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rose 3 timer siden
PERSONAL notes 1:02:45 “i just wanna be polite” 1:12:24 “wait guys jack lied, he’s amazing at this game. we caught him” “caught? nah sykkuno ur simping” 1:31:06 “FORGIVE ME I HAVE SINNED”
Jennifer 8 dager siden
gulnr glmsr
gulnr glmsr 11 dager siden
Christos R
Christos R 13 dager siden
Can I have a intendo swich
Kem T
Kem T 13 dager siden
Did anyone catch at the beginning when logic said corpses lyrics to him and corpse said “get down or lay down” saying his back to him I hope some caught it
LayBaby J
LayBaby J 14 dager siden
34:43 22:10 Jack BAHAHAHA😂😂🤣
Arabella Francisco
Arabella Francisco 19 dager siden
16:15 Again, don't mind this. Just a time stamp for another Corpse Reference
Noel Lmao
Noel Lmao 20 dager siden
William Fortin
William Fortin 21 dag siden
I absolutely love dream and hope he’s on more of valks streams
lara m
lara m 22 dager siden
when she was upset about being a capricorn. i feel the same with being an aquarius
Unholy Nox
Unholy Nox 13 dager siden
I'm a Sagittarius but everyplace says they love travelling but I HATE leaving our apartment-
Louis Garbour
Louis Garbour 22 dager siden
For future reference 1:45:30
Zayan Mannan
Zayan Mannan 23 dager siden
Lmao who else has this link still saved
Lucy Skylar
Lucy Skylar 23 dager siden
My horoscop is hardworking, down to earth person. Me- the laziest person kn the planet, definetly not down to earth. But in my family everybody acts like their horoscop except me.
Sami’yi 24 dager siden
*With my chains ⛓ on **21:52* 😂
Stop it. Get some help.
Stop it. Get some help. 24 dager siden
2:55:10 Felix's barely audible goodbye. I'm glad Jack heard it tho.
Lucy Skylar
Lucy Skylar 26 dager siden
Rae: 'I'm a small streamer for fun' Me: 'Oh no. She is becoming Sykkuno.'
Kenan Soso
Kenan Soso 27 dager siden
imagine having a major former rapper like logic in your among us lobby. What a flex
Marlou Justin Cenita
Marlou Justin Cenita 27 dager siden
3:59:00 "i didn't see it though." that made me laugh
Marlou Justin Cenita
Marlou Justin Cenita 27 dager siden
2:31:16 lol
M and S
M and S 28 dager siden
SeaChompy 28 dager siden
16:50 omggno xD
Lhi Nicole
Lhi Nicole 29 dager siden
lmao rae’s having last song syndrome from corpse’s song and also gave me lss 😹
rk9sbpro83 29 dager siden
Dude Rae talking about horoscopes so seriously made me facepalm
shirin mita
shirin mita 29 dager siden
16:32 18:52 30:13 2:57:31
505 29 dager siden
Poki has to stop going off for no reason, it’s not a good look. Raes community was right to call her out on being toxic a couple weeks ago and maybe they went overboard but they were punished for just calling it how they see it. She’s quick to vote people off on little to no evidence but when put in a situation that everyone is put in every round she gets toxic. Let’s just be real, she can be a brat.
rylai crestfallen
rylai crestfallen 29 dager siden
Wait a minute someone is lying then!
ecka.mp4 29 dager siden
ygrubyjane 29 dager siden
I would love to have a friend like sykkuno😂
Cyrel Suyman
Cyrel Suyman 29 dager siden
I miss the stream this 😔.
ELI Måned siden
rhymestyle's group is cool i like them
Tiara Charis
Tiara Charis Måned siden
Raeee I found your page not so long ago, but your personality is so bright and funny I laugh out loud with you on every stream! You’re great!!! Sending lots of love your way ❤️
Prince kurt Montales
Prince kurt Montales Måned siden
1:46:02 LOL
Suxhi Roll
Suxhi Roll Måned siden
Danny Måned siden
The audacity...
Nicole Martinez
Nicole Martinez Måned siden
Rae's hair in this soooo prettyyy
Z • B
Z • B Måned siden
*2:48:05** I watched this part in Sykkuno's POV, and he really knew it was Rae. It was just sooo funny that he let her slide*
yvonnie Måned siden
did corpse stream this stream?
iman Måned siden
the tan comment :///
iman Måned siden
rae why
Gwen Ross
Gwen Ross Måned siden
Toast trolling at 2:42:57 such a good moment
Arga 99
Arga 99 Måned siden
Just say "see you later pewds" next time. Unbelieveable only Jack say it what a true friend
hi Måned siden
Manas.S. Sathyan
Manas.S. Sathyan Måned siden
2:45:55 I so badly wanna see sykkunos perspective
Chan shu aun
Chan shu aun Måned siden
Battle of the BIG BRAINLESS youtubers
Joselyn Seb
Joselyn Seb Måned siden
Riya Måned siden
lmfao sykkuno 1:45:57
Coleman Whitmire
Coleman Whitmire Måned siden
And Rae singing corpses song is hilarious as well
Coleman Whitmire
Coleman Whitmire Måned siden
Let’s vote Felix because we were supposed to drop a mixtape until he got famous 😂omf logic ☠️you got me dead
Rorre Måned siden
dude, Sykkuno is such a heartwarming person. It's too much for my soul
KaneYT Måned siden
42:25 is my favorite part. Bobby’s reaction at 42:41 kills me every time.
