Event 8 - Bike Repeater - 2020 CrossFit Games

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CrossFit Games

3 måneder siden

The final five men and women have emerged from Stage 1 to battle for the title of Fittest on Earth. Tune in to the final stage of the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games right here.
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Abhijeet Sharma
Abhijeet Sharma 13 dager siden
Jessica Torres
Jessica Torres 14 dager siden
Anyone else think it silly they’re wearing helmets to bike on grass?
Matteo c
Matteo c 17 dager siden
wtf am i seeing?
Raul Cortes
Raul Cortes 25 dager siden
Trampa...Fraser pasó la meta con el temporizador en 12:56 segundos...y Adler en 12:56 segundos, de hecho se ve en la imagen y en el reloj de atrás, y le pusieron 13:07 segundos, es decir como si Fraser hubiera ganado por mucha ventaja, situación totalmente FALSA.
O B 27 dager siden
Damn all these crossfit people look like they never have ridden a bike before.....and yes i know they are riding on grass but it still shouldn't be/look that hard. i think it is so odd that crossfit keeps adding sports......at some point the participants will have to play a 90min Football game(for you americans SoCcEr), play 4 quarters on basketball with 12 mins each quarter and then they will have to do horseback obstacle course, all in just 1 day.....it is just absurd. just stick to your weird kip ups, bar swings and bad lifting form and leave the other sports out of it '-_-
Thapelo Afrika
Thapelo Afrika Måned siden
They chose an awful time to play Brookes mini documentary video
Barrick Måned siden
Look all those people who don’t give a shit about covid lol my people
Antonio Bolanos
Antonio Bolanos Måned siden
One of the worst cross fit games. I drink beer and all and I feel like I can compete with these guys. Madeiro should be beating everyone. He is the youngest, come on man!!!
Antonio Bolanos
Antonio Bolanos Måned siden
Man, the rest of the guys are there for nothing. There is no competition, it seems like they never trained. They just went there to look good and post for the cameras.
Archie Spencer
Archie Spencer 2 måneder siden
do a skid
Irwin R. Schyster
Irwin R. Schyster 2 måneder siden
Brooke sucks, but hey at least she has lots of IG Followers lol
menschkeit1 2 måneder siden
one wonders how much gear is being taken here
Christopher Webb
Christopher Webb 2 måneder siden
Such a dull era of Crossfit! It's a foregone conclusion that Mat and Tia will win, no one any near them. Look forward to some competitors actually being able to break this dynasty
helio67 2 måneder siden
Why did Toomey have a different bike from the others? Shouldn't they all be the same?
Sean Potato
Sean Potato 2 måneder siden
Matt Fraser hitting the third grade bike drift around each pylon
Kyle Alexander
Kyle Alexander 2 måneder siden
Must be the worst event in Crossfit history? Love The Games, dislike this.
Harry Moorehouse
Harry Moorehouse 2 måneder siden
what kind of bikes do they be using?
keully Holanda
keully Holanda 2 måneder siden
If Toomy and Matt had a kid, it would be captain america. 'left, left'
Marquez Roquemore
Marquez Roquemore 2 måneder siden
Anybody thought their Bluetooth connected when the sound went out? 👀😏
c4n4d4 2 måneder siden
Who comes up with these events lmao.
Hesston Whitehorse
Hesston Whitehorse 2 måneder siden
Well them commercial breaks or whatever can go, remember that
J En
J En 2 måneder siden
Hardcore strength and stamina
antonio cicalese
antonio cicalese 2 måneder siden
Sound cuts out from 24:51 but resumes at 26:41
area51r 2 måneder siden
cross shit
area51r 2 måneder siden
It's Katosha
It's Katosha 2 måneder siden
Can Matt Fraser hold on ? Me: of course he can... 😒
Shannon Marie
Shannon Marie 2 måneder siden
I like the idea of this event though it was a bit boring to watch...
윸해한금자씨 2 måneder siden
the bike r rly good. wat brand?
윸해한금자씨 2 måneder siden
Fausto Vignatelli oh thx :)
Fausto Vignatelli
Fausto Vignatelli 2 måneder siden
Trek bikes
ariel nieto
ariel nieto 2 måneder siden
I admire Adams. She's so young and almost the same age as me! I tried to do CrossFit but I can't do barbell snatches and I'm so bad at aerobics
I.M Melody
I.M Melody 2 måneder siden
Crowd members who don't wear masks = idiots
Cody Hahn
Cody Hahn 2 måneder siden
Make Josh Bridges a commentator please. That would be bad ass.
