The Complete Cyberpunk 2077 History & Lore! (Part 1!)

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All Cyberpunk 2077 Lore, History & Events condensed into a two part series exploring everything from Night City and it's people, to Cyberware, Drugs, Bars, Public Transport, Trauma Team, Megacorps, the Corporate Wars, Combat Zones, Agriculture and Food in the US, Law Enforcement, Gangs, The Collapse, and other events and moments in the 2077 timeline that spawned in Cyberpunk 2013 and 2020.
Welcome to the Complete History & Lore of Cyberpunk 2077!
0:00 - Intro & Housekeeping
1:13 - Samurai & Johnny Silverhand -
2:45 - Cyberpunk TTRPG Roots (2013, 2020)
4:34 - An Intro To Night City
7:40 - The People Of Night City
8:15 - Trauma Team
12:28 - Cyberware & Its History
17:00 - Drugs & Its History
21:30 - Bars In Night City
23:53 - Public Transport In NC
25:25 - Megacorps
27:20 - Corporate Wars
29:44 - Combat Zones
32:50 - The Rockerboy Movement
35:42 - Agriculture & Food In The US
38:41 - The Weapons Of 2020
42:52 - Gangs & Gang Types
48:10 - Obscure Cyberweapons
50:23 - Law Enforcement & The NCPD
53:53 - The Collapse Part 1
57:54 - The Net
For MORE On All These Elements:
Thanks/Source - RTalsorian Games, Valency Graphics

Nic Bahtin
Nic Bahtin 11 timer siden
19:42 based we need that today in Europe
Nic Bahtin
Nic Bahtin 11 timer siden
11:40 light ? 158 kilograms are you kidding me it's weight of the wearer times 2 how is this light ?
FrostGibbon Dag siden
you really put fingers as a high class escort? BRUH
John Stuart Keller
John Stuart Keller Dag siden
"The Food Commission plays a constant game of ketchup."
gonz 3 dager siden
Can you please help me find more info on The Free Access Act of 2018, which you mentioned in 5:34 ? Do I need to buy the Night City Sourcebook to find it?
Garry Rodger
Garry Rodger 3 dager siden
I’m instantly locked into this story. Because it’s not really fantasy it’s very closely related to our current world.
frankie roche
frankie roche 3 dager siden
Cant see Alcohol really being the drug of choice in 2077*
williameddlewis 4 dager siden
my friends are being kill by synthetic drugs and the usa is collapsing
Elijah Taylor
Elijah Taylor 4 dager siden
This is some high level content. Good shit, I learned a lot. Thank you
Iron Star
Iron Star 4 dager siden
Man I love your videos but you need a better mic and/or filter. Your S's are hissing away at my ears
Eggwin2033 5 dager siden
1:26 says bass guitar but shows electric guitar....I need time to process what abomination I just heard and saw
TheNeonArcade 5 dager siden
you'll survive
Dro250 5 dager siden
Feels like were on the verge of this today...
dionne tolbert
dionne tolbert 5 dager siden
Cyberpunk 2020 but in the future 2020 was the worst year ever
Neil Fraser
Neil Fraser 5 dager siden
Thank you this video is exactly what I wanted to learn more about the lore.
Cink Yorke.
Cink Yorke. 6 dager siden
24:20 cześć Rojo xdd
AnthonyAnalog 6 dager siden
I cannot WAIT for Dead State 2077 DLC 😭
Aaron Scoggins
Aaron Scoggins 6 dager siden
"The FBI, CIA, NSA, and DEA were secretly working to influence US politics and used the covert nation of their operations as a cover" Man... Thank god this is just a fantasy game, amirite?
TheDude0315 6 dager siden
Where can I find the books as well as a place to read the story of cyberpunk?
K GRHAGAN 6 dager siden
1🇺🇸🕺🏼 is that...cyberpunk 2077 📡🖕😐🧟‍♀️😺🕶🐛🕺🏼🐛🐾😺🐺🏍🌈🕶👤🖖😎🖕😐🌙📡🕺🏼🇺🇸💋❤🌈👤🖐💃🏼🐾🙎🏾‍♂️🐺🏍🕶🐛🧟‍♀️😺😎👩🏼‍🏫🦋⛹🏼‍♀️🤸‍♂️🖖⛹🏻‍♀️✌done in...ri YO!!! yolo
Aritra Chatterjee
Aritra Chatterjee 7 dager siden
7:09 "CHOOH2"
Adam Britsch
Adam Britsch 7 dager siden
KxnG Gooz
KxnG Gooz 8 dager siden
Great job kid can’t wait for part 2
Nicolás Tribaldos
Nicolás Tribaldos 8 dager siden
I knew it. I knew Morgan Blackhand and the whole AI thing were connected
funknotik 8 dager siden
I've read all william Gibson and Philip K Dick books, I love cyberpunk as a genre, but I don't like table top games. I want to read the background of the cyberpunk 2077 lore. Is there any books where I can just read the lore?