punsiella Måned siden
2:43:17 no one: tommy: look me dead in the eyes, look at my just incredible purple body
Twinky Minky
Twinky Minky Måned siden
Rae was on fire this stream didn't throw any game proud of you Rae
Ahmed Hassaan
Ahmed Hassaan Måned siden
Where is the imposter timestans guy??
angelo rebayla oribia
angelo rebayla oribia Måned siden
I feel like rae killing sykkuno first round and sykkuno killing rae first round is a stable now, huh, most of them even notice that
Stella James Ciszek-Restivo
Stella James Ciszek-Restivo Måned siden
OMG I love her live streams
Acacia Yoon
Acacia Yoon Måned siden
In the dead chat, does anyone else just read the chats from other people in their voices?
LexiJayC Måned siden
Sykkuno is so pure, kind, and literal 🥰
CitrusSuicide Måned siden
3:33:55 "I feel like I'm saying it weird" no dude you're just saying it Irish, it's lovely
faithfxl Måned siden
Some people were trash talking Tommy in the chat and I was uncomfy. I mean, it's kind of understandable considering that they haven't played much before (save for when James Charles asked them both to play with him, they even became impostors together and won) and it takes time to get used to him andhis humor, but this is just Tommy's persona, he's that one annoying egotistic little kid bitchboy that you end up loving like a little brother because no matter what he says, he's still respectable and can be genuine and admirable at the majority of times. Also, Tommy is *16,* a *minor,* hell he didn't even know what a fucking *KINK* is, and this dude swears 24/7, so please avoid trash talking him if you don't like him, thank you :D also I apologize if I offend anyone, that was not my intention.
ShuShu' On Top'
ShuShu' On Top' Måned siden
2:48:53 Sykkuno u simp lord.
King Bernard
King Bernard Måned siden
Rae killing spree!
Claire Andrea Cabiaza
Claire Andrea Cabiaza Måned siden
Whenever poki's the impostor, she acts dumb or inexperienced. She'd ask questions that she answers whenever shes a crewmate.
kuroro Måned siden
the leaked DMs T_T
Clivey Måned siden
That last game was epic. Nobody themselves ever want to be in a 50/50 situation in the final three but it's always super hilarious to watch it happen.
Faizal Malik
Faizal Malik Måned siden
So you removed pewds name from Title.. Hmmmm that's cool
Marlene CV
Marlene CV 26 dager siden
@Faizal Malik She plays to have fun, viewers like that so the views come to her easily.. She doesn’t need to clickbait if there is no need
Faizal Malik
Faizal Malik 29 dager siden
@Marlene CV She could've changed before ending. But hey she doesn't even want views.. It's cool
Marlene CV
Marlene CV 29 dager siden
@Faizal Malik and still you didn’t get it.. Streamers can’t change titles on lives after they have ended.. and Valk is pretty big regardless she doesn’t even play for views
Faizal Malik
Faizal Malik Måned siden
@xioxyz I am not coming or going. Am not even saying what she did was bad. I just said starting with the big NOpostrs name and removing the name in the end seems cool✌. We need to learn from this
xioxyz Måned siden
@Faizal Malik it's not simping, it's just stating facts. "seems cool✌" just makes you seem passive aggressive. you could v well not be intending that but it's just how you're coming off
King Bernard
King Bernard Måned siden
Logic is hilarious. LOL
Hananniah Chastine Agonia
Hananniah Chastine Agonia Måned siden
1.1M viewss woahh
Erin Gwyn
Erin Gwyn Måned siden
Harold Christ
Harold Christ Måned siden
Loc Måned siden
2:59:20 man... people bringing that up will end up making pewds uncomfortable
Vivienne Teo
Vivienne Teo Måned siden
Another one of your best streams. Love you Rae!!
Joshua Myers
Joshua Myers Måned siden
I"m pretty sure Rae earned more money in donations in the course of this stream then I will make all month. And she doesn't think shes famous? Def deserves her fame :D
Zeerage :]
Zeerage :] 28 dager siden
Yea she’s a pretty popular NOpost nowadays. I think Among Us has helped soooo many channels grow
Dan Kov
Dan Kov Måned siden
One of the most fun streams i've watched. Bobby is a bro, wish he was around longer.
