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Original Trailer:
Save the world trailer for doctor vinderman maybe?
Tilted Cinematography:
Season 3
Meteor in sky
Meteorite landing
Meteorite Striking dusty
More meteors landing
Season 4
3:25: Hop rocks AND (3:41) Dusty divot cinematography (NOTE: at 4:58 this also shows some of organization x’s vehicles which can be used as well)
Season 4: (1080p)
S4 NEW LOCATIONS meteor strike spots, rocket base, mansion replay mode:
Hop Rocks:
Brief look at rock in middle of dusty:
Hop Rocks being transported (2:08):
Look inside rocket base (1:04)
Rocket launch countdown (2:45)
Rocket Launch 1:
Rocket Launch 2:
Season 5
Season 5 Trailer:
Anchor, dino bones etc:
Cube spawn:
Cube rolling and printing a rune:
Cube melts in loot lake:
Season 6
Season 6 Trailer:
Island covered in cube stuff
Cube Island flying above a rune
Cube activating a rune:
Fortnitemares trailer
Cube exploding with players watching:
Butterfly event:
Parachute at Flush:
AIM in loading screen:
Snow Storm Approaching:
Season 7
Season 7 Trailer:
Polar peak is a castle:
Polar Peak Cinematics:
Infinity sword (1:14)
Dragon Eggs:
Prisoner is chained up:
ice kings ball
Cube in ice kings hand (need to zoom to remove replay mode)
Ice storm event:
REALLY Good Cinematics of Ice King & Prisoner (use clips sparingly)
Season 8
Season 8 Trailer:
Helicopter Around the map:
Loot lake first excavation:
Loot lake excavated:
Unlocking Vault w/ Rune:
Unvaulting event:
Unvaulting 2:
Season 9
Robot COnstruction:
Further construction:
Robot Fight

TheSmithPlays 6 måneder siden
Part 2 is finally out! Go watch here:
Penguin 2 måneder siden
Just watching this now and realized what sos meant, Heh
Spider Riszer
Spider Riszer 2 måneder siden
Hey what was the music you used in the season 6 section
David C
David C 4 måneder siden
The Phase
The Phase 5 måneder siden
Ebysu poggers 🤬🥶
Nuggy Boi 69
Nuggy Boi 69 6 måneder siden
Ebysu poggers
Alexey gaming with Niko
Alexey gaming with Niko Dag siden
Hey I am speaking from chapter 2 season 5. Here is a theory. Can organization X, IO. Who knows?
Kiernan martin
Kiernan martin Dag siden
He forgot the omen
Chase_55YT PCHS
Chase_55YT PCHS 3 dager siden
6:29 You use the background music of real life lore which is a scientist NOpostr and I think it's kind of cool that you're making a science fortnite video
lite 123
lite 123 4 dager siden
cool but we are in season 15
Dostaly Voltaire
Dostaly Voltaire 7 dager siden
i know what group agent jonesy works for! Organization X
Chris Elston
Chris Elston 7 dager siden
Orginization x =The Imagined Order?
《Panda_ Gurl》Second channel
《Panda_ Gurl》Second channel 12 dager siden
organisation x is the imaginded order
Strxfe 13 dager siden
whos here when he quit yt :( :( :(
ROLAND FRANJIEH 15 dager siden
MrCloud 16 dager siden
Remember Season 1, how just... how clueless we were to what epic had planned for this game. The map was bland, no one knew how to play, build, or anything. Now in Chapter 2, Season 5. It’s so incredible how much the game has changed, and to expect the unexpected
Trulyjay -_-
Trulyjay -_- 16 dager siden
Who’s here when he quit 😔
Optimal 17 dager siden
Cj Hanna
Cj Hanna 18 dager siden
Half of this is good
Sam B
Sam B 21 dag siden
if anybody notices about Rox from season 9 u might know that might been related to loserfriut with the strawberry
AsteroidGaming287 24 dager siden
Everyone: THERE WAS NO VOLCANO IN SEASON 6 EPIC LIED TO US Me: 10:25 Turn your phone upside down and look at the bottom of the house island
Striker 25 dager siden
Organization X is actually the imagined order and agent jonsey and the IO had something to do with the cube, the ice king, and the visitor. They had killed Kevin the cube and brought the volcano and the prisoner to deal with the ice king. The ghost pirate had a deal with IO and the zero point imploded and recreated the island after IO had tried to get the zero point witch later they protected to keep the island from imploding again since IO destroyed the island with space and time had destroyed The island as well. In forgiveness IO protected the zero point until galactus had tried to eat it and stark had saved us then the zero point was exposed...
