CD Projekt Red Devs Received Threats After Cyberpunk 2077 Delay

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2 måneder siden

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YongYea 2 måneder siden
Criticize, compliment, provide feedback, express joys and frustrations, but threatening to hurt people is never acceptable. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): PATREON: TWITTER: TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - Bancheis - Brin - Charlie Galvin - CommittedHall - DatadyneExecutive - Jonathan Ball - JT - WECKmaster329 [BOSS] - Devon B - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Simon Schick - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - Mark Taylor - Theron Webb - Yue
Epyonwings 2 måneder siden
Death Treats again? 😕 that sad.
Jacob Perez
Jacob Perez 2 måneder siden
It's definitely acceptable. I bet that's how your parents disciplined you, don't lie.
Tony Madigan
Tony Madigan 2 måneder siden
What harm their either not going to do anything anyway....and if they are crazy enough to kill someone over a delayed game the fact their telling you before hand should be the least of your worries
DJAAFAR DJAAFAR 2 måneder siden
things happend since cyberpunk 2077 was annonced Two parts remix for Resident Evil - Tlou and Remaster - Two open world games from Rockstar - Two parts Dark Soul - 3 اجزاء Gears of War - 11 جزء Call of Duty - 4 parts Far Cry - 3 parts Ghost Recon - Two parts The Division - 9 اجزاء Assassin's Creed - جزئين God of war - 3 parts Miyazaki - Two parts Uncharted - Two parts Devil May Cry - 3 parts Watch Dogs - games from Kojima and Demo - The Last Guardian - The announcement that Final Fantasy Versus 13 will be FFXV and the game is really played - Final Fantasy VII Remake - Two parts Fallout - 4 parts Battlefield - 2 World Cups - 3 parts Star Wars Crash series is back with 3 parts remake, racing part and part four new - 6 parts Yakuza - Two parts Spider-man - 3 Avengers movies - The death of the Wiii U and the success of the Switch PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 launches - Xbox One and Xbox Series launch - Stadia's release and the death of his future - Third World War - A global epidemic - Skyrum in the fridge
52262 2 måneder siden
It's more than likely coming from people who hate this game and what it represents.
mrsaintsgodzilla21 25 dager siden
I can only imagine the threats they’re getting now since the games been released
Jo Marques
Jo Marques 29 dager siden
man this video did not age well
KittyCreamy 29 dager siden
Die hard fans : Release your game now before we kill all of your co-workers also fans : WhY aRe ThErE sO mAnY gLiTcHeS ?? Man...Kids are kinda retarted
K. Gracia
K. Gracia Måned siden
I come from the future. Ungreateful moffos are ungreatful
Ember Måned siden
this game is fucking garbage anyways. delayed 3x and the world is empty af in broad daylight. paaaaaass
Wali Hamid
Wali Hamid Måned siden
Lmao this better be the best game that’s ever been released ever.
Wali Hamid
Wali Hamid Måned siden
@sashen667 lmao how did I know
sashen667 Måned siden
😂🤣😂... My condolences...
Isagi x3
Isagi x3 2 måneder siden
At this point its gonna delay until 2077
J T 2 måneder siden
Death threats should be met with immediate prison time. No excuses. This is getting ridiculous. People freaking out over a damn game. There THOUSANDS of games to play. No need to act like a piece of trash.
ShadowAce 2 måneder siden
And these are probably the same people who wonder and complain that a game ships broken.
Benjamin James Denverstone
Benjamin James Denverstone 2 måneder siden
As Mario's creator, Miyamoto has said, "A rushed game is forever bad. A delayed game is eventually good." This is how I think all devs should do their work. It's how I would do my game. (I wanted it out in Feb. next year but I haven't finished so it's delayed.)
John Freeman
John Freeman 2 måneder siden
This is the Kojima situation all over again over making a new mgs. We should fear the terrifying power of bitter virginity!
Petrri 2 måneder siden
This is stupid. This is the reason games are released unfinished.
