Everything Wrong With Jennifer's Body In 18 Minutes Or Less

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Jennifer's Body is considered a cult classic by many in the horror-loving community. And we aren't going to argue with them about that. We actually only care about one thing: does the movie have sins. In this case, as in all cases, the answer is yes!
Next week: Stop Motion sins and Space sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 15 timer siden
When I look at a gross toilet, I always imagine myself pissing on the floor and sometimes I even do it
Mr. Ghost
Mr. Ghost Dag siden
Cinema Sins is Funny
Mr. Ghost
Mr. Ghost Dag siden
Hey Cinema Sins Love Your Channel
Mr. Ghost
Mr. Ghost Dag siden
Love Cinema Sins
Kyodai Games
Kyodai Games Dag siden
Everything wrong with Mr. Robot?
Lizzy Chipres
Lizzy Chipres Dag siden
ok damn
Rob 2 dager siden
"The Movie Sin Tally at the end of the video has a number greater than zero" cliche! *Ding!*
Nightmare Eclipse
Nightmare Eclipse 2 dager siden
Ok so you keep saying she's a succubus. If she actually is a succubus, of course she stimulates the guy before eating him. That's literally what they do.
Discord 3 dager siden
7:02 my school did that. Ain’t really a sin lmao
blah 4 dager siden
disappointed you didn’t include a sin when needys boyfriend said ‘am I too big?’
Hpsuperfantimesten wessa
Hpsuperfantimesten wessa 4 dager siden
Being a teenage girl isn’t just hell, it’s BLOODY hell This is shown by the fact that last night I got my period at 3:00 am and the only reason I didn’t wake up a bloody mess is because I stayed up all night
cBe9999 4 dager siden
... wait, birds make nests AND snakes too? Those are some pretty dynamic avians.
****** 4 dager siden
okay, I know they already sinned the bunny slippers, but stay with me. you would, at best, be in rubber flipflops made to look vaguely like sandals (dont ask me why), except for the rubber being a color somewhere between shit brown and orange plus your socks, or just your socks. they definately would not allow you to have actual footwear, let alone something so fancy as fuzzy bunny slippers. but then again, movie's gonna movie ps: you'd rather just wear your socks, the flipflops are murder on your feet.
Royce 8050
Royce 8050 5 dager siden
1:16 literally has one pop tart
UntilTimeFalls 6 dager siden
For a second there I thought they were dissing someone named Jennifer, then I read the channel name.
Marcus Veyera
Marcus Veyera 7 dager siden
Diablo Cody played the bartender in her own movie
Purple Dorito
Purple Dorito 7 dager siden
There ain’t NOTHING wrong with Jennifer’s body if you ask me
Yo 8 dager siden
This movie is garbage
Firelorder1 Playz
Firelorder1 Playz 8 dager siden
This entire movie is about a demon so it's basically the biggest sin ever.
Fang Ghjnbb
Fang Ghjnbb 8 dager siden
I’d like to gladly say I hate this movie yet I haven’t even watched it but... there’s no joke I already hate this movie
Paige Turner
Paige Turner 8 dager siden
As a punk I can confirm that this toilet at the beginning has seen female asses too. Girls are not as cleanly as most guys believe. And we can pee standing up too.
BL TV 9 dager siden
Enkess 9 dager siden
The only good thing that came from this movie is the Panic at the disco song
Janine Mergl
Janine Mergl 9 dager siden
Diva cups and re-usuable pads are good for the environment and save us thousands of dollars over our lifetime. Don't mock it, and stay in your lane. Making pointless critiques on obvious plot holes that no one cares about because it's a just a fucking movie.