FluffyD 25 dager siden
This is when you know its time to move
Sam B
Sam B 26 dager siden
For the season 8 event the volcano cooked tilted and then five days later it turned into neo tilted
BAD_EGG6666 26 dager siden
Maybe bc tye monster destroyed almost the power to the vault thats why its critical maybe..
Alex’s Brick yard
Alex’s Brick yard Måned siden
Dude it is not organization x it’s imagined order and your facts are not that correct
Brokecivilization 24 dager siden
Bro the io was discovered this season. This video was made in season 10 lol so you can’t say anything 😂
Russian Idiot Productions
Russian Idiot Productions Måned siden
So, organization X is probably the IO? Nice
Danzel Rumanasen
Danzel Rumanasen Måned siden
What the butehfly the clue
Polaroid Måned siden
remember when the storyline was good
Wren's reviews!
Wren's reviews! Måned siden
Butt remember that's just a theory a GAME THEORY
9iine 6iix
9iine 6iix Måned siden
He was so wrong it’s funny
MUTATED RAT Yes Måned siden
What if that bomb guy escaped from the prison and that bubblegum guy
A nD
A nD Måned siden
What happened to sargent winter
Isaac Tindall
Isaac Tindall Måned siden
someone did escape the prison lol its ligit in a loading screen
GameKnight TDDC
GameKnight TDDC Måned siden
The cube drips into loot lake *IT IS THE ZERO POINT!!!*
CJ Studios
CJ Studios Måned siden
11,000 here
Gavinator Måned siden
Ok imagine this game was popular during quarantine
ItsJTS Måned siden
You missed a big bit of the plot, The rocket was created behind the scenes by the actual villains, omen and fate made with a plot to use the rocket to blow up tilted towers but the visitor broke in and sabotaged and hacked the rocket to fit his plan of making it break into his original dimension/universe not realising it would leave a multi dimensional rift throughout reality itself (he then comes back and corrects it..........eventually) Edit: Not really actually When all time merged he learnt of what happened when he left then saved the multiverse using his self from multiple other realities, collapsing the one he initially doomed saving everyone
Laundry Basket
Laundry Basket Måned siden
I love Fortnite 1-7 but in my opinion everything after that wasn't fun anymore
Alex Måned siden
Who knew the fortnite story was actually good
Odin Williams
Odin Williams Måned siden
Aim is part of the new group in chapter two season five.It was then pulling the strings in both 1 and 2
Soap Dispenser Aliens
Soap Dispenser Aliens Måned siden
i dont have fortnite but the lore sounds interesting and the gameplay seems interesting
Earth 244
Earth 244 Måned siden
23:14 is confirmed to be the bridge that connects the metaverse/all universes together
VI1bez-_- Måned siden
Who watching before galactics event
Justin Brunette
Justin Brunette Måned siden
@fl0state3 lol
fl0state3 Måned siden
Not me
Captain Zachary
Captain Zachary Måned siden
I just realized that ruin did absolutely nothing to contribute to the story other then be there and look cool
ツSpoooky Måned siden
Hmm interesting
Gaming. Måned siden
I’m watching this in season 14 lol now I’m trying to link it all together😂😂😂
alexus w
alexus w Måned siden
same lmao
LexoDex Måned siden
Remember when Fortnite was just a game instead of a dumb NOpost genre. This video proves that the game is good, just not most of the player base and the streamers.
Ben's Head of Parks and Recreation
Ben's Head of Parks and Recreation Måned siden
Playing since Day 1, quit mid season 6. Finally back because of Marvel, and ready to learn the lore.
