Fired director of U.S. cyber agency Chris Krebs explains why he says vote was "most secure in Ame…

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Chris Krebs, a lifelong Republican, was put in charge of the agency handling election security by President Trump two years ago. When Krebs said the 2020 election was the country's most secure ever, Mr. Trump fired him. Now, Krebs speaks to Scott Pelley.
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Gilbert Segoviano
Gilbert Segoviano 9 timer siden
This was a rig elections nobody can change that
C. Noble
C. Noble 2 dager siden
Jacqueline Jackson Fabre
Jacqueline Jackson Fabre 3 dager siden
President Trump Disregarded Those Who Was Loyal (Honest) For Government. That's Disheartening to Take Away One's Livelihood.
WaylonJohn13 3 dager siden
Fired......enough said. They eye in the sky don't lie
bonsai. jimmy
bonsai. jimmy 4 dager siden
Despite all effort to protect the inauguration of Biden on 20 Jan, it will not be easy to entirely stop all manner of disruption by Trump supporters. A 'Lone wolf terrorist' can easily plant a bomb to STAGE a fake assassination attempt on President Trump in order to set off violent riots in all 50 states. It is better to be SAFE than sorry. Organize the Inauguration indoors !
Make Money Now
Make Money Now 4 dager siden
Officially, you're one of my favorite NOpostrs out here!
Z EUDS 5 dager siden
... so just because you think that you know... It's make no sense to the point of unbelievable... Do you know of they'd change people's ballots in the name of adjudication (92 to 96%) and re-created new ballots to scan them again and again... that why it takes them so long and make it can't be reachable afterwards... If you can't see the original ballots what you can see now for recounts are fake documents that we're all called not real ballots...! "... Just slap the RICO fullest on these BTechs... don't let them shielded behind the special section of the rule 230 CDA ... Let's fine them first then break them up likes the Ma Bell's once was...!" . "... RIP... those free and fair elections in the land of the frees and the home 🏡 of the braves... hopefully it won't be forevermore... it's all up to you and yours... onwards...!" . "... the left was almost successfully move their old own CHAZ of Washington into Washington DC... Don't y'all see that...!?" EUDS ISUT... ICR... NSPM-13...AI vs IA... BBB...etc. . The USA isn't a just formalities nation and US Congresses aren't just a bunch of the highest paying humanoids' rubber stamps... The wills of the phantomas and death's voters are remaining unknown and JB cannot possible to get their signatures therefore his voters cannot be found anywhere... except on those tombstones...! "RINOs... What would you do if you're DJT...!?" EUDS . "... and the DVS software's systems... and those canvas boards across this country are not independent but leaning DNC and its affiliations... and USPS work forces willingly to participate in these attacks to our democracy via forgery and illegal votes... etc. There are three components in this election system of ours: casting, protection transfer and harvesting of all legally voted ballots... no if, no but of nothing else...! The DVS software's will count all kinda ballots from anyone 1-300 years old whether very dead or no longer here... for anybody's paying for this magically performing machinery... coordinated attack, stop, manipulate results, stuffing phantom ballots into those imaginary ballots boxes throughout the systems at will and command by someone unknown at this point... in middle of the election night and earlier next morning... We shall never be able to reconcile those death's voters and those phantom ballots... regardless...! So they keep on counting any votes till their kinda wishful own victory... It's not counting every vote but all legally voted ballots must be counted... Nowadays, the meaningful recount, recount, recount by hands and we shall see what we shall see... What's happening to US... All... It just happened to these 8 states because they're getting caught... What's about the others 28 more... and how long ago these systems have been deployed... Do we need to look back at the 2018's midterm election results!? Just may be we shall be able to unlocking the secret of the Blue Surge for Impeachment movement...!? Time will tell... with God's willing...! To prevent this problem we just may have to apply the electoral college system to all statewide positions otherwise those metropolitan area will take charge all the times regardless of the issues at stake... just take a good look at voting map down to counties levels of 2016 and 2000's ones... Don't y'all see all!?" God blessed US... All... EUDS References... ... Dates, Data and US Constitution... ... 