Elon Musk's Insane Idea to Get 1 Million People on Mars by 2050

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Dmg HD
Dmg HD 10 timer siden
Imagine being born on Mars and living your entire life on the planet...
Steven Blackford
Steven Blackford 13 timer siden
Cram a load of babies on board less weight less resources needed for yearssss growing up
George Cowie
George Cowie 16 timer siden
Are we sure there isn't CLIMATE change there?
Jungkook Obama
Jungkook Obama 20 timer siden
What is the actual cost of doing this? 1 million people... We have 7 billion now.. 1/7000 of our earth dwellers.. How much is the cost? Mars has like some really crazy stuff to ensure the survival of human kind? I am too dumb to understand..
Austin S
Austin S Dag siden
By then I bet they'll have built a GIANT space only cargo ship and only have to use starships like loading a truck, then the truck takes everyone and supplies to mars and their starships unload.
SDM Canada
SDM Canada Dag siden
Please remind me why humanity needs to colonize Mars except for to prove that we can?
TheElMuffin Dag siden
Big hope for The Musk. He puts forth a really desirable, but a pretty crazy idea, generates mass hype, and for the most part, delivers. He's a catalyst, much like both world wars were. Even if Musk fails to put 1 million people on Mars by 2050, he'll certainly put humanity on the path halfway to anywhere.
Can Erkiralp
Can Erkiralp Dag siden
9:31 wasn't he a botanist?
Bam Marks
Bam Marks Dag siden
Your forgetting the fact that humans can reproduce
Raymond Horvath
Raymond Horvath 2 dager siden
The caluations done here were based on technology we have now don't you think our technology will improve so therefore the problems hoping will be less.
John Carter
John Carter 2 dager siden
realistically, more like the end of this century for 1M .....
One 2 dager siden
One million!
TheKosiomm 2 dager siden
I can't even imagine who will ever want to live on such a miserable planet :) it's just so hilarious.. i hope they won't bring any animals there, simply because animals don't have the rights to choose. It will be so barbaric.
uwu_ Ire
uwu_ Ire 2 dager siden
*S* tarship *U* pper *S* tage SUS!
Soulless Pain
Soulless Pain 2 dager siden
If someone remember the beginning of smartphones 16-17 years ago. They were so bad, but few years later... It's likely to be same with the rockets. They are not very good now, but in few years... Starship SN100...
Alexander Lehigh
Alexander Lehigh 3 dager siden
When humans have colonies in other solar systems, each planet is gonna have a statue of Musk in their city centers
Zeta Reticuli
Zeta Reticuli 3 dager siden
We need to build bigger spaceships directly in the space. And we need nuclear electric ione engine instead of chemical engines.
Jacob Lee
Jacob Lee 2 dager siden
Ion engines will be worse than chemical until we can build one that can reach the same thrust of chemical. Whilst ion engines are a lot more efficient it would take so much longer to get to Mars
Tom K
Tom K 3 dager siden
I think mars could be a successful colony with 1000+ people by 2050, with 12-16 people per passenger starship. That’s still a lot of starships but they have already built a factory for them and price/speed of production has been taken into account for every part of its design
TFac315 3 dager siden
I read a somewhat reliable rumor on the Internet that Elon Musk has Alien DNA.
The Begotten.
The Begotten. 3 dager siden
Is that before, during, or after depopulation?
Robloxgod 6789
Robloxgod 6789 3 dager siden
Elon might be broke by 2050
Robloxgod 6789
Robloxgod 6789 3 dager siden
Think of how much money Elon will spend not just on launches but launchpads and actual starships
Robloxgod 6789
Robloxgod 6789 3 dager siden
If he sent 1,000 rockets to mars each transfer window starting in 2025 then he would get a million people on mars by about 2041
Robloxgod 6789
Robloxgod 6789 3 dager siden
1,000 rockets only filled with people
Matt Apple
Matt Apple 3 dager siden
a few things you havent considered here. one is that the startships will fly back so that will need to be factored into your calculations. second is the earth mars transfer orbit only occurs every 2 years sure and that is the best time to send people due to the long travel time but there is nothing to stop you from sending cargo when ever you like. it may take a year in some cases but you will not need to wait 2 years. lastly im not sure why you would need 1000+ ships for refueling, they are reusable as well. you could probably do it with a max of 100 depending on how many starships are in orbit at any one time. i dont think they will make it to 100 million people by 2050 but jsut throwing out some thoughts.