Humberto Vargas
Humberto Vargas 2 måneder siden
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Ryan Deopante
Ryan Deopante 2 måneder siden
Imagine going to a "CrossFit" trainer for the first time and they tell you(in a Bro Like voice) "ride my bike and climb this rope for 8 reps. Oh and don't worry dude, this is a Games event!"
Centurion MCJK
Centurion MCJK 2 måneder siden
What on earth is this event even? doesn't look very crossfit-y
Kaylee Roch
Kaylee Roch 2 måneder siden
CrossFit tests all aspects of fitness. Theoretically the athletes should be able to do any fitness task thrown at them.
johnny rocket
johnny rocket 2 måneder siden
The scary part is Matt must be dogging it through most of these events. When he realized Adler was even with him he just took off.
bsdpowa 2 måneder siden
probably saving energy, he's smart, he's older than his competitors and needs to win the next event so he's not pushing his max every time if he doesn't need to, the difference by which you win doesn't count, so if you can win with 90% output instead of 99% then you'll be better off going into thr next event, he's got a lot of experience and Shane must be a great coach to have two champions under his wing, they know what they'e doing :)
kmdan 2 måneder siden
This was a pretty boring challange. But i bet Castro was amazed by his own genious, for coming up with it. Oh, and I hope, next year they replace the commentators with some AI commentator.
Geoffrey 74
Geoffrey 74 2 måneder siden
Bien joué adler
FITNESSPARTANO 2 måneder siden
esto es de risa...Matt Fraser gana hasta yendo en bici
Meat Bag
Meat Bag 2 måneder siden
No matter how hard you try, you can't make cycling look cool
Trevor Gibbs
Trevor Gibbs 2 måneder siden
Shiiiiiiiii this is cool!!
PowerfulDRT 2 måneder siden
Cool sport. Doesn’t prove who’s the most fit though. Lebron is fit but too tall to have a chance in these contests
Óðinn Jakobsson
Óðinn Jakobsson 2 måneder siden
Yes it does prove it. Why? Because it tests your overall fitness in a rounded way.
fopperer 2 måneder siden
Looks like Glenn Buterol is still the best overall athlete
That Fit Vegan
That Fit Vegan 2 måneder siden
Leszczu1483 2 måneder siden
/that bike ride is not a good look for the sport... looks very amateurish and is quite boring...
jettrink13 2 måneder siden
does usada drug check those bike racers ?
Nataly 2 måneder siden
Where'd the sound go?
enthros 2 måneder siden
who in the hell would want to listen to that white noise non stop, everything else is great. that aint music
DrewskiTheLegend 2 måneder siden
Do the commentators know how a bicycle works and how you are supposed to use one? Since when is changing gears difficult? That’s just how you ride a bike.
MrMosiz 2 måneder siden
In the grass!
DUFF 194 MX 2 måneder siden
Do a wheelie
Jordan Cruse
Jordan Cruse 2 måneder siden
No one talking about how Tia runs like 10 yards before getting on the bike?
Megan Kopp
Megan Kopp 16 dager siden
Its just because technically running would he slower than biking so ig its allowed
Alessandro Medina
Alessandro Medina 2 måneder siden
Why the helmet? Only wrong answers...
•• 2 måneder siden
thats it im trashing my 🚳! oh wells💪🤨😠
Wakill Wynn
Wakill Wynn 2 måneder siden
Who’s that in the black on black holding the Baby? Her Quads 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
Martijn van Boeijen
Martijn van Boeijen 2 måneder siden
A helmet on? Worst case scenario, they fall head first in the grass... If they survive all these excercises they will life that.
Kimberly Kimber
Kimberly Kimber 2 måneder siden
Jeez this bike run was forever 🙄
Kelsea Nova
Kelsea Nova 2 måneder siden
Imagine living in one of those houses and having a free front row seat of all this
Umer Farooq
Umer Farooq 29 dager siden
@corbin hamilton They are celebrities of some level. Some even starred in movies and some are models. It can be helpful.
corbin hamilton
corbin hamilton 29 dager siden
@Umer Farooq umm no. Crossfit sucks... It would make the value go down!
Umer Farooq
Umer Farooq Måned siden
Hmmm. Probably value of the property goes up too.
Zoltan Horvath
Zoltan Horvath 2 måneder siden
Whats next skateboarding? Rollerskate?...