TheNeonArcade 8 dager siden
the world of Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberpunk Red
Maiko Martin
Maiko Martin 9 dager siden
more interesting than the time i had with the game tbh
kitty moon
kitty moon 9 dager siden
its 2021 time to bring zombies back
Quentin Els
Quentin Els 4 dager siden
I am legend
jorge rios
jorge rios 9 dager siden
Is this real life
Mujhtuba Baksh
Mujhtuba Baksh 9 dager siden
I have the mono wire. I hope they add a mod for it later that lets you sort of web shoot it like you showed here. Also, the game totally needs cybersnakes lol.
ImperVas5 9 dager siden
36:21 Despite this Alaska in 2077 on the verge of hunger.
Timmy Vapes
Timmy Vapes 10 dager siden
Bass guitar Shows guitar 🙄
c0d3014 10 dager siden
16:32 moders PLZ! make this possible in the game!
Raphael Sindermann
Raphael Sindermann 10 dager siden
I hope Spiffing wont hear the first minute...
MrSpaceMan 10 dager siden
Great video, thanks for making this!
Adasunu Ej
Adasunu Ej 10 dager siden
Your hard work and Passion does not go unnoticed, The Universe Protects those who Follow their heart🙏🏼
church v.s. the world
church v.s. the world 10 dager siden
So meny cool show n movie ideas a world they could play in my movie pitch a nomad who gets called to night city meets a street kid there events lead them to meet up with another character who had just got banished from his cushy corpo life style they been together during a strange way of events in night city al living in different areas in night city so you get to see different parts of the city the nomad staying out on the it skirts like where Judy's doc house was street kid in a mega block apartment and corpo got his own nice pad some place still in upper class area cause he's still will off I can see it in my head I'm gonna stop buy them you could have Jackie make Rando appearances and a Johnny silver hand Easter eggs and show
DaBigBuddha 11 dager siden
Really nice vid ! Thanks a lot ! If only we could have had a game this dense...
Tk-5748 11 dager siden
So that explains that bigass wall over in pacifica thats the combat zone wonder if they'll open it up in a dlc
The samuri Alianderp293
The samuri Alianderp293 11 dager siden
Why am I getting chills
Alice Yagami
Alice Yagami 11 dager siden
incredible as everything you say about the original lore, the cyberpunk game 2077 took just 10% .... SHAME
ST0DY 12 dager siden
if Jackie didn't stop us from stealing that car, probably Cyberpunk wouldn't be a thing
Spr.l 11 dager siden
Cyberpunk 2077 is based on V's perspective in night city Cyberpunk is a massive world like stars wars lol , this just the tip
Devil Machine420xx
Devil Machine420xx 12 dager siden
@10:50 is the same thing towards real life which is fucked up, even if you have medical insurance which is a rip off
Shao Khan
Shao Khan 12 dager siden
The level of detail in this world is insane!
Shao Khan
Shao Khan 12 dager siden
Lol I love how scop is used in the game
Shao Khan
Shao Khan 12 dager siden
The taxi services don’t mention delamaine. Also surprised CDPR didn’t get cancelled for the Sikh guy driving the cab
Shao Khan
Shao Khan 12 dager siden
Holy shit the borg suits look sick, elves, dwarves etc. Are cool
Shao Khan
Shao Khan 12 dager siden
CP 2077 question: is Santiago ever mentioned to be part of the aldecado clan in the game? Does Saul ever mention him? Actually I think they did mention him! can anyone confirm
T. H. McElroy
T. H. McElroy 12 dager siden
Great video! Super useful!
S1lverspike 13 dager siden
I feel like this game was created from johnny mnemonic
wanna blaze
wanna blaze 13 dager siden
wow bro just wow great vid and info where did you get all this WOW again NEON great job love this cant wait to start part 2
Daniel Bejerano
Daniel Bejerano 13 dager siden
Interesting how they changed Combat Cab to Delamain
StopFear 13 dager siden
This whole cyberpunk world as envisioned in this mythology simply sucks. It is boring. It is cheesy. It’s full of cliches. At least make it not look like blade runner. How many times do we need to see a neon light filled tiny apartments where a jaded cybernetically modified white guy is smoking and drinking whiskey?
Quentin Els
Quentin Els 4 dager siden
How many, idk, you only mentioned bladerunner
DMR 12 dager siden
Thats the cyberpunk genre...that's like asking for a western to not be set in the west and have cowboys. Also keep in mind that this game is over 30 years old and a lot on the so called cliches were made here.
