Trump Delivers Historically Deranged "Fraud" Speech

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David Pakman Show

Måned siden

--Donald Trump delivers a historically deranged speech from the White House about supposed voter fraud in the 2020 election against Joe Biden, including strange charts and graphics
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Rudy Giuliani Farts During HUMILIATING Trump Fraud "Hearing"
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Broadcast on December 3, 2020
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Chinggis Khan
Chinggis Khan 24 dager siden
If Donald Trump got elected, then I can too. Chinggis Khan 2024.
Suzette Daye
Suzette Daye Måned siden
What if Hillary had acted like he's acting now. At least she had the decency to concede even after she knew it was stolen by him. But now that he's lost legally, he can't accept it!
filthynice 88
filthynice 88 Måned siden
Maybe someone should try to present some clarity... It's odd that the counting OFFICIALLY ended on election night and was set to resume at 10:30am eastern it's suspicious when a large amount of counted ballots are added to the system after counting OFFICIALLY stopped ... (I'm sorry to all the people who've been lied to or manipulated) But that's just ONE suspicious abnormality .. And it's an easy one to see how it can seem suspicious... So a few other suspicious abnormalities are obviously going to be easy to dismiss based on a lack of understanding ... But enabling the manipulation of others isn't something im ok with
filthynice 88
filthynice 88 Måned siden
Btw..the official stop of counting was for more than just Wisconsin...altho same can be said for late night tabulating
Vincent Farace
Vincent Farace Måned siden
The only election fraud ever happened i USA was the Trump fraud 2016 election, not supposed be president in the first place, the majority of American voters never voted him for president (2016-2020) his a fake, false, swindler president.
John Casebere
John Casebere Måned siden
Gonna be pretty funny when the lawsuit Texas and 17 other states (and counting) has filed gets this election overturned and you have to eat your words lmao
Patryce Robinson
Patryce Robinson Måned siden
Bat shit crazy
John O'Callaghan
John O'Callaghan Måned siden
They stopped counting at 10/11 pm for a few hours without giving an explanation. Then truck loads of mail in ballots came in the back door while the count was stopped and most poll watchers went home. Then they began counting again and new ballots went 90-95% to Joe. No deranged conspiracy, plain old voter fraud.
matt west
matt west Måned siden
He’s put his fucking name in gold on the world if we let him🤦🏻‍♂️
Thomas Surette
Thomas Surette Måned siden
Donald Trump is such a liar Donald Trump your fired
Chris Måned siden
I believe that Trump is primarily motivated by resentment and revenge in response to prior narcissistic wounding and profound feelings of inferiority.
Quino - music
Quino - music Måned siden
Historical speech, go ahead Mr Trump !
Bernadette Asuncion
Bernadette Asuncion Måned siden
Jessica Oliver
Jessica Oliver Måned siden
If you like him or not and or believe there is fraud there is enough evidence of state statues and laws that was violated. If you are not aware if this happens a state can not legally certify its votes. Any votes tabulated or counted during that time are null. Which means we do not have a clear winner. For example the video that has surfaced some people say those was legal votes and could be counted or debunked. Now here is the problem there was no Republican poll watchers or observer during this which violates Gerogia statues and makes them null. There more but I have watched about every single legislature hearings they are very long that the only way you will get facts not 1 media source going to give you
Lao J
Lao J Måned siden
Leading doesn’t mean you’re winning until crossed finish line.
ProgressiveHeart Måned siden
At around 5:20, the look on Trump’s face says it all. “I can’t lose this election. I’ll go to prison.” He looks so desperate. If he weren’t such a despicable, dangerous excuse for a human being, I might feel sorry for him. 🧐 Nah...
Albert Chehade
Albert Chehade Måned siden
One of the rare times that trump reads from an idiot board.....the letters must have been gigantic....just watch his eyes......nevertheless, all he stated was just fake news anyway.
Martin Smith
Martin Smith Måned siden
TRUMP grows more desperate, disturbed, and deranged every day ⚠️❗
Betsy Walits
Betsy Walits Måned siden
This is very similar to what happened to Hillary in Wisconsin in 2016. Trump didn’t question it then.
SINGKEW LAW Måned siden
Mrs.Comeca Fields
Mrs.Comeca Fields Måned siden
He has absolutely nothing in his brain it's just empty
Deonté Pretty Boy Senior
Deonté Pretty Boy Senior Måned siden
What's with these graphs... "We're leading by a lot?" Sounds like a child!