Ziir Måned siden
I want to see Rae reaction ( 1:17:41 )in this gameplay in sykkuno Live.. Look how happy she is. 😁👍
noah shannon
noah shannon Måned siden
Cosmo Måned siden
Peter James Angelo Marteja
Peter James Angelo Marteja Måned siden
Jem Mallari
Jem Mallari Måned siden
They should at least let one person finish talking. It kinda threw me off whenever someone tries to talk and you barely hear it. Sad that only Jack and Dream heard Pewds saying goodbye.
Jem Mallari
Jem Mallari Måned siden
@Cesar Carrasco for real. And Rae's more louder on this stream, I get she's hyped up but she kinda took over some of the convo
Cesar Carrasco
Cesar Carrasco Måned siden
literally no other streamer cared to tell Felix that his mic was too low! Like at least give him a heads up. Its not just this stream its the others too! :(
Gabby Dacar
Gabby Dacar Måned siden
I’m so mad I missed this stream! I completely forgot to set a reminder!
Robin Vincent Bejarin
Robin Vincent Bejarin Måned siden
dude I'm starting to imaggine blackpink and valkyrae collab lmao. hmmm
ghostinu Måned siden
That would be epic
Miro _
Miro _ Måned siden
No thank you
Ivan Wonderwell
Ivan Wonderwell Måned siden
u guys are really a mood for always singing in front of corpse"s face HAHAHHAHA
yekta yazdi
yekta yazdi Måned siden
16:48 38:38 1:45:57 2:31:15 33:35
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith Måned siden
Crazy how Jimmy got his content and left 😂
Jai Måned siden
33:35 "Don't lie to me, choke me." LMAO AJSHDHAJSJD
Shahad Ahmed
Shahad Ahmed Måned siden
lmao sykunno is WAYY too nice for this game
Plazma Måned siden
1:30:44 doesnt sykkuno have less subs lol
Tray Vixk
Tray Vixk Måned siden
2:44:20 Cat ears talk and Toast's random meow LOL
Ivan Wonderwell
Ivan Wonderwell Måned siden
dayum QUEEN got more sponsorships uwu
Ivan Wonderwell
Ivan Wonderwell Måned siden
I was waiting for the genshin impact live, that i forgot that corpse said he was gonna plae with these guys omg HAHAHAHAH love u Raeeee goodluck with ur chair LMAO
Artemiy Egerev
Artemiy Egerev Måned siden
Copse is a fucking god as imposter!!!
Loclyn LaBorde
Loclyn LaBorde Måned siden
*Cat-girl Rae:* 100k is possible! 100 percent!!! *Me:* I agree, *Rae;* 100k is _fur_ sure _paw_ - sible!! Completely & _purrr_ - fectly, _paw_ - sible!!!
aunthau MV
aunthau MV Måned siden
1:38:28 😂😂
cas Måned siden
rae on twt: “idk what that (egirl) is” rae on yt: *sings egirls are ruining my life every other minute*
Loc Måned siden
2:39:54 the "liar voice" card activated
Cheska Pintor
Cheska Pintor Måned siden
I love how Sykkuno knew that Rae is the imposter but he didn’t told them that LOL
Cheska Pintor
Cheska Pintor Måned siden
@Miro _ no he didn’t
Miro _
Miro _ Måned siden
He did but no one was listening to him 😂💔
jotunn30 Måned siden
and you wonder why sykkuno won't simp for you..when he does you just ignore him :P
Laxios Måned siden
True true. Thats why its better for him to simp for Toast or Corpse.
Cheska Pintor
Cheska Pintor Måned siden
Facts right there
Yung Nørmie
Yung Nørmie Måned siden
It seemed like corpse was a little annoyed/insecure by logic and others repeating choke me at the beginning , I’m prolly just reading into it too much but as a fellow insecure person , I would mis-interpret it that way too
Miro _
Miro _ Måned siden
He was laughing at it in his stream
Loc Måned siden
1:57:19 that's what Greaseball saying in his tier list video. Corpse could convince you by his voice
Chad 29 dager siden
I like how you called him greaseball 😂
Loclyn LaBorde
Loclyn LaBorde Måned siden
*53:11* - _Sykkuno’s Angels_ knew the _Truth!_
Loclyn LaBorde
Loclyn LaBorde Måned siden
_“Trying to be nice to murderers.”_ *Vote Sykkuno, Corpse 2020 this Presidential Election!* *Preskkuno:* I uh well I uh, I don’t want to be mean or hurt anybody but I mean, oh gosh, there’s a lot of people screaming. *Secret Service:* Sir, they just dropped bombs on *The White House* & your shirt is on fire.. _Please do something._ *I think there’s a reason he chose a VP that was already dead.* _Bromance.~_
Mehyo 758
Mehyo 758 Måned siden
Frick I missed the time conversion I thought it was now darn it, the difference of am and pm.
Loc Måned siden
1:32:33 the hardest moment of sykkuno life because he simps for 3 of them
Cheska Pintor
Cheska Pintor Måned siden
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