Eddie DC
Eddie DC 13 dager siden
good lore man
Patrick Cook
Patrick Cook 13 dager siden
Love lore videos of things I'm thirsty for and this one quenched my lore thirst. great video.
Gray 13 dager siden
If only trauma team was as this good in the game
Andara 13 dager siden
This is such a great video! I had no idea what cyberpunk was until release day when it popped up on NOpost and now I’m really excited to get this game. This context is so helpful!
MishDaBish 14 dager siden
God damn is it just me or is this game hard to follow without reading up on it’s lore? That is CD Projekt Red’s biggest gift and downfall. When you play their games it feels like you have started watching a movie 3/4 of the way through.
HolyBoboli 13 dager siden
Well, that's because the lore for the game existed way before the game was even conceived.
Mister February
Mister February 14 dager siden
Great work!
Calcium 14 dager siden
Wow there is absolutely no consistency in this video. Unrelated topics jumps from second to second.
Minuteman JNC
Minuteman JNC 14 dager siden
16:32 Even in a dystopian future, there are still furries.
BetterDeadThanRed 14 dager siden
"detroit is a warzone" sooo nothing's changed then?
Lenny Summers
Lenny Summers 9 dager siden
Nah, probably in the Cyberpunk universe Detroit is like Afganistan
Muario. Liugi
Muario. Liugi 14 dager siden
I love this cyberpunk Lore series! I watch a buch of times.
Phuk In-Yomam
Phuk In-Yomam 15 dager siden
When the lore is longer than the actual game itself
Chris Allocca
Chris Allocca 15 dager siden
Bro august 17th 1996 is the day I was born what the fuck!!!!
C47FORCE 15 dager siden
the developers didnt watch this video.
Sanyey 15 dager siden
ok, now lets talk about the pile of garbage it is after 8 yrs of development :D
Jester DEWIT
Jester DEWIT 15 dager siden
This didn't age well
Jester DEWIT
Jester DEWIT 4 dager siden
@Quentin Els ?
Quentin Els
Quentin Els 4 dager siden
@Jester DEWIT no it doesn't, but you enjoy you're hate
Jester DEWIT
Jester DEWIT 12 dager siden
@DMR because the new game sucks lol
DMR 12 dager siden
Ner Ve
Ner Ve 15 dager siden
"everyone has to do experimental drugs" unless you got that weed card
Theo Valentino
Theo Valentino 16 dager siden
Thank you for the hard work and not studding this with ads!!!! Like!
Atomic Barbarian
Atomic Barbarian 16 dager siden
The first part of this video is a glut of useless information that has no relevance to anything whatsoever. Child care, parking spaces, drink recipes- you just threw it up all over the place apropos of nothing. This video needs better structure and should prioritize more important information.
Motorius Thrax
Motorius Thrax 16 dager siden
I am eagerly waiting for all of these things to be added later on into Cyberpunk 2077. I think it is quite obvious that the game has been intentionally chopped into bits and then resold to customers bit by bit. Business-wise this makes a lot of sense but makes more impatient consumers seethe with nerdrage.
Asaf Elkayam
Asaf Elkayam 16 dager siden
Thank you for the vid! Amazing lore work!
Aidan Brown
Aidan Brown 16 dager siden
Even in an alternate dystopian universe Europe’s doing pretty good
Ben McCue
Ben McCue 16 dager siden
Why is cyber punk a dark setting? Is it because of the constant fight for survival? Is it because of the oppression brought on by megacorps? No, It's because there are cyber furries.
ɳɐɸɱɣ Ɖᴙσאϵ
ɳɐɸɱɣ Ɖᴙσאϵ 16 dager siden
i wish we could take jobs like a Trauma Team Medic or Pilot or w/e other professions once our V has a high enough skill set, that could be so dang interresting and fun, and a way to ramp up Eddies and unique gear, like a TT Flak vest or combat armor or stuff liek that.. if u read this CDPR (or anyone that can wisper in their ears ^_~) this is a great idea for a DLC! make it happen * ^^ *
Spiral Feather
Spiral Feather 16 dager siden
Jesus, the "dystopian" cyberpunk setting still offers better healthcare to the poor than in modern day U.S.
Clark Griswold
Clark Griswold 16 dager siden
How i wish half these things were in the game.. :(
Santiago Rodriguez Guillen
Santiago Rodriguez Guillen 16 dager siden
That tell us that the whole history was a huge glitch lol
Borponoid a
Borponoid a 16 dager siden
Basically the age of strife of Warhammer before the Emperor rises to power.
Microwave 16 dager siden
You can tell the person who wrote the hacking attacks section really thought America was the shit Several multi national groups wouldn’t collapse without America
iliana estrella
iliana estrella 16 dager siden
Great video 💝
david j
david j 16 dager siden
Thanks so much for actually talking about R Talsorian Games and CP2020. Mike Pondsmith wrote this, but I've seen other Ytube reviewers completely fail to give him credit.