Paddy. Måned siden
After all the hand wringing .. I have to wonder why don't you go to The White House and ask him face to face to prove his so called facts and allegations? I'd love to see you do that.
Justin Scott
Justin Scott Måned siden
Baby Don that exactly why you got voted out while Covid-19 cases continue to rise.
K H Måned siden
I WANT A RECOUNT OF THE 2016 ELECTION BECAUSE HILLARY WON!!!! Hillary has more intelligence in her pinky finger than trump has in his whole body plus a few of his kids! Someone explain to trump that votes that were mailed in were counted after he declared himself the winner! How many votes did trump have in the middle of the night, 20,000???? Bozo needs to go!
col403 Måned siden
No one likes losing and most of us think to ourselves next time we can and will do better so wtf is wrong with Tangerine Man? Deal with it you 400lb racist cry baby ffs : P
Harry Topia
Harry Topia Måned siden
The election was rigged and "everybody knows it", who is "everybody knows it", was "everybody knows it" present while ballets were been counted, how could Trump know the election was rigged unless republicans had already rigged it and still failed, trump thought he could win like he did 2016 with his rigged illegal voting but he failed this time, he was saying before the election that he can't lose unless its was rigged, I guess in trumps words he just got out rigged by the better rigger and he's still whining like a toddler, poor clowny man trump
Peter M.
Peter M. Måned siden
The US voting system is a bunch of crap. Even if you have > 70% you can still loose. That is called a democratic vote????
Pam Miner
Pam Miner Måned siden
He has lost it, and his blind followers have also.
P Smith
P Smith Måned siden
America - you have a litigious society. Lawyers see that Drumpf has an empty head, a full wallet, and an enduring ego. Pitiful.
Mike Mall
Mike Mall Måned siden
Then, implement one person-one vote; abolish the E C !
Jazzpotato Måned siden
It should really be a criminal offense for a "president" to behave in this way, when he is deliberately trying to create chaos and doubt among his people. People are worth more than being misled in this way by a person they should and want to be able to trust. Lock him up!
Justin Willis
Justin Willis Måned siden
Get over it Trump you lost good luck in Prison
Si Mon
Si Mon Måned siden
The guy is a disgrace. I feel so sorry for all you normal Amercans who have to live in this insanity at the moment. Even worse that he won't go away with some dignity and will continue to poison your country as much as he can. He is a sad sick pathetic poor excuse for a person, let alone a president.
kevin berry
kevin berry Måned siden
It's ironic that he doesn't want to have the election "stolen " from the American people , yet that is precisely what he is trying to do.
Taha Hassan
Taha Hassan Måned siden
All I heard Trump say is at 3.42 in the morning he went for a massive dump.
The Panzer Kunst Exponent
The Panzer Kunst Exponent Måned siden
Systematic? Like how Krebs and Barr (Donald Dictator's own appointees) said no proof of fraud. He's just trying to get money from any sucker will to donate to his lost cause.
Xan dan
Xan dan Måned siden
Save your money for food people.
Oliver Dunbar-Brunton
Oliver Dunbar-Brunton Måned siden
For goodness sake, put him away behind bars. He is dividing the US. Breading discontent. He is not thinking of the well being of the country, but only himself. He is responsible for incising hate, racism, police brutality, sexism, openly admitted to tax fraud calling it " Smart ". Just the start. Come on folks..... Put him away.
Ralf von der Kolk
Ralf von der Kolk Måned siden
he never understood maths or graphs - he is just a little dummy
Jon Halverson
Jon Halverson Måned siden
Trump is alot easier to take and actually quite amusing after partaking of a big rolled (and quite legal) fatty.
Tim Wells
Tim Wells Måned siden
Surely it is a real threat to their security to leave that mentally unstable non genius in the White House for even a few more hours. He is a danger to the world. Seriously, the shit that comes out of its mouth has just got more unbelievable and bizarre with every passing day! Needs to be arrested and chucked in a cell far away from the nuclear football!! 🤯😵
Mr Tambourine Man
Mr Tambourine Man Måned siden
You all know if they had stoped counting when Trump (the president) had said, he would of won ! Fucking sick bastards trying to steal the electshon!
Mr Tambourine Man
Mr Tambourine Man Måned siden
People really buy 'David Packman' hoodies for like $50 ? Seriously?