Night Hunter
Night Hunter 3 dager siden
Early on, Mars will be like a space prison that you have to pay to go there. And when you are there, you have to pay for oxygen and clean water, which you get almost for free on earth.
gigachad 3 dager siden
No the oxygen will be provided for free cause then that’s straight up killing people
Minho Hwang
Minho Hwang 4 dager siden
I think he is expecting that there will technological advancements in the next few decades, not use the same old Starship for 30 years
Justin R
Justin R 4 dager siden
Dont take a million people....300 total is enough....i don't even like people...just take me by myself. But of you got to take others just take me while their building the fuel reserves I will plant trees like Johnny Appleseed.....by myself ....few cartons of Marlboros....i got this 💪
Anton Fetzer
Anton Fetzer 4 dager siden
Elon is stupidly optimistic as usual. My bet would be a permanent Moon base by 2040 and first humans on Mars by 2050, with a permanent base soon afterwards. But I am certain the whole population of Mars will stay below 1000 until the end of this century. There is just not that much reason to go there and living there will be absurdly expensive and will rely on ridiculously expensive supplies from Earth for decades. Even if it gets fully self sufficient before 2100, there is not much economic incentive to go there, which means it will always rely on funding from Earth with barely any return of investment.
jo jo
jo jo 4 dager siden
We will be there. Either 2050 or a bit later. As long as we have someone like Elon who pushes the pace of technology development and working hard. He did a lot, I mean A LOT of things that people never thought were possible. but we are more capable then wie think. Swim with the stream boys dont sit here with Schadenfreude saying this is stupid or wont work. It will.
Ehify 5 dager siden
Nah I'm fine i just wanna live on earth so no thanks.
alex r
alex r 5 dager siden
Andrew Kosel
Andrew Kosel 5 dager siden
How about Elon gets 1 million Toyota Corollas to Mars next.
John johnson
John johnson 5 dager siden
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Michael Liu
Michael Liu 5 dager siden
Test tube babies
Score Event
Score Event 5 dager siden
I for one would love to see all of Austin’s residents moved to Mars.
Caged 5 dager siden
Simple....Just send 1,000 hot beautiful women and Elon Musk to Mars a he'll populate the planet.
aristides s
aristides s 5 dager siden
martian congressional republic
Colin Ginn
Colin Ginn 5 dager siden
The maths simply doesn't work out. A million is 100 people on a full starship every single day for over 25 years. And thats without any of the building infrastructure, cargo, supplies, food etc etc.
Terry 5 dager siden
We've crapped up this perfectly good planet. So we'll go somewhere else? This is the definition of insanity.
Dirk Pitt
Dirk Pitt 5 dager siden
Hey! Here's a silly idea! Instead of using 3D printers for habitat. Initially put one down on the planet to manufacture a landing pad. It could adjust for level, etc. that would help mitigate the problem of debris and surface loss on landing.
mrg00ddude 6 dager siden
Elon is a con artist remember hyperloop his stolen idea that failed
Zeco 6 dager siden
Humans: *How shall we survive on Mars* Le Mars: *How to survive humans*
heekomogwin 6 dager siden
I truly hope the primary means of transportation on Mars is Toyota Corollas
꧁Sindano Negongo꧂
꧁Sindano Negongo꧂ 6 dager siden
Ill stay on earth where natural beuty is, and ocean. Being on mars is like being in a prison, you'll never go out in the open and enjoy the fresh air on your own terms.
The Heretic
The Heretic 7 dager siden
General Custer would be proud 👏
Amit P. Bharath
Amit P. Bharath 7 dager siden
Y'all are forgetting the most important factor, how fast people will want to leave Mars once they get bored up there
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 7 dager siden
Take a 100 somalians to Mars. You'll have a million in 10 years.
Ronil Doshi
Ronil Doshi 7 dager siden
Uh maybe in our wildest dreams there will be a hundred people on Mars by 2050.
Irontale 7 dager siden
Sounds epic
HMRDEV 7 dager siden
I think by 2050 we'll have a couple of thousand to tens of thousands of people on Mars and not 1 Million. I think that would be achieved only by 2150 or 2200.
Olli 7 dager siden
There will time where a trip to Mars will only take a week.
AlexKasper 8 dager siden
Send humans during transfer windows. Send [most] cargo at other times.
