The oldest version of Rocket League (with a pro this time)

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Today we go back in time to play the oldest version of "Rocket League" available, Super Sonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, or SARPBC with pro player Kronovi!
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Little Nicks Pokémon
Little Nicks Pokémon Dag siden
I wonder if I sighn in on my ps4 acc to my ps3 acc it will give me all the alpha items huh
Tanosh Dag siden
this was on my birthday
luis galvan
luis galvan Dag siden
Can you try my settings
Reuben Anderson
Reuben Anderson Dag siden
the nostalgia I felt when they played this
David Mateo blanco
David Mateo blanco 2 dager siden
Why pewdiepie? XD
GreyFrost 3 dager siden
Sunless if you do come back to look at this video, what was the end credits song to this video. I want to listen to it. I did check the spotify list to see if it was on there, and I did not see it. Also nice video!
Jacob Wilson
Jacob Wilson 3 dager siden
The pirate ship is literally the rocket labs map
seandee from the chi
seandee from the chi 4 dager siden
Do you have any video of your game play when you wasnt so great. Like gold level game play?
dawid wisniewski
dawid wisniewski 4 dager siden
if u play on pc go on rocket league and press the up arrow 2 times the down arrow 2 times then left right left right b a Enter on the loading screen
RyStillTries1209 4 dager siden
Why does pirate ship map remind me of rocket labs?
StarNite _47
StarNite _47 5 dager siden
Like for Remastered Version!!!
MisterGui 5 dager siden
This is rocket league : the mobile game
Fun maths
Fun maths 5 dager siden
Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars WOW what a mouthfull name to say
Sheryl Brown
Sheryl Brown 5 dager siden
4:18 that looks like the goalie practice on actual rocket league wait cuse it is
ZMA Neves
ZMA Neves 6 dager siden
Olligaming 6 dager siden
I just realized that’s why there are the SARPBC wheels and other items
Charlie Randall
Charlie Randall 6 dager siden
i played this
Cyphun シ
Cyphun シ 6 dager siden
Sunlles the simp .....
Z 7 dager siden
i heard a discord notification in the middle of the episode and thought it was my discord lmaoao
Leon Jasika
Leon Jasika 7 dager siden
The resolute verse neurally hunt because politician dimensionally deliver except a lazy feature. strange, sticky cable
MtBakerRocks 7 dager siden
This is rocket league!
Happy 8 dager siden
the physics was still amazing back then
KidSaya 8 dager siden
POV: Your playing rocket league on Andriod
KidSaya 6 dager siden
@Efrain Sepulveda BRUH
Efrain Sepulveda
Efrain Sepulveda 6 dager siden
Na old version
Topic ꪜ
Topic ꪜ 8 dager siden
I started with SARPBC too, and got to champ rank in Rocket League at highest...
YXP 8 dager siden
bro i remember playing this game casually and trying to unlock the scarab it literally took like a month and i ended up getting not because i completed the mini games but because i won enough matches. i think i can say that i am one of few to get a pity scarab.
Puppywarlord 8 dager siden
SARP was a cool time
płyn do chłodnicy
płyn do chłodnicy 9 dager siden
Why did you basically post same exact video second time
abdenour boudjema
abdenour boudjema 9 dager siden
I feel hurt they thought silver players are that bad..
The Creative Type
The Creative Type 9 dager siden
Pewdiepie has offended me, I shall now un-sub from him.
Youtube Only
Youtube Only 9 dager siden
I still have screenshots of my PS3 account where I flamed Kuxir, a legend even in this game, that his walldribbles were absolute luck and he has no skill. I wonder if I should post some of it on reddit or something, I feel like it's a testament of time. He literally air dribbled in this wonky ass game, and you hear Kronovi talking here, it's basically impossible to do that. The kid was insane back then already.
leo stewart
leo stewart 9 dager siden
Rocket league need some off these mini games ngl
Need a Dispenser here
Need a Dispenser here 9 dager siden
Ben Heintz
Ben Heintz 10 dager siden
they need to add stupid minigames to rocket league :D
Mendezplayz YT
Mendezplayz YT 10 dager siden
Bruh I’m an OG I got the game the first day it came out and it don’t look like that at all
Jmoney900 10 dager siden
Laggs just like rocket league
Owen Orr
Owen Orr 11 dager siden
This game kinda reminds me of the old m&m racing game for some reason
Boar -
Boar - 11 dager siden
Even the first-ever rocket league game had ping issues.
Brixon Mast
Brixon Mast 11 dager siden
3:15 Sunless: you can't even air dribble you're not a plat. Me in plat 2 who can't air dribble: ummmmm 🤔
Not Jiggles
Not Jiggles 11 dager siden
holy shit the screen tearing
Jacob Pouland
Jacob Pouland 11 dager siden
Kronovi: "It's like we know what to do but don't know how to do it." This man just described my whole RL career
Alan 11 dager siden
I still play on ps3 and didn't know about this game... I'm gonna play it
Pokemongenix Coffman
Pokemongenix Coffman 12 dager siden
Ooooooooooofffff sunless got roasted by pewds
merlek timpson
merlek timpson 12 dager siden
i have played forever
merlek timpson
merlek timpson 12 dager siden
hard bots on this are easy as crap
merlek timpson
merlek timpson 12 dager siden
lol i was born 2009
merlek timpson
merlek timpson 12 dager siden
i destroy at this game
merlek timpson
merlek timpson 12 dager siden
because i dont have anything to play rocket league on :(
merlek timpson
merlek timpson 12 dager siden
i play it every day on ps3
merlek timpson
merlek timpson 12 dager siden
i am 11
merlek timpson
merlek timpson 12 dager siden
I play this game
JuJuBean Productions
JuJuBean Productions 12 dager siden
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start
JuJuBean Productions
JuJuBean Productions 12 dager siden
It’s an Easter egg
BradyBeast 13 dager siden
Imagine getting called a simp by pewdiepie
black sus.