Nir Zara
Nir Zara 9 dager siden
Click bait it’s 19:30 mins #cancel
Janet F
Janet F 10 dager siden
I remember the entire story.... You cant actually hang around with superstars if you are not as cool and hot as her! Wooot! I dont know where did they get the entire "impakta" thing, its all re-invented! ... Seriously it make me laughed, "got his spell ritual printed online? WTH? What a noob!!! LOL! No one can actually do that here! The story is all mixed up with highschool and that stupid computer school... Masasaya kami noong highschool.. We are all innocent and nice. I got so many extra curricular activities (arts, dancing, cheering), I don know how I pass highschool. Pinaka memorable talaga ang highschool.. I never f*** anyone, but I admit I snuggle Eduardo before graduation, ma-m-miss ko kasi sya, maraming beses ko ginawa yun. Ilang days na lang tapos na ang school.. Ang alam ko walang naka kita nun, sa gitna ng school grounds na maraming busy na tao... Sa kanya ko lang ginawa yun.. Ang bait kasi nya eh, napupuna namin sya ng mga friends ko. Tahimik, nag aaral lang, pero lumilipad ang isip during class... Kaming tatlong babae namumurublema sa events at exam!!!! ----------------------------------------- Who write the movie?? Cool horror teen movie. They love to scare the .. out of you... Correct, "everythings wrong" with the story.. :P Correction: It isnt highschool, we are bunch of noobs that time who cant hang out in bars and party with beer in our houses. We are three girls na magkakaibigan noong highschool (Katherine, Monica & Me!) . Mga AMAnians na kami nyan! Meron lang akong isang friend na laging kasama and it isnt Mau, barkada ko lang sya sa gimikan.. May katotohanan sa mga napuna nya but not all... Most of all, hindi kami lesbians. May anak nasya ng time na yun kaya serious sa pag aaral, meron akong BF noon . Grabe naman yan, may na rape ba?? What the hell! Well, thats why they call it horror/thriller.... Wala sa Pilipinas ng ganyan, nangangarap sila.
McDonald Family
McDonald Family 10 dager siden
Best part of this film is new perspective by panic!
Utsav Sharma
Utsav Sharma 11 dager siden
0:26 what's wrong with cursive?
David Nomack
David Nomack 11 dager siden
Hahahaha sudden Chris Pratt.
Sir Pickle
Sir Pickle 11 dager siden
I like the new intro
Alan Murray
Alan Murray 13 dager siden
sandbox love never dies until the sand gets in her vaseline
Kryptoskillet 13 dager siden
This film is the definition of underappreciated.
Jeremias C.
Jeremias C. 13 dager siden
There is a video from this kissing scene at 11.24 which has over 340 million views
koba 13 dager siden
There's nothing wrong with Megan's body.
Cali Mango
Cali Mango 14 dager siden
Trust me....there is NOTHING wrong with Jennifer's body.
Brunna T.
Brunna T. 14 dager siden
I fully expected this to be a blank video for 18 minutes straight. There is nothing wrong with this movie. It's a masterpiece.
Ian Bradford
Ian Bradford 14 dager siden
Chauchatness 14 dager siden
I love this movie!
CreepyBlackDude 15 dager siden
2:04 - That "Not Another Teen Movie" reference is well placed. Sinning for making me remember that Chris Evans was in something before Marvel movies.
Star Lynn
Star Lynn 15 dager siden
Can we get one of the house of wax??? pleaseeee
Pixies Ostrich Duster
Pixies Ostrich Duster 16 dager siden
My friend had an awful girlfriend. The only reason he liked her is because she gave him sex often. He lost his virginity at like 25. Anyway, whenever she'd come around we would sing "Through The Trees". She really was a succubus. My friend legit lost weight dealing with her. He got this big black bags under his eyes. The whole think. He finally snapped and left her and was back to normal in a month.
El CartelDePanda
El CartelDePanda 16 dager siden
This movie made me fall in love with Megan fox.
