Film Theory: Star Wars, How The Mandalorian PROVES the Empire was Right!

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With the return of The Mandalorian season 2 to Disney+, I felt it was about time to also return to a Star Wars theory. In a previous theory, I talked about how the Jedi could be construed as an 'evil' order. Today, I'm taking that kind of idea and flipping it to talk about the Empire itself! I think The Mandalorian provides us with even more clues that the Empire may not be as wrong in it's philosophy as we thought! How? Why? Well Theorists, make sure you Baby Yoda is somewhere safe because this is about to take a turn to the dark side...
0:38 - This is referencing two different studies citing two different percentages. It is not between 31% and 58%, it is both 31% and 58% percent results from the two studies.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editor: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

IAM SINISTAR 29 minutter siden
Film Theorist: *Explains why The Empire was actually right* Everyone: They've committed genocide and slavery! Me: Our entire history was built on genocide and slavery so we're not really one to talk.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Time siden
Such an awesome video!
Jacob Hansen
Jacob Hansen 4 timer siden
What about the Droid attack on the Wookies?
GoofyGDF44 GoofyGamer56
GoofyGDF44 GoofyGamer56 11 timer siden
Wait that’s the guy from Fortnite
Aaron McGregor
Aaron McGregor 15 timer siden
Turtle Hermit
Turtle Hermit 15 timer siden
The you have to suppress your emotions kinda was already a red flag
Turtle Hermit
Turtle Hermit 28 minutter siden
@bouytt guyt 😁
Turtle Hermit
Turtle Hermit 28 minutter siden
@bouytt guyt it’s maybe a theory cause it is never addressed much
Turtle Hermit
Turtle Hermit 36 minutter siden
@bouytt guyt good point 😁👍
Turtle Hermit
Turtle Hermit 36 minutter siden
@bouytt guyt hmmmmmmmmmm
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Time siden
Is it really a theory if the republic threatened the ewoks and the empire is trying to stay peaceful with not only the ewoks but all life of citizens of the planets they visit
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 19 timer siden
They had slavery under the empire.. they committed genocide on geonosis to build the death star
Mr. Snark
Mr. Snark 19 timer siden
So the big hidden message of the saga is "the good guys will only win when they stop fighting for a corrupt and broken system".
Leonado der Große
Leonado der Große 19 timer siden
Yeeesss for the Empire.
Caden Epperson
Caden Epperson 20 timer siden
you know why he built a big military and built the death star... he was a liget sith lord but also he was trying to find someone to embody after he dies and take his spirit and out it into the new force user. He was trying to do the same thing as he did in rise of sky walker
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 19 timer siden
Baby Yoda baby baby Yoda
Luke Hallett
Luke Hallett 22 timer siden
The Empire were literally made to be Space Nazis ffs
FlameWater Dag siden
my apex legends ps5 Winter Express video
Joseph Voss
Joseph Voss Dag siden
peace is usless without God its slavery
Joseph Voss
Joseph Voss Dag siden
to call it bad its like saying hitlar brought prostparity to germany
Joseph Voss
Joseph Voss Dag siden
thay blew up a planet
Jorge Amado Soria Ramírez
Jorge Amado Soria Ramírez Dag siden
MatPat has obviously never studied fascist rethoric. Which goes exactly as the Tarkin Doctrine and the whole "order is paramount" thing. This reeks of ignorance. Try again.
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Bad Company
Bad Company Dag siden
Do the office Toby us the killer
Kingle Berry
Kingle Berry Dag siden
Darth Donald
Grimm the gacha Reaper
Grimm the gacha Reaper Dag siden
Is it really a theory if the republic threatened the ewoks and the empire is trying to stay peaceful with not only the ewoks but all life of citizens of the planets they visit
Andrew Moreno
Andrew Moreno Dag siden
That casino world scene in TLJ explains it easy when benecio shows that the rich make money off the war between the new republic and empire.
