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Lumana Begum
Lumana Begum 5 timer siden
So cool
Tanaya Paul
Tanaya Paul 11 timer siden
Kamryn Diamond
Kamryn Diamond 15 timer siden
I am not even 9 yet I'm 8
Twinzoz gaming channel
Twinzoz gaming channel Dag siden
Kareena you're my favourite youtuber in I love you and can you make more videos in kony let me join your server and I play on the PS4
Cloud Noriega
Cloud Noriega 2 dager siden
What is the mod
nancy 2 dager siden
Done done done on done done done done done done done I love you too brother know why you don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t know don’t care and I love you super than they can love me
nancy 2 dager siden
Love you too but I am the best boy in the world I love you tubers Lala La La La La
Erwin Abad
Erwin Abad 3 dager siden
2 min
Boitumelo Baloyi
Boitumelo Baloyi 3 dager siden
NOAH MAISONET 3 dager siden
Sorry crainer but Slogo always wins
Jem Orque
Jem Orque 4 dager siden
Candice Francis
Candice Francis 6 dager siden
bruh 1+1=2
Hamdan Pro
Hamdan Pro 7 dager siden
Slogo can’t jump at 0:44
Hamdan Pro
Hamdan Pro 7 dager siden
Now that you can see me
Hamdan Pro
Hamdan Pro 7 dager siden
Ayan Rapq
Ayan Rapq 9 dager siden
0¶1þ[ jellyufo
Ayan Rapq
Ayan Rapq 9 dager siden
Ayan Rapq
Ayan Rapq 9 dager siden
Ayan Rapq
Ayan Rapq 9 dager siden
juancho’s World
juancho’s World 9 dager siden
BLACKPINK JenChuLiChaeng 10 dager siden
Ahhaha. So funny be baby be father and kid
Virginia Lazaro
Virginia Lazaro 10 dager siden
Crainer:were nine year olds 1+1=3. Me:im nine yrs and i know algebra😑
Jemimah Clemente
Jemimah Clemente 10 dager siden
It's so funny crainer crying
Shirley Teo
Shirley Teo 11 dager siden
Sergio Garcia
Sergio Garcia 11 dager siden
Why does jelly say 1+1=3
faiza shamsi
faiza shamsi 11 dager siden
Jelly:1 + 1 =3
Vanessa Sambo
Vanessa Sambo 12 dager siden
U r old
sasha holmes
sasha holmes 13 dager siden
Crainer:I sounded deep when I was 9 years old!!!!!! Me:but honestly you don't sound deep when your 9 years old Crainer😎😎😎😎😎
NotThat Sus
NotThat Sus 13 dager siden
Reyna Gomez
Reyna Gomez 13 dager siden
Jocelyn Cardoza
Jocelyn Cardoza 14 dager siden
Cynthia Iaccarino
Cynthia Iaccarino 14 dager siden
Hi crainer
Jacob Harvey 19
Jacob Harvey 19 15 dager siden
I’m 9
Jewell Clavido
Jewell Clavido 15 dager siden
Jelly that crainer,s bike
MHNB Ni Con Lo
MHNB Ni Con Lo 15 dager siden
Denisia Craig
Denisia Craig 15 dager siden
Maria Fe Obod
Maria Fe Obod 16 dager siden
Wow c Kids
Markus Markus
Markus Markus 16 dager siden
Tina Banman
Tina Banman 16 dager siden
Ethan as kids
Stephanie De La Paz
Stephanie De La Paz 16 dager siden
Jelly has hid his dimens
Charlie Johnston
Charlie Johnston 17 dager siden
victor fuertes
victor fuertes 17 dager siden
Poppy Chapman
Poppy Chapman 17 dager siden
Helga Naude
Helga Naude 18 dager siden
Wen I was 9 I did not do wat you sed 9 yer olds do and I did not ride thos bikes 🤣🤣🤣🚲wel am 11 now
IzzY_Ukeofficial 18 dager siden
Who else sis watching this and they just turned ten lol
Qimin Chen
Qimin Chen 18 dager siden
I like it when u guys do uno
Guadioso de Guzman
Guadioso de Guzman 18 dager siden
Daniel Satrohan
Daniel Satrohan 19 dager siden
Or the roof
Kitty Rowe
Kitty Rowe 19 dager siden
Who's watching this in 2021?