Meagan Kunschik
Meagan Kunschik 16 dager siden
So do they actually say she's a succubus? I honestly dont remember. Because a succubus feeds off a persons energy/soul as they orgasm. They dont literally eat their victims. She was a hoe before she got turned (possessed?), she has a reputation with boys. That makes them easy prey for her. If you're a hot flesh eating monster who knows that guys would jump at the chance to sleep with her wouldnt that be the easiest way to eat? At the end she even says she'll eat both males/females (also doesnt fit with the whole incubi thing)
katie jeanie
katie jeanie 17 dager siden
this movie is a masterpiece
Trey Noonan
Trey Noonan 18 dager siden
“Everything wrong with Jennifer’s body in 18 minutes or less” Me: Hmm that doesn’t seem right
TheSnaccGawd Sukuryuappu
TheSnaccGawd Sukuryuappu 18 dager siden
I know ThaBirdman is coming
The Prince of Laos
The Prince of Laos 18 dager siden
Video: Jennifer's Body Thumnail: Jennifer's Tongue
SqueakyPie 19 dager siden
Jeremy asks why the school din't cancel class after the loss of 8 students and one teacher just hours prior, to that I respond with HAHAHAHA!!! My high school didn't cancel class when they found an actual students DEAD BODY right on the front lawn!!!!
SqueakyPie 16 dager siden
@Pixies Ostrich Duster Jeez that’s terrible.
Pixies Ostrich Duster
Pixies Ostrich Duster 16 dager siden
When I was in middle school one of my classmates mom killed her and 4 of her other kids because of demons or some shit. Yeah, school did not close. 3 of those kids went to my school.
Benjamin Hibbert
Benjamin Hibbert 20 dager siden
Shannon Caulder
Shannon Caulder 20 dager siden
Lol u must not have watched the unrated version of Jennifer’s body. If u had, maybe u would have understood the movie better. Almost everything u said u didn’t understand was in the unrated version smh 🤦🏻‍♀️
The veggster Good day
The veggster Good day 20 dager siden
lmao "it goes into the hole and it doesnt come out" sounds like sex instruction on the first night youre gonna get it on :P 20 dager siden
"A demon would never reference Jesus, they're not on good terms" LOL
YamiAnimate 21 dag siden
Disney be like: Good god, how many horror movies do we own now?
Griff 21 dag siden
Oh hay I’m Minnesotan and it init cool to be talking like dat about us dar bud. I really do love hot dish and pop is the best so yah. So just let us Minnesotan’s just squeeze right past ya don’t-cha know.
HoneyBunch Shu
HoneyBunch Shu 21 dag siden
You wanna watch a movie but to lazy tp watch a 2 hour shit? *Just watch cinima sins*
Junaid Sajid
Junaid Sajid 22 dager siden
7:51 at lest when i'm out o
Angelica L
Angelica L 22 dager siden
She kills the band at the end lol you should have put that in there
Patrick Wyatt
Patrick Wyatt 22 dager siden
Uh... this movie is genius. In many different ways. You’re just like green jello and you even admit it to yourself.
c r e a p y c r e a
c r e a p y c r e a 22 dager siden
Legit thought this was the laidlaw book but as a movie
Andy Mitchell
Andy Mitchell 23 dager siden
8:00. I think that's a can opener. We had a similar one at my grandma's house, a loooong time ago. (Extra O's in the word "Long" cliche. One sin" Ping!
JJ x
JJ x 23 dager siden
I have a business idea Pleas reply we could be a team ??!!
Jared Flores
Jared Flores 23 dager siden
Positive and Negative feedback = sin
No One
No One 23 dager siden
Never seen this movie but the title makes it sound like you're bodyshaming and that's hilarious
anna bortion
anna bortion 23 dager siden
all sins are forgiven because of new perspective. it’s deadass the best panic song 😀
~Kyashī Aisakku~ • 13 years ago
~Kyashī Aisakku~ • 13 years ago 23 dager siden
This video is so ironically funny. Like honey its gay.
Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson 23 dager siden
7:28 "The Power of boners is greater than the power of common sense" Just damn on that
Dixie Cronin
Dixie Cronin 23 dager siden
You have no idea how happy I am that you used the word "bemused" correctly. It's insane how often people use it as a substitute for "amused"...
Sharky 24 dager siden
"Oooh, so I can't find a copy of The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby in my library, but books on the Occult and Satanic Witchcraft are super easy to check out?" If my local library during my teen years was anything to go by, yes.