Billy Barnett
Billy Barnett 2 måneder siden
Why didn't they use cyclocross bikes?
Sean Widdowson
Sean Widdowson 2 måneder siden
Imagine thinking CrossFit is a sport
Kimberly Kimber
Kimberly Kimber 2 måneder siden
Is pretty sure you couldn't do this 😂
martin. no
martin. no 2 måneder siden
Adler have other time
MisterRogers187 2 måneder siden
I liked it better without the music, this music is the worst
Omarc Ittarov
Omarc Ittarov 2 måneder siden
ok the men stay on bike - answered
Omarc Ittarov
Omarc Ittarov 2 måneder siden
why are they getting off the bike while making the turn? Aren´t they not allowed to stay on bike or is it because of the the angle? Nevertheless this event is kinda awkward. Feels like something´s missing like another exercise...
Kevin Eloy
Kevin Eloy 2 måneder siden
“Too soon junior.” -Matt Frazier #fastandfurious 😂🤣
dja.dja22 2 måneder siden
Is it a rule to get off the bike? because in my opinion you can make that turnen without getting off the bike
Mountain Life
Mountain Life 2 måneder siden
Someone's derailleur almost ripped off right in the beginning. Sloppy.
Ryan Gray
Ryan Gray 2 måneder siden
These event wins should not count in record books
wilsarno1980 2 måneder siden
Wow, this is just terrible.
Daniel Barra
Daniel Barra 2 måneder siden
FIX THE SOUND!!!! so annoying
Layla Dobson
Layla Dobson 2 måneder siden
Brilliant coverage
Thamir Fernandes
Thamir Fernandes 2 måneder siden
Male Event 8 46:25 Female Event 8 16:22
Neal Johns
Neal Johns 2 måneder siden
I love the addition of the music. From a viewer's point of view it definitely makes things alot more exciting
Wesley Gade
Wesley Gade 2 måneder siden
It is kind of strange their inconsistency with it though. Fraser was mentioning the fact that he enjoyed the fact that there was no music in a previous event.
William Holden
William Holden 2 måneder siden
Is something wrong with the sound around 25:00?
jack jon
jack jon 2 måneder siden
Someone said copyright claim
Kaina Beltran-Rodriguez
Kaina Beltran-Rodriguez 2 måneder siden
Same happened to me!
The0ldeKnight 2 måneder siden
That extra gear Mat has is extraordinary! True champion.
Dan Senior
Dan Senior 2 måneder siden
Lane 1 had such an advantage because of the grass. Dead grass is easier to travel over. Lane 5 had the biggest disadvantage.
Dan Senior
Dan Senior 2 måneder siden
@Vasco Tita I don't think it made that big of a difference. I just know that grass can really be a drag on a bike.
Vasco Tita
Vasco Tita 2 måneder siden
But neither tia or mat were in lane 1
Elodie Rault
Elodie Rault 2 måneder siden
Yay ! Alder
Cup & Cone
Cup & Cone 2 måneder siden
45:40 - Riding those prototype 28'er wheels.
Dingane Nhaúle
Dingane Nhaúle 2 måneder siden
Damn, Haley is impressive. I think this event what was important was the rope climb and consistent bike pedalling...
Michael Fitzgerald
Michael Fitzgerald 2 måneder siden
As a crossfit fan, I now believe that this is not the test to find the fittest in the world, but just the test to find the best Crossfitter. Probably the most 'crossfit' and boring games ever!
Wesley Gade
Wesley Gade 2 måneder siden
Do you get the impression that because of all the hiccups and controversy that Dave actually saved his games plan for a future game and just winged this one once they knew it was moving back to the ranch?
PeterBE 2 måneder siden
Agree but be happy they actually did the crossfit games this year. Otherwise wed have to wait another year
Abby Walters
Abby Walters 2 måneder siden
Why is the leader uniform white and red...but the leader is displayed with blue and white during comp??
ashdxo 2 måneder siden
Red, white and blue like the logo maybe? It is super weird - great obersvation!
FITNESS FUNDA 2 måneder siden
Tia is so much fit and she destroyed all other participants..