GamerT Måned siden
Will you upload a part 3 when there is enough new information?
Son Black
Son Black Måned siden
Season 3 and 4 were the best season If you say Season 2 is better then get outta here
Julia K
Julia K Måned siden
This is so cool omgggg
Music Music
Music Music Måned siden
Music Music
Music Music Måned siden
Giovanni Roman
Giovanni Roman Måned siden
Ok this guy is clearly obsessed with Singularity for some reason because the only important thing she did was building the robot
kamonster 1up
kamonster 1up Måned siden
i love you
benn zhong
benn zhong 2 måneder siden
did anyone thought the ice king resemble lich king from WoW? 🤣
Kewikeaton And Gunz
Kewikeaton And Gunz 2 måneder siden
good ole days
Mirith W.
Mirith W. 2 måneder siden
I watched this to understand my kids' interests better. I thought this to be some kind of "capture the flag" game, didn't quess there's story this large. Should've known as a WOW-widow. I'm little concerned now tbh XD
ILIYA SH 2 måneder siden
Did you know i saw a giant eye in seosen 9 event!!!
Khaled Zowila
Khaled Zowila 2 måneder siden
i have a theory what if galactius was attracted to the island because he sensed the nexus which is under the ruins. That would explain how the device was powered and let Midas break out of a simulation. What if it is also the reason Midas was able to come back. We don't know if the device was truly destroyed yeah it was badly damaged but what happened after that. we know Jules helped make the device and maybe she brought Midas back that might explain why the authority was abandoned she didnt want people to know what she was doing so she kicked everyone out of the authority and rebuilt the device. just a theory.
Buckets sports And gaming
Buckets sports And gaming 2 måneder siden
Nice theory
Gavin Layne
Gavin Layne 2 måneder siden
Am I the only one that noticed at the beginning when he was saying the major towns in the island that he showed mega mall and not retail
Norman Daymon
Norman Daymon 2 måneder siden
Norman Daymon
Norman Daymon 2 måneder siden
I know season nine event final where the monster punch the valt ‘when its the end the robot get the zero point in the valt.unvalting event in season eight
Adenis 2 måneder siden
Thank you for this!
Evan Jones
Evan Jones 2 måneder siden
Am I the only person that misses Season 9?
Evan Jones
Evan Jones 2 måneder siden
@Buckets sports And gaming Maybe because nobody ever landed there, idk.
Buckets sports And gaming
Buckets sports And gaming 2 måneder siden
Season 9 was pretty nice and I don’t know why people says neo tilted was bad cuz it really wasn’t
Buckets sports And gaming
Buckets sports And gaming 2 måneder siden
Yeah but I really miss season 4
Joël 777
Joël 777 2 måneder siden
I miss the times you made fortnite videos :(
flubrain 2 måneder siden
@Buckets sports And gaming shut up you are 12
Buckets sports And gaming
Buckets sports And gaming 2 måneder siden
@flubrain chill
flubrain 2 måneder siden
Stfu he started with cod
EMERALD BOII 2 måneder siden
towel ray
towel ray 2 måneder siden
i used to watch your ranking guns video all the time coming back to your channel after these years is great
Aiza Hashmi
Aiza Hashmi 2 måneder siden
7:30 timestamp ignore this
TheSamuelX 3 måneder siden
Anyone else here in chapter 2 season 4?
Buckets sports And gaming
Buckets sports And gaming 2 måneder siden
xsonicx2010x Daws
xsonicx2010x Daws 3 måneder siden
This guy needs to be on game theory
Alex DeLarge
Alex DeLarge 3 måneder siden
this story is so interesting
Buckets sports And gaming
Buckets sports And gaming 2 måneder siden
Alex DeLarge
Alex DeLarge 3 måneder siden
man this is art
Alex DeLarge
Alex DeLarge 3 måneder siden
Thomasplayz 3 måneder siden
Who’s watching this in chapter 2 season 4
Nigel Hards
Nigel Hards 3 måneder siden
What if loot lake is coral castle
Buckets sports And gaming
Buckets sports And gaming 2 måneder siden
TheThunderGamer_ Plays
TheThunderGamer_ Plays 3 måneder siden
Uhhh while I'm watching this I'm crying because I miss the old fortnite map
Buckets sports And gaming
Buckets sports And gaming 2 måneder siden
Same I miss the times where if you could build a 1 by 1 you were a sweat
Harlo Watkins
Harlo Watkins 3 måneder siden
During season one I thought that you could hide in buildings to escape the storm.