Heatherlynn 24 dager siden
You don't understand what a succubus is. Or this movie. That's okay though. Its not for you
Sharky 24 dager siden
It's comedy, for fun
Biscuit Fister
Biscuit Fister 24 dager siden
This movie title was made for this video
xxxlaiikaxD 24 dager siden
I don't have a clue about the marketing strategy, but that is not a pencil sharpener
Rebekah Grace
Rebekah Grace 24 dager siden
Gay classic
• Rocketzyn •
• Rocketzyn • 24 dager siden
Birds build snakes?!
Lydia Rosenberg
Lydia Rosenberg 24 dager siden
It’s extra fun/frustrating (funstrating??) to watch this movie AS a Minnesotan who has been to both Devil’s Kettle and Minnetonka several times
Fox *-*
Fox *-* 24 dager siden
I saw this and was confused on wether this was a movie or you got rejected and wanted to shame someone.
Kryptoskillet 24 dager siden
7:15 2009 Megan Fox is virtually irresistible for either sex.
The savage gummy Bear
The savage gummy Bear 25 dager siden
Hey, don’t body shame that’s not nice
Krueger 19 dager siden
Yes it is
Alex Griffin
Alex Griffin 25 dager siden
TIL Birds build snakes in open mailboxes.
Dari 25 dager siden
10:40 nah her boyfriend is probably just really bad at sex
Kira Aisling
Kira Aisling 26 dager siden
Succubus’ feed off sexual desire so she needs them to be horny and for the lake scene you can see the steam coming from her body so she’s burning the water off her body.
Idek 27 dager siden
the meme “historians will say they were best friends” applies a lot to you jeremy they’re gay
ABC D Minus
ABC D Minus 27 dager siden
What a title, I hate Jennifer to.
John Smith
John Smith 27 dager siden
0:56 there's a weeding ring?
Trevor Olague
Trevor Olague 27 dager siden
Even with the sins, this movie is pretty fuckin good
Clifton Sargent
Clifton Sargent 29 dager siden
RIP to all the socks that were ruined before fox got plastic surgery....
Samuel OMalley
Samuel OMalley 29 dager siden
WAIT WAIT WAIT.... Birds build snakes?
Chaika Gaz
Chaika Gaz Måned siden
Shitty indie band picks up the hottest chick to sacrifice as a virgin. If you want a virgin people who look like needy is the safer bet...
Gamer1288 Måned siden
I think the weirdest thing about this movie is that if a Succubus can turn other women into Succubi with a bite then why didn't she bite Needy early on?
Rushingwater Måned siden
I know nothing about this movie All I know is that All Time Low made Toxic Valentine for this movie
NotFunnyDidntLaugh Måned siden
So, why do people like this movie anyways?
David Biddle
David Biddle Måned siden
Sins her for taking her clothes off and fucking this guy before feeding in the woods. Sins that her clothes had no blood on them? Idk tho I havent seen this movie in a minute maybe there was a scene where they had blood before if so probably shouldve shown it.
Optics Online
Optics Online Måned siden
Gavilus1 Måned siden
"No! No! No!" CinemaSins: No. Best part for me HAHAHA!
YNG. Energy
YNG. Energy Måned siden
No! No! No! No! No! Cinema sins : no. 😂😂😂
Austh Måned siden
What i learned in this comment section 1 - some straight people (especially men) get real mad when something's not for them and try really hard to criticize it, not with criticism that makes sense, but just being mad and calling it thrash (someone tag @pathetic) 2 - most straight people dont understand lgbt humor nor culture, wich is ok but some of them just attack for not understanding it
Dew Witch
Dew Witch Måned siden
Mystik Hamby
Mystik Hamby Måned siden
Okay but at first reading the title of this video.. can we not talk about how bad it sounds?
Ghost Måned siden
I don't know why they needed to perform the supreme satanic ritual to become some shitty musician? wouldn't it be better to become a wall street billionaire right away and run the world
emma shaw
emma shaw Måned siden
half these sins are a real stretch or the movie made it that way intentionally. j hard to criticize great art
James Koglin
James Koglin Måned siden
Comment section on this video is scary...
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