Caden Gregoire
Caden Gregoire Dag siden
Order does not necessarily equal peace or happiness
Austen Clark
Austen Clark Dag siden
8:40 big jump-scare
Blehp :P
Blehp :P Dag siden
Empire = communism Republic = capitalism
MortemRex m
MortemRex m Dag siden
Baby Yoda baby baby Yoda
Andrew Walsh
Andrew Walsh Dag siden
People can leave the jedi though. And the parents can choose to keep their child. And the life of a Jedi is infinitely better than a stormtrooper.
Rocktopus306 Dag siden
Obviously didn't watch any of the cartoons
KindredGh0st Dag siden
I would have gone with antisocial personality disorder...
Lushen Lu
Lushen Lu Dag siden
Ah yes, big brained Vader 11:51
Piggyhero Dag siden
Matpats next theory "The colonists were wrong and the king was right!"
Purger Of Heretics
Purger Of Heretics Dag siden
Piggyhero Dag siden
tbh I think that history theory would be a really good idea for the last color.
ThunderStorm Dag siden
I 💯 agree.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Dag siden
I don’t know man..... sounds like Dark Side propaganda
Purger Of Heretics
Purger Of Heretics Dag siden
Mike Dag siden
It's all well and good to see Tarkin's words and theories that the Empire would improve life in the outer rim worlds and systems, but in practice we see them just as negligent. It's stated in the Original Trilogy (~30 years into the Empire's rule) that worlds like Tatooine are entirely under the control of organized crime families like the Hutts, and worlds like Bespin are left alone only so long as they provide resources to the Empire (mirroring your Hunger Games analogy).
Chris Florence
Chris Florence Dag siden
Depends on what your definition of "peace" is. Is it more "peaceful" when a boot is on your neck or is it not peaceful when freedom abounds allowing people to govern their lives allowing for potential evil to rise up but overall the galaxy is free.
Adrian Viecco
Adrian Viecco Dag siden
Canonically, the empire would have blown up Alderaan, irreparably damaged Scariff (their own planet) and Jeda (the Jerusalem for the Jedi), and had actively caused the genocide of the geonosians, the people of Alderaan, the Jedi, and the Mandalorians. This is also ignoring the attempted genocide of the Lasat, and the entire silence and abuse of resources that we see in Rebels. They had, also, actively enslaved the Wookiees, the Twi’leks, the Ugnaughts, and even more species. Additionally, the Empire is almost entirely comprised of Humans with the goal of conquering the galaxy and placing their representatives in charge of any alien planets. We also can’t take Tarkhan’s propaganda speech as fact while ignoring any statement from Leia-who could have actually been bringing the Death Star (a culmination of several war crimes) to the senate for review until being detained by Vader. Additionally, Anakin has to entirely transform into Darth Vader by the end of the prequels, and it is under the influence of Palpatine that Anakin has his personality shift and that the republic is manipulated into a civil war that exacerbates the issues that were already present in the Republic.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Dag siden
Emprie: ok now we need to get some business done. Rebels: Naw we want true freedom and cuass you many a problems... Emprie: YOUR MAKING US WORK MORE, STO
Allison Taylor
Allison Taylor Dag siden
Matt I think you missed the whole point of the series. Like completely. Also this video is so poorly timed, please read the room.
Alexander Morales
Alexander Morales Dag siden
pikmin theory pleeeeeeeaaaassssseeeee
Erik Landeck II
Erik Landeck II 2 dager siden
OK Find but what About the millions and millions of walkies becoming inslaved.
sir knight62
sir knight62 2 dager siden
Why does it bother me when matpat uses first order stormtroopers when referring to the empire
Péter Vazinay
Péter Vazinay 2 dager siden
I know this isn't game theory but what about star wars battlefront 2s story?
Nicolas Viecco
Nicolas Viecco 2 dager siden
Mattpat just decides the empire is right and recites propaganda. He literally defends the destruction of Alderaan. What. Any government that is going to destroy their own people on a whim is not very good tbh, then moralizes Luke talking to the Ewoks.