Anarchy And Empires
Anarchy And Empires 16 dager siden
Yo that thing about the media corpse that that kind of feels way way too close to home.....
Mr. Bongs BurgH
Mr. Bongs BurgH 16 dager siden
Its broken
GGOD AB 16 dager siden
can anyone please tell me if this is based on the official Cyberpunk 2077 databook (The World of Cyberpunk 2077) ,cause i wanna read it ,but if its the same content i dont see a point
MrD 16 dager siden
Man this game could have been so great. If only they didnt hire keanu and have Mike Pondsmith take a backseat. We actually would have gotten this game.
Deimos Musik
Deimos Musik 17 dager siden
Well, let's pretend the game isn't there, considering that there isn't anything resembling the lore.
Ryne Pell
Ryne Pell 17 dager siden
This definitely has to be one of the most thorough lore and history video about a tabletop/video game I have ever seen. This is some great work and I will be watching Part 2 and any other parts as well. Please keep up the amazing research and work because I'm really enjoying it. 👍😌
Chris Goodeaux
Chris Goodeaux 17 dager siden
I need more bro this is my 3rd time watching this. More more more please love this stuff bro. Great job cheers 🍻
Theo Valentino
Theo Valentino 15 dager siden
Why are you watching this 3 times?
toomuchtime 17 dager siden
why do hetero characters get gorgeous characters while the gay guys get basically "Mick Jagger" no gay porn after 87 wants to bang him.
Fresh Baklava
Fresh Baklava 17 dager siden
What’s crazy is how much today’s society is about the same as in CP world. Awesome video..thx for sharing! •Corps buying politicians/starting wars •Fake/genetically modified foods •News media controlling public thought •celebrity warship •experimental things done on military personnel •political involvement in destabilizing countries economic growth •sonic/microwave weaponry •cloning • pharmaceutical industrial complex • military industrial complex •central banking (not yet in real life, but very close) I’m sure I missed some. Lol
John Smith
John Smith 17 dager siden
You Literally wasted all this much time for a game where choices don't matter and the game minus the bugs sucks? Lmfao
Literally the United States of America
Literally the United States of America 17 dager siden
50 minutes in and I still have zero clue why Dubai got fucking glassed
Archie The Dog
Archie The Dog 17 dager siden
The most disappointing thing in Cyberpunk 2077 is that cybermods don't really change the look of your character. I hope they make a free DLC fixing that.
Qardo 17 dager siden
Well, once again. Even in Cyberpunk. The CIA want to destroy the United States (and nearly succeeded with help). Even in the real world. CIA has supported so many rebel groups and factions that claim to be "friendly" to the US and what happens? The fuckers turncoat and start attacking the US. Demand a disband of the CIA. The real masterminds of terrorism.
E M 18 dager siden
Game makes more sense now
Jeremiah Jeno
Jeremiah Jeno 18 dager siden
I'm really confused as to why I'm capable of wanting to learn fictional history and not real history😂
Frank Kazama
Frank Kazama 3 dager siden
Because real life sucks
Dro250 5 dager siden
I struggle with this all the time
SLOW BOY 8 dager siden
Because real history isn’t pop enough
Andrew A
Andrew A 11 dager siden
Fictional history makes sense, real history doesn’t.
iliana estrella
iliana estrella 16 dager siden
Because 'real' history is fake too lol
Apex 3D
Apex 3D 18 dager siden
Don't have the game and never played it but I was hooked for the whole video. Super interesting stuff. Thanks for putting this together!
BaePrime 18 dager siden
I cant believe this game got cancel cultured. Played it on a non shitty machine. Had no bugs. Possible best game ever made and I normally exclusively play esports titles.
The inevitable God Emperor Deadpool
The inevitable God Emperor Deadpool 18 dager siden
About 50 hours in with three playthroughs (one of each backstory) I honestly don't understand a lot of the hate this game is getting I'm on Xbox one but the glitches and bugs for me anyway have been mildly annoying to absolutely hilarious nothing to game breaking and it's someone of an intro to the cyberpunk sub genre for me absolutely love the story
Quentin Els
Quentin Els 4 dager siden
Alot of it is outrage culture that gets blown out of proportion by big Youtubs channels along with "game journalist" and the progressive ree brigade on twitter hatebaiting for views/clicks
Rand Haase
Rand Haase 18 dager siden
crazy how even in this dystopian militarized corporate nightmare, societal structures still deem there be a level of free healthcare to even the poorest individuals out of recognition for the greater good and their own well being even though the very same corporations would harvest your body for research or repurpose... in real life.. well.. sheesh
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