'A loss is improbable to the point of impossible’-look at the math-by Steve Cortes ... DVS vs the others... ... Evidences from PA... ... the pattern of votes' manipulation... ... Election's hearings at State House PA... ... line up... JB1, JB2, JB3... Foil the "coupe d'etat...!"... from the USC to GSA... "‘Does this inspire confidence?’: problematic recount in Georgia; Possible path to a Trump win | NTD" on NOpost "Sidney Powell: Trump will sue to invalidate election results; Trump camp disputes Georgia recount" on NOpost "The Affidavit: Sidney Powell With Lou Dobbs" on NOpost ""Trump will win again," Lincoln Wood claims; Will Biden be arrested? | Front Page" on NOpost "Defending the “Defender in Chief”: John Yoo on Trump’s Fight for Presidential Power" on NOpost "⛔ The Rise of MAGA and the Empire of Donald Trump" on NOpost ... "StopTheStealNow"... 2016's electorals map to see... "how really close it was...!?" ... and 2000's ones... '... we're all fighting both foreign and domestic enemies however recently they're both went invisible... whether the CCPvirus of Wuhan, Hubei, PRC... or a bunch of hyper citizenships resistantisis socialistic communistic minded hulligans.... go figure it out...!' ... shall we starting to read their Miranda's rights...first... right now...!? ... let's liberating all Californians... and US...All too...! ... billions wise with $85 foolishly... ... from SNA... the land of Kangaroo... "The PRC's Connections...!" ​​​​ ... from Russia, Ukraina to China and elsewhere throughout the globe... ​​ "... a constitutional constructionist will not to legislate from the bench...SCAJ ACB..." ​​ SARS CoVi-2 renamed by WHO to CoVID-19 aka CCPvirus where are they coming from...!? ​​ "... When would she tell US...All... the truth...nothing but the truth...back then or right now!?"​ "Please come to​ ​to see how'd they reports the death of regular season flu vs the CCP-virus one's ...!?" ... up to date...​ "... if not him then who, if not now then when...ever ...!" ... not worthy ABC về ABB... (Anybody But B...) "... on the CCPvirus we do have a very good choice whether we'll have to get rid of one first or both at the same time... If we're playing our cards right, we just may be able to liberating all of the Chinese and its occupied territories from CCP and PLA of PRC...very soon now... God's willing...!?" EUDS .
Wesfaiqa Tinai
Wesfaiqa Tinai 5 dager siden
PERSONA NON GRATA!!!HA!HA!Now he knows what it feels like to be a REFUGEE!The 1st refugee of 2021!!!
Jen Me
Jen Me 5 dager siden
Chris Krebs is awesome.
Ha Walk
Ha Walk 7 dager siden
Chris you did a excellent job. Not a Republican but i believe in your work. Im mot sure why PEOPLE are surprised by trump and his team
penny albritton
penny albritton 8 dager siden
The aspiring september electrophoretically label because litter remarkably slip amidst a uneven land. chunky, plain tennis
Charlie Tofuric
Charlie Tofuric 12 dager siden
The President the Mirror of the Republic............Son of man listen and learn. The third vision of George Washington our founding father documented in the Library of congress is upon us now. Blessed is our Father in Heaven and Blessed is his Son Jesus Christ. God is angered at all the corruption and hate that he see's. The corruption and vile words and action's of the media who attack the Republic. Angered is the Lord at all the elected officials who took the Holy Oath to defend God & Country and burned it for greed and power. Son of the Republic ........Listen and learn. Blessed are the American heroes. Our fathers, brothers and sister's who's blood poured out in battle to protect the Holy Oath for Country and God. Their sacrifice was in not in vain. For their Oath is part of their soul's and their names are now written in the book of the Lamb.The day of judgement is near. The evil will fall our Holy Lord has ordained. Our Lord is calling this great Nation to unite in prayer. For as long as there are stars in the Heavens the Republic will stand . A day of Judgment is upon us now.. Holy be Our Father and Holy be his son. This Nation will never fall. For sacred is the oath of our Fathers, Brothers, Sister's and all Americans to Defend this Great nation from Tyranny and communism. To defend Our Blessed Freedoms, to Defend Our President and Vice President the Son's of the Republic. To Defend Our Great Constitution and Flag. By the Millions we will rise up armed and ready Son's of the Republic listen and learn..............The American Patriots
David Hodges
David Hodges 14 dager siden
If you knew how honest it was, why did my died grandpa vote?