Vithor 2 måneder siden
Damn, this got me worried for the first time when it comes to cyberpunk, the game might not be running well for ps4, maybe even less for the ps4 fat/slim, i really hope they can polish and improve the game performance for the base consoles
dantae666 2 måneder siden
Whats the problem they are making the product if it has not come out your not out of pocket or ripped off so its no big deal. death threats should be arrested
MAH CHEEZ MOH 2 måneder siden
Lmao if you took time off to play a video game .. you need help
MAH CHEEZ MOH 2 måneder siden
Yes it is yong yee
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith 2 måneder siden
Cyberpunk 2077 gets delayed Ark players ; First time ??
Haven Thompson
Haven Thompson 2 måneder siden
Man babies still acting like man babies
Edward Morrison
Edward Morrison 2 måneder siden
When fans become fanatics society needs to metaphorically knock them on the head and tell them to stop or face legal repercussions.
Comrade Crunchy
Comrade Crunchy 2 måneder siden
I'm not interested in Cyberpunk 2077 at all. But wouldn't it be a better game if i don't know they delayed some extra time so they can polish it. I mean do you want a complete game or fallout 76....... i wouldn't want a fallout 76. Also these "children" have no idea the amount of work that goes into making a game.
Marcel Lorenzz
Marcel Lorenzz 2 måneder siden
Gamers: We demand bugfree games and will hate you if your devs have to crunch their lives away!! Publisher: Yeah, we have to delay this game due to quality reasons (also maybe avoid crunch?!). "Gamers": I´ll kill you!!
S GSZ 2 måneder siden
Thank you for making a 15 minute video addressing the fact that sending bomb threats isn't ok.
The Blackswordsman
The Blackswordsman 2 måneder siden
The thing is if CD project red wanted to they could have just straight up just stopped making the game. People don’t understand that there words have consequences. Why the hell would you threaten the only people making cyberpunk?
Seung Park
Seung Park 2 måneder siden
Sending death threat over a fictional game that has been (further) delayed. I guess we have some extremely insensitive folks who forgot we're in a pandemic, or are plain degenerates. As much as I love videogames, to send a death threat over something that brings us joy... is definitely going to jeopardize the final production of the games being developed to being (eventually) outright cancelled. Make no mistake, these people are definitely are hard at work on trying to release the game in its best condition possible. But if these fears continue to compile and some of the devs quit over it, it will slow the production and might potentially cancel the project completely. We can blame it on the people who constantly send death threats, jokingly or not.
Sean Dixon
Sean Dixon 2 måneder siden
Y not release a beta or early access ...? Maybe that will keep people quiet and shut them up because man really threats that's what we're doing now
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 2 måneder siden
“Deranged internet cowards” Perfect example of a discord mod
FrozenFacade 2 måneder siden
Meanwhile people praised Blizzard for delaying the Shadowlands expansion to fix things up.
Talan Mortensen
Talan Mortensen 2 måneder siden
CDPR announced Cyberpunk several years ago and they have delayed the game four times now, they promised that Cyberpunk wouldn’t get delayed again and look what happened. CDPR made their bed and now they have to lie in it, they deserve every death threat that they get from their customers.
Philip Reilly
Philip Reilly 2 måneder siden
I doubt they are scared of a few keyboard warriors
Adam B
Adam B 2 måneder siden
I don't know why they even bother displaying those threats, it's so obvious they're just low effort, elementary school level disses. Nobody cares, it's the internet. Just ignore them.
Sargent 0
Sargent 0 2 måneder siden
"Death Threats Are Not OK"
LucasHood92 2 måneder siden
I took some days off for the game which is frustrating but I've managed to move it around & there's not long left to wait!
Freedomlanders United
Freedomlanders United 2 måneder siden
This people send death threats? Then they dont deserve to get to play this game for the rest of their pathetic lives, but living in a Jail cell for a long time.