Kane Bennett
Kane Bennett 2 måneder siden
Loving the old skool hip hop tunes 😜🤣
Anjelica Darby
Anjelica Darby 2 måneder siden
I would have loved to see Sam Briggs run this event
Kerahh c:
Kerahh c: 2 måneder siden
Jamie Greene usually does really well with running events as well
Becky Ray
Becky Ray 2 måneder siden
yeah! she also probably wouldve done well on the trail run. theres so many athletes it wouldve been fun to see in some of these specifics events. Like Sara in the weights on day 1 and Vellner in the snatch event
Kerahh c:
Kerahh c: 2 måneder siden
She would've killed it 🙌
Bret Bullard
Bret Bullard 2 måneder siden
oh the announcers... Those are not smaller than mt. bike tires. The reason they are called hybrid is because the bike is not a traditional mt. bike or road bike, it is a hybrid that is made for good road efficiency and also performs well on dirt trails. The only other reason could be the 27.5 size vs. 26 or 29 inch rim on the wheel which is sometimes called hybrid because it is a mix between the 26'' tire that allows for ease in turning and maneuverability control and the 29'' which is key for cruising over big obstacles at high speed and overall bike balance control.
Fidel family farm
Fidel family farm 2 måneder siden
Bret Bullard could be he was referring to the width of the tire. The narrower size makes it easier for the road, has less aggressive tread etc. Not sure, but I hope that’s what he was referring to haha!
BBBT 2 måneder siden
For a late event it was too easy for them
Anders Emil
Anders Emil 2 måneder siden
Her name is KATRIN not Catherine ... sigh
Alex Enriquez
Alex Enriquez 2 måneder siden
Im watching this while im drinking my third 40oz. of the night
NORMAN IVINS 2 måneder siden
games are a joke because they are racing bikes on grass. give me a break. crossfit is for retartds. And they are all on performance enhancing drugs.
#V# MOTIVATION 2 måneder siden
I love this channel 😘😘😘😘😉
Why Shiro
Why Shiro 2 måneder siden
Finally, an event I think I would have even a slim chance of placing, even if it was a 1/1000 chance.
Sherwin Hezarkhani
Sherwin Hezarkhani 2 måneder siden
anyone else feel weird that Vellner isn't here?...seems odd having competition for the title of "World Fittest Man" and not having easily the second fittest man on earth competing...
Jerry Whitaker
Jerry Whitaker 2 måneder siden
If he was the second fittest man on Earth he would be there...
Jeff 2 måneder siden
LOL. Thank goodness they had reflectors on their bikes. Surely death and destruction would have ensued otherwise.
jagpreet singh
jagpreet singh 2 måneder siden
Something is wrong with the sound
scott Van Den Heuvel
scott Van Den Heuvel 2 måneder siden
That is way longer than a 440m bike
jrazor28 2 måneder siden
I think it's each trip up and back is 440m
tomy boumboum
tomy boumboum 2 måneder siden
What happened to J. Adler's time? He finished in 12.56, right behind M. Fraser but the counter states 13.07... Look @59:22
Aga Franczak
Aga Franczak 2 måneder siden
Saw that too! No clue Why so, tho 🤷🏼‍♀️ he definitely finished up before 13’; cheaters
Real Deal
Real Deal 2 måneder siden
Thank y'all for putting urban culture in y'all events
Mark P
Mark P 2 måneder siden
Fraser wins again. +eye roll+ Woop dee doo. Best part was Adler leading for a sec.
Alber Luis
Alber Luis 2 måneder siden
The difference between Fraser and Adler in the finish time wasn’t that much
axfixyat 2 måneder siden
Probably due to Adler's body/limb length, Fraser is slower up the rope b/c he's shorter
Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel Garcia 2 måneder siden
PeterBE 2 måneder siden
om prakash
om prakash 2 måneder siden
Katrin she never transfer the final gear in bicycle, she pedals more than the tia.
Minty Mushrooms
Minty Mushrooms 2 måneder siden
Haley smashin it! If she works on her strength as much as she has her cardio then she can win this thing for sure.
Danny 2 måneder siden
I count 5 seconds between when Mat finished and Adler came up for the hi-five after he was done. How is there a 13 second gap between their finishes?? I mean the places are all that matter, but they were definitely both sub-13 minutes.
JackFou 2 måneder siden
Yeah, the difference was closer to 3 seconds than 13 seconds. It shoulda been 12:57, not 13:07
tyd ulo
tyd ulo 2 måneder siden
But they should have fixed it by the time they showed at the end but I guess not
tyd ulo
tyd ulo 2 måneder siden
Yeah I think the times up top might be unofficial but yeah idk
Anthony Marucci
Anthony Marucci 2 måneder siden
I just rewatched it - it should be about 2.5/3 seconds difference.
Aposss 2 måneder siden
after 7 events we can conclude that the timing is not reliable :D
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