William Springer
William Springer 14 dager siden
Made this video a bit premature. You were supposed to wait for all the evidence to be destroyed.
dnewkirk50 17 dager siden
Krebs has no technical understanding whatsoever. It appears that he has been coached as to what to purport. Any concerned American with critical thinking skills should ultimately recognize that Chris Krebs is a compromised pencil pushing bureaucrat who has willingly or perhaps unwittingly become a puppet of the controllers of this event.
Eric Natividad
Eric Natividad 18 dager siden
60 minutes eats their comments!😂😂😂
stayfocused 19 dager siden
Why do people only stand up to Trump when they've been fired? STOP being afraid of evil Trump. America is a joke! I am so glad that Joe Biden won. We need sanity and unity back inside that White House.
Deebee Coomer
Deebee Coomer 22 dager siden
Our entire country was hacked under his watch. How sad is this
Deebee Coomer
Deebee Coomer 22 dager siden
This is the same guy that missed the biggest hack in the history of the United States (Solarwinds).......Let that sink in. 60 minutes should have a warning label attached.
Matt Galloway
Matt Galloway 22 dager siden
Forensic evidence of actual voting systems are coming in now. And they are damning. Evidence in one study of 22 machines in Michigan show a whopping 68% error rate that sent 68% of the votes into a adjudication file that then allows a local worker to: change, alter, or delete votes. There is supposed to be no more than .001% error rate by law. Factual evidence of fraudulent programming in the system.
0101 Kk
0101 Kk 22 dager siden
This guy is lying to the teeth.
Matt Galloway
Matt Galloway 22 dager siden
Hey Krebs, If you are so certain our government systems are so secure why is Solarwinds everywhere? Did you have guards ensuring all voting systems were NOT connected to the network as required? No you didn't. So your statement about most secure is based only on wishful thinking. You could learn a few things from admins in Texas who repeatedly rejected Dominion systems. Maybe a tax audit will tell us where your allegiance is. Another 60 min fantasy.
Rohan Ghanta
Rohan Ghanta 23 dager siden
crybaby cry baby crybaby
Brian Bruce
Brian Bruce 23 dager siden
Any viewer who believes this garbage from corrupt fake news media is a total buffoon! Krebs says this was the most secure election ever??? Meanwhile he was director of US cyber security while our country was under siege from the biggest cyber attack from foreign countries in American history. It really goes beyond words at this point...
SWog 23 dager siden
So when this guy vouches for the security of the 2020 election... the "most secure in American history"... and then we find out the Russians hacked into all many areas of our government quite some time ago without him knowing about it, maybe he's not quite the expert the media made him out to be. Maybe 60 Minutes will get him back for a follow up... after the inauguration, obviously.
Chris Krebs
Chris Krebs 24 dager siden
Okay, I admit the SolarWinds Cyberattack ‘Happened On My Watch’. Pay no attention to the fact that Dominion voting machines uses Solar Winds. It's just a coincidence. Still the most secure election of all time.
alanshadyvally 24 dager siden
Meanwhile missed biggest hack in history. Loser!
Rodion Gulakov
Rodion Gulakov 25 dager siden
Of course US election 2020 was fraudulent. And there are plenty of evidence of faulse ballots. USA is not democracy. Let give it a year or two. Trump was in the office for the reason and this reason is still there.
TruthWarrior 25 dager siden
Yay !!!! great job.... Its so nice people are so full of love and joy this time of year!!!