NT 8 dager siden
This video reminds me of Hellstar Remina :(
ToxicSniper 8 dager siden
Elon musk is totally not insane,right?
Ali Makaveli Da 7th Sign
Ali Makaveli Da 7th Sign 8 dager siden
*What about the space junk blocking the way?*
Bobux Man
Bobux Man 8 dager siden
If I’d were to go to Mars, I would start a hotel business so that by the time tourists are able to come to Mars, I’d become really rich.
Ehify 5 dager siden
I'll just started my own nation and claimed some land
Bob of the Storm
Bob of the Storm 9 dager siden
Since by 2050, Californians will have made Austin the new California. It is entirety possible a million Austinites will leave the Austin shithole to start and California the planet known as Mars.
Nicolaus Gilbert Wilson
Nicolaus Gilbert Wilson 9 dager siden
Can we include baby making on site?
Joker 9 dager siden
I'm all for ambitious targets but just make sure to get there safely and supplied. The numbers can come later. A target of 100,000 is a much better aim in my opinion
Epic 7000
Epic 7000 9 dager siden
guys I'm starting to think he was kidding
Maze Maze
Maze Maze 9 dager siden
We need Anti-grav.
Phi-Net 9 dager siden
I speak for the rest of Texas when I say, please take everyone from Austin and launch them to a different planet lol
Wasim Akram
Wasim Akram 10 dager siden
I just wanna ask one question to sir ELON MUSK, why he wanna take humans to MARS?
Anand 10 dager siden
Elon is now #27 in twitter.
philip J Dry
philip J Dry 10 dager siden
Imagine this, you stand on a rock in the ocean, you can do anything on it, grow food, house, love family, but if water rises to consume it, you all on it go extinct, you need to expand to another rock so your kind won't go extinct, basic logic stupid Shannon! You better serve human kind by having babies than typing articles!
Mi Fi
Mi Fi 10 dager siden
Why would you say Toyota Corolla’s instead of Tesla’s?
Mi Fi
Mi Fi 10 dager siden
Take all the psycho lefties please.
MrG0TH1ER 10 dager siden
He also said they would send a rocket to mars every 26 months. So far they didn't send a single one...
MrG0TH1ER 10 dager siden
Given Elon's track record of making bold claims and failing to see them realized, I'm not sure why people still believe him. He's welcome to prove me wrong. But we shouldn't be fooled again and again.
Its ViPeZz
Its ViPeZz 10 dager siden
It would be funny if Elon didn't mean sending people physically.
Vetera Novus
Vetera Novus 10 dager siden
What if Elon were to find a way to bypass the tranfer window?
Benny Ceca
Benny Ceca 10 dager siden
Elon Musk is high most of the times so lots of nonsense comes out of him! Tesla wasn't even his company ffs, he is not an innovator, just happens to be extremely rich on paper right now, the market is a joke! When there is no atmosphere in Mars, people expected to live off each others farts?!
hi 10 dager siden
@Paul Veenings Because the moon is much smaller, it has basically no atmosphere, and it's dangerous to build to much on it since how much Earth relies on it. Plus they are planning to build some stuff. Just not much.
Paul Veenings
Paul Veenings 10 dager siden
@hi hi , couldn’t they just do the same on the moon , why go all the way to Mars .
hi 10 dager siden
Biospheres. Hence why so much material is needed. Nobody is saying people are currently going to live on regular land.
Paul Veenings
Paul Veenings 10 dager siden
One thing I never hear people mention about Mars compared to Earth . Earth has the Schumann resonance which humans need to function correctly mentally and physically , does Mars .🤔
lord yato
lord yato 10 dager siden
NASA:coke Space X:pepsi
william love
william love 10 dager siden
great though but is this the same mars that gets bombarded (hit) by about 300 meteorites of various sizes some the size of a block of flats every year really, you should apply to the Scottish assembly for a job they love to employ loonies good pay too and good expenses sorry unbelievable expenses sorry i will get it right in a moment mouthwatering expenses
Oriol AG
Oriol AG 11 dager siden
Don't mind me, just here to write a comment saying "he did it". I will come back in 2050.
HardcoreOkky 11 dager siden
And all the americans can go to the mars and others? Not...
Primcast the Anprim Podcast
Primcast the Anprim Podcast 11 dager siden
How about we take all the transhumanist and put them there?