Hayden Parker
Hayden Parker 2 dager siden
Sounding pretty commie over here matpat.
Rhett Osbment
Rhett Osbment 2 dager siden
Empire did nothing wrong #maga
Kris Ring
Kris Ring 2 dager siden
From a purely live-action perspective, yeah this is pretty accurate. Unfortunately, Rebels give a much deeper look into the civilian burden placed on them from the Empire. Additionally, in The Clone Wars its shown that the Jedi get the parent's consent before taking any children. The reason it affected anakin is because of just how much older he was than the other younglings at the time they were taken. Simply look at Obi-Wan and Ahsoka. They have no memories of live outside the Jedi temple so the order is, in essence, their only family.
Levi Betts
Levi Betts 2 dager siden
Qui gon asked anikin if he wanted to become a Jedi, he legit said it’s the boys choice
A normal Crab
A normal Crab 2 dager siden
Who are you gonna defend next Stalin
Foggz 2 dager siden
This video is like when my dad talks about politics lol
Epicmonk117 2 dager siden
Derpy Shark
Derpy Shark 2 dager siden
Watch rebels and you won’t think they are good to citizens
theGuiltyPlayer 2 dager siden
Emprie: ok now we need to get some business done. Rebels: Naw we want true freedom and cuass you many a problems... Emprie: YOUR MAKING US WORK MORE, STOP!!!
American Paisa 2
American Paisa 2 2 dager siden
The Empire are the Good Guys
Jerelle Medearis
Jerelle Medearis 2 dager siden
THIS is how propaganda works kids.
Miguel Linares Carmona
Miguel Linares Carmona 2 dager siden
CHUNKY Boi 2 dager siden
Congrats Im finaly conwinsed that new repulic is like chinas govermante after making a “better goverman “ but acisantely worse
Crazy Sasha
Crazy Sasha 2 dager siden
I understand and agree with all the arguments you said but have you looked at all the evidence ? You haven't said anything about rebel star wars and if I remember correctly the whole series they talk about how it's horrible living under the Empire.
may 2 dager siden
Finally someone says the jail are kinda evil or are full evil
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 dager siden
Film theorys new theory: order 66 was secretly a good thing
StormTrooper #1413
StormTrooper #1413 2 dager siden
Julian Lesk
Julian Lesk 3 dager siden
We're just going to ignore the rest of the Clerks scene where the neutral party with first hand experience says that contractors know the risks and basically chose sides when agreeing to the job?
Patrick Akpaette
Patrick Akpaette 3 dager siden
Great video. It all makes sense, and great job Matt Pat.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 dager siden
would be a fun video!!
MrFarkasOfficial 3 dager siden
Long live the Empire.
Darth Maul
Darth Maul 3 dager siden
If you watched the Clone Wars you could see the corruption of the Galactic Republic
AutoTuna 3 dager siden
I agree. Palpatine made the Galaxy great again! They were getting no respect from other galaxies and the Republic's leader didn't wear a galaxy's flag pin. We never saw the leader's birth certificate, so he probably was born in some other galaxy. And the galaxy to the South when they sent their people they weren't sending their best. Some were rapists, drug dealers, and I assume some were good people.
Nick Love
Nick Love 3 dager siden
The most privileged thing I've ever heard... they "live in slavery but they're getting by just fine"
Drako Wulf
Drako Wulf 3 dager siden
So what I've gathered is that The Republic and The Empire were both pretty terrible, but for completely different reasons, while the sequel trilogy made The New Republic puny and weak, which disregards an incredible amount of lore. I happily disregard the sequel trilogy.
Fin Lynham
Fin Lynham 3 dager siden
Winning was easy young man, governing’s harder
handy864 3 dager siden
Neither method is sustainable or correct this even shows on our planet which of course is where the fiction of Star wars picked up on such things. We need to change the wolves we feed and make people's greed and self-interest pay off by not accepting bribes but instead increasing the quality of life of the people they govern. Representatives and leaders are civil servants and as such should be kept at the poverty line of their local constituents, if you're smart enough to see the tracks of this train of thought you know the destination and work around they can use is to simply increase the quality of life of their people until the poverty line is acceptable and survivable.