The Omega Man
The Omega Man 25 dager siden
See how 60 minutes lies to you liberals ? Today he admitted there was cyber attacks
The Omega Man
The Omega Man 25 dager siden
CISA director Chris(most secure election of all time) Krebs, admitting he failed....🤣 and allowed cyber attacks. So much election fraud. Where is Fat Man Barr ??
Dj Sawayer
Dj Sawayer 25 dager siden
Your a liar sir and Krebs is compromised
Dj Sawayer
Dj Sawayer 25 dager siden
Queenofthegoofballs74 26 dager siden
This man has more decency in the dirt of his pinky finger than Trump has in his entire self over the course of a lifetime.
Dr. Mayhem
Dr. Mayhem 26 dager siden
Krebs. He's a joke. Why is the media giving that fool any credibility. He needed to be fired. Head of cyber security and while the head of cyber security, our national security was being hacked by foreign governments and he didn't notice anything. Yeah, the most secure national election ever, says Krebs. Meanwhile, Russia, China, Iran and whoever pays for our national security info, are hacking gov't computer systems.
Hurtlocker 22
Hurtlocker 22 26 dager siden
Why didn't he figure out the Russian hack? Who was asleep at the wheel. I'm happy the election want stolen by Trump but now this cyber attack. 9 months of them being in our systems. Fell short
Stanley C
Stanley C 27 dager siden
If republicans believe he lied, does that mean they admit that Trump failed to make election secure. Meaning trump is an inept president who can’t even protect democracy.
paige1622 27 dager siden
we beg to differ with Chris Krebs. It was shown on Live TV CNN to be exact how suddenly the numbers changed within seconds from Pres. Trump to Biden!! That's only one of? What about the guys who ''Hid a Truck Load with BAGS & BAGS of Mail in in Ballots'' in his Garden Shed and the list goes on and what about the double Coted and How many Hundreds of Thousand of Dead People who also Voted???? You want to call this a Fair Election?? I guarantee America if they were to do a full ''By HAND'' recount it would be a Totally Different Story!!
Stanley C
Stanley C 27 dager siden
So trump is an inept president who allowed election fraud to occur under his administration. Kind of show how trump is really bad as a president. The very first US president that can’t even protect democracy. Wonder why haven’t people send him to jail yet for his failure as a president.
mavssami41 27 dager siden
Swamp ppl will always be swamp ppl
Steven Shook
Steven Shook 28 dager siden
How about a follow up interview with Mr. Krebs about the SolarWinds hack, 60 Minutes? If the nation's most important and sensitive agencies were hacked by Russians under Mr. Krebs watch -- and he said nothing about it -- then how are American citizens supposed to trust what he's stating about a secure U.S. election?
John Prendergast
John Prendergast 28 dager siden
It looks like Krebs was responsible for huge Russian Hack during his watch ....Not much news about it ,now ...stinks
Dave Wrobel
Dave Wrobel 28 dager siden
Our deep state agencies like the CIA, FBI and hacks like Chris - Krebs have been too busy trying to overthrow our president and that's why our national security has been hacked.
Simon Farnum
Simon Farnum 28 dager siden
How much credibility does this guy have, cyber pearl harbor happened under his watch???
Diana Cole
Diana Cole 28 dager siden
Thank You Mr.Krebs!!!!
shekeeps1iclosed 28 dager siden
Rewatching this because of recent Russian cyber hacks on the U.S. cyber security & Our nuclear plants.
Amour Vérité
Amour Vérité 29 dager siden
Is it too good to be true? Democrats were so sure that the Russians (and others) hacked into the 2016 election which Trump won, but now that Biden "'won", somehow those same hackers just decided to take a vacation, and DID NOTHING. Yeah, right.
jesse chappa
jesse chappa 29 dager siden
All democrats are God Damned Liars !
conservatorcivilus 29 dager siden
WRONG! 😑 THERE WAS FOREIGN INTERFERENCE in the 2020 Election! LIAR KREBS is a disgrace! 🤬👎🏻
Peyton Lucy
Peyton Lucy 29 dager siden
BTW, Krebs just said that 95% of the ballots had a paper record, which means that 7.75 million votes do not have a paper record.