Patrik Nieminen
Patrik Nieminen 21 dag siden
Jelly did go To skhool
I am nine and your joking on my brain I don't appreciate it even though vid is funny I can admit I take that in
Murray Auld
Murray Auld 21 dag siden
I am nine
Akshaj Thukral
Akshaj Thukral 21 dag siden
1+1=2 you so dum jelly
Vernel Charmant
Vernel Charmant 21 dag siden
One plus one is two
jeni karan
jeni karan 21 dag siden
Crainer 1+1=2 and jelly is dum 1+1=2 remember tell jelly that
Aaliyah Omar
Aaliyah Omar 22 dager siden
Crainer jelly is not the one who took floopy
Billy Johnstone
Billy Johnstone 22 dager siden
Carrie Kennedy
Carrie Kennedy 22 dager siden
You look like your 2 and your 9
Alinaqi Nazari
Alinaqi Nazari 22 dager siden
1+1=2 because if you get your finger get 1 and 1 put them together then count them all together and it’s TWO
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 23 dager siden
Robin Mazak
Robin Mazak 23 dager siden
Josiah Lute
Josiah Lute 23 dager siden
the baloon was from terraria like if you like terraria
Tomasz Zapala
Tomasz Zapala 24 dager siden
I am 9years old
Nasty Khalid
Nasty Khalid 24 dager siden
An 9
Liercy kiss Montoya
Liercy kiss Montoya 24 dager siden
Jelly its wrong because 11 2
ronald silangan
ronald silangan 24 dager siden
1+1 is so easy its 2
Aiden Alberto-Jimenez
Aiden Alberto-Jimenez 24 dager siden
who else is 9 years old?
jiya 123
jiya 123 25 dager siden
I am 9 Year old boy you dumb
mgwilly78 25 dager siden
hE iS OnLeY 13
Jack Addleton
Jack Addleton 26 dager siden
im nine and 1 add 1 equals 2
Irina Mita
Irina Mita 26 dager siden
If you Giles are Kline years old then you shove not be that tiny.
Elsie Cash
Elsie Cash 26 dager siden
He crainer jelly say 1 + 1 + 3 but it 1 + 1 + 2
football dog
football dog 26 dager siden
Aleksandra Bell
Aleksandra Bell 27 dager siden
This video is so hilarious
Sally Blanco
Sally Blanco 27 dager siden
Jelly said he hates you Beach cuz I am jelly
Charcoal2711 27 dager siden
When I was nine I had a big ol BMX bike also subscribe to charcoal2711
ili syazwani
ili syazwani 28 dager siden
Billie Zell
Billie Zell 28 dager siden
I’m 7
kaylie_ yang1 BG
kaylie_ yang1 BG 28 dager siden
I'm a 9 year old and I'm a little taller :D
Ellie Joe
Ellie Joe 29 dager siden
I have a feeling of the chanel
George So
George So 29 dager siden
Camicorn C
Camicorn C 29 dager siden
Camicorn C
Camicorn C 29 dager siden
I’m 8 and I don’t act like that
Roman Salido
Roman Salido Måned siden
Eh 10/1
Mark Jermyn
Mark Jermyn Måned siden
Josh took u dimonds In mincraft
Husain Oubaid
Husain Oubaid Måned siden
Bruh. 9 year old have iPhone 11 and some next random thing it getting out of hand lol
Sonny Greenfield
Sonny Greenfield Måned siden
yoongi's gums
yoongi's gums Måned siden
Ev Rome
Ev Rome Måned siden
Some of the things they said at the beginning were a bit offensive for nine year olds but good video anyway
Bekim Memedov
Bekim Memedov 29 dager siden
Bekim Memedov
Bekim Memedov 29 dager siden
Bektiningtyas Estini
Bektiningtyas Estini Måned siden
9 yr olds don’t cry to get out of situations....
Artem Demin
Artem Demin Måned siden
Is skool
Skúli Ólafsson
Skúli Ólafsson Måned siden
im a 9 yers old
Ashaz Ghallib
Ashaz Ghallib Måned siden
Where is the mod link?
Marta Rudzīte
Marta Rudzīte Måned siden
6:40 as a 9 year old i agree
Hussain Waheed
Hussain Waheed Måned siden
can i join u
ANTONIO TONY Måned siden
Jelly has made a secret house on a mountain
this is a robbery
this is a robbery Måned siden
Please play headsnatchers
Evelyn Fajardo
Evelyn Fajardo Måned siden
5:09 is Wah its me and my hole boy jelly❤❤❤❤❤😂😂
Mr woofles Corgi
Mr woofles Corgi Måned siden
Jelly dumb because 1+1=2 jelly never went to school
Ben Ellis
Ben Ellis Måned siden
Jelly said 1+1 is three but adult 1+1 is two
Sonja Garrett
Sonja Garrett Måned siden
I love you 😍 💗
Kippy Måned siden
I remember last year that he reached 1,000,000
tashandcorz Måned siden
Yep i saw a video and josh and crainer made jelly cry 😢 cause they where being really rude like kicking and hitting
bClark Vyruz
bClark Vyruz Måned siden
I'm nine years old
Mack Attacks sports and games
Mack Attacks sports and games Måned siden
You’re insulting nine-year-olds and I am nine and I don’t eat boogers that’s gross
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