JetBlue airlines Guy
JetBlue airlines Guy 11 dager siden
No not Austin Texas it’s Dallas Texas it has 1 million people
Tarik Abduli
Tarik Abduli 11 dager siden
I really don’t get it why people want to live on mars... Probably because of lack of having purpose in life.
Straight_from_the_Pitt 11 dager siden
Please take all politicians and lawyers first!🙏
Grandsome 11 dager siden
Maybe we should start by a dozen on the moon first.
lilyusi 11 dager siden
I'm starting to feel like RealLifeLore doesnt't actually know what a Toyota Corolla is, but because he talks about it; it's his thing....
Mekuso8 11 dager siden
I think this video overlooks several important facts, by being too Earth-centric. Trillions in costs isn't a problem if there are trillions in economic gain. We're not going to Mars for a vacation, we're going for business. Mining and industrial production without hurting the sensitive Earth ecology, for example. That also helps a lot when it comes to producing all the rockets, many of them could simply be built on Mars. All that said, I still agree that 1M people on Mars in 2050 seems very unlikely. But I think a lot of people will live there by then.
Radu MC
Radu MC 11 dager siden
But, why sent people to Mars when we can stay on our planet? Well, I guess we will die from global warming, and all life with us, but why not focus on our planet more and make it better, stop polluting and cutting trees... That same thing will also happen on Mars, just because we think those type of things are unharmful when they really are.
hi 10 dager siden
Because humans can do both. Just because people are trying to establish spaceflight doesn't mean others just abandon Earth. Elon isn't the sole person who can help the planet. Plus it's not sustainable. Eventually resources will run out or overpopulation.
BewareTheCarpenter 12 dager siden
If Musk needs 15,000 space shuttles to put a million people on Mars by 2050 starting 2025, he needs to start building them at a rate of about 20 per week. This is assuming that none of them break down or get lost along the way. It's not including any babies born on Mars.
Ps37:7 12 dager siden
How is he going to get through the dome?
BewareTheCarpenter 12 dager siden
The first 100k people will need supplies for themselves. The 6th fleet will need supplies for themselves and the 500k people who are already up there so the cargo to human ratio will get bigger fast.
BewareTheCarpenter 12 dager siden
I wouldn't want to be on one, but if thousands of ships were blasting off at once, I'd watch that.
Cloud KM
Cloud KM 12 dager siden
Can’t wait in 50 years people on Mars will call Mars a flat planet ☄️ahhhh human kind makes me happy 😑
APM M 12 dager siden
Until they figure out how to protect astronauts from cosmic radiation, no manned mission to mars will happen. As for elon musk , he's just a walking, talking PR machine.
Zeron 1
Zeron 1 12 dager siden
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The Video Vlogger YT
The Video Vlogger YT 12 dager siden
One major piece is this: How much people ACTUALLY want to go to Mars? I don't, I am scared of space. Heck Nah🙅
PaRk LaNe YiD
PaRk LaNe YiD 12 dager siden
I think 1000 is a realistic target
PaRk LaNe YiD
PaRk LaNe YiD 12 dager siden
No chance
Giovanny Ramos
Giovanny Ramos 12 dager siden
All those 1 million people will be white and rich I’ll stay here in my beautiful earth until it’s time for me to die
theorganguy 12 dager siden
It would be to assume, that a lot of the first ships would be used themselves as building blocks for a base, not for actually travelling back to earth. Once things have been sort of setup to support human life, then slowly larger and larger groups of humans could be sent. Also mind the human nature: you don't actually need to send 1 million ppl for establishing a 1 million population (albeit I also expect a somewhat higher then usual death-rate at the beginning of things, with the odd spaceship blowing up or otherwise being lost to space; not to mention your regular slip and fall type of death, knocking a helmet off or whatnot) as it wouldn't be just men sent there, but likely also couples - they could procreate in situ.
zyxe 12 dager siden
flat earthers going to mars must be thinking if the mars is flat too
Tai Hung
Tai Hung 13 dager siden
How can you get all those people on mars in less than a century plus the place is like impossible to live in. It's like turning the sahara desert to a jungle with a couple hundred thousand people.
Brady Mccue
Brady Mccue 13 dager siden
Brady Mccue
Brady Mccue 13 dager siden
Marc41247 13 dager siden
Ok but why, though? We're just sending them to die, basically. And even if they got there, it's not like they could make Mars livable. They'd be completely dependent on us to survive. It'd be a massive waste of money for no pay-off at all.
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