Peyton Lucy
Peyton Lucy 29 dager siden
Don’t be confused by people who use phrases similar to “there is no evidence of any irregularity that would overturn the election.” They want you to make the inference that there are no irregularities but they are actually saying that they do not acknowledge any irregularities of a major scale. Please go to NOpost and find “ABC NEWS - ELECTION NIGHT 2020 7:00 P.M. E.T - 3:03 A.M E.T (11-3-2020).” The video is 8:03:13 long --- to be sure that you have the full video. Advance to 2:20:15 and use whatever method available to you to capture the screen information. Then advance to 2:25:50 and do the same. Compare the two screens and time stamps. How can this be? If you are curious, go to the other networks. One of them has an odd feature. On the bottom of the screen the votes from states are scrolled alphabetically, many times over and over. However, in the general time frame in question, the scroll frequently skips from Ohio, Oklahoma to Rhode Island. Why?
Tristan Fly
Tristan Fly 29 dager siden
The “baseless” and “false claims” “secure” “no fraud” is absolutely absurd. There is tons of fraud in EVERY PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION AND FOR THIS ELECTION TO HAVE MASSIVE MAIL IN VOTING IS LAUGHABLE FOR ANYONE TO CLAIM IT “was the most secure election” 🤣🤣😭 you people believe anything the news tells you. 🐑
TheFlwildman Måned siden
and edited for me, thank you tubeyou He should have been fired, then he should have been fried. He outright lied to the American public, to you, about what they do, what they did, and most importantly, about what they had no control over - oh wait a minute, that was practically everything he said they were protecting us from. He gave the impression that they were on top of every little thing that we had to fear about election tampering when they had and do nothing of that sort. This has been one of the apparently most tampered with elections of all time and they (CISA) did absolutely nothing to stop any of it. Nor was that their job, as was inferred by this idiot. Just because you get to sit in a room with liaisons from many government agencies doesn't mean anything more than we had coffee together waiting for the phone to ring. Been there done that. He gave that office (CISA) a bad name by his blathering about what was patently NOT true and by what he blatantly inferred was true. I am sure his team "mates" had a cringe fest after he spoke. The reason men like this liar can get away with making statements of this nature is because most citizens will take it at face value, trip over the blatant inferences as truth and go on with their lives not knowing any better. This is referred to as willful ignorance. Most will not take the time or expend the effort to check his statements or even the mission statement of the office he was supposed to be heading up. Most Americans will listen to the party line and assume that is what is right, WRONG. Men of this caliber will say anything if you pay them. If this is the type of men we have protecting the "Cyber Frontier" it is no wonder why we are losing badly at that game. For sale, bought and paid for! CISAs main job is the dissemination of information on ways to secure your information and data. They really DO very little. They pass out pamphlets basically. Do you feel any smarter knowing CISA was doing their job? No? Then they failed you and their mission statement. Did you actually learn anything about cyber security or protecting yourself from the statement he made, pitched like snake oil, to major media and YOU? Do you still believe what you were told by this man? Do you even know what you think you know about what you were told? Try very hard to understand one very important fact. That without INVESTIGATION there can be little EVIDENCE. This is why ALL law enforcement agencies do an INVESTIGATION before saying there is NO EVIDENCE. Even when there is evidence, it is very difficult for us to see the evidence when it is not allowed to be presented to the court and hence the public. It is easy to say there is none when you wont see it. Because at that point you cannot UN-SEE it and must move forward. Make no doubt about it, your election has been tampered with. It may not be as big as Trump and Russia colluding on... - oh wait that wasn't a real thing, even though THAT INVESTIGATION lasted THREE YEARS without there EVER being ANY evidence from the start. This election, despite all the hype, is obviously not near as important as that was because they haven't even started looking. That should be telling. That is something every American should be very concerned about, no matter which way the election went "for you". THERE IS NO EVIDENCE BECAUSE THERE IS NO INVESTIGATION. It is really very simple. I am sure that a child could understand the principle. Everything in this video is leading you by the nose down the merry path of inference. They really said very little, being an "investigation" "news" show, proved nothing, simply repeated and repeated what has been said over and over and over. They probably told you what you have already heard a hundred times. Weapons of mass destruction - oh wait that was another one. There is no evidence, yeah, that's this one. They can say anything without that very important investigation. And once that fails there is always "HEY, LOOK OVER HERE". As long as there is no investigation we can all live in limbo with this hanging around our necks FOREVER! If there is nothing to see why on earth are they trying so very hard NOT to show you ?? It would be so much easier, much simpler and much more believable, much more cost efficient if they would just open it all up to the investigation processes. Get that done, and if there is truly nothing to see, put this travesty behind ALL of us. Frump would have been gone by now. Joe would have been transitioned, and everyone would be getting over Covid and living happily ever after. That would allow all of us to feel secure in our constitution, our choices, and our path forward. We need to move forward as a whole in this country. You must realize how very difficult it is to get anything done in this country in a partisan atmosphere. Why is there so much resistance to opening things up to investigation to put this to bed and move on?