Greggs 2 måneder siden
I’ve lost my interest in the game now tbh after it got delayed but people should definitely it send death threats
Joppe 2 måneder siden
People who do this are not gamers. They a pathetic morons who are the reason we get unfinished garbage at release
Roy Celon
Roy Celon 2 måneder siden
Holy fuck, I mean I cancel my pre-order and loose interest in the game... But making death treats against someone is way to much.
noir eru
noir eru 2 måneder siden
imagine you selling cakes for living, you get an order from someone, you said you can finish it in 1 day, but at the deadline, you cant finish it and ask for another day, and another day, and another day and another day, no matter how delicious your cake is if you cant deliver it you will look so incompetent. and your client will be pissed. sadly cdpr has been seen as the jesus of game developer and their blinded fanboys think they can do nothing wrong at all and will still lick their asshole no matter how untrustworthy they are.
Maciej Łukasiewicz
Maciej Łukasiewicz 2 måneder siden
Since we're here I will just mention this may or may not have anything to do with the mass protests currently going on in Poland. We're on the verge of another lockdown too and people are really on the edge.
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla 2 måneder siden
It seems like the sender wants the game to be released asap but a rushed game is never good one
ArshKhan LM10
ArshKhan LM10 2 måneder siden
Cyberpunk 2077 got delayed because they don't want people to fail no nut November to hot chicks in the game
Anthony Fuller
Anthony Fuller 2 måneder siden
Now you think about it.. It dose make sense now
Hadez43 2 måneder siden
Taking days off work for a video game’s release and then blaming developers for the delays changing days isn’t a problem with the company, more of a problem with the people themselves. AND ITS ONLY ANOTHER 20 OR SOMETHING MORE DAYS AASGSHDJDJSHSJ
Roger Rabbit
Roger Rabbit 2 måneder siden
“A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.” -Shigeru Miyamoto
KingBill 18 dager siden
Well, here we are, and it looks like this quote both applies and doesn’t apply to cyberpunk. The game was delayed, but it was also rushed
Enemy 2 måneder siden
"A delayed shigeru is eventually good, but a rushed Miyamoto is forever bad" - delayed game
Mischa Calcagno
Mischa Calcagno 2 måneder siden
Would rather it be delayed than shit. Stop crying.
AnalogManeuver 2 måneder siden
These delinquents have no sense of morality. They think the world revolves around them and only them, cant put themselves in the developers shoes. Think about how hard they have been working to make this game for you. They worked their ass off to give you a perfect product and you straight up send them disgusting comments. This is absolutely disgraceful!
MrAsathorx 2 måneder siden
That's suck, couple week before some info say the game complete already,and it will release on time,then suddenly delay again ,hope that we don't need to wait untill 2077
Cheeky toh
Cheeky toh 2 måneder siden
MiyamotoTokogawa 2 måneder siden
@YongYea Check what is happening right now in Poland. It can partially explain delay and I won't be surprised for another one.
Cade Thumann
Cade Thumann 2 måneder siden
This shit is not okay with ANYTHING. Even questionable companies like EA and Bethesda do not deserve death threats. That is EVIL.
axeltank06 2 måneder siden
This really sucks and I get why people are upset, myself included. But to me this action also definitely proves where CDPR priorities lie: releasing a polished, optimized game. This couldn't have been an easy decision. There are several companies out there that regularly prove where their priorities lie, they see us as little more than walking wallets unfortunately.
Shamrock 2 måneder siden
Man sometimes I'm ashamed to be a gamer as it seems the extremes of our community will always fuck up and ruin everyone's experience
Captain Hindsight
Captain Hindsight 2 måneder siden
Consumer self-entitlement exists in every aspect of our society. These people are just Cyber Karens
vvhale fccd
vvhale fccd 2 måneder siden
Remember that dude who went to jail because he said he'd bomb Konami? Funniest shit I ever seen
OneEyedGhoulX 2 måneder siden
Whoa wtf that actually happened? Okay Konami is in a shit spot rn but to threaten to bomb them?? That's way too fucking far.
shawn boyce
shawn boyce 2 måneder siden
They should have Cancel the game after the death threats to call out there's Bluff
Rinzler 2 måneder siden
probably biden. voters
GaRbAgE 2 måneder siden
this is what happens when you over hype a game, both people and company.