SlimJim 3 dager siden
No one really talks about PTSD in this universe like it doesn't exist.
Melkor Beleger
Melkor Beleger 3 dager siden
The problem is that although the moffs and grand moffs did allow the empire to hold the outer rim worlds thier governance was just as oppressive as it was under the crime lords . The empire actively pursued the exploitation of systems . Where as the republic ( old and new ) just didn't have the resources necessary to achieve peace so they had to let the outer rim fall into the exploitation under the crime lords . You also can't forget that while palpatine's own climb into the political arena was through political means he also had the backing and catalyst of the separatist forces which were not by any stretch of the imagination better . The only reason the empire was able to come into being was because palpatine had instagated the conflict between the separatists and the republic and really didn't make anything better than either .
sally kilby
sally kilby 3 dager siden
After watching this, the dark side Matt has turned to me thinks. 🤨😕😩. 😁😁
Haben Teame
Haben Teame 3 dager siden
Not bad
William Woodruff
William Woodruff 3 dager siden
This is super late lol. Like every other youtube did this stuff years ago. Same with the Jesus are bad thing. Still good tho. Like it
Eduardo Kopik
Eduardo Kopik 3 dager siden
"we cannot trust leia for her words" but can trust a lot of empire people for theirs... Someone is falling for the political spechees about law and order that actually mean human rights violations
The Good Bean
The Good Bean 3 dager siden
An argument for the empire is an argument for Fascism. Just saying
Raymond Bradford
Raymond Bradford 3 dager siden
Mat Pat did you forget about the many mass genocides the empire committed to force neutral systems like Mandalore into the empire? Because if so that is a huge misstep on your part. To explain Mandalore was a neutral system in the clone wars and when the empire rose to power Mandalore made trade deals with them mostly with beskar, but because the empire wanted access to to more beskar and it was only found on Mandalore the empire made an offer to Mandalore to join the empire but because Mandalore ¨risisted imperial expantion¨ the empire invaded Mandalore, so naturally the Mandalorians resisted and because of this the empire sent in more troops and slaughtered the Mandalorians under the cover of night this event was later referred to as the night of a thousand tears and this WAS stated in the Mandalorian. And there are many other planets who suffered a similar fate so yes the empire IS evil but I guess you over looked this fact as well as others because you figured they were “small events”
Mr. Lizard
Mr. Lizard 3 dager siden
So.... Communism?
Sivisbellum 3 dager siden
So you’re a communist and ok with slavery. Duly noted.
Sallie Allen
Sallie Allen 3 dager siden
''Sure they live in slavery, but they are getting by.''- film theorist
etheareal 3 dager siden
When did star wars become communist?
rysiskailepai 3 dager siden
When MatPat basically echoes the fascist arguments of every dictatorship ever lol. I know you’re just trying to be edgy but yikes dude
Fake Name
Fake Name 3 dager siden
The first death star (and also every star destroyer) has a few bar and brothel, which in and of itself does not work for the empire. At thats at least one per ship. Think of all the innocence lost there (especially when you consider prostitutes weren't outlawed by the empire or anyone for that matter)
J 3 dager siden
Actually, I recall seeing a youtube video about how the Ewoks AREN'T a live-and-let-live group. Mostly this was due to the fact that every other species on the "Forest Moon of Endor" is vicious and in order for the Ewoks to survive, they had to be just as deadly. In essence, one could argue the Empire was actually treating the Ewoks more kindly than the Ewoks would have treated them. And it seems that the Ewoks are a very dark and twisted species who would normally capture, cook, and eat anyone they could get their little hands on. The Ewok's "gods" were very malicious beings and the Ewoks merely looked cute and innocent but were far from it.
Tim Schultz
Tim Schultz 3 dager siden
JFC this kind of content is just to generate views and revenue.. congratulations you are now the palpatine of youtube.. not going to watch anything of yours again...