nycshelbygt500 Måned siden
Hot off the presses: Biggest Russian Intel Hack of the US Government and Federal Agencies in history occurred this year during the heat of the election and in the middle of the COVID-19. Karma is a Witch...#PrettyBoy This 2 week old interview didn't age well. This incompetent joker was responsible for securing the USG and American Business computing infrastructure against hostile APTs. Russian hackers were inside USG and American computer networks for months, right under their noses. At today's Senate Hearing, Chris Krebs Esq. confirmed his comments about the Most Secure US Election in History only applied to cybersecurity of the voting computer infrastructure and not potential, alleged, maybe voter fraud. His new agency, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) within DHS, doesn't investigate voter "irregularities." They failed miserably in their first 3 years of existence (c. 2018). Sure Joe Biden secured 81 million votes in 2020. Hillary Clinton garnered 65 million votes in 2016. That is a 25% increase AVERAGE across the US. So in some counties and cities, Joe Biden got 25-35% more votes in 2020 vs 2016. That is mathematically impossible...How do you manufacture 25-35% more/new voters in only 4 years?
CaFFeineSouLja Måned siden
Chris Krebs wants to move to China but they will take his passport so he can't escape.
imso smart
imso smart Måned siden
As usual, 60 Minutes gives a platform to Political Criminals. What a boring show that's become in the last few years...
Yrrej Yllutem
Yrrej Yllutem Måned siden
Krebs to Gitmo?
Yrrej Yllutem
Yrrej Yllutem Måned siden
9:20 remember this big fat lie
Yrrej Yllutem
Yrrej Yllutem Måned siden
60 Minutes sucks. Scott Pelley sucks. Krebs sucks.
Jamie Bennet
Jamie Bennet Måned siden
What happened to the 60 Minutes I grew up with? Since when did it sell out and lie like this? WHO OWNS 60 Minutes? Undoubtedly like everything else corrupt in this country, either China or someone blackmailed by China. Thank GOD and Thank America all you corrupt media and officials are showing your lying bias so blatantly that you won't be able to wiggle out of it. Facts are stubborn things and you aren't going to be able to lie to the American people much longer.
Saturnine Måned siden
This aged well. :)
erick le
erick le Måned siden
haha the federal got hacked for last 6 months and this guy saying this is the most secure election in history. he is part of the swamp.
erick le
erick le Måned siden
@Yee Song Its already been found. I can show it to you, but you wouldn't know it if it slapped you in the face.
Yee Song
Yee Song Måned siden
Pretty stupid! The election was on November 3rd. Your Hacks the past 6 months didn’t play any part of it. Please go find them If you can.
Joe Second
Joe Second Måned siden
Can we call him back and get a #Solarwinds comment?