JustGoosing 2 måneder siden
Sounds like a bunch of low elo League of Legends plebs.
Asd Kjh
Asd Kjh 2 måneder siden
OneEyedGhoulX 2 måneder siden
Uh huh
Shamrock 2 måneder siden
Drew M
Drew M 2 måneder siden
To be fair to all sides... The devs do have a small amount of say as to when release dates are... They're giving the ball parks of time neeeded to complete their side of the project. They're not going to say we need 5 years and the studio turns around and is like... yeah do it in 1... we've set the date... This is a company with a used to be good reputation trying to save face when they know they're fucking up big time and expect people to simply be okay with what they're pulling.
Drew M
Drew M 2 måneder siden
Just to clarify because people are stupid I'm not condoning the threats... that's unacceptable... but I'm tired of this cdprojektred can do no wrong and they're fine they just made a tiny mistake kind of attitude everyone has...
Salad V
Salad V 2 måneder siden
Buncha snowflakes, all of you, hurt by words on a screen
Shamrock 2 måneder siden
@Salad V Idk if you're naive or spiteful but people have died from death threats being real and other things like Swatting I don't think you understand that this is serious in addition to it being harmful
Salad V
Salad V 2 måneder siden
@Shamrock an angry person behind a screen, who has no idea of who you are or where you live, saying words that have never been acted upon
Shamrock 2 måneder siden
Do you realise what death threats are?
Strawberry 2 måneder siden
It's idiots online, probably people who live in s hole countries. They can use the block button and a report button just click on those and problem solved.
J Wiggs
J Wiggs 2 måneder siden
Anybody that mad should cancel the preorder and forget about the game lmao don’t threaten people, not buying the game hurts them more than making threats anyways.
Bing Chingler
Bing Chingler 2 måneder siden
I 100% believe they’re just straight pulling a No Man’s Sky, where they think they can develop a game in a certain period of time, but as COVID ramped up, and they realized they couldn’t make the fucking game in time they delay it again, and again, and again in a mad rush in an attempt to throw out a finished game
Zielon Snajper
Zielon Snajper 2 måneder siden
I'm happy with another delay. Its better to get perfectly polished product than product that is unfinished
Vivi 2 måneder siden
Video Games were a mistake.
El_Bartto 2 måneder siden
Imagine getting hassle by threats online, come on we're all gamers here, we all at some point got death threats (not OK btw) for random shit but obviously they are using this as a PR stunt, it'll be so funny if they delayed the game again...
El_Bartto 2 måneder siden
I don't know, seems kinds sus, now everyone is talking about these "death threats" and not the game being delayed over and over again, I think is a PR stunt, who's gonna say something bad to the guys being threatened?? Right?
Davitofrito 2 måneder siden
CDPR mismanages their game and can't get it certified to run on current gen despite delaying multiple times right on the eve of each previous launch date and saying the game was basically done. When their stock price takes a dive and fans call them out for it, they play the victim. Its really convenient they just happened to have all this on hand to hold up to distract from their screw up. Remember when they needed six months back on the eve of april (the original launch date)? They said the game was basically done and just needed polishing but continued to be stingy. September approached and all of sudden they delay to November 19th. Sucks but ok and then the game went gold. They said no more delays, still didn't release console gameplay and kept hypeing up their game. Advertisements went out and people took vacation (which is hard to do) or otherwise scheduled off. Less than twelve hours before the most recent delay, their PR team told a fan over twitter that their would be no delays. This latest delay was so bad and costly that the investor meeting CDPR held resulted in the CEO being taken to task by shareholders who legally are entitled to the truth and not vague PR statements. The truth is that the next generation version of the game is ready and works, with the same true for the PC version. The current generation consoles, the ones with the largest player base that they spent between 6-8 years developing for, can't run the damn game! They failed certification or else are such a mess that they are basically unplayable. At some point CDPR stopped making sure the current gen would run the game properly in favor of creating a game with demands far past what Witcher 3 took. That QA didn't catch this or management simply ignored it is a huge red flag for the company. The CEO said he confidant but not comfortable with a December 10th release. When CDPR delays again, this time into Q1 2021 (probably February-April), will they post screenshots of mean people trash talking them and play the victim again? I'm sorry but growing up in the early 2000s, these comments seem super tame and CDPR comes off as a bunch of babies. I've had people tell me to shoot myself, hop in a gas chamber while also being called every homophobic and racist slur you can imagine. You tell em to F*ck off, trash talking right back or else ignore them. TLDR: CDPR messed up several times now because they are seemingly incompetent but want to play the victim card because fans have had enough. No amount of Nigh City wires or celebrities being paraded to the sound of Billie Eilish songs is gonna make up for it.