Michelle R. Adams
Michelle R. Adams Måned siden
Hes so damn crazy 💀
Pat Cathcart
Pat Cathcart Måned siden
Another pathetic melodrama .How can anyone believe this snake oil salesman?
Whaaaa whaaaa whaaaa. I cant wait till America can take a MASSIVE DUMP
magic man
magic man Måned siden
This is the best comedy ever !!😂😅🤣
Dj Cuebass
Dj Cuebass Måned siden
You guys cannot wait for communism. I hope you get it
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes Måned siden
I dont think the US "care in the community" programme is working, he's one man that should not be allowed out alone
Angelo Barnette
Angelo Barnette Måned siden
America hopefully this doesn't repeat itself again ever in history. This will be an stain in history and many will cringe and laugh 50 to 100 yrs from now it will definitely be a case study
Henk Smit
Henk Smit Måned siden
20 jan. and he is gone
Chuck's poke
Chuck's poke Måned siden
What the hell wrong with him cant get his face and hands complexion together.
Sherry Smith
Sherry Smith Måned siden
I wonder has Trump figured out along with those that voted for him including those who prophecized his win ITS OVER for him. God has said its over. His lies, deceit, and intimidation finally has caught up with him and now even God wants him out. I've learned something even prophecy has to be checked. I will now seek God and ask him if what was said was true regardless who it is that said it.
Nik Måned siden
We should all just stop listening to him now, the press should stop giving him a platform for this nonsense. I'm so bored of Trump.
Bryan Ross
Bryan Ross Måned siden
Greatest country in the history of the world? Nope. Not now, not ever. I for one can think of at least 20 countries I would rather live in.
Wesley Gordon
Wesley Gordon Måned siden
Remenber David when you think others like the President are deranged there are many ( knowledgable people )that think the same about you!
Jon Can
Jon Can Måned siden
There's no cure for stupidity.
Not many Left
Not many Left Måned siden
THEY HAVE CCTV EVIDENCE IN GORGIA OF ABSOLUTE PROOF OF ELECTION FRAUD. Ballet Boxes pulled out hidden under a table after the Counters went home. The Counters & the adjudicator were out of the room. CCTV FACTS. FAKE ELECTION RESULTS
Marcel Schuller
Marcel Schuller Måned siden
Now get ready for a massive Butthurt :)
SuperOmnicron Måned siden
As opposed to Biden's nonsensical statements and telling people vote for somebody else. LOL. Voter FRAUD EVERYWHERE because that was the only way the corrupt aholes could win.
Zero2 Måned siden
It's becoming clearer that Trump will continue this kicking and screaming until the bitter end. What a child.
Todd Cott
Todd Cott Måned siden
This man is, a massive dump !
mkrbrtsn1 Måned siden
At least there were no Sharpie lines on this chart.
Gilda Richardson
Gilda Richardson Måned siden
Don’t think I like this David guy here
Gilda Richardson
Gilda Richardson Måned siden
TRUMP 2020
Blissful Android
Blissful Android Måned siden
At 3:42am in the morning...a record number of legally casted votes postmarked for Nov 3rd heavily favored BYEDON and you became the loser at that point. The reason why there were so many people who voted against you was because you were the worst President of all time!
Ricky B Buffalo
Ricky B Buffalo Måned siden
Donald Trump is fucking funny. I only watch because he makes a total asshole of himself.
Gregory Powell
Gregory Powell Måned siden
He is going for "unable to stand trial by reason of insanity". Ignore him.
Bee Hives
Bee Hives Måned siden
🙄🙄 just give up
Carla Afrika
Carla Afrika Måned siden
Anyway, the chart WAS NOT HELD UPSIDE-DOWN!!!
Carla Afrika
Carla Afrika Måned siden
Dear David, NOT THE LILAC SHIRT, Not good colour! Love you lots, but not in this shirt :-)
Snakeman Paddlety
Snakeman Paddlety Måned siden
You lost fool ! And it ain't hard to figure out , the American people fired your butt and is your proof 2 weeks away as usual, pull out your hidden ballots and let everyone see them , you can't because there are none ! Republican attempts to steal the election will fail and has failed tremendously ! Just give it up and get out so you can spend all your time cheating at golf and watching your trumpvirus kill !
Julio Escalante
Julio Escalante Måned siden
The only thing that is documented and part of statistics is Guliani`s Covid-19 infection.