Venkat Royal
Venkat Royal Måned siden
honest and great guy , i respect you sir
Hamid Aghili
Hamid Aghili Måned siden
Please read and let us together fight against the party of the Devil through education. Find out why all the non-Shia Muslims in the world have been deceived by the Devil and her chosen evil leaders and they do not know it. Please tell everyone in the world to read it. Thank you and God bless you..
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Måned siden
Biden's laptop.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Måned siden
Krebs is one of few republicans who has shown more integrity to country then to party!
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Måned siden
Strange that you don't actually mention the latest news on Hunter Biden's laptop and the Biden Cartel who are involved and are now being investigated? What about China, yo
Miriam Morkhul
Miriam Morkhul Måned siden
Sorry i don't believe this guy. I don't believe that Iranians "threaten" american voters. You are mistaken if you think you can continue to lie to us. You are just ruining your own reputation.
someone new
someone new Måned siden
Biden admits to voter fraud
Wander the Nomad
Wander the Nomad Måned siden
Thank you Krebs for helping differentiate a Republican from a Trump supporter.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Måned siden
Hey I love this channel so much like it makes
Jed Clampett
Jed Clampett Måned siden
How many people from the Trump side watched this video?
kkarx Måned siden
You couldn't possibly hack the machine to match the outcome. Oh it takes full 2 minutes... Shut up Krebs.
Charmaine Hensley
Charmaine Hensley Måned siden
They had the internet hook up and usb devices.
kkarx Måned siden
It is funny so many people trust a guy who says a program can't change the outcome. What a joke.
Charmaine Hensley
Charmaine Hensley Måned siden
That's why you lost your job.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Måned siden
Love your video
Charmaine Hensley
Charmaine Hensley Måned siden
Krebs are lying
Charmaine Hensley
Charmaine Hensley Måned siden
You are lying
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Måned siden
Charmaine Hensley
Charmaine Hensley Måned siden
Common man they got proof don't be so stupid.they got the proof.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Måned siden
Hey I love this channel so much like it makes
Vathana Prak
Vathana Prak Måned siden
This man paid a price for speaking the truth. He has teary eyes when he said his only regret was not getting a chance to say good-bye to a team of 3 years that he managed. That was so touching. A man of integrity, hats off to him!!!
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Måned siden
Securing the Election vs Securing the Nation.
ACrazyKat Måned siden
I'd like to see him interviewed again, with regards to TX a.g. led & gop coup
Cynthia Kōhler
Cynthia Kōhler Måned siden
The Chinese money comes from Hunter Biden's laptop as well as the Biden Cartel and even his brother, watch the video producing evidence,
Cynthia Kōhler
Cynthia Kōhler Måned siden
Rudy Giuliani told the truth and you owe him an apology as well as the President 😡😡😡
Bithmuth Måned siden
Imagine losing 2 supreme court cases
Cynthia Kōhler
Cynthia Kōhler Måned siden
Of course there was fraud, the biggest scandal of all is the media including 60 minutes, who failed to report the Biden Cartel scandal and the laptop, until after the election, you are liars and disgusting 🤬🤬🤬
Bithmuth Måned siden
Imagine losing 2 supreme court cases, with a 6-3 republican majority
Cynthia Kōhler
Cynthia Kōhler Måned siden
Strange that you don't actually mention the latest news on Hunter Biden's laptop and the Biden Cartel who are involved and are now being investigated? What about China, you know as well as we do, that the President was spied on and the Russian Hoax and the Mueller Report proved nothing. Bill Barr is doing nothing to investigate China and Hunter Biden's laptop.
Cynthia Kōhler
Cynthia Kōhler Måned siden
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Måned siden
Hey I love this channel so much like it makes
Justiniano Torres
Justiniano Torres Måned siden
Trump 2020🇺🇸👍God bless America forever and ever again and again Trump 2020🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍
Pres. Adams
Pres. Adams Måned siden
Bithmuth Måned siden
@asioe kiou Imagine losing 2 supreme court cases, with a 6-3 republican majority
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Måned siden
Inauguration day is when we should start the impeachment process and we shouldn't stop until the crook Biden is gone. AT ALL COSTS.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Måned siden
Love your video
Krebs Sucks :)
Jennifer Fredrickson
Jennifer Fredrickson Måned siden
Securing the Election vs Securing the Nation.