Alex Jajou
Alex Jajou 3 måneder siden
Singularity wanted everything to go again, The Seven sacrificed themselves to make a whole new map (The Seven died during that event) But if the meteor hit again, a infinite loop would have hit the map and make it never stop
manuel escobar
manuel escobar 3 måneder siden
try guys
omar rudy zabala davila
omar rudy zabala davila 3 måneder siden
Harlo Watkins
Harlo Watkins 3 måneder siden
What the fuck
Ella Garner
Ella Garner 3 måneder siden
i have no idea. i have no idea. i have no idea. i have no idea
Inactive Channel
Inactive Channel 3 måneder siden
Why is there even an “Evolution” in the first place? It’s only been around for three years.
Oliver Zachary
Oliver Zachary 3 måneder siden
ahs she is gone she will be sucked in to a new island los angels island or fortninte three she cant escape now her power has bin taken bY the ominous LABREA TAR PIT OR THE FISSURE THAT LAYS UNDERNEATH
Shaqattack29 3 måneder siden
Aeden Freeman
Aeden Freeman 3 måneder siden
this is insane i just thought about it and it all makes sense!
Carson 3 måneder siden
It’s crazy to think this much story comes from a Battle Royale game.
Astro Nerf
Astro Nerf 3 måneder siden
He forgot to forgot to talk about the infinity war mode in Fortnite
ThedudeYT 3 måneder siden
i miss the old map #rip TILTED TOWERS but it all makes sense now... fortnite is made by somethingelseYT XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
shachar movies
shachar movies 3 måneder siden
Supreme 5
Supreme 5 3 måneder siden
I watch these for a bedtime story and I’m 10
Roomi Edris
Roomi Edris 4 måneder siden
I have to say that the editing/commentary/music makes the video really good. I watched both parts and now waiting for part 3. :)
Jayson Raysag
Jayson Raysag 4 måneder siden
Hey I’m writing words into some notebooks so I can remember the storyline,but I will put your name on saying I got the information from you Is it ok (Also I already got to the season 9 part)
Vortex 2 måneder siden
Yeah it's ok I'm the smithuplays sevlakfke coucnt
coke-a-cola 8542
coke-a-cola 8542 4 måneder siden
Gaming Shark
Gaming Shark 4 måneder siden
Can u do a updated version pls
Linda Mylona
Linda Mylona 4 måneder siden
Wow this is so interesting and just seemed nonsense to me ,because I had just downloaded it for fun it’s so crazy how much effort has gone into this game and video
nguyenthuy truongvinh TV
nguyenthuy truongvinh TV 4 måneder siden
play with fire
Baybee- 23
Baybee- 23 4 måneder siden
Damn..They really got removed from the App Store
Old Evolution
Old Evolution 4 måneder siden
Now I comeback to this, this story idea sounds so goddam outlandish. :/
GunnerOn Steroids
GunnerOn Steroids 4 måneder siden
The reason I'm watching this is because galactus is now in fortnite and the fortnite map is coming back and im also because I just wanted to remember the end event
Stxlery roblox
Stxlery roblox 4 måneder siden
now this make sense i am i right
raeghan nankivell
raeghan nankivell 4 måneder siden
I am from the futch It’s season 4 chapter 2
anthonytrashboat 3 måneder siden
Is the drum gun back?
marcia Pantin
marcia Pantin 4 måneder siden
it's 12 it means the end is coming back for chapter 2 then chapter 3 and 4 5 and more
Keegan Mason
Keegan Mason 4 måneder siden
When you realize the lore of fortnite is more interesting than the actual game
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