black sus. 13 dager siden
Im more pro then sunless
CalFox 13 dager siden
"You're not a plat, you cant air dribble I have a few questions
Tyson Holland
Tyson Holland 13 dager siden
Sunless: “you can’t air dribble, you’re not a plat!” Me, plat 2, barely able to regularly dribble: :0
Jonathan Ramirez
Jonathan Ramirez 2 dager siden
He expects to much from us lol
slayerking 2 dager siden
im diamond 1 div 2 in solo and diamond 1 div 4 in 3v3 and cant air dribble 😂
VirRuZz_AntRaxX 8 dager siden
@Jaxson Palmer u might have a point there😬
Jaxson Palmer
Jaxson Palmer 8 dager siden
@VirRuZz_AntRaxX because it’s rumble
VirRuZz_AntRaxX 9 dager siden
Bro im diamond 2 in 3v3 rumble and i cant air dribble for shit hahah
Emanuel Villanueva
Emanuel Villanueva 13 dager siden
ayyeee villanueva is an og player
Mason Shifar
Mason Shifar 13 dager siden
7:46 The LAGinator
Mason Druhn
Mason Druhn 14 dager siden
This reminds me of how a mobile version would look
Maverick Lally
Maverick Lally 15 dager siden
The discord ping made me go insane
Riley Cool
Riley Cool 15 dager siden
While going through the producers of Rocket league if you do the up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right, B, A, start you can get the old title of Rocket league: Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars
Michael R Charman
Michael R Charman 15 dager siden
So SARP is now F2P online on PS3...
Tiffy 836
Tiffy 836 15 dager siden
You should do a freestyle 1v1 in Sarbc (if this even possible) ;)
Jack Collins
Jack Collins 15 dager siden
The lag had me dyin😂😂😂
Eason Pipkin
Eason Pipkin 16 dager siden
play rocket soccer derby
Slack Starfish81
Slack Starfish81 16 dager siden
3:14 bold of you to assume us Plats can air dribble...
jo mama
jo mama 16 dager siden
Gunther Stottlemyer
Gunther Stottlemyer 16 dager siden
Sarpbc had the coolest cars tho there may be like 5 or 6 but the renegade is sick
Stacee Jerald
Stacee Jerald 16 dager siden
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Andrew Nigro
Andrew Nigro 16 dager siden
I remember growing up playing this game 🥲
btw Mavo
btw Mavo 16 dager siden
Not a silver I am silver and can airdribbel
ben r
ben r 17 dager siden
The screen tearing is auful
Zikanglim09 17 dager siden
3:47 is called time warp, it’s actually a setting in Rocket League
Kettastrophe GAMES
Kettastrophe GAMES 17 dager siden
spectral spectra
spectral spectra 17 dager siden
Man I played it and was amazing
Red 18 dager siden
The answear: not like a silver but a bronze, which means I would play like a dead goat.
Julio Valdez
Julio Valdez 18 dager siden
The fretful crime rarely bounce because soy aetiologically perform alongside a flippant carpenter. flashy, tacky castanet
The Watson Action
The Watson Action 18 dager siden
Eatham So
Eatham So 19 dager siden
I started sarpbc in 2013ish and played til 2016 when i got a xbox and i can provide proof i did
buk lau vietnamees
buk lau vietnamees 19 dager siden
i actually have this game since rocket league came out
Jaijan S
Jaijan S 19 dager siden
There are some cosmetics in rl known as sarpbc
Realist 19 dager siden
My friend expert23six started on sarp
Schampoo Kungen
Schampoo Kungen 19 dager siden
Ps3:4:5 is gay... xbox is better
Corey Baker
Corey Baker 19 dager siden
This was my childhood. It’s the reason I never wanted to buy rocket league simply due to the name change.
Wyatt Bo byatt
Wyatt Bo byatt 19 dager siden
Sunless:Gets scarab. Also Sunless: DOESN’T EVEN USE THE SCARAB
Trusty 19 dager siden
I've got ps3
Freddy Corcoran MB
Freddy Corcoran MB 19 dager siden
‘’You can’t air dribble, it’s literally impossible to be plat’’ me a diamond player who can’t air dribble
Matya Sw
Matya Sw 20 dager siden
oh god the screen tearing
Sarah Navin
Sarah Navin 20 dager siden
Maybe I should go unearth my old ps3 and go play rocket leauges baby brother
1.3 million views
1.3 million views 21 dag siden
holy crap when i played this as a kid i thought it was a ripoff of rocketleague lmao
ScrubNados ,
ScrubNados , 21 dag siden
I would have bought this game if I just went into the playstation store when I was younger
Bon Games and more
Bon Games and more 22 dager siden
i was one of the 50 players playing that game
Banana Arrossita
Banana Arrossita 22 dager siden
"you can't air dribble, you're not a plat" me:☹️
yurDior 23 dager siden
plats can barley air dribble
kaizyr 23 dager siden
I played the demo from 2012 to 2016 then I switched to RL in 2017
Troveion 23 dager siden
3 dollars?????? Guess I can't play. I could sell my Ps3 to get 3 dollars but then I'd be missing the most important part
Jackryn Addo
Jackryn Addo 23 dager siden
Glassy 23 dager siden
Used to play SARPBC 1v1 with my dad for years until we sold our ps3, brings back memories
Mel Mc
Mel Mc 23 dager siden
Bruh I’m a plat and I can’t air dribble
Kreaz 23 dager siden
I used to have a demo of this game I loved it.
Bob Jeff
Bob Jeff 23 dager siden
It looks like his wheels are tw zombas
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