ShadowSpaceProductions 3 dager siden
Of course, the empire did a lot of good things, but the rebellion was fighting for a better idea
Merry Mayhem
Merry Mayhem 3 dager siden
Luke didn’t push the Ewoks into joining the war. He was convincing them to not EAT Luke and the others. You took that scene completely out of context. So much of your point hinges on that and it’s a complete falsehood. I like ya mat pat, but you didn’t do your research here.
danteelite 3 dager siden
One point you skipped over was the leadership of the Rebellion and New Republic... Jedi, former core nobility and royalty, and old republic holdovers. All people with a biased interest in taking down the new empire that took their power away to share it among everyone equally.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 3 dager siden
I always said that the Empire was good.
The True Crusader
The True Crusader 3 dager siden
Just gonna ignore the slavery under the Empire? Alright then.
paco ramon
paco ramon 3 dager siden
The New Republic was destroyed in a week by a group of neonazis.
paco ramon
paco ramon 3 dager siden
Ignoring the blowing up planet policy is like ignoring the holocaust.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 3 dager siden
The emperor was definitely a dictator, not basically.
Finn D
Finn D 3 dager siden
I'm still on the fence about the Jedi being evil. I mean Anakin isn't the only Jedi right? So just saying "experts came to the conclusion that Anakin has BPD" doesn't mean the Jedi are evil because they messed up on one person. Anakin was broken to begin with and the Jedi knew it. Keep in mind they weren't going to allow training but Qui Gon forced them to. And it does work out in the end. In reality the problem wasn't being a Jedi. It was the fear in the Jedi Council and the Jedi Order. Palpatine saw that and used that against them. Let's think about it. We know Anakin is the Chosen One right? That's confirmed. And the council were going to ignore that. They were actively undermining the Force and keeping it off balance just like the Sith would.
Finn D
Finn D 3 dager siden
But I also have a criticism of this video. His Clerks example? Even if contractors with no affiliation to the Empire died during Death Star II I mean you were building a WMD. Everybody knows what it is. At some point you have to take responsibility. Either do that job and assume all the risks involved including the rebels targeting this massive planet destroying evil weapon of actual oppression or you know bow out of the project for something less malevolent. Like infrastructure. The less we spend on military and the more we spend on infrastructure the better people's lives become. So going back to my example who has the biggest defense budget? And who's now been known to be building infrastructure all across the globe?
Ben Stockes
Ben Stockes 3 dager siden
In Star Wars Rebels, we actually get to see the effect the Empire had on the galaxy on a more “average citizen” kind of scale, and really... it doesn’t look as good as your video makes it sound. Just look at Lothall and its people. They were oppressed, their property was being seized for the Empire and everyone who spoke out or criticized them was arrested or executed(like Ezra’s parents). It wasn’t just Lothall either, but like... most of the planets and civilizations we saw had this problem. Not to mention if you’re force-sensitive, you’re either going to be murdered or kidnapped and forcibly turned to the Dark Side... no thanks.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 3 dager siden
Love your video
Meatball 3 dager siden
The empire was around for just like 20 years and the did quite well and the new republic had more time and didn’t do so well
nightfury dvpr
nightfury dvpr 3 dager siden
The issue of the jedi mistakes can be traced back to the ruusan it was all ruusan reformations fault.also Palpy did whole lot of wearing away at the old republic.but you are right otherwise.
Doug Fry
Doug Fry 3 dager siden
Amazing! I don't know what to believe anymore. I...I...I can't do this anymore. Where are my Star Trek DVD's? I need a safe space. LOL! I really enjoy your theories...your Film Theories!
firepiplup 3 dager siden
Jonathon Pearson
Jonathon Pearson 3 dager siden
Starting to think matpat works for the empire🤔
Jessica Craig
Jessica Craig 4 dager siden
The dark side of the force has film theory me”yes good”
Lone Stoner
Lone Stoner 4 dager siden
3.8k people are rebel scum
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