Bibi Dandelion
Bibi Dandelion 2 måneder siden
All fine , but If the game will suck , oh man , oh man
Christopher McConnell
Christopher McConnell 2 måneder siden
Frustration fine. But death threats? Lmao. If I were them I’d delay it until mid 2021 now. Kids. 🙄
KemCorp Virtual Enterprises
KemCorp Virtual Enterprises 2 måneder siden
it’s really simple: just don’t get on the hype train. it’ll be on my radar but you actually never know if the game is good or not until your fucking play it. meanwhile play that game that WAS cyberpunk 2077 to you previously... I mean come on so many good games and so little time right? i’m freaking busy enough catching up on games
Fatal 2 måneder siden
My best wishes to the cyberpunk team your efforts are appreciated.
Shabazz Prophet
Shabazz Prophet 2 måneder siden
The threats are some weirdo stuff and it's at the wrong ones idiots this why we cant have nice things
Nein Breaker
Nein Breaker 2 måneder siden
"Patience is a virtue" is lost on these whiners.
turbomofo 2 måneder siden
Might as well change the name from cyberpunk 2077 to cyberpunk 2078
spectiv 2 måneder siden
A game like this is a massive undertaking for a development team. There's nothing wrong with wanting to get it right , and if that means another delay then so be it. You can never please people like those that who send shitty msg's. There the sort of people that will do there best to find a bug so they can bitch about it. respect to CDPR for having the balls to delay it again. They could of just thought fuck it, it'll do, and just let it go as is, but they are passionate about wanting us to have a great experience and enjoy the game, so another 3 weeks isn't the end of the world. Alright yeah , its a bit annoying if you've booked a couple of days off, but its just one of them..., you'll still have plenty of time to play it, its just not when you exactly wanted to, lol! life's a bitch sometimes.
Mike 2 måneder siden
people sending death threats over the delay of a video game need seriously assess the trajectory of their life.
Exypher 2 måneder siden
Imagine being such a sad piece of trash that you send death threats to a developer because you’ve always been so addicted to video games you have no other purpose in life. More and more, “gamers” are proving the media right on their anti-gaming stance. Fandom in general starts to become a massive problem when these sad nerds start to forget video games and movies are not real life. This is embarrassing and I hope CDPR knows that we’re not all like this. You desperate nerds seriously need to get a life.
Harmonica 2 måneder siden
Why do why have to explain that sending death threats over a game being delayed a couple days, isn't ok? Why are we here? /is it just to suffer? >.>
Cherrly Berry
Cherrly Berry 2 måneder siden
Im 99.9 percent sure death threats is a crime
Crazy Zombie Valentine
Crazy Zombie Valentine 2 måneder siden
While it's all kind of fucked up, i still find the reactions of the peoples in this thread to be quite hypocratic. That whole death threat thing becomes instantaneously "normal" and "sane" when it's about EA or Activision.
TheColosiss 2 måneder siden
Imagine harassing one of the last game companies that actually cares about their games. No wonder most dont give a damn. This is truly disgusting :(
Tripp426 2 måneder siden
More death threats directed at developers? FFS it's like anyone with a keyboard thinks they're part of the mafia. It's as pathetic as it is embarrassing.
