taking with central screens requiring gestures/swipes to operate simple controls? Intuitive ergonomic controls that had been honed over decades are being removed in favour of head-blagging menu systems just to control radio volume. It's a good job these cars get the auto braking and autonomous functions as the driver needs to divert so much attention away from the road...
PopBubbleWrappable 24 dager siden
That engine note is saddening.
Monkwearmouth 24 dager siden
“Too much tech...” Hear, hear Harry. The bane of our lives. Car manufacturers have got it all wrong. There needs to be a backlash.
Franco Guarasci
Franco Guarasci 24 dager siden
22:25 "Colour pacific" :D
Vera 24 dager siden
THIS CAR HAS MY NAME ON IT!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍 But I need one with a sunroof!
Chris Dobson
Chris Dobson 24 dager siden
Harry worth noting that the esteering wheel has controls on its rear including a scroll wheel for volume. So you can avoid the screen for some further essential access control points
Geoffrey McEvoy
Geoffrey McEvoy 25 dager siden
3:58 Let me guess: one has to pull the engine out to access the spark plugs? :-D
Mr poxycat
Mr poxycat 25 dager siden
Ehhh, missed it with this one design wise..
Tom tomek
Tom tomek 25 dager siden
Poor Harry ,-)) the last minutes of the test wants to escape from the car .-)) really useless touch screen ,made in china looks very cheap OMG and will break down tomorrow .-))
Parish 20
Parish 20 25 dager siden
Dont grow up Harry ! - us fellow petrolheads of a more senior age need to continue to hear the voice of reason...
Stuart Yules
Stuart Yules 26 dager siden
No offense to you harry, but I got bored after 3 mins. Yet another Aston clone. Really wish this hyper masculine GT ‘grand theft auto max out’ aesthetic would bugger off. It’s been so done to death. If Ferrari want to hark back, they really must make their front ends far softer and more elegant/refined/classy. This sharp shark nose with intimidating eyes isn’t it AT ALL.
Jack Lane
Jack Lane 26 dager siden
I personally think it looks like a ev and not a very good one But in saying that I’d say in the right colours it would be a nice looking car
Ege 26 dager siden
I love how this video is a sort of consumer's advice yet more than %90 of this comment section is in no shape or form to even dream of a Ferrari Roma. I'd sell an organ to have one.
Andrew Dineen
Andrew Dineen 26 dager siden
The engine is positioned just like the Maserati Gran Turismo. Maybe this car was originally conceived as a Maserati?
Born Boy
Born Boy 26 dager siden
FFS, it's a Ferrari, a Ferrari does not need lane departure warning, voice recognition crap. Stupid Ferrari customers buying Ferraris for their wives, girlfriends, mom, etc. That's why Ferrari add those crap.
Javier Soler
Javier Soler 27 dager siden
I think the word Larry was looking for was "drone" for the Honda Civic with coffee can exhaust noise. I could hear my desktop speakers vibrating on those low revs 😨
hagestad 27 dager siden
2:13 of course you can have a shield. There are even some on others in your video.
Ethan Villa
Ethan Villa 27 dager siden
Sincerely hope Aston Martin's designers got royalties for this Ferrari's look?
Steiger _
Steiger _ 27 dager siden
FUgly or Ferrari Ugly
revokdaryl1 27 dager siden
If it isn't available with a full manual transmission, it isn't a true Ferrari. Just so everyone knows.
MC MC 27 dager siden
Same magna ride that corvette use, brought from corvette....yet they charge 3k for it, robbers
drivinivankatz 28 dager siden
Maybe you can't have the Scuderia side shields in the UK? Oh yes, I see you corrected that! Here you can see a silver example in my review with the shields on! Great channel, Harry, I enjoy it! Drivin' Ivan nopost.info/throw/yNHFiaHbl2aKqa8/video
Julian Drake
Julian Drake 28 dager siden
Best car show on any medium. I love these reviews. Bravo Harry!
Frank Luo
Frank Luo 28 dager siden
You could put a long piece of wood in it, it is very practical. Only Harry would review a Ferrari practically for its wood carrying capability. Can't hold my beer. Great contents!
D. 28 dager siden
Like this better than Doug Demuro's review.
F100 FE390
F100 FE390 28 dager siden
Buy a real F-Type.
HandsomeAlex25 28 dager siden
The roads must have been terribly greasy - I've not seen Harry concentrate that hard in one of these videos before. The interior beeps and boops would make me hate it, until it was parked again, then I would love it. Great as art, not sure about living with all that insane tech.
Jus 3sixty
Jus 3sixty 28 dager siden
Literally the worst Ferrari I’ve ever seen
Nathaniel Lee
Nathaniel Lee 28 dager siden
Okay boomer.
OLDBENZ 28 dager siden
There was a Roma parked in the row at Goodwood next to Harry's light blue one that has the shields. Classier without the shields if you ask me. The real question is whether the plethora of electronics that seem so modern now will be supported in 20 years. My answer is not and that the cars of this generation will then be heading for the skip if not already in it. My BB is 44 years old this year there seems to be no problem to keep running. This one will not hit its 44th borthday except as a static exhibit. To emphasise the point, Aston Martin (the chaps who used to claim to make 'the car for life, sir') are no longer supporting the ECU/PTEC gubbins on the gen 1 Vanquish. The youngest gen 1 Vanquish is just 13 years old and currently if the ECU/PTEC fails you can throw away the car. Rant over.
Suberius Loot
Suberius Loot 28 dager siden
Save £15000k and buy Z3 M
Mike Predmore
Mike Predmore 28 dager siden
Nice Panerai, BTW
Mike Predmore
Mike Predmore 28 dager siden
Harry, please let me know the brand sweater you are wearing here!
photosphotos 28 dager siden
When were you at goodwood?
Paul Leather
Paul Leather 28 dager siden
Only thing I don't like is the front grill.
Euklidd 28 dager siden
volume knob is behind the wheel,
Rennwolf Wolfgang Kriegl
Rennwolf Wolfgang Kriegl 28 dager siden
Thank you for this very comprehensive review.
Tree Washer
Tree Washer 29 dager siden
Good to get Harry's view on this car, but how daft it was of him to drive like he did on those public roads.
Ordinaryavg.guy 29 dager siden
Didn't you say at the beginning of the video this car has straight pipe exhaust? Then you wonder why the exhaust is loud?
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