Phillip Leanos
Phillip Leanos Måned siden
Trump is so afraid of the truth because when he has to leave he's going to be indicted and have the wall built but it will be around him in a federal prison,
Chris R
Chris R Måned siden
The American voting system has to be reevaluated. It is outdated. The blame in this election shows the danger of a ruling party not reigning in a crazy dictator who only thinks of his own survival and does damage to his country and the world. He should not be able to reign another two months. Confine him to a golf course and take the milk shakes and hamburgers of the menu. Anyway in January 21 this dangerous clown will have to answer his actions before the courts.
R McLeod
R McLeod Måned siden
First, he can change a chart with a sharpie when he wants to increase the impact of a hurricane, but he can't reduce the number of votes on a chart with a sharpie. Second, has this moron yet to understand that the number of mail in votes were not counted until later. Most electronic votes (cast at polling places) can be counted soon after being cast. Most republicans voted at poling places because he told them to and most democrats voted by mail because of the threat of voter suppression at polling places.
Rebecca Heintz
Rebecca Heintz Måned siden
They took a massive dump on him at 3:42am . Poor poor cheeto head!!!!
Chase Reel
Chase Reel Måned siden
The ONLY outcome that trump will accept is him winning. In 2016 he had NO problem with the election process the same process that he now in 2020 he's suing over everything and anything.
Rick Huis
Rick Huis Måned siden
A great loss! Can’t wait for all the lawsuits after he’s no longer the prez
Robin Hooper
Robin Hooper Måned siden
I can't remember where I heard this but. "Every great nation falls within".
Mike Helak
Mike Helak Måned siden
Pak it up dude and hit the bricks. Your an idiot
Forty Deuce
Forty Deuce Måned siden
Trump: I won even though I lost. I got the most votes even though less people voted for me. Please like me.😢
W Måned siden
I have to wonder if he ever asked one of his kids about just doing mass arrests of Biden Harris, democrat politicians, and disloyal federal officials
ö. . ,
ö. . , Måned siden
Many many, a lot, nobody knows, everybody wonders. He's even to lazy to pull fake numbers out of his arse.
deiech Måned siden
Why us this shit in my feed?
Justin Warrix
Justin Warrix Måned siden
Man, he don't even know how the election process works 😆😆😆
Francisco Gutierrez
Francisco Gutierrez Måned siden
You would make a failed Pharoah . When you curse others you curse yourself. GOD
Debra Kemp
Debra Kemp Måned siden
Trump has continuously lied to people. He had the highest office in the land he needs to face facts. He needs to go home and think what a fool he has become. People are sick of dumb shit.
Maria Von Borstel
Maria Von Borstel Måned siden
Trump needs to admitted in a mental health institution
sexyover50 Måned siden
OMG what embarrassment you lost little boy get over it now get out of the house
Ian Spencer
Ian Spencer Måned siden
I do just love the fact that while this orange lunatic continues to rant, the Biden camp remains staunchly silent. Silence speaks volumes I think.
Kaspar Hauser
Kaspar Hauser Måned siden
Watch and learn, children, as BigDonnie saves the Republic.
Jan Daniel
Jan Daniel Måned siden
Anyone who still supports this lunatic should seek mental help. Do you really think all these judges, lawyers, governors & many more people(including Republicans) are going to jeopardize their careers & livelihoods by lying about the election results? Trump was the only "FRAUD" in the election!!
Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown Måned siden
Yet americans are struggling and covid 19 is on the rise. Yet all he cares about is his loosing. Him and rudi look a boiling hot mess. Can't wait for January.
Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy Måned siden
Just like the new healthcare plan he already has it nobody else in the whole world has seen it but Trumps got it just ask him proof of voter fraud anew health care plan some body please shut this fool up.
Lois Dahl
Lois Dahl Måned siden
Yeah! Was no terrible thing!
Paddington Måned siden
His utterances are cringeworthy. Americans and its allies should be thankful that he only served for one term.
William Parrish
William Parrish Måned siden
The man that told his supporters to vote TWICE is complaining about corruption? BWAHAHAHAHAHHA!
Christopher Gray
Christopher Gray Måned siden
Yeah but look at all Trump’s ‘Little Dumps’
Nicholas Dickens
Nicholas Dickens Måned siden
If Trump has proof then he and his legal team are idiots as they haven’t shown that proof.
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