Djlaw56 2 måneder siden
this game is going to be a FF15 mess i can feel it!!
TheCarbonhead 2 måneder siden
Am I the only one who doesn't care when this game is released, and just waiting to enjoy this game?
Josh Willis
Josh Willis 2 måneder siden
They are building hype all a business tactic
Josh Willis
Josh Willis 2 måneder siden
They knew they wouldnt release till march played u all like fools
Kershin Ramiah
Kershin Ramiah 2 måneder siden
Oof, those basement dwellers need girlfriends.
Samuel Gonzalez
Samuel Gonzalez 2 måneder siden
Death threats are never OK. Most people are sane and can understand the the delay. But the story that is getting overshadowed is how CDPR’s ceo wears many faces. He tells investors that the reason for the delay is to get a 90 metacritic and that crunch is minimal. Than he has to apologize to employees for minimizing crunch. They tell fans taking time off from work to play the game that there will be no more delays, followed by a delay the next day. They tell the world that the reason for the delay is so that they don’t crunch the team while putting the team through a massive crunch cycle. I can go on and on. Over the years Cyberpunk has only been shown running on highland PC. Next gen console development has not ramped up so very little work needs to happen on that front till next year. The game is going to flat out look and perform much different than the videos that have been shown using PC footage. Legacy Xbox One and PS4 players are in for a rude awakening when they see this game struggling to hold 30fps at a dynamic resolution of 900p. CDPR made my favorite game of all time in The Witcher 2. The devs are amazing. But the management / leadership needs to stop leading like politicians. Too many two faced lies.
jzilla1234 2 måneder siden
Gamergater Death threats -what trumptard nuts do on their time off between GOP rallies
G 2 måneder siden
Hunt the ones who sent the threats down, make examples of them and upload the 'results' online. The only way the rest of the lesser will fall in line is by realizing that their actions have real consequences. But instead, let's just say "shame on you" and give them a slap on the wrist. That'll show em. It worked the first thousand times after all.
Kyrious 2 måneder siden
Why do people even make videos on this subject? It doesn't change anything people are still receiving death threats even though I've seen hundreds of videos telling people it's not okay. It's like telling a criminal not to do be a criminal, they are aware full well what they're doing is wrong but they do it anyway. No video telling them 'what not to do' will change that.
ryan bambi
ryan bambi 2 måneder siden
Tbh tho if your one of the guys that takes the day off work to play a new video game... that’s just like.... really nerdy and dumb Unless you don’t get weekends off or have other scheduling issues ig cuz I could see it that way, but just taking a Wednesday off like dude, seriously Edit: you would be the first I fire if we came down to money issues
MAZEVLAD 2 måneder siden
They knew we'd all lose no nut november if they launched on the 19th We should thank them
DavidJG 2 måneder siden
these threats are just edgy kids with acne problems
Mr_Virgina_LUV_88 2 måneder siden
At this point, I don't care anymore. They can keep it. Other games will be coming out.
DrBreezeAir 2 måneder siden
Such actions must not go unpunished.
Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild 2 måneder siden
Just another day on Twitter.
Sinsycthe 2 måneder siden
Afk Arena Sucks, thats all
David Fisher
David Fisher 2 måneder siden
If anything the game will be cancelled from these twats scaring off investors
The Dead Immortal
The Dead Immortal 2 måneder siden
I personally don't buy the death threats claim, I genuinely think it's a clever tactic from CDPR to divert attention from the potential shit show that might be going on inside the studio and not address any of it. Until I see actual visible proof that CDPR got a sudden and noteworthy influx of death threats after they posted that sus announcement I won't believe their claim. I think that CDPR devs and employees receive death threats on a regular basis, I don't think those screenshots they posted are out of the ordinary. And I think they used the death threat mails to play the victim card and deflect all the valid criticism. They're hiding behind those death threats so people might feel less inclined to heavily criticize them. It's perfect.
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