Bret Hazlett
Bret Hazlett Måned siden
WELL, HE SAID IT WAS NONSENSE! That explains it perfectly!
Bret Hazlett
Bret Hazlett Måned siden
Bithmuth Måned siden
Imagine losing 56 state and federal court cases and on top of that, 2 supreme court cases with a 6-3 republican majority
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Måned siden
you followed ETHICS & MORALS sir , namaste....
Rodrick Evans
Rodrick Evans Måned siden
The only thing I came away with from this election that is actually definitive, is the fact that barely half our nation voted.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Måned siden
I'm an ex Cav scout. I took an oath. It didn't have an expiration date. That was many years ago. Kudos for having a backbone.
Secession Now
Secession Now 27 dager siden
This comment didn’t aged well mocking bird is part of the steal chris is a fraud and should be prosecuted for treason. China Iran Russia have hacked are entire computer network
penny albritton
penny albritton Måned siden
The capable orchestra reassuringly trick because story independently return pro a furry furtive lake. sleepy, wooden distribution
CRON BTC Måned siden
the fake news is working over time in trying to convince us that biden won the election fairly
Morris Rowe
Morris Rowe Måned siden
Why did the interviewer just repeat what the interviewee just said about paper ballots? Annoying.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Måned siden
Amazing video man
Greifers Crew
Greifers Crew Måned siden
Bwaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaa haaaa. Texas lawsuit for the win. You heard it here first.
Al Yamaha William
Al Yamaha William Måned siden
Did he just say the secret to cyber security is paper?
78timburns Måned siden
Inauguration day is when we should start the impeachment process and we shouldn't stop until the crook Biden is gone. AT ALL COSTS.
Bob Sundram
Bob Sundram Måned siden
What an innocent interview, if in China this guy will be eligible for firing squad, grossly incompetent Krebs and super decision to fire him by President, later he must be charged under treason for making such a mess
Benjamin Gal-Or
Benjamin Gal-Or Måned siden
\\\\ President Trump CONSTITUTIONAL SURPRISE? Inauguration in March 2, 2021? The Constitution IS VERY CLEAR: INAUGURATION DATE 4 MONTHS POST ELECTION //// In1932 it was so, then changed by president FR. May change again by president Trump [Utube Dec 4, ''Why US waits..''] Via comments, I try, perhaps in vain, to shed Light on some dark corners of US-GERRYMANDERING: Redistricting Borders in Rigging Election Maps, [RB-REM]: E.G. Washington, Arizona & California created RB-REM Committees for gerrymandering. Rhode Island & New Jersey developed the same, Florida's established such rules. [Cf. Wikipedia 127-133 & Oct 17, 2019, Utube, "The man who rigged America's election maps"]. Under constitutional, emergency-snap runoff, [may best be secured by advanced, Google-Type verification-identification], a snap, most secured, fast internet runoff election may, instead, be based on Legal Counties Borders, [LCB]. By a few irreversible words of the Highly Selected Nine, the light may shed, or hidden-deleted, on both first run, and, if approved, on constitutional, snap-emergency, internet runoff...
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Måned siden
He will not hold up after midnight on January 20th. White house isn't one of his buildings.
Gia's Take
Gia's Take Måned siden
LOL's a more accurate introduction: "The #POTUS tweeted: Oh never mind." NOW I say this bc aft these words: " The President TWEETED" there's nothing more to say: Nothing worthwhile or relevant. Why? Bc those words are all inclusive! They say it all bc a mature, intelligent, competent man acting as President (especially #POTUS ie of the United States of America) simply wouldn't be 'Tweeting' & he certainty wouldn't be bragging abt tweeting. Period. What's even more laughable is #Trump thinks & says he's social' media savvy= pathetic words fm a pathetic UNwell man.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Måned siden
If you get fired by trump